Wednesday, May 31, 2006

I Told You Global Warming is a Hoax!

(NOTE: Today is the first day of the 2006 Hurricane Season!)

The closest thing to a saint many of us, living in Hurricane Alley, have is Professor Bill Gray, professor emeritus of Colorado State University.

Quite possibly the world’s leading expert on Hurricanes and certainly one of the worlds leading experts on Meteorology, he says Global Warming is a hoax! I believe him. Heck, I’ve been saying that since way back when the same folks were telling us we were at the beginning of a New Ice Age… all the way back to ancient history, 1977!

Bill Gray knows whereof he speaks! The Washington Post has an extremely good article on Gray and his lonely battle.

We recommend you go here: …. and read what he has to say.

In the next few weeks, and months, we are going to be pummeled with all the claims that global warming is causing increasingly stronger hurricanes… and all the rest of the tripe the Chicken Littles of the Green Movement can hurl at us.

I urge you not to fall for it.


A Hell of a Way to Fight a War!

A bearly-restrained press is chomping at the bit to go after a story, at least what we THINK is a story, from a place called Haditha in Iraq.

We actually know very little about the so-called massacre at Haditha. (The incident is said to have occurred on November 19th of 2005.) A number of civilians are said to have been slain, by US Marines, as retribution for a number of their men (one or more) being wounded, or killed, by an IED (Improvised Explosive Device) … what you and I would call… a bomb.

"The Conservative Voice" has an excellent article on the Incident, what we know... and what we don't know. The article was written by Michelle Malkin. We strongly recommend that you go there and read the article. You can find it at "The Conservative Voice" at:

There's even more at Texas Fred's place called "Ace in the Hole", over at:

The MSM, and the political “Left” has been on a crusade to turn the Iraq war into another Viet Nam since, oh, about 48 hours into the conflict. They began by calling Afghanistan a “quagmire” and almost instantly referred to Iraq as the same. Their hope, apparently, is that they can convince enough Americans that all is lost and that the US is in over it’s head in Iraq in order to influence the government’s prosecution of the war and cause a US defeat or, worse, a cut and run scenario, called a “retreat”, or as the politically correct language has it... an “exit strategy”.

Now, some of the MSM are bringing up the My Lai incident, in Viet Nam, and comparing the Haditha incident with the My Lai incident.

Now, I have to tell you that I was never pleased with the way the My Lai incident was portrayed by the media and… the way, in my opinion, the US soldiers involved were persecuted for carrying out their orders. In fact, I distinctly remember circulating petitions to the President to release those men, accused of wrong doing in the My Lai incident, and sending those petitions to the President of the US.

Just days ago, two members of the media were killed and a third was very seriously wounded in an IED attack as they stood outside their armored vehicle in Iraq.

There is something extremely dishonorable about killing people with a bomb! Especially these remote controlled bombs. There is someone watching, and lying in wait, to push the button on the device, to take out an unexpecting vehicle and it’s occupants. It takes a very low, very dishonorable, person to do that.

The Europeans and Asians tend to call the Americans “cowboys”. That’s fine by us! A “cowboy” is a “man of honor”. Yes, he is a man of action… and swift action at that! But, he will not “shoot you in the back”. That is a coward’s way. That is the way a man of dishonor would do it… and that’s the way the insurgents and the terrorists do it. That kind of behavior, that kind of warfare, is abhorrent to Americans! It is the coward’s way of making war. And that is exactly what we now understand as the way the enemy in Iraq, and around the world, chooses to fight… the coward’s way.

Now, having said that, try placing yourself in the place of the Marines, and as a Marine, you see your fellow Marines being killed, day after day, by a bunch of worthless, world class cowards, and your anger continues to build. You swallow it… and you continue to watch as the “civilians” give those cowards sanctuary, and aid, and comfort, and you begin to fume. It is a powder keg with a lighted fuse. At some point it will explode. That is a given.

I am not going to condemn a group of US servicemen for essentially “losing it and cleaning the house”! The day I can walk the streets in Iraq with 80 pounds of gear strapped to my back while dishonorable men take potshots at me… and even more cowardly men set bombs to kill me and my buddies… and I can do this and not “lose it” myself, then I MIGHT, I MIGHT, bring myself to say something detrimental about those who did, most likely, exactly what I would have done under similar circumstances.

I have argued, from shortly after we invaded Iraq, that we have not prosecuted this war aggressively enough. I still believe that. I think “total war” is the way to go. I have absolutely no belief, nor interest, in winning hearts and minds. I believe in winning the war and instilling fear in the hearts of the enemies of the US. You do that by “cleaning their clock”. Then you walk away and leave them sitting atop a pile of rubble that WAS their country. You do not rebuild their country. Hell, we call that “urban renewal”, not WAR!

So, have at it! Condemn what those guys did, if they did anything at all, but do not expect the ordinary, average, American to back you. We won’t.

Those are OUR troops over there. And the earth’s rift-raff, and cowards of the lowest kind, are picking off our troops one by one, day after day. Those who give them aid and comfort share the same category with the SOB who pushes the button on the remote firing mechanism to detonate that bomb. So far as I am concerned, they did the deed just as surely as the coward who placed the bomb, and pushed the button. So, don’t try to convince me they are innocent!

The US Military cannot continue to place good men, in a war zone, with that kind of burden on their shoulders, everyday, and expect them to perform at their highest level. If they continuously have to worry if they are about to do something "politically incorrect", then they ARE going to HESITATE and they ARE going to get KILLED… or get their buddies killed.

This is a hell of a way to fight a war!


Tuesday, May 30, 2006

What, Exactly, Are the Rules of Engagement Along our Southern Border?

I have some concerns with the National Guard being placed on our Southern Border. Not, mind you, with them being placed there, but with what may turn out to be the rules of engagement… and a really big concern of mine is how, exactly, will the Guard treat the Minutemen already on location and building the fence.

Last week, I heard a newscast in which it was stated plainly the Guard WOPULD NOT BE ARMED. The news went on to say that the Guard would replace Border Patrolmen now in jobs other than patrolling the border to allow those “freed-up” Border Patrolmen to actually work on the border. Again, don't misunderstand me. I WANT the Guard "armed to the teeth" and given orders to open fire when necessary.

