Monday, October 31, 2005

John Edwards Still Running for President

The former Senator from North Carolina… no… he only held the title, "Senator from North Carolina".

If you really want to know what Tarheels thought of his service to his state while he was in the Senate… you have but to ask. Prepared to be bowled over by the negative response.

Edwards was away more than he was there (in the Senate). At least it sure seemed that way. Most Tarheels soon came to realize we had one Senator and one “Presidential Candidate”! And it remained that way right up to the day he gave up that seat by not seeking re-election…, which in all likelihood would have been denied him by the electorate of an irate state.

So, now the media tells us he is “considering” another run at the Presidency! Where in the world did they come up with that… “considering”? For the press to use the word “another” in referring to a future attempt at a run for the Presidency, by Edwards, is redundancy to the nth degree!

North Carolinians know he isn’t “considering another” run. You see… to consider another run; the first one has to have been completed. Edwards, as any Tarheel will tell you, has never stopped running for President from the day he was elected to the US Senate… right up to the present! This guy is as close to the perennial candidate as they come. It would appear, he has one goal in mind, period. That is to be President of the United States. Take it from the Tar Heel state… that would be a disaster! If you liked Bill Clinton, you’ll to love Mr. Edwards!

I must tell you that I, too, come from a “mill hill” family in South Carolina. I grew up there, in a company house. My father worked in a textile mill, as did the father of Mr. Edwards. It was hard work, but it was honorable. So, our early experiences in life were similar. So, I sorta know where the desire to succeed, for Mr. Edwards, comes from. A lot of us “Mill Hill Kids” got that same bug. But, that’s where the similarity ends!

Mr. Edwards, by all accounts is a fine attorney. But he would make a miserable President. We have had enough “Me First” kids in that office. As with Bill Clinton, it’s all about “him”.

The University of North Carolina, at Chapel Hill, (The Vatican of Southern Liberalism) quickly created a post for him there while he prepares for his run in ’08. That came as no surprise to Conservatives in the state. We have come to expect that sort of thing from Chapel Hill.

So, as Mr. Edwards prepares to lose again in the race for the White House, we can all sit back and watch the fun. His old Partner, John Kerry, I hear, does not think it is so funny. Reports have it that Edwards has been kissing the ring of the “Bishop of Liberalism”, Teddy Kennedy, and Kerry is a little annoyed, to say the least, about that. It all matters little, as it will be all over the minute Mrs. Clinton makes THE announcement.

It will be interesting to see how long Edwards stays at Chapel Hill after the ’08 election.


Sunday, October 30, 2005


With the recent statements by Iran's leader that:
"Israel should be wiped from the face of the map" , We here at "INSIGHT on Freedom" felt it might be wise to revisit this post from a few days ago:

Iran revisited

Iran is skating on very thin ice. Their arrogance is either covering for their stupidity, or a national death wish. Either way the life of their country is in the balance.

Iran is setting itself up for a preemptory military strike by Israel… or the United States, or (most likely), both.

The fact that the US has been fighting a ground war against Iran, for many months now, is not lost on the intelligence communities of Israel, Great Britain and the United States. Although it has not been spoken of by the press in the US, to any great degree, the British press has been printing the facts about the 12,000 man Iranian force which flooded across the Iraq/Iran border shortly after the US and British Invasion of Iraq. It is certainly a contributing factor in the continuing battle to knock down the so-called “Insurgency” within Iraq.

Iran finds a democratic Iraq unacceptable as a neighbor. Therefore, they intend to do anything within their power to cripple all efforts to establish such a government in Iraq. In the meantime, their efforts to create a nuclear bomb, missiles, etc, is on track and is due to be realized well before the ten years our misled intelligence services would have us believe.

All this is racing toward a cataclysmic resolution… nuclear war in the Middle East.

It now appears it is unavoidable.

Israel has a first, and second, strike capability. She has nuclear-armed subs, at sea, as a back up to her ground based nuclear arsenal. If attacked, she will certainly strike back and… she has the capability to take out the entire metropolitan population of Iran a number of times over.

For many years, now, Israel has warned that she will use her nuclear option rather than be the recipients of another holocaust. However, the IDF is thin, indeed, for a ground war on a very large scale. The US will immediately be brought in to strengthen the ranks of the IDF. Assistance from Great Britain is somewhat “iffy” but expected, even if under the cover of lending assistance to the US military.

The United Nations will, as expected, back away from the conflict and silently boost the Iranians. We can expect no help from that quarter, or from the remainder of Europe. Europe has grown soft as a result of the years of appeasement, having learned nothing from the First and Second World Wars… except that… the US will come save them. It has gotten tiresome, frankly.
Iran is bringing her doom closer with everyday she continues her nuclear program. Yet she perseveres toward suicide.

In the meantime, it must be clear to every thinking person on the globe now… the US is in the Middle East to stay. We cannot withdraw. The table is set, the places are marked, and the world is now racing toward her date with Armageddon.


Saturday, October 29, 2005

The "Hum-Gator"

I suppose this is the day, I’m supposed to make some comment on the "Scooter" Libby indictments, right?

