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Why Obama Will Fail to Capture the Presidency.

Why Obama Will Fail to Capture the Presidency.

I found this piece on World Net Daily a few days ago entitled:

“Report: Obama mentored by Communist Party figure. Investigations show ties to radicals who shaped him, helped launch his political career”.

The article is by Jerome R. Corsi. You’ll find it at:

I left a comment on another Blogger’s site the other day in which I said: "The Left has a right to begin feeling uncomfortable with their apparent choice as presidential candidate. They are setting themselves up to fail, once again, at gaining the office of President of the United States. So far, the Mainstream Media has managed to keep the lid on all the REALLY damaging information about Obama’s past. But, the Conservative Blogoshere is about to go into overdrive. When the public learns of all this they are going to draw back from Obama in horror". (Portion of a comment we left on Texas Fred's site:

I have seen a lot of elections come and go as I close on 7 decades on this earth. But, I have to tell you; I have never before seen an election cycle in which the MsM has tried to sell the Democratic Party Primary as the General Election!

This was one slick piece of public manipulation! It was indeed, a work of pure art, by the leftist media, to plant the conclusion in the minds of the American voter that the winner of the Democrat Primary is the winner of the General Election, in November, and is/will become the President of the United States.

I watched it develop over the months of the elongated primary season and marveled at it. It would have made Hitler’s propaganda minister proud!

Americans, Democrats and Republicans alike, are shaking their heads in sheer wonderment over how Obama got to be President of the US… already!

It is an old propaganda trick. And it works! Next time you’re in a crowd, outdoors, you can try it out for yourself. Look up toward the sky. Keep looking up. Eventually others will begun looking up, too, to see what you are looking at. Then point your finger at a blank spot in the sky and say:” See that?” Keep pointing and saying something like: “You see that, don’t you?” Sure enough, in a few minutes, others will see “it”, too, and them more will see it, and then even more will see “it”… even though there is absolutely nothing there!!! We can’t help it. We humans are wired that way.

Using that knowledge it is easy for the MsM to have you look where they are pointing and pretty soon they have you convinced that what they are telling you is there, is, in fact, there!

That’s what they have done with the Obama campaign.

Eventually, though, like the little boy who precociously pointed out that the king had no clothes, all it will take is for one person to point out that there is absolutely nothing there, for this ephemeral fortress, constructed around the real Obama, to come crashing down and the fact that ”there is no there… there” to burst forth into the sunshine of truth. When that happens a lot of folks are going to feel used and abused and dirty, and in need of a shower.

There are indications that the wall is crumbling and the truth is about to come out. First in rivulets and then in a flood.

The story we pointed you to at the beginning of this article is one of many which will follow.

We, on the right, have warned for a very long time now that Obama is a front man for a “shadow” presidency. Obama may well win in November, and may well be sworn into office, but... what troubles us is… who will REALLY be the President? Who will be manipulating the “Boy President”? Who will be pulling the strings behind the curtain? The article at:

may help answer that question.

Once the American pubic has the information they have overlooked, because their attention was directed elsewhere, there is simply no way they will elect Sen. Obama to the highest office in the land.


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