Now, comes word that the Guard will, indeed, be armed with live ammo and will have authority to fire… but on whom and, under what circumstances? I need to know that. My level of comfort is not what it ought to be. Maybe my own paranoia is getting in the way. But, hey, when everybody IS trying to get you paranoia is just damned good thinking!

I’m concerned too, that when the Minutemen and Guard come face to face, and the Guard follows orders to demand that the Minutemen “cease and desist” building their fence… what happens then? Now, let me make it clear… I have NO INFORMATION that the Guard will do that. But, remember, we are dealing with a federal government here which DOES NOT WANT THE FLOW OF ILLEGAL ALIENS, ACROSS THAT SOUTHERN BORDER, SLOWED NOR STOPPED!

Then, if the government is serious, which I mightily doubt, and the Guard fires on, and injures or kills, an illegal crossing that border, on which side will the US Government come down… on the side of the Mexico, or on the side of our soldiers? Plus, I expect the Mainstream Media is salivating in hopes of just such an incident so they can sink their teeth into it and RREALLY "screw-up" the efforts to secure that border.

At some point it is almost assured the Guard will be forced to fire upon Mexican illegals. Mexico is sure to raise hell. Then we will have an international incident. Again, as flaky as our current government is, just whom will the US government support?

And finally, how long before the ACLU steps into the picture and files a suit to have the courts rule that the US must enforce the Posse Comitatus Act and remove the Guard from the border. You KNOW they can, sure as hell, find a judge who will sign off on that in a New York minute!

So, I have lots of questions about the next few weeks along our Southern Border. It would behoove those of us, so infiltrated by the illegals, to stay on the alert… for at any moment we may be called upon to reinforce what little metal our governing officials have in the spines.

Just some thoughts for you to, ponder.


Monday, May 29, 2006

Memorial Day 2006

Memorial Day 2006

I watched the flag pass by one day, It fluttered in the breeze.
A young Marine saluted it, And then he stood at ease..

I looked at him in uniform, So young, so tall, so proud, With hair cut square and eyes alert, He'd stand out in any crowd.

I thought how many men like him Had fallen through the years. How many died on foreign soil How many mothers' tears?

How many pilots' planes shot down? How many died at sea? How many foxholes were soldiers' graves? No, freedom isn't free.

I heard the sound of Taps one night, When everything was still, I listened to the bugler play And felt a sudden chill. I wondered just how many times that Taps had meant "Amen,"
When a flag had draped a coffin. Of a brother or a friend.

I thought of all the children, Of the mothers and the wives, Of fathers, sons and husbands With interrupted lives. I thought about a graveyard At the bottom of the sea.
Of unmarked graves in Arlington . No, freedom isn't free.

Enjoy Your Freedom & God Bless Our Troops

Sunday, May 28, 2006

Construction of Minuteman Fence Along Southern Border Begun!

Minutemen Begin Building Fence Along US/Mexican Border on Saturday, May 27th... as Promised.

The Minutemen Civil Defense Corps began building a fence along the Mexican/US Border yesterday (Saturday 5/27) just as they had promised they would do.

Some half a dozen landowners, in Arizona, have given permission for the fence to built on their property. It is not clear if others outside Arizona have also given permission. I suspect, as soon as those whose property borders either end of the fence realize the illegal invaders will be funneled toward THEIR property, they, too, will come around and allow the fence to continue it’s travel along the unsecured border.

The Minutemen say the cost of the fence is being held to $150.00 per foot. Last reports had the amount raised at $225,000 dollars. They are looking to raise another 10 million dollars for the next phase of the fence.

You may take a look at the proposed fence and learn how you can donate at:

I must tell you, I am concerned about what will happen when the National Guard comes in contact with the Minutemen. It is inevitable. What happens then?

Will the Federal Government demand that the Minutemen cease and desist? Will the Minutemen, and the National Guard, square off against each other? Or, will the government allow the Minutemen to continue their project unopposed? Lets hope the latter becomes reality. To see “federalized” state troops engaging American citizens will set our stomachs churning and may well lead to another unpleasant era similar to the one in the 1860’s.

Nobody wants that. But, our government is so disconnected from the people of the United States that it is entirely possible the unlikely scenario described above could happen.

I have never seen a time in US history, save for the period of the Civil War, when the US government turned it’s collective backs on the people of the nation and refused to hear their pleas and their warnings. That is exactly what the Federal Government is doing today… and the anger, rising up in the American people, is matching that of the anger of the Southern States of the same period.

What we have, effectively, is “Taxation without Representation”. The Federal Government is gladly sucking up the funds from the Southern Border States and refusing to represent them in the Congress.

The immigration bill, being ground out in the Congress, will be unsatisfactory, and unacceptable, to the citizens of the US. Primarily because… we understand the Administration, and the two political parties, DO NOT WANT THE ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION STOPPED! That fact flies in the faces of the American People.

The legal citizens of the US MUST clean the Houses of the Congress in November. We can’t get them all, in one fell swoop, because they are not all up for re-election. But we can get a lot of them.

We can take the power away from the Republican Party, for a couple of years, as punishment, and we can allow the Democrats to make fools of themselves for the next two years… as they most certainly will do. That will ensure their ouster in 2008. Hopefully, by that time, we will have organized, and equipped, a third “Conservative Party” to challenge the two parties (making mincemeat of our laws today) and make some drastic changes in the way the US government has distanced itself from the voters.

It has become clear the country needs saving and the two political parties in power now are not capable of saving it.


Saturday, May 27, 2006

A Day of Remembrance in the USA

Well, Monday is Memorial Day in the US. A day we have set aside as a day to remember, and celebrate, our war dead and to honor those men and women who fought in all the wars of the United States.

Here, in the American South, we celebrate the Confederate Dead as well as the US Dead. After all, Memorial Day began as a Southern Holiday to honor the Confederate dead by cleaning their gravesites and cemeteries. (By Act of Congress, in the late 1950's, Congress declared that Confederate Veterans are also US Veterans and are to be treated as such!)

Last Memorial Day weekend, I had the great good fortune to speak to a church congregation, as their featured Memorial Day speaker. The passion for their lost soldiers lies just beneath the surface. As the names poured out, from the members of the audience, to be remembered, it was astounding to feel the longing, the love, the loss, felt by those folks as they called aloud the names of their dead soldiers, all the way back from the Revolutionary War which the US fought with Great Britain to win our freedom.