Frankly, I haven’t paid much attention to this charade from the start. I’m not particularly interested. I see it for what it is, and I understand the entire event is another political witch-hunt aimed at neutering the Bush Administration. Somebody had to take the fall. Libby was it... this time.

Of course we all know the ultimate target of the current Democrat witch-hunt is President Bush. The Dems see this as payback for the GOP impeaching Bill Clinton. If you’ll go back a few weeks, in the archives of this blog, you’ll see I predicted this sort of thing. So, I’m not surprised.

The pitiful Democrats have only the courts left with which to wield their once potent power? Other than that… they are impotent.

The Democratic Party reminds me today of the mythical Southern animal: “The Hum-gator”. It has the brain of a hummingbird and the bite of an alligator. However, when it is caught in a snare, it thrashes about with its tail and, on occasion, it will injure one of its trappers. Soon, however, the “hum-gator” is finished. That is how I see the National Democrat party today, as a “hum-gator”.

The loss of Mr. Libby will not in any way slow the work of the Vice-President’s office, nor the Administration.

Next comes the choice of a new Supreme Court Justice, which many expect will come either Sunday night or early Monday morning. Conservatives believe the President received the message we sent… loud and clear. If not, then another less than conservative nominee will only be thrown over the side until he chooses the Conservative we want.

Look, Conservatives put the President, as well as the Senate, and House Republicans in power. They needed to be reminded that we could also take them out of power. It would appear the reminder worked.

Conservative Republicans have much work to do and we cannot allow a sideshow like the CIA Leak Investigation to slow us or get in the way. And, we won’t. We will remain focused and get the job done.


Friday, October 28, 2005

Conservative Muscle

Here in America, we have just seen what can happen when Conservatives bring their power, and influence, to bear on a problem in the US government.

The Left is still wondering what hit them!

Ms. Miers is off the stage and the stage is now set for the entrance of a REAL, bona fide, Conservative nominee for the Supreme Court. Plus, the fight we want, and have been planning for, over Judicial Philosophy, in the US, is, we hope, about to happen.

The Left didn’t believe we could do it. They have buried their collective heads in the sand and refused to recognize the fact that they are in the minority in the US now and have been for some time. (If only we could get our Republican Senators to believe that as well!)

If President Bush nominates a true Conservative, the "fur is going to fly" on the Senate Judicial Committee and the full Senate. I think, no, I hope we have sufficiently awakened the Republican Senators to the fact that we want the “Constitutional Option” or, as the Left calls it, the “Nuclear Option” used. We want our Senators to take charge of the Senate and run it, for Pete’s sake!

The Left is deathly afraid of the “Constitutional Option”. It means they will have lost their death grip on the Senate and it will free up the Senate to attack the US judicial system and get those conservative judges confirmed, and seated, where they can do the most good.

As of today, the Left’s last stand is in the Judiciary. I refer you to the CIA leak Grand Jury investigation in New York and the Delay indictment in Texas. Both are political witch-hunts instigated by the Political Left.

Our goal now, as conservatives, is to gain control of the US Supreme Court and the US Judiciary. That is where the Left’s power is concentrated and they are not slow to use it. What they cannot win at the ballot box they have been winning in the jury box. That must stop and now, we finally have a chance to do just that.

Once again, the Mainstream media misread the political tea leaves. They saw a “conservative breakup”. It was in fact, the Conservative Right shaking itself, and coming to life, to flex its muscles in the nation’s Presidency, the nation’s Legislature, and the nations Judiciary.

Conservatives have come to do battle for the Republic. When the smoke clears we will have won, or we will have lost, but… we will have been in the fight!

Would that our Republican Senators would understand that.


Thursday, October 27, 2005

The COWARDICE of America !

Leading Democrats, in the US Senate, have begun a renewed effort to get the US military to retreat, give-up, surrender, admit defeat, cut and run, and in any way possible show our backs to the enemy in Iraq.

You may call it anything you like, but it all boils down to one word… COWARDICE! Utter, complete, foot kissing, blubbering, pleading for mercy, COWARDICE!

It is COWARDICE of this kind that brings shame upon generations of Americans. It gives the lie to honor, and integrity, and the determination these same politicians "mouthed" when they gave the President of the US their approval to send American military forces into Iraq.

Now, they find they can’t take it. They don’t have the “testicular fortitude” to stay the course. Their own cowardice is embarrassing to them so they must cloak it in false claims of concern for the well being, and the safety, of our servicemen and servicewomen.

It is disgusting! It is shameful. It is bringing disgrace upon this nation. If they cannot find, somewhere, deep down inside themselves, the nerve, the fortitude, the courage, to stand in the face of an enemy that would cut their collective throats in the blink of an eye, then they should step down. They should resign their seats in the US Senate and go home!!! The last thing we need in the Government of the United States is COWARDICE. And COWARDICE, to this degree, is despicable!

Their actions are causing the deaths of more American servicemen, and servicewomen, and prolonging the war. It encourages the enemy!

One thing is absolutely certain. If we cut and run in Iraq, we will only have to return… as soon as we elect a President who has the courage of a real American.

Real Americans don’t run. Real Americans don’t quit. Real Americans give their word and stand by it… no matter the cost.

