Saturday, June 07, 2008

It's OUR OIL and We WANT IT NOW!!!

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If you’re like me, you tired of feeling helpless as the price on foreign oil skyrockets and our national legislators sit on their … uh… hands, in Washing ton, D.C. and DO NOTHING but dream up more rules and regulations to push oil prices even higher and gasoline prices at the pumps higher still.

Our economy is teetering on the brink of ruination as the result of indescribably DUMB “SAVE THE PLANET” laws, and regulations, which are strangling our small businesses and damaging our large corporations so badly it will take decades for THEM to recover.

Americans are already losing jobs as a result. The prices of nearly every foodstuff available in America’s supermarkets have seen gigantic increases in prices because of these same rules and regs. We are looking at a possible worldwide famine because we are being forced by the idiot lawmakers in DC to BURN our food (as ethanol) to water down our gasoline so as not to disturb the cussed caribou and polar bears in a part of the world to damn cold for humans to consider developing any. ANWR sits there, where hardly anybody on the face of the planet will ever visit, on the off chance that SOMEDAY, SOMEONE might stumble upon it and say: ”OOOH! Isn’t that pretty!” JEEEZ!

It’s time to raise a little hell, Americans! It’s time to grab our congresspersons by the labels and read them the riot act… as we did with the Amnesty Bill. Unfortunately it seems the only way to get through that cloud of self-importance with which they have isolated themselves from their constituents.

If you think it’s bad now… you ain’t seen nothing yet!

The two candidates we have for President have bought, wholesale, into the hoax of Global Warming, or as the PR people have now begun referring to it: “Climate Change”. There will be no relief from the BS about “saving the planet” with an administration run by either of them. If we are to get any relief at all… it will have to come from the Congress because Obama will not be strong enough, as a leader, to get his way, which means that Congress will run his show… and McCain will be isolated by a veto proof democrat congress and, therefore, HIS administration will have no influence with the Congress, either!

As I said… It’s time to raise a little hell, my fellow Americans. Stack up the e-mails in their inboxes, choke their fax machines with messages, melt their switchboards with phone calls... and if you have no other means, them write them a letter, but let them hear the anger and exasperation we are feeling with them and their asinine, infantile, way of running the country. As I have tried to say here… if it gets done… the American people will have to do it, because, for all intents and purposes we have NO leadership in the Congress... to speak of… at all.

Let’s be about it. We cannot afford to wait. We have a country to save from its leadership!


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