We don’t celebrate war in the US, but we do celebrate our war dead. Christ said: “Greater love hath no man than this; that a man lay down his life for a friend.” The war dead of this country did that. It would be impossible to honor their sacrifice too much.

I’ll remember, this weekend, my uncle who died in his ancestral homeland of Belgium, during the Second World War, fighting to free them from the grip of Hitler’s troops. He is buried in Europe… somewhere. I think of all the cousins who fought in all the wars since the War Between the States forward. And, I think of my Great Grandfather, who fought in the 17th Regiment of South Carolina Infantry, Company “I”, along with a slew of great uncles, cousins and such. Some of them never made it back home to their loved ones. They were killed at Petersburg, or died of wounds received at Second Manassas, and other lesser known battles.

That’s what Memorial Day is about. Remembering them, and remembering that freedom is not free. We pay for it. We pay for it in blood. But, it is so precious millions of Americans have willingly lain down their lives to secure it for the generations yet unborn.

So, this weekend, remember. Take a few minutes to remember them. Call out their names aloud; speak their names into the blessed free air around you, for they paid for it.



Friday, May 26, 2006

Cops in Short Pants is a "NO-NO"!!!

Cops in Short Pants... Aw... come ON , now!

I have been, as so many other Americans have been today, observing the activities near the Rayburn House Office Building, in the nation’s capitol. Reports of someone, with a firearm, reportedly firing off rounds for an unknown reason, and supposedly hiding somewhere in that building, has the capitol in an uproar.

Now, this is serious stuff. The place is crawling with police officers and of course, the inevitable press.

It is a somber moment in Washington DC, one charged with electricity.

And then I saw them….

…Police officers… complete with a gun and a badge… some bareheaded… “authoritatively” directing people in this supposed crisis as they stand there... in SHORT PANTS!

And that’s the problem.

Now, maybe it’s me, and it probably is, but I must tell you… I have trouble taking a police office seriously when he, or she, is wearing short pants!

I live in a semi-tropical part of the country, not far from the Atlantic Ocean, and I am used to seeing people in shorts and “cut-off’s, and, believe me, all sorts of leisure wear. But, a police officer in short a pants is just difficult for me to swallow.

I mean, a cop is supposed to be THE figure of authority at all times, but in a crisis, or a life threatening situation, when he, or she, is the figure, around which those seeking protection and assurance gather, short pants is an absolutely WRONG psychological message to send! The nearest association I can think of is... Keystone Kops!

Maybe it’s a generational thing, I don’t know. But, having been a cop, I can assure you that the officer NEEDS you to see him as serious, and unshakable, and assured. Somehow, (in my opinion) those short pants take that away.

I would urge the Police Departments to get their men, and women, into long pants and restore their appearance to that of a “Professional” Peace Officer.

Now, I know many of you will disagree with me on this … and that’s OK. As I said, maybe it’s a generational thing. Sorta like “Dress Down Fridays”, or whatever the heck they were called. My employees didn’t dress down. I required them to present themselves as “Professionals” at all times, when on company time.

Impressions make a difference. A HUGE difference. When a situation involves life and death, it is more than a little important that the impression given by a police officer be that of a competent, professional, law officer.

Again, lets get our cops, in DC, and/or elsewhere, back into long pants… like, you know, grownups!


Thursday, May 25, 2006

Brass Magnolias

Brass Magnolias

If I was still in the broadcasting business and, if I still had the “say so” on a station’s format, all the music of the Dixie Chicks would be thrown out into the nearest dumpster and they, and their music, banned from my station!

In my private life I don’t watch movies in which Jane Fonda appears, Whoopi Goldberg, Alex Baldwin, Susan Serandon, Barbara Strisand, and a host of other lefties appear. Tom Hanks is slowly making his way onto my list. Harrison Ford already made it. Sean Penn is well entrenched.

Back to the ditsy chicks (small case letters intentional). They have dropped about as low as is possible for an entertainer making a living, primarily off the people of the USA, who are willing to spend the good money they made working hard at their jobs. Those are the people who voted for President Bush! The pointy-heads, on the left, didn’t vote for him. The blue collar workers, the pick-up drivers, the Wal-Mart and K-mart shoppers, the people who buy their music… they are the conservative class in America and up ‘til now, they have been supporting the ditsy chicks.

No more. It’s over. You have just seen what it’s like when public figures commit suicide … in public.

In my not so humble opinion, when one pays good money for a ticket to attend a performance by a so-called STAR, it is a cheap, low, shot for that performer to take to the stage and begin to assail the audience with his or her politics! The performer has just cheated the audience and should get off the stage and return the money the attendee has just paid for their ticket.

In the case of the ditsy chicks they have insulted me by using the word DIXIE in the name of their act! People in DIXIE are not that crude, rude, and arrogant. Not to mention criticizing one’s own country while a guest of another country. That’s beyond low!

Yes, I lambaste the President when I think he is wrong and I climb all over the Republicans and the Democrats, nearly everyday, on this site, which is accessible all over the entire world. However, you who visit here are not asked to pay one thin dime to drop in, read what’s here, and make comments on it, pro or con. And this site does not misrepresent itself as one thing and turn out to be something else, altogether. These are My Opinions… nothing more and nothing less. That is the way this site is billed.

There must be something in the rarified air in which successful performers live, and move, and have their being. It seems the longer they survive in that atmosphere the more they forget who they are, and where they are from, and who got them where they are today.

I have family in the great state of Texas. I have friends there as well. The Carolinas have so many blood ties to Texas that we feel a closeness to that state that one feels for a distant family member. As the ditsy chicks hail from Texas, the folks in the Lone Star State must be embarrassed, beyond words, to have that fact known.

Here in Dixie, we still teach our children to say “Sir” and Ma’am”. Our Steel Magnolias still do not wear white before Memorial Day nor after Labor Day. By and large, we are a genteel people. Our women are known for their demure exterior and their “tough as steel” interior. Our ladies are not brassy. They are pure steel. Brassy women are often ostracized in the South.

No need for them to apologize this time. As we have learned, their apologies mean little, if anything, at all.