And what about all those men and women who have given their lives, on the word of those same Senators, who today would make their sacrifice, and the sacrifice of their families, totally meaningless? What about the honor of the veterans of the Iraq war? What about the honor of the United States Military? Surely, they must know that a dishonored military is worthless. Then, again, these people hate the military and they, apparently, would like to see our armed forces disgraced. That is exactly what they are suggesting with their calls for the President to bring the troops home.

We can never again allow the Democrat Party to be charged with the “National Security of the United States”. This display of their cowardice has forced them to forfeit any right, they ever had, to govern the American people.

Disgusting, despicable, discouraging, unpatriotic, un-American… call it what you will. It is all of these and more. I have no words to describe the unfathomable depths of their cowardice.


Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Clinton Impeachment # 2

Are you ready for the Clinton Saga to continue? You’d better be.

There’s no doubt that if Hillary seeks the nomination of the Democrat Party for President … it is hers.

There is also growing evidence that the conservative movement in the Republican Party is readying itself to hold back at the polls in '06 and '08 to allow a Democrat take over of the Senate and a Democratic take over of the Presidency in '08. It seems the only way we can get the attention of our GOP party leaders. So, we are prepared to take our party through a period of pain to cleanse it, we hope, of the "Rinos" and the "Liberals Republicans" in our midst.

In the meantime, back at the Whitehouse; be prepared for another history making Clinton Presidency. You know, I believe, without looking mind you, these will be the only husband and wife presidents to be impeached in the history of the US! Oh, it’s coming. Bet on it.

As proud member of the Vast Right-Wing Conspiracy, I can assure you we have not quit. We’ve only been on a break designed to last eight years. That time is about up. I’m sure as soon as the official campaign season starts up, we’ll come out swinging.

Be prepared for scandal on top of scandal. Special Prosecutors, Senate hearings on the goings on in the Clinton Whitehouse, investigations into all the shady deals the Clintons will be said to be involved with. And the final triumph will be the impeachment. We are not going to miss a chance, like that, to make history

And maybe worst of all, Bill will be back. Yep, he’ll probably bring his harem with him. If not, they will secluded somewhere, safely, outside the walls of the Whitehouse… but within easy access. This time, we’ll be ready and we will point them out to you, one at a time, and watch the fur fly, once again.

Yes, this will truly be a historic Presidency.

It just goes to prove the old adage that anyone can grow up to be President. I thought that was just my grammar school teacher’s way of building esteem in me and my classmates…until… Bill Clinton became president. Then I KNEW it was TRUE! ANYBODY could be President of the US!

Well, it will be good to be an “attacker” again rather than a “defender”. It’s so much more fun to attack than defend. And those of us in the Vast Right Wing Conspiracy are ready. Our knives are out and they are sharp. We have been waiting for this for eight years.

One thing is for certain, the Clintons can be counted on to hand us all the ammunition we need and all the rope we need to tie up their administration for the full 4, or 8, years "they’re" in office (the plural usage is intended).

In the meantime, maybe, just maybe we will have the time to purge our Party of the hacks, the RINOS, and the Liberal Republicans and give it to the Conservatives who will know, instinctively, what to do and will get it done no matter the screams of protest from the Left and the vapid attacks by the Mainstream Media, which as we all know, is at one with the Democrat Party.

So, this was just a little “heads-up” for the coming months and years ahead. We Conservatives have long memories and we will see that all the unkind actions done by our adversaries toward us are answered in kind, only ten-fold.

Hang on! It’s gonna be a bumpy ride!


Monday, October 24, 2005

The Burning Issue with the MSM and the Taliban

Why do you suppose it is that returning veterans, of Iraq, continue to tell us that what we are seeing on our TV news… and in the print media, (in other words… the Mainstream Media)… is not what is happening in Iraq.

No, if one, or two, soldiers came back home and made that statement… that would be one thing. But nearly every returning veteran says the same thing.

Could it be they are telling us the truth? Given a choice between a Military Veteran and the MSM, I’ll take the Military Veteran every time.

The MSM will bash, and smear, the US Military at every turn. They cannot stand the US Military. They cannot abide the US winning a war… any war. They are sick to death of America being the world’s only super power. Indeed, they do not want America to be a super power, at all. They believe the US is the cause of all the harm in this world. Somehow it always comes back around to the US. Trust the MSM to MAKE it the fault of the United States.

The multiple stories of the screw-up at Abu Ghraib Prison were telling. Not so much about the misdeeds done by a handful of US miscreants, but about where the Media’s loyalty lay. It did not lie with the US and American military.

The MSM’s interpretation of what went on there was much different than the interpretation of the bulk of the American people. You see…we still see flashes of those planes flying into the towers in New York. If you missed it, check the right hand side of the blog page and you will find a slide show to refresh your memory.

Now the MSM is at it again. The American soldiers burning the bodies of two Taliban, Islamic, terrorists. What the heck was wrong with that? They were dead. Killed in the act of attempting to kill our troops. They had been dead for days and their remains were stinking! So, the American troops burned them. They also used the opportunity as a chance to warn other Taliban troops, in the area, against thinking they could attack American troops with impunity. Frankly, I see nothing wrong with that.

