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The Obama Campaign Straight Out of TV’s “West Wing”?

The Obama Campaign Straight Out of TV’s “West Wing”?


Now they tell us it is all a “rerun”. Yep. Obama’s campaign, I mean.

I was never a fan of the TV program “West Wing”. I watched about 15 minutes of the very first program… saw through it… saw it for what it was… and switched channels immediately. I NEVER watched it again, not even in reruns… until the Obama campaign.

Peter Funt has written a piece for the Washington Post entitled: “A Race Straight Out of a 'West Wing' Rerun “. It is a “must read”. If you have been the least bit uneasy with the way the Obama campaign seems to run as though it was well rehearsed… well, it appears that it was! You’ll find Funt’s article here:

Ok… so, was the Santos character on the West Wing simply a way to introduce the American electorate to the idea of a non-white candidate for President? Wellll… you be the judge of that!

My natural paranoia kept me safe from any propaganda from that TV show. So I can’t say that it had any effect on me. As I said at the beginning of this article, I saw it, immediately, for what it was and refused to be taken in.

Now, I’m not that bright, but I am savvy… after a 30-year career in the broadcasting field. I found that I was not willing to suspend my disbelief in order to get “into” that program or to allow myself to be manipulated. And… I feel the same way about the Obama campaign… and now I know the reason why! And so do you!

Hollywood and the entertainment arts are all but owned outright by the political left in America… and elsewhere. A consumer of Hollywood products, especially, must be wary at all times or he/she will be “used” and propagandized. Many of their movies will leave one feeling dirty… needing a shower, even.

The Obama campaign is a blank slate… deliberately. It allows YOU to write the platform for Obama. Like a chalkboard you can write upon it whatever you want, your hopes, your desires, your… well, whatever you want. It will not count for anything and it means nothing, except that you projected your thoughts onto to it/Obama. At the end of the day, the chalkboard will be erased and you will be left with nothing but the lingering hope of distant warmth emanating from what you had hoped was a portal for the fulfillment of your dreams.

I watch and I listen as the crowds swoon in the presence of the democrat “messiah”. I have to tell you, as a “thinking” human being… it is frightening! Placing that much faith, hope, trust, and fealty, in another human being... is not healthy. In fact, people who do that show a distinct lack of common sense! I marvel at how easily people are taken in… how easily people are led down the “primrose path”. Obama is hardly trying and yet, women swoon in his presence, struck down with overpowering emotion. But, conservatives have known... and warned the public... for decades that the liberal philosophy is founded on emotion, based on one’s “feelings”. That is why liberalism fails and fails so completely. There is no “there” “there”!

In the end “reason” will win out. The problem is… the damage done before people begin to see through the façade behind which the real Obama lurks. The “REAL” Obama is not Obama the man. The real Obama is that group of people who pull his strings. They are the people who will use him to get what THEY want and that is… a socialist America. They are the people who yearn for a European style America. They are the people who lust after a cradle to the grave Nanny State.

In the next few months you are going to learn who the real Obama is. For some of you it is going to be painful. For others there will be multiple opportunities to say: ”I told you so!”

Stay tuned!


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Frank said...

And McCain's candacy is right out of, "The Manchurian Camdidate".

Frank said...

Oh yeah and I almost forgot Obama was already up against the best campaign machine in history (The Clintons) and they had nothing, so anything the republicans come out with has to be lies just so they can get Bush's 3rd term, gimpy 'lil john in office. But then again conservative groups like the lying swift boat vets can't even spell honor let alone have any.