One Country's Expansive Welcome to Immigrants


Details at:
Modern, Forward Thinking, Immigration Policy!

Mexico’s President, Vincente Fox, is currently in the USA, making the rounds of four US states. Fox will, no doubt, take this opportunity to tell those of us who are Legal Citizens of the US what is so wrong with our immigration policies. He will, no doubt, try the “guilt trip” psychology on us, to convince of us of the “wrongness” of our cold, hard heartedness, toward those poor Mexicans making their desperation moves across our border into the Land of Milk and Honey. He may well slap our collective wrists, and rap our collective knuckles, for our harsh actions towards 11 million or so undocumented aliens we are able to, well, document.

Now, given that I have done a bit of supposing above, lets take a look at the open immigration laws of a country, to the south of the US, and their awe inspiring, modern, warm hearted, open armed way of embracing those who immigrate, legally, into their country.

As you peruse the outstanding points of this mystery county’s policy toward immigrants, try to visualize how their wonderful immigration policy could be applied to President Vincente Fox’s people who immigrate into the US.

For reasons of brevity, we will just hit the high spots of this forward thinking country’s immigration law.

As you consider their immigration law, below, remember… this applies to LEGAL Immigrants to their country and, try to guess which country, in the Americas, has adopted THIS policy:

1. Only professionals or investors can immigrate to the country. No unskilled laborers will be allowed in. Investors must be able to invest at least 40,000 times the daily average wage. If they can't, they are not allowed in.

2. Immigrants may purchase property, but locations and availability will be limited. Ocean front property cannot be purchased by immigrants. It is exclusively for citizens born in the country.

3. Immigrants cannot vote nor can they be elected to any public office.

4. Immigrants cannot collect any type of government assistance.

5. Immigrants cannot protest the countries government, policies or president.

6. Immigrants cannot display a flag of a foreign country.

7. Immigrants who have illegally entered the country will be found and imprisoned.

Sound kind of harsh?

Well, these are laws that are currently part of the Immigration Laws of… you guessed it… Mexico!

Now, consider, for a moment… if the US adopted this county’s policy toward, oh, say, just the "illegals" entering our country, would we even be having this conversation about sealing, and securing, the Southern Border of the United States?

Do you see just the hint of hypocrisy here?


Wednesday, May 24, 2006

He's BACK!!!

He's BAAAck!

Could the GOP be THIS LUCKY???

The Continuing Hoax of Global Warming!!!

We are being inundated, everyday, by volumes of data telling us how hopeless life will soon be on this planet, as a result of Global Warming. Even the “would-be President” of the US, Al Gore, has produced a movie instructing us, in nauseating detail, how utterly doomed we are. (A movie, for which he will, undoubtedly, receive next year’s Oscar for the Best Documentary!)

Well, now, wait a minute!

Suppose for just a moment there actually happens to be something to this Global Warming Theory. Suppose the earth’s temperature does actually rise. Will it be ALL doom and gloom? The answer is a resounding NO!

For one thing that water shortage, we have been warned about, would be ended by Global Warming

How about agriculture? I mean, CO2 IS a natural fertilizer to plants. Over at:

They say this:

“Global warming could also mean greater agricultural productivity and greater water conservation. CO2 acts as a fertilizer on plant life while reducing plant transpiration (the passage of water from the roots through the plant's vascular system to the atmosphere). Thus, with global warming, agricultural output could be expected to increase while making less demand on the water supply.”

Well, now… nobody tells us this, do they?

Lets look a little closer.

Over at:

They say this:

“According to climatologist, the villain causing a warmer world is the unprecedented amount of carbon dioxide (CO2) we humans keep pumping into the atmosphere. But as high school biology students nationwide know, plants absorb carbon dioxide and emit oxygen. Researchers have shown that virtually all plants will do better in a CO2-rich environment than in the current atmosphere, which contains only trace amounts of their basic food.
Plants also prefer warmer winters and nights, and a warmer world would mean longer growing seasons. Combined with higher levels of CO2, plant life would become more vigorous, thus providing more food for animals and humans. Given a rising world population, longer growing seasons, greater rainfall, and an enriched atmosphere could be just the ticket to stave off famine and want.”

Now, see, this is interesting! These folks go on to say:

“The doomsayers have predicted that a warmer world would inflict tropical diseases on Americans. They neglect to mention that those diseases--such as malaria, cholera, and yellow fever--were widespread in the United States in the colder 19th century. Their absence today is attributable not to a climate unsuitable to their propagation, but to modern sanitation and the American lifestyle, which prevent the microbes from getting a foothold. It is actually warmer along the Gulf Coast, which is free of dengue fever, than on the Caribbean islands, where the disease is endemic.
... …… … research shows that a warmer world would be a healthier one for Americans and would cut the number of deaths in the U.S. by about 40,000 per year, roughly the number killed on the highways.”

You know, I’m liking this Global Warming stuff!

As one who dwells near the coast, I have been looking forward to having “beach-front” property. Turns out that all the scare tactics, concerning the rise in the oceans and the inundation of the coastline, is something of a pipedream:

“A slowly rising sea level constitutes the only significant drawback to global warming. The best guess of the international scientists is that oceans will rise about 2 inches per decade.

The cost to Americans of building dikes and constructing levees to mitigate the damage from rising seas would be less than $1 billion per year, an insignificant amount compared to the likely gain of over $100 billion for the American people as a whole.”(
also from: )

Back to the health benefits of Global Warming. Over at:
They are reporting this:

“Although satellite data over the past 25 years show no trend toward increasing global temperatures, Americans would benefit from improved health and quality of life if the earth's climate were to warm moderately over the next few decades. Based on an analysis of data on mortality, illness and wage rates:

If temperatures rose 2.5 degrees Celsius, deaths in the United States from respiratory diseases such as pneumonia and influenza, diseases of the circulatory system and even infectious diseases would drop by about 40,000 per year.

Warming might reduce medical costs by about $20 billion annually.

Since Americans prefer warm climates and will accept lower pay to work in those areas, they would value a warmer climate at between $40 billion and $61 billion.
A 1995 report by the United Nation's Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) expressed concern that increases in heat waves would cause a rise in deaths from cardio respiratory complications, vector-borne diseases such as malaria and dengue and yellow fevers. But the IPCC report also acknowledged that global warming would result in fewer cold-related deaths.