Come on folks! They burned two bodies. In World War Two, we burned 130,000 Japanese to death when we fire bombed Tokyo. More than that were burned to death, by US troops, when we firebombed Dresden Germany. Now, our guys burn two… and all heck breaks out in the American and World Press. Had this bunch of mealy mouthed, left leaning, socialist, anti-American "pen pushers" been around during the Second World War Americans would have been speaking German, on the east coast, and the west coast would have been speaking Japanese!

So, it upset the Islamic world…. tough! Don’t mess with America!

The Islamic terrorists are making their biggest mistake by believing the American press actually represents Americans. They have yet to grasp that the American Press only represents themselves, not us, the average working America... the Americans who believe their country is worth saving... Americans who believe there is justification in going anywhere, and doing anything, to secure the safety of their homes and families.

So, if the terrorists were upset, too bad. Back off… and stop attacking our guys and you won’t get burned. It is really quite simply. But even at it’s simplest; it appears it is to complex for our adversaries.

Sadly, I include the MSM in the category of “Adversaries”.


Sunday, October 23, 2005



You Bet!

There is an old expression, which goes something like this: “Dance with the one what brung you!”

It is my firm belief that Nascar’s Headquarters should have this “expression”, in the form of a sign, in very large red letters, permanently mounted over it’s front door! Maybe it would serve as a reminder that the folks who got Nascar where it is today are now being told to go to the back of the bus!

Now, I’m a Southerner (By the Grace of God!). I’m a dues paying member of the Sons of Confederate Veterans, a native South Carolinian, and a resident of North Carolina.

The Granddaddy of the Nascar tracks (Darlington Speedway) is just an hour from my hometown. Here in North Carolina we have two major speedways one at Charlotte and the other at Rockingham, NC.

In my younger days, I was a member of Nascar, a track announcer. I have spent many hours around Speedways enjoying myself beneath the fluttering folds of the Confederate Battle Flag at those racetracks. That flag was displayed as a sign of our Southern Pride… at a “Southern Event”. Many windshields, on the cars of Southern race fans, would display the logo depicting a checkered flag crossed with the Confederate Battle Flag. The CBF was a part of the festivities surrounding race day, race week, and the many activities of the infield of the Southern tracks.

No more. Nascar has turned it’s back on the very fans who gave birth to the sport, which has made millions for Nascar and the France family. Nascar has effectively told those fans they are no longer welcome at a Nascar sanctioned event.

These days Nascar is discouraging the display of Confederate Battle Flags at the races. They are even going so far as to have “flag exchanges” at which they encourage fans to exchange their CBF for a racing team’s flag, or colors. The press is reporting that now Nascar is promoting “Mexican flags” in the place of Confederate Battle Flags in the stands.

Why? Good question.

A new arrival on the Nascar tracks is a Mexican driver by the name of Adrian Fernandez. I have seen reports, which refer to him as the “Dale Earnhardt of Mexico!”

The thing is, race fans, Mexico had not a thing to do with the birth and sustenance of Nascar! Nothing! The South had everything to do with it.

Stock car racing began, with bootleggers, running illegal booze (White Lightening) through the winding, mountain, roads of the Carolinas, Georgia, Tennessee, and other Southern States. The “good ole boys” began racing each other, instead of running from the taxman, on a handful of dirt tracks, scraped out of the hard red clay of the Southeastern states. Friends and neighbors would gather on Saturdays, or Sundays, to watch the local “rum runners” display their car handling skills. Somebody, somewhere, hit upon the idea of charging those folks to watch the fun. They paid gladly… and have been paying ever since. Thus was born the “Southern sport of Stock Car Racing”. It is a part of the lore and legends of the South. Indeed, it is a part of Southern Culture. At least… it has been.

Now, Nascar is taking Stock Car Racing away from the very creators of the sport, indeed, of the business, from which their millions have come. Talk about ingratitude! It doesn’t get worse than this!

That beautiful old flag, with the St Andrews Cross upon it, that flag under which so many Southerners gave their lives, is a part of Southern Heritage and Southern Culture. That flag, race fans, will still be flying when the last Nascar sign is torn down and burned on the garbage heap of history.

The groans from the “greats of racing” such as: Fireball Roberts, Little Joe Weatherly, Tiny Lund, Possum Jones, and so many, many, more, can be heard over the scream of the high performance engines on today’s Nascar tracks. Disbelief rolls through the ranks of the “long passed” drivers whose ghosts still haunt the red clay tracks in the small Southern towns and the super speedways of the big cities here in the South.

Nascar has forgotten “who brung ‘em”. It seems, it simply doesn’t matter to them anymore. But it matters to us… the Southerners who find they are no longer welcome at what used to be a Southern Cultural Event.

To discourage, or refuse, the Confederate Battle Flag at a Stock Car race is tantamount to discouraging entry to, and attendance by, Southerners. That flag represents who we were… and who we are. Southerners! We are a unique people on this continent. A people proud of who we are, and proud of our Heritage and our Culture.

Nascar has reached its “high water mark”. It has nowhere to go now, but down. It is time, past time, for another Stock Car Racing Sanctioning organization to come forward and show respect for the creators of the sport and gratitude for the fans support. Southern racing fans will embrace them with warm and welcoming arms.

