Friday, June 13, 2008

“War on Christianity” Rages In Colorado!

“War on Christianity” Rages In Colorado!


In Colorado Christians can no longer condemn homosexuality as a sin, as an abomination, (as the scriptures refer to it), unless they are inside the four walls of their church! That is state law in Colorado now.

There is an article at World Net Daily on this subject you should read. You’ll find it at:

Has your jaw dropped yet?

Ok, allow me to ask the following question: Whatever happened to “Separation of Church and State” with which the left is constantly beating the Christian community of America over the head. Even though, I might add, it isn’t even in the US Constitution!

Oh, I forgot. That only applies if it happens to be the Left’s Ox being gored! In other words, the Left doesn’t mind the state interfering with YOUR religion so long as it is YOUR religion they don’t agree with. What we have here is just another blatant example of the hypocrisy of the left!

By the way, do you see the ACLU rushing to the defense of Christians in Colorado over this? No… and you won’t.

As a result of this law, there are no more gender specific restrooms or locker rooms in Colorado! Yep! Now a man can enter a woman’s restroom and relieve himself, or a woman can enter a man’s restroom and relieve herself... at will. There is no infraction of the law. Scratching your head over this one? Well, it took me a moment or so, too. See, you cannot publicly question the gender of a person anymore. At least… not in Colorado. If a man wishes to use the ladies restroom, you cannot forbid him because his physical plumbing is different from that of the gender to which the restroom was originally dedicated. Of course, the same thing applies to women.

Head still spinning? OK, then check this: religious publishers, in Colorado, could be accused under the law, for publishing biblical condemnation of homosexuality. It just so happens that Colorado is the state where the huge Christian publishing operations of NavPress and the International Bible Society are located. Now, suppose your church in Colorado has it’s own church bulletin, which it publishes for every service, as most churches do these days. Suppose something in that church bulletin, intended for use in the worship service, condemns homosexuality. There is a possible violation of the law, as we understand it, if that publication leaves the church building. Most all churchgoers take their church bulletin home with them.

This is a rotten abomination of a state law! If there was any doubt there is a "War on Christianity in America", the state legislature and the governor of Colorado have removed all doubt!



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