In addition, a 1992 IPCC report found that over this century, in much of the world, winter and night temperatures have risen while summer temperatures have fallen.”

I must tell you that all this information, countering the fear mongers over the Theory of Global Warming, is out there... and it’s yours for the few minutes it will take you to look it up on the Internet.

You may ask, why then are the proponents of Global Warming so strident, so insistant and so unceasing in the drive to convince Americans that Global Warming is real and is threathening the life of billions of people on this planet, but especially those who inhabit the USA?

Simple, really.

Because... Global Warming is not about Global Warming!!! The Global Warming movement is not about saving the earth. It is about destroying America! That is the their goal. That is the target the Global warming movement is aiming for.

Cloaked by their expressed love for the Earth and the people of the earth, the world’s socialist movement, and Marxist movement, long ago saw the environmental movement as a new front in their war against the one nation on this earth which has withstood their onslaught the longest. America. They have successfully infiltrated our institutions of higher learning and molded the minds of our young to believe their lies and their propaganda. And it worked! Even the man who was “one heart-beat from the Presidency” has bought into the hoax they have perpetrated upon the nations of the earth. All to bring America down!

Senator James Inhofe of Oklahoma has said the catastrophic threat of Global Warming is the “"greatest hoax ever perpetrated on the American people." The good Senator is correct.

It is strange, indeed, that we find ourselves deluded by a simple hoax. When the combined knowledge of the world is at our fingertips today. The Internet “runneth over” with knowledge countering the alarmists of the Global Warming Movement. Yet, the purveyors of information, those who guard the portals of information, namely the Mainstream Media, refuse to disseminate that information. Instead they heap column upon column of propaganda from the “doom and gloomers”.

It is past time for Americans to recognize the Global Warming movement as the hoax that it is.

Maybe P. T. Barnum was right when he said: “There’s a sucker born every minute”! The Global Warming crowd is COUNTING on it!


Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Hurricane Season in Hurricane Alley, North Carolina

The 2006 Hurricane Season Begins June 1st.

North Carolina is preparing for the worst-case scenario. On the coast one county will stage an exercise today (Tuesday may 23rd) in that they will have a CAT-5 hurricane bearing down on the NC coast. They will make decisions on evacuations, how to evacuate, when to evacuate, the roads to be used to evacuate and a blue million other decisions that would have to be made in the event such a storm does, indeed, strike our coast this season, or any season in the future, for that matter.

See the story at:

There are a number of military installations along or near NC’s coast. One of the largest is the huge Marine Base, Camp Lejeune. There must be coordination between military, and civilian, emergency officials in order for interaction between the two to be as smooth as possible.

One coastal county is even going a step further and including the “break-out” of Avian (Bird) flu to coincide with the approach of the hurricane. The idea is to put as much strain on the emergency management system, as possible, to find the areas that are most likely to break down in a real emergency and “fix” them NOW.

From 1990 to 1996, North Carolina was hit by 25 hurricanes. Eleven of them were major storms. There is hardly a year that we are not hit by a hurricane. Experience has taught us to rely on ourselves when the storm hits. We always prepare for the worst and hope for the best. This year Tar heels are being warned to expect a devestating hurricane to strike somewhere along our 300+ mile coastline.

North Carolina’s coast line creates a “catcher’s mitt” for Atlantic hurricanes. See illustration:

<Notice the indention in the southern coastline of the state. THAT'S the "Catcher's Mitt"

Gov. Mike Easley has proclaimed the week of May 21-27 Hurricane Preparedness Week. As you peruse the governor’s proclamation, note how he stresses individual responsibility:

Gov. Easley Proclaims May 21-27 Hurricane Preparedness WeekUrges Citizens to Prepare Now for Busy Storm Season

RALEIGH – The National Weather Service is predicting another active hurricane season this year. To remind North Carolinians that preparation is key to storm safety, Gov. Mike Easley today proclaimed May 21-27 as Hurricane Preparedness Week. He urged North Carolina residents and visitors throughout the state to prepare for the possibility of hurricanes and the damaging winds, tornados, floods and landsides that accompany the storms that typically strike from June through November.

“We are in a decade of unprecedented hurricane activity and it is imperative that residents across the state take severe weather warnings seriously and prepare for weather-related disasters,” Easley said. “People should plan now for potential emergencies which might include an evacuation or loss of power for several days. Families should have an emergency plan and necessary supplies on hand in case a storm strikes.”
While the force of a storm cannot be controlled, proper planning can help mitigate damage and loss of life. In 2004 hurricanes and tropical storms Alex, Bonnie, Charley, Frances, Gaston, Ivan and Jeanne caused more than a dozen deaths and left hundreds of millions of dollars in damages in 50 counties across the state. As the 2006 hurricane season approaches, the National Weather Service predicts the odds of a significant hurricane strike in North Carolina have increased.
“While the coast is the most vulnerable to a direct hurricane strike, inland cities and towns can also be devastated by high winds, flooding and tornados,” Easley said. “In 2004, the western half of the state saw significant damage from the tropical storms.”

The National Weather Service, the State Division of Emergency Management and local government officials work together before, during and after a hurricane or tropical storm to reduce the dangers posed to lives and property and provide a quick, effective response to these storms. On May 22, N.C. Crime Control and Public Safety Secretary Bryan Beatty, National Weather Service meteorologist Jeff Orrock and N.C. Division of Emergency Management Director Doug Hoell will hold a press conference to discuss the 2006 hurricane season and announce a new public awareness campaign designed to help people prepare for emergencies.
“Observe Hurricane Preparedness Week by making or updating your family disaster plan and assembling or updating your disaster supply kit,” Easley said. “Prepare now.”