In the meantime, Southern racing fans should boycott Nascar events. The only way one can bring meaningful pressure to bear, on an organization as large as Nascar, is through their wallets.

It’s time for Southerners to reclaim their sport, reclaim that part of our heritage and culture, and proudly, wave the Confederate Battle Flag while doing it.

It is time to Black Flag Nascar!


Saturday, October 22, 2005

ACLU vs. CHRISTIANITY... An Oldie but Goodie

ACLU vs Christianity

So now the ACLU has sued the state of North Carolina over using a Bible as the sole source of the Holy Scriptures.

You can immediately see the problem with that… if you are a Christian, that is. The problem, from the standpoint of a Christian, is simply this… the Bible IS the sole source of the Holy Scriptures! The acceptance of any other collection of inspirational verses, as Holy Scripture, is a sin for those of the Christian faith.

If a Moslem, or a Hindu, for instance, wishes to NOT swear on a Bible, here in North Carolina, … he or she can simple “affirm” they will testify to the truth. That is acceptable in this state. The same option is offered for those chosen for jury duty. Many Christians feel that “swearing on the Bible” is a sin. For those, the State offers the “affirmation”.

There is something very wrong about this lawsuit. It is blatantly anti-Christian.

I simply do not believe this lawsuit by the ACLU, against North Carolina, is about the right to swear on your chosen “Holy Scriptures”. No, it has become clear to those of the Judea-Christian faith, in the United States, over the past few years, that the ACLU is bent on destroying any, and all, vestiges of the Jewish faith and/or the Christian faith in America.

Why does the ACLU hate us so much? Why do they see us as a threat so potent that they feel they must destroy us? Because, the Judeo-Christian religion IS a threat to the ACLU. Christians are anti-Socialist and anti-Communist. Christians are the natural enemy of the ACLU. And they know it. They have been coming after us since their founding in 1920. Many of the founders of the ACLU were members of, or had association with, the Communist Party of the USA. It would seem their goals have changed little since their founding. They still never miss a chance to strike out at Christian activity anywhere in the US. It leads one to believe their purpose is to eradicate the Christian religion in the USA. They have made a grand start.

Here is what the noted Communist Joseph Stalin said: “America, is like a healthy body and its resistance is threefold: its patriotism, its morality, and its spiritual life. If we can undermine these three areas, America will collapse from within.”

Today, as in the past, we see the ACLU attacking America’s Patriotism, America’s Morality and America’s Spiritual Life. A coincidence? It would be a stretch to convince one’s self that it is.

The ACLU does not just dislike Christians… they hate us! As Christians, we are their chief enemy. Yet many professed Christians hold membership in the ACLU. How can this be? Even the Romans had no help from the early Christians in their campaign to destroy Christianity. But the ACLU does have it… in spades! Our “liberal churches” have opened the door for their own destruction and are actively aiding in the campaign against the “Faith of our Fathers”… the Judeo-Christian faith.

Here in North Carolina they have struck another blow against the Jew and the Christian. The war to eradicate Christianity, in the US, is as real today as it was during the day of Nero in ancient Rome. Only, the ACLU has replaced the lions in today’s coliseum. The war rages, between good and evil, as it has since Eden. However, I have read The Book, and the Christians win!


Friday, October 21, 2005

"Commander-in-Cheese", "Chief"

Have you seen this show, yet?

Oh brother! If there was ever a shameless attempt to promote a politician and pass it off as entertainment this is certainly it.

I am convinced this show is nothing more than a political campaign ad for Hillary Clinton and it should have a disclaimer at the end: “Paid for by: Friends of Hillary”.

The thin veneer they have put up to attempt to shield the real reason for its existence is, really, VERY thin. One can see behind it in the blink of an eye.

Geena Davis stars as Hillary. Sorry, couldn’t resist! Geena Davis stars as Mackenzie Allen, the President. She is, we are told in the very first episode, an Independent. However, we have not been told how an “Independent” came to be Vice-President under the incumbent Republican President!

Donald Sutherland, stars as the “Mean Ole Republican” who tries to foil everything the wonderful goddess-like Hillary, I mean Geena, does. Oh, he is just SO mean!

Now, if you know anything, at all, about Sutherland you must know that he is a Canadian, and a “Left Wing Liberal Canadian” at that, and certainly no friend to Republicans! If you dare not believe that… ask him! His vitriol toward Republicans will bowl you over. So, these are his credentials. He can REALLY portray the Mean Spirited Republican in “Over the Top Performances”. And he does!

Still not convinced that this show is nothing more that a Political ad? Well, check this out:

Steve Cohen, one of the writers of this “show” was formerly Hillary’s Communications Director while the Clintons were defiling the White House. If you dig a tiny bit deeper you will learn that none other than Hillary’s current Social Secretary is an “Advisor” to the show! Yep! The surprises just keep on a-coming!

This is truly one of those times when I wish the old FCC "Equal Time Rule" was still in effect. It wouldn’t affect the network, since they do not broadcast, but it sure as heck would affect each of their subscriber stations all over the country.

As it is, I would still urge the GOP to hit up the network for equal time and I would also urge the FEC to look into what this show is doing “60 days before the election”.

