Tuesday, June 24, 2008

This Conservative Will NOT Vote for McCain, Period.

This Conservative Will not Vote for McCain, Period.
My conservative friends have been asking me for months now if I intend to vote for McCain. Some have even taken for granted that I, as a Republican, WILL vote for McCain. When I correct them and state flatly I have no intention of voting for McCain, under any circumstances, they smile and say: ”Oh, you’ll change your mind once you are inside that voting booth.” Once again, they are wrong. No, I won’t change my mind.

When I was growing up, my family tells me I was as stubborn as a fence post. That is probably true. Now that I am all grown, I am even more stubborn. But, I am consistent!

My father tells the story of my childhood when he would punish me, with a two inch wide leather belt, I would not cry. No matter the pain inflicted, I did not shed a tear. In a conversation we had, just before he passed away, he asked me why. I told him that, as a rule, when I was caught doing something I knew would bring me punishment, I had made a clear decision to go ahead and do it and accept the punishment as part of the deal. Therefore, I could not allow my self to show pain, or to weep at the punishment I had wittingly brought on myself.

I have a psychologist friend who tells me I’m some sorta nut! She is probably right. But, I have a tendency to make decisions and then stand by those decisions no matter the cost. That is exactly what I intend to do come November and the election.

I will not vote for McCain. If my one vote causes Obama to win by one vote… tough! I will have made my bed and I will lie in it.

You see, I have had enough! Enough of being lied to by the GOP. Enough of being used and abused by the GOP just to get my vote, and then have them conveniently forget what they promised me to get that vote in the first place. I’ve had enough of the GOP sucking up to conservatives and seducing us into giving them what they want, our vote, then siding with the democrats when the very issues dear to the conservative movement come up for action either in the US House or the US Senate.

I’m not alone in my feelings about the GOP candidate for President. Many Republicans are having the same debate within themselves. We know the risk that Obama MAY, indeed, be elected is very, very, uncomfortably real. But, where do you draw the line? Where do you say, as an individual… “No more”! For me, THIS is it.

I have been unhappy, for a while, at the direction the GOP has taken. Frankly, I cannot believe there was/is no better candidate the party could have chosen to run for President. My dearest friend, a democrat, told me sometime back now, that it says a lot about the awful shape this country is in when it cannot find better candidates to offer than Obama and McCain. I agreed, wholeheartedly.

As a southerner (Southern American) with a deep passion for my family’s history and heritage, I take particular umbrage at the GOP’s choice of McCain.

I’ve had enough of Republican candidates coming “down here”, to DIXIE, and denouncing my ancestry, the icons of my confederate ancestry, my heritage, my history, my home state of South Carolina, and in doing so slander my confederate ancestors who died fighting for their right to create a country that WOULD govern by the original constitution given us by the Founding Fathers of the United States. (We recommend you read the Constitution of the Confederate States of America. We guarantee you… you WILL be surprised, I expect pleasantly surprised, by just how closely it tracks with the original US Constitution. You can easily find it online.)

Every now and again, in our lives, we are called upon, and asked to take a stand for what we believe is right. Sometimes standing up for what you believe is not popular, quite often, in fact. But a man’s character demands that he do what HE determines is the right thing to do. There is always a cost. There shouldn’t be… but there always is.

So judge my character for yourselves. And know this: I am not going to vote for McCain in November, nor for Obama.

May God have mercy on this country, and bless this country, and do it with all possible haste!


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Frank said...

When I was growing up, my family tells me I was as stubborn as a fence post. That is probably true. Now that I am all grown, I am even more stubborn. But, I am consistent!

Well sir you are nothing if you are not consistant... All these "Flip Floppers" who are now in love with McCain when 8 years a go to them he was no good are just sickening and I am afraid is what the sole of the Republican party is, flip floppers just like McCain. If McCain was the McCain of 8 years ago I would be able to stomach him a little more, I lost all respect for him and Kerry when they got "swift boated" and just grinned and bore it. I liked Obama since I heard him speak when I was watching the DNC when he introduced Kerry, I called my father and told him to listen to this guy, he is intelligent, and can speak unlike what we had the past 4 years (8 currently), I thought then they should be running him. But anyway stuborn is a name I was called often and still am, others were/are contrary, controversial, oh and frank, guess my name fits.... I guess it's good to know my views mat differ but I am in good... er ah, great company.

The Bobo said...

I just recently joined Blog Explosion..and..now I'm glad I did! This is a most excellent post. I've been saying much of the same things on my blog and taking hits from "Republicans." I changed parties because of McCain - I am now an independent conservative. I too refuse to vote for McShamnesty - this guy has spit on us way too many times and I'm not buying his bogus lies. He's just saying what he thinks we conservatives want to hear..but..what he doesn't realize and that we're too smart to play that game!

Keep up the great work!