The Emergency Preparedness Kit

Begin with a waterproof box or container with a tight fitting lid. Put in non-perishable food and a gallon of water per person per day to last three to five days. The kit should also include the following essentials:
· Water purification kit or bleach
· First-aid kit and first-aid book
· Baby supplies and formula
· Non-electric can opener
· Anti-bacterial hand wipes or gel
· Blanket or sleeping bag per person
· Flashlight and extra batteries
· Portable radio, National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration weather radio or television, and extra batteries
· Essential medications
· Extra pair of eyeglasses
· Extra house and car keys
· Fire extinguisher - ABC-type
· Food, water, leash and carrier for pets
· Cash and change
· Seasonal change of clothing, including sturdy shoes
Questions about Hurricane Awareness Week activities or hurricane preparedness can be directed to county or state emergency management agencies. Preparedness information is available on the Internet at or at the national hurricane awareness site at
# # #

Here in North Carolina we take Hurricane season SERIOUSLY. We have learned, from long experience, that when the chips are down… rely on yourself and your own resources.

In the next few weeks Tar Heels will be stocking up on canned goods, bottled gas, batteries, water, emergency radios, among other things. We’ll be brushing off, and updating, our own evacuation routes to beat a hasty retreat to the west. (The problem with retreating west is … there is no guarantee the storm will not follow… as they have done so many times.)

So now we wait and keep a “weather eye” toward the east. Each disturbance dropping off the western coast of North Africa becomes a threat... instantly. We watch those tiny storms develop and we watch their paths across the Atlantic. There are certain tracks that will lead “old timers” to predict landfall of the storm, on the Southeastern NC coast, with remarkable accuracy.

One thing we know. We will get hit. Just exactly where, and when, is not certain. But, we will be prepared... as best we can be.


Monday, May 22, 2006

New Orleans SLAMS the Door on the Future!

The people of New Orleans make it more than a little difficult to feel anything short of “disdain” for them.

They had a wonderful opportunity to rid themselves of an inept mayor and they chose to put him right back into office.

It is a fact that we are known by the choices we make. The people of New Orleans have just thumbed their nose at the rest of America while, with the other hand, grasping for all the US taxpayer dollars they can grab!

You think it’s bad now? Wait ‘til the next storm hits New Orleans, most likely this summer or fall. If, and when, the storm hits, do not expect me to feel compelled to lend a helping hand. If one “chooses to remain in a burning building, of one’s own volition, then I respect that choice and I will make no attempt to extricate them from the fire.

Look, New Orleans has the potential to be a great city. Not just a city of sleaze and ease. Most of the states of the South got with the program way back in the sixties and pushed their state governments into the 20th century (now the 21st, of course). But not Louisiana. (Especially New Orleans) No, Louisiana maintained the “good ole boy” system of politics and remained steadfast in the Democrat party’s clutches. Every social program, every money-making scheme, to come down the pike has been tried in that state. The good ole boys continue to run the state as they see fit. As a result the state is about 75 years behind the remainder of the south. It is a joke.

As bad as the damage from Katrina was, it opened a huge door for New Orleans, and Louisiana, to pass through, into the modern world, and join the remainder of the South. Both New Orleans, and Louisiana, refused.

Today, much of the state lies in ruins. It will be years before it regains even the low rung on the ladder of prosperity it had attained before the storm.

Just look to her neighbor to the east, Mississippi. They were hit by the same storm. They suffered millions of dollars in damages and lives lost, but they sucked it up, and got on with their lives. They had leadership, something that is sorely lacking in Louisiana.

I feel sadness that a single city, and a single state, in the union, can be so devastatingly backwards. I shudder every time I hear of more money being poured into that doomed city. It is, as the expression would have it, “like rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic’. No matter how much money the US taxpayers finally spend on New Orleans, it will do no good.

Until the people of Louisiana, and especially New Orleans, decide to rid themselves of the good ole boy system of government, slide out from under the crushing hold the Democrat party has on the state and go to a two-party system of government, it will remain a fiefdom of the “socialist” party in the US... the Democrat party. What we see in Louisiana is the end result of “socialism” as it is practiced in America. Everybody suffers equally... except, of course for the upper tier of Louisiana’s society.

New Orleans should be held up as a warning to America. THIS is what you get when you are ruled entirely by the Democrat party!

A multiple party system is healthy for America. Each party acts as a check on the other. (Most of the time at least.) But when either party has total control... society tends to swing to extremes… either to the left or to the right.

I will waste no more time worrying about the people of New Orleans, or the state of Louisiana. They had a chance, handed to them, to better themselves, and they decided to remain in the squalor they were in prior to the Hurricane.

There is an old expression: “God helps those who help themselves”. Apparently the people of New Orleans missed the lesson in that expression... somehow.


Sunday, May 21, 2006

Can We Actually Bestow Freedom on Another People?

This post ran first in July of 2005!

Is it possible to give someone freedom?

Think about it. This is profound.

Is freedom something you can bestow upon another human being? Or, must freedom be taken, and secured, by those who would be free?

There is hardly a race of people on the planet who have not, at one time or another, been slaves. Most have seized any opportunity to end their enslavement by taking their freedom, often through revolt and the shedding of blood. Their freedom was bought, and paid for, in the currency most often bartered for liberty… blood.

The shedding of blood gave them an investment in their freedom and a reason to cherish it precisely because of it’s cost. These people understand freedom and the cost. They know, all too well, that freedom is not free. If one desires freedom, one must pay for it.

It seems, to me, that when you bestow freedom upon a people, you simply substitute one slave master for another. That is, the person upon whom, you bestow that freedom, is forever tied to you. That is enslavement. Voluntary Servitude, maybe, but there is most certainly a tie that binds between the “bestowed” and the “bestower”. And sooner or later the “bestowed” begins to resent the “eternal hold” his emancipator has over him. And a slow burning rage begins deep inside his inner most being. That rage is handed down from generation to generation. We see evidence of that rage here, in America, everyday.

Much is being said today about the Continent of Africa. A hopeless morass of enslavement, if ever there has been one, stares the entire world in the face. There is little we can do for Africa. I have said it before and I will say it again… Africa must heal itself.

The question arises… if the western world steps in and cleans the mess up and “bestows” the Africans with their freedom, will they be able to maintain it. Will they value it enough to strive to protect and defend that freedom, or will that place less value in the “gift” of freedom than they would it that freedom was “earned”. I tend to think they will value it less as a “gift”.

There are all sorts of enslavement, but the simple truth is… the resentment of the emancipated for the emancipator is ever present. I have come to believe we do enslaved peoples no favor when we free them. For proof of this we have only to look at France, or even here, within America, and I fear, we will have the same resentment in Iraq, and the other middle eastern countries, when our military is finished setting them, free.