“OH”, you say. “Longstreet, why are you so exorcised over a TV show? It’s only make believe”! True enough. But so was the Clinton Administration and we are still paying the price for that in places like the Middle East, and in Korea, and the Balkans, and on and on……

Do yourself a favor… watch something else!


Thursday, October 20, 2005

Now They Are "Super Storms"... HA!

OK, so now the MSM has taken to referring to Hurricane Wilma as a “Super Storm”.

Gee, I wonder why?

Could it be they NEED a "Super Storm"? I mean, to bolster their "Global Warming" claims. You know... the claims they make that "Global Warming" has caused the water temps, in the oceans, to rise… therefore… spawning more, and meaner, hurricanes… that left-wing-loony claim.

You see, they have decided that "Global Warming" is gospel and they have created a template for their news stories on the weather, which support that “Global Warming Gospel”. It doesn’t matter that it is scientifically wrong. No. You see, the Left is smarter than the rest of us... and they know better, about such things, than you, or I. Therefore we are just "nuts" if we don’t buy into their “sky is falling” propaganda.

Wilma is NOT a "Super Storm”. What Wilma is… is a big, mean, hurricane. She will tear up some parts of the Gulf of Mexico coastline and may, as predicted by the National Weather Service, smash Florida with another hammer blow. But the world will not end!

The Left-Wingers are hoping for another New Orleans type disaster to blame on President Bush and the Republicans. It ain’t gonna happen. Florida will not fold like a cheap suit when it gets hit by this storm. On the other hand... Florida is not the Democrat "Welfare Paradise State" that New Orleans was/is. (Yeah, I know New Orleans isn’t a state! Think of it as a "City State"... as in ancient Greece.)

The left has pushed this Global Warming thing to it’s limits. They tell us that the Polar Ice Caps are melting and that is causing the seas’ water levels to rise. Then, they turn around and tell us the water temp of the oceans is on the rise and that is what is causing the increased frequency of hurricanes.

Something is out of sync here. If, indeed, the Polar Ice Caps are melting, wouldn’t the water temps of the oceans actually drop as that melting ice cools the water… much as putting ice cubes into a glass of tea? If the temperature of the oceans drops, then there will be less hurricanes and those that do form will be less intense than their predecessors because, you see, they need the energy from the warm water to exist and grow strong. They feed off the energy of the warm water.

See, it just doesn’t make sense.

A few day ago, one of the major wire services ran a story on the hurricanes this season and they interviewed Dr. William Gray, of the University of Colorado, a world renown climatologist. In the interview, in the wire services article, was a paragraph in which Dr. Gray puts the lie to the Global Warming Theory causing more frequent, and more intense, hurricanes. He said it simply is not so. I happened to read that article on the Internet. The next day the article was reprinted in my local “regional” newspaper and… you guessed it, that paragraph was left out of the article printed in the paper. Do you see the pattern here?

We have got to stop being swayed by a bunch of people who have learned how to make a living off grants, from the U.S. Government, to continue their “study” of Global Warming.

Next time somebody mentions, to you, the earth is getting warmer and the temperature of the sea is warmer than it used to be, be sure and exclaim, that you certainly hope so! Then remind them it should be getting warmer as we are still in the process of coming out of the last Ice Age! ..............


Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Misunderstanding??? Aw, Come On Now...

Well, which is it? Does Harriet Miers support the "Griswold vs. Connecticut" decision upon which the "Roe vs. Wade" decision was founded, or, was she simply misunderstood by Senator Arlen Specter?

There was a story circulating late yesterday (Tuesday 10-18-05), which said, basically, it was all a big misunderstanding.

Senator Specter’s spokesperson is said to have written to the Press saying that Senator Specter THOUGHT Ms. Miers had agreed with "Griswold v. Connecticut" and there was a right to privacy in the Constitution. Then, the spokesperson wrote that after Senator Specter’s comments to the Press, he (the Senator) received a phone call from Ms. Miers, herself, to say that he (The Senator) had misunderstood her and that she had, in fact, taken no position on Griswold and the right to privacy issue. The Senator’s spokesperson now says the Senator accepts Ms. Miers statement that he had misunderstood what she said.

Ok, so what DID she say? What DID she mean?

This whole nomination fiasco is a mess! A total, irredeemable mess.

Conservatives are only digging in deeper. Especially when such mismanagement of the nominee is so obvious as the incident described above was/is.

So far, nothing Ms. Miers has said, or done, or the Whitehouse has said, or done, has caused Social Conservatives to move one whit towards offering their support for this nominee. Folks, It ain’t gonna happen!

We have a stalemate here. The White House will not back down and neither will we.

Again I say, the White House had better wake up. Republican elections are won, and lost, as a result of what the base of the Republican Party does. And Conservatives ARE the base of the Republican Party. (I know I began the sentence with an "article"...but, it's my blog, darnit!)

Our conservatism is based on principles and on core beliefs and we are not going to compromise.

If the White House comes to it’s senses and withdraws this nomination, we will be satisfied… for the moment. We want a KNOWN Conservative as the nominee and we WANT the fight, with the Democrats, which will ensue. How hard is that to understand?

Then.. we want the spending cut and more tax cuts. See, we’re not so hard to understand!

Having said all the above… we have warned the White House, and we have warned the Republican National Committee. We will cut off the money. We can do that… and we will. These are not idle threats. Conservatives are hopping mad.

Someone said recently, that we “conservatives are conservative by principle and Republican by practice. Practice will change faster than principle”. No truer words were spoken.

Again, I ask the President to withdraw the name of Ms. Miers as the nominee to the Supreme Court. In the meantime, I’m not holding my breath.


Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Save the Babies! Vote No on Miers!

Any leeway I might have been considering for the Harriet Miers nomination, as a Justice on the Supreme Court, has now vanished.

News reports claim that Senator Arlen Spector, of Pennsylvania, told the press yesterday, that she feels the "Griswold vs. Connecticut" case was rightly decided.

In the event you don’t know, or can’t bring it to mind just now, the "Griswold vs. Connecticut" case was the case decided back in 1965 by the US Supreme Court. It established the foundation for the “Roe vs. Wade” decision by the Court, which has caused the death of so many American babies.

That statement, if true, just put the cork in the bottle for her nomination. By noon today it will be all over the Internet and with the lightening speed at which the MSM moves, it will probably make it onto their air, and pages, by late this evening and early tomorrow. Pitiful.

And so we have another backhanded slap at Republican Conservatives. Making "on demand abortions" illegal is a part of the platform of the “Conservative Movement”, as the MSM has taken to calling us.

So, once again, I call upon the Conservative Republicans on the Senate Judiciary Committee to vote against her nomination and I urge all Conservative Republicans, in the US Senate, to vote against her. I would remind the senators, this vote will be watched very closely and note will be taken of how you vote on this nomination. There will be a reckoning. In 2006, and again in 2008. That is not a threat. That is a promise.

As a group, the Republican Conservatives are tired of being the “Screwee” and will now become the “Screwer”.

As far as the President is concerned, he has one choice, and one choice only, and that is... to pull the Miers nomination. If he can’t do that... our support for any plans he may have, for the reminder of his administration, will have to go forward, if they can, without our support.

Ms. Miers still has a chance to redeem herself. She can simply thank the President, graciously, for the nomination, but ask to have her name withdrawn… “for the good of the country”. This is the only acceptable decision she can make at this point. This awful nomination has been allowed to go too far into the process and there is no way she can get out of this thing unhurt, untainted, for life. But she must fall on her sword… the sooner the better.

The Conservative Republicans will have a fight on their hands. Her statement about “Griswold” will have secured the Democrat vote for her on the Senate Judiciary Committee. It will take a “NO” vote from every Republican member of that Committee to vote down this nomination. But it must be stopped. It must be!

Write your Senators and ask them to vote "NO" on the Miers nomination and ask the President to withdraw her name from consideration. The lives of many more babies depend on this vote.


Monday, October 17, 2005

Tiger by the Tail !

Well, it appears the Iraqi Electorate has put the American Electorate to shame by turning out to vote. And… no one was trying to blow us up!

At this writing, the results are not in, but it seems sure that the Iraqis will vote to confirm their new Constitution. They will have chosen Democracy.

The next question is… whether they can keep it. My first, and strongest, reaction to the question of whether the Iraqis can maintain a Democracy in the Middle East is… not a chance!

Well, there is a chance… if the US stays there and acts as Democracy’s protector. Then Iraq will have a chance. Otherwise… I’m back to my first reaction.

Look, Iran is just waiting for the US to pull out. When we eventually do leave Iraq, we’ll be going out the front door as the Iranians are coming in the back door. Actually, they’re already slipping across the border, in droves, and engaging our troops in battle. For some reason, the western press doesn’t want to identify them as Iranians, but rather “insurgents”.

On the western side of Iraq, in Syria, they are doing much the same thing as Iran is doing. We have warned Syria, repeatedly, to cease and desist and they have not. So, at some point in the future we will have to take the Syrian government down.

So, back away, a few paces, and look at the big picture... and it is clear that the only hope the Iraqis have of maintaining a free democratic country is one, if the US remains in Iraq indefinitely… and two, if the US takes out both Iran, and Syria, and sets up democratic governments in those countries as well.

You begin to see the problem.

Now having said all this, about Iraq, I can’t help but feel the same applies to Afghanistan as well. As soon as US troops leave, the Taliban, or whomever, will reappear and overthrow the government and set up another of those "Islamofacist" regimes, much as they had before we arrived.

If you begin to feel that I am pessimistic about the Middle East, you’re right.

I have said many times… you cannot give a nation freedom. You cannot give a race of people freedom. They must win it, through struggle, for it to have enough value for them to defend it. You would think we would have learned that lesson here in America. But, alas, we haven’t.

We have an expression here, in the South: “I didn’t take you to raise!” It simply means I’ll help you, but… I will not be your lifetime defender, protector, and provider. But that is exactly where we are headed, in my estimation, in Iraq and in Afghanistan. If you give a people freedom, you have, indeed, “taken them to raise”. You will forever be seen as the “Nanny” for that people, race, or nation. THAT is why I am so dead set against “Nation Building”. We have bought Iraq and Afghanistan and we have paid for them with our treasure... and our blood.