This is a hard truth to digest. But, I believe that when we get past all the politically correct facades we have constructed to shield ourselves from this truth we will come face to face with the hard cold fact: The bestowal of Freedom can’t be done. It is impossible to accomplish. Freedom must be taken, seized at whatever cost, to have any value. A human being cannot accept freedom as a gift without accepting the inevitable bonds that will always, and forever, tie the emancipated to the emancipator.

Eventually we will have to accept this truth and deal with it.


Saturday, May 20, 2006

The South's Memorial Day/ Armed Forces Day, May 20th

Today, May 20th, is the anniversary of the day North Carolina seceded from the Union. May 20th, 1861! She was the last state of the Confederacy to do so. She contibuted more men to the war effort than any other state in the Confederacy, and sustained more deaths and casualties than any other state. 40,000 Tar Heels died as a result of that war.

We remember! "They are asleep in our soil, but alive in our veins!"

It is well to remember all American Veterans on this day as it is Armed Forces Day. In 1958 the US Congress proclaimed that henceforth, Confederate Veterans would be considered "American Veterans". And so it is today we honor ALL our veterans.

Last week, I was unable to concentrate on this blog... as I usually do. Contrary to what you might have heard, I DO have a life away from the Computer.

Confederate Memorial Day was May 10th. Our SCV camp always puts on a big celebration. Last Saturday was that day. Weeks , days, and many hours, go into the plannng of such an event. I thought you might enjoy seeing some photos of the event itself:

Friday, May 19, 2006

ENGLISH... The OFFICIAL Language of the US???


WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The Senate agreed on Thursday to make English the national language of the United States and moments later also adopted a milder alternative calling English the country's "unifying language."
Will we have, finally, an OFFICIAL language for the US?

Don’t count on it.

The US Senate passed TWO bills yesterday, one to make English the OFFICIAL Language of the US and the other would make English the “National” language of the US.

The difference, as I see it, if it becomes the NATIONAL language nothing much will change. We’ll continue to bumble along with all sorts of mixed up bilingual, and trilingual, and multilingual languages as we do today. If, however, English is made the OFFICIAL language of the US… that will have a huge impact on businesses and government… especially in areas like my state where we have the 4th largest population of illegal immigrants in the nation.

The cost of printing government forms, for instance in two or more languages is astronomical. That’s money the taxpayers of this state could save. And that is just the beginning! Signage would change, also. Even menus in restaurants would change.

Immigrants moving legally, or illegally, into the US would HAVE to learn our official language just to get along. I like that.
If they don’t know the language, how the heck are they supposed to assimilate?

The US House also passed a bill yesterday to make English the Official Language of the US.

Now all these bills go to a committee to iron out the differences. We can only guess at what will be produced by that committee.

I have, as long as I can remember, advocated English be made the OFFICIAL language of the US. We don’t have one… never have had one. It’s about time.


The Euro-Weenies Are at it Again!

(Editor's Note: Since this post was written... Iran turned the EU's offer DOWN!)

Talk about PANDERING! Talk about Blackmail! Talk about spineless cowardice! Look to the European Union for living examples of each!

Now comes word that the EU is about to GIVE Iran a nuclear reactor to try to buy them off!

Read the article here:

Neville Chamberlain anyone??? Peace in our time! Oh, Yes! The European nations have learned nothing, absolutely nothing since Hitler pulled the same stunt and they tried to buy him off.

What a pathetic lot are the nations the European Union. My God! It is embarrassing to me to admit my northern European ancestry! I thank God everyday that they left Europe. I thank God every day that they came to America where they were allowed to become real men and real women!

Just think for a moment: if Iran is able to frighten the European Union … and they haven’t even got the BOMB yet… then what’s to stop them from simply marching their dinky little army right across the whole of Europe accepting surrenders from each country until they reach the Atlantic? Nothing.

Europe will never be anything other than a doormat for other nations, with testosterone, to wipe their feet on.

Obviously, I can’t speak for you, dear reader, but as an American who has paid in treasure and in family blood to regain and maintain Europe’s freedom, I expected more. I expected the Europeans to act like men! I expected Europe to be responsible for themselves and their collective safety. But they can’t. God help them they don’t have it in them anymore. They’ve lost the will to fight for freedom. They lost the will to be FREE!

That is what Socialism, does! That is what Multiculturalism does, that’s what diversity does! It saps one’s manhood. It leaves one a whimpering non-gender lump on the world stage for anyone with an ounce of gumption to tread upon at will.

I am thankful to God that my ancestors got the hell out of Europe.

Let’s get one think straight. The US understands the UN is not going to take serious action against Iran. What we are seeing now is a sort of kabuki dance, a “going through the motions”, if you will. We know nothing substantive will be done… not by the UN. So, for the US, this is just playing the diplomacy game. When all is said and done, the US, and it’s allies, will take Iran out and flatten it to remove it’s threat. What’s more, Europe knows this. The UN Knows this and they are thankful for the coming US action against Iran. They know that once again America will save their collective asses.

Having loss the will to defend themselves Europe must seek defense anywhere it can find it.

Let me mention also that most Americans understand that the biggest threat to world stability and security today is the UN. It has become an organization grown corrupt on a steady diet of money and power. Nobody seriously believes the UN is worth the money we pay into their coffers each year. The US has representatives there for the sole purpose of looking after American interests and getting a heads-up on any security threat to the US and it’s interests. That’s it!

So, where are we in the Iran/ nuclear bomb saga? About where we were. Iran is still going after the bomb and the US is still going to wipe them out!


Thursday, May 18, 2006

Only Conservatives are Equipped to Lead the US!

No More "Compassionate Conservative" Presidents nor Moderate Presidents! Why? Keep reading.

The folks over at “Opinionnation” have a very good summation of yesterday’s activity in the Senate as per the Southern Border. They also express our views exceedingly well!

Read it at:

This is one of those issues in which the people of the country are way ahead of the government.

If the government isn’t very careful the people will have outdistanced them and they will find themselves in the precarious position of playing catch up, in time for the election. It won’t help. The list has already been made of the politicians who will find themselves “job hunting” after November.

This is one of those defining moments in American history. The government is on the wrong side and history will record it as such.