If we leave those two countries, it will be only a matter of time until we will have to return and chase off the bad guys again. And the cycle will be repeated until we no longer answer their calls for their “Nanny”. (You can see why I would never have had a career in the diplomatic service!)

So, what to do? Well, it seems, to me, we have two choices, nether of which is very palatable. We can stay… forever. Or, we can leave and let the “bad guys” have both countries… as we did in Vietnam. We truly have a "Tiger by the Tail".

God help the President who decides to do either.


Sunday, October 16, 2005

Riot in Ohio

What happened in Ohio, on Saturday October 15th, was despicable. Riots never solve anything.

There is no excuse for the looting, the burning, the stoning of emergency vehicles, the totally irrational behavior, and mob mentality, demonstrated by the Black people rioting over the Nazi’s planned, and city approved, activity.

Which group did the most harm yesterday? You decide. The answer is elementary. The Nazis did not break the law, the black rioters did. It’s as simple as that. Yes, IT IS.

We claim we’re a nation of laws and we cannot tolerate the mob action from a group of people who don’t like the law.

I am no fan of the Nazis or any white supremacist group . I denied them access to the airwaves assigned my broadcast station many times because I was not a common carrier and had the constitutional right to allow anyone I wanted, or deny any one I wanted, access to airtime. I have other reasons for disagreeing with the white supremists, and what they stand for. Deep, abiding, reasons.

But that is beside the point. The US Constitution gives citizens of this country the right to peacefully assemble. By all reports that was what the Nazis were doing Saturday with, I might add, a legal permit, issued by the city, for their exercise.

It may have been poor judgment on the part of the city to issue that permit, but they did.

One other thing: It is accepted practice, among anarchists of the world, when protesting some event they do not favor, and doing so cloaked in the camouflage of a mob, always burn down the other fellows property. Not your own! Someone needs to explain this to the black community. It seems they always burn down their own homes, and businesses when rioting. That just shows how little discipline, and reason, there was among those rioters and it demonstrates their irrationality. It was raw emotion.

What happened Saturday will serve no good purpose for the black community of that Ohio town. Not a bit. It sure as heck did not create good will among the white community. It did create fear, disgust, and more hatred.

When any group of people act like undisciplined children, they will be treated as such.

The riot in Ohio was disgusting, it was destructive, and it served only to set the black community there back a few more decades.


Saturday, October 15, 2005

Purge the Republican Party in 2006 and 2008

There is no breakup of the Conservative Movement within the Republican Party. There is a fight within the Republican Party.

Like so many other Conservative Republicans today, I am so very tired of expending time, and energy, to fight for conservative positions and have those positions placed in jeopardy by the man who is supposed to be the leader of the party. That is why we, the Conservative Republicans, feel betrayed.

I have said before I am not a "Compassionate Conservative". What I am is… a Social Conservative, and, a Fiscal Conservative… and just for good measure you may hang “paleo” on to the front of Conservative.

I am also a realist. And some would say an ideologue. The latter may well be true. I find myself in the company of a few million like-minded Republicans in this country of ours. And we are furious. The fury has not subsided… not one whit, since the President made known his nomination of Harriet Miers to be the next Supreme Court Justice.

I have asked the President to withdraw her name. I have asked Ms. Miers to withdraw her name. I have asked my Senators to vote no on confirming her and I have written every Republican on the Senate Judiciary Committee and asked them to vote no on recommending her to the full Senate for a confirmation vote.

How this will all play out, I have no idea. I lay claim to no special knowledge on the inside game in Washington. But some things seem abundantly clear. First, the president will not withdraw her name. There is a "slim to none" chance that Ms. Miers will withdraw her name... or ask the President to withdraw it. There is no chance that we will learn anything productive, or revealing, from the Senate Judiciary hearings. And finally, judging from the stunning weakness the Senate Republicans have demonstrated so often in the recent past, I have no expectation they will do anything other than vote to confirm Ms. Miers.

In future, we “Conservative” Republicans should be suspicious of a Republican Candidate for President who would seek to dilute the word “Conservative” in any way. “Compassionate Conservative” apparently means “Liberal” Republican. At least that is the way it appears. The President’s track record of enlarging government and spending money like a "drunken Democrat" does nothing but underscore that understanding.

I would remind the President, as others in the blogoshere have done, that his father lost his second term because he did not listen to the conservatives in the Republican Party. Had he listened, he would have understood that when he said “No new taxes” we believed him. When he raised taxes anyway, we felt lied to and... we abandoned him. Now, George, the second, has, it seems, done the same thing. We will abandon him, too.

Unlike Democrats we Conservatives have ideals and ideas. We know that those ideas have consequences. Add to that formula, reason, and you have a party platform we do not have to apologize for… to anyone. One doesn’t need to lay claim to the word “compassionate” as a Conservative.

We have come to a parting of the ways in the Republican Party. We must now be about the business of replacing the “RINOS” and the “Compassionate Conservatives” remaining within our ranks.

Call it a purge if you will. If that’s what it takes to reclaim our party, then so be it. 2006 is fast approaching and we have work to do. Let’s be about it!