Whatever happens as a result of this firestorm, these days are “markers” in the American story. The Southern Border WILL be secured. Either by the US government or by the US Citizens. If by the citizens of the US, the government will find itself greatly weakened and it’s influence over it’s own people will most certainly be diminished. For those of us who feel a strong central government is a curse on the US… that will be a blessing.

No matter. We will date historical events, in the future, from this event. THAT’S how important this is.

The GOP has just begun to realize their base is not with them and is, in fact, in revolt. How the hell they missed this fact for so long is simply beyond me. The GOP has managed to do what all the weeping and wailing hand wringers on the left have been unable to do since the election of 2000. They have seriously wounded the party. The President is now, officially, a lame duck. He does not have the support of his base and the remainder of his term in office will be marking time. When Ted Kennedy supports Bush, as he did yesterday, you have to know the conservative base has just backed away and slammed the door! It’s over.

The one bright spot in this whole mess, if there is one, is that the Democrat Party is faring even worse with the American people than the GOP. The Congress finds itself in less favor with the American people than the President!

It has become abundantly clear, in the past few months, that only true conservatives have the leadership qualities needed to guide this country out of the mess the liberals and the moderates have dragged us into. Is there any question that a conservative government would have slammed the door on Mexico, long ago, and made a good faith effort to round up the illegal aliens in our midst and deport them or imprison them. We sure as hell would not be trying to make citizens of them! Yet, that is exactly what the current administration and current Congress is trying to do.

I say again… this is a defining moment in American history. Beware, if you are on the wrong side of history!


Wednesday, May 17, 2006

"We Don't Need No Stinkin US Arms!"

Is this funny... or what?

It sure looks as if ole Hugo’s boys, down in Venezuela, are continuing to lose their ever-loving minds at an ever increasing speed! Their paranoia is eating them up… and with good reason.

Now the Chavez boys are proclaiming, publicly, that the US decision to stop all future arms sales to Venezuela is a sure sign that the US is preparing an INVASION!

Oh my, what an inferiority complex can do to a dictatorship in the shadow of the US!

In the first place, an "invasion" to stop Chavez, and his henchman, is not necessary. His own self-importance has blinded him to the fact. The fact is this: An “A” team of Green Berets, from Ft. Bragg, could take out his entire government in a weekend!

Hugo’s Vice-President has said, publicly, that Venezuela doesn’t WANT US Arms anyway! Sound familiar? Does this attitude not harken back to the days of the playground bully being chastised by the grammar school teacher withholding something he dearly wants? So childish!

Now, the Chavez bunch (I won’t call them a government… they ain’t that good!) is threatening to sell their entire fleet of US F-16’s to Iran! (All 21 of them.) Apparently Hugo doesn’t know that Iran doesn’t need them. Heck, Iran still has all those planes, which formerly belonged to Saddam Hussein! Remember when Saddam’s Air Force took off… and flew at what would be tree-top level (if they had any trees) to Iran at the start of the First Gulf War?

Furthermore, Hugo seems to have forgotten that he signed an agreement with the US not to sell, or transfer, those planes to a third country.

The “pouting dictator” is threatening to sell, or even GIVE, the planes to Cuba, or even China. Boy, that will really make the US love him!

The man is seriously warped. But then, aren’t most dictators? ALL those guys have a screw loose in the wiring somewhere. They don’t live in the real world with the rest of us. Chavez is a textbook case of a paranoid dictator with delusions of grandeur! He continues to flatter himself with invented threats of invasion by the US.

I continue to say that an invasion will not be necessary to topple Chavez. When the US Special Forces have mapped every Venezuelan blade of grass, over decades of training exercises in Venezuela… and in Columbia, a surgical strike, to remove him and topple his so-called government, is not even considered a “trying” exercise.

So, go ahead Hugo! Continue to poke the tiger with your stick. Eventually, the tiger will turn on you… and gobble you up… oil wells and all!

Hugo, do you remember hearing about the Panamanian “Strongman” Noriega? Well, he is now enjoying a well-earned vacation in Florida, all expenses paid, in a US Federal Prison!

Care to join him, Hugo?

In the meantime, El Presidente, you might want to check the tilt of your tinfoil hat. It appears to have slipped just a tad!


Tuesday, May 16, 2006

A Texan Tells it Like it IS!

Texas is a frontline state... again! Their border with Mexico is in a constant state of turmoil. They know, first hand, the dire straits in which the US finds itself.

Our friend, down in Texas, "Texas Fred", over at "Ace in the Hole" doesn't hold back when he spells out the situation in this post:

Now... when our Congressional Representatives shuck their suits and don their jeans and slide onto a stool, at any of a number of "waterin holes" along the Texas/Mexican border, and listen and observe, then they too will know what THEY are talking about.

You know, it is one thing to take a military aircraft to Iraq to check on the situation there... but to take a Delta flight to Texas and check the situation THERE is just too much!

If they don't do something, and soon, to stop the invasion across our Southern border... when they DO decide to visit Texas, they'll have to wear the same flak jackets and body armer they have to wear in Iraq! It is deteriorating that badly.

Students of the American Civil War know that Congress turned a blind eye to the South's pleas for relief from the "Tariffs of Abomination". That Congressional deafness led to the bloodiest four years in the history of this country.

I'm not suggesting a Civil War. What I AM suggesting is that Congress is making the same mistake AGAIN! They are refusing to listen and take the pleas from the South, AND the West, seriously. They (the Congress) are playing with fire. They can choose to put the fire out now,while it is a rather large brush fire, or, they can allow it to become an all consuming congflagration. Unfortunately, they give all indications they have chosen the latter.


Opening Shots in War Between Legal Citizens and Illegal Aliens Fired in Asheville, NC!

It begins!

We have been warning the Authroitues that the illegal immigration probem and the Federal Government's unwillingness, or inability, to do anything about it would erupt into open warfare if not tended to.

It has now done so.

The opening shots were fired this morning in Asheville, NC. North Carolina is fourth in the nation with most illegal immigrants.

Read the story here:

This is just the beginning. The government has allowed this boil to fester, with no attempt to lance it, until it is ready to burst.

After this story becomes public knowledge... Tar Heels will be checking their supply of ammo and cleaning their weapons. I suspect other Legal Citizens will be doing the same thing.