Saturday, December 31, 2005

Bring Back the Sedition Act!

(This Post first ran on September 25th, 2005)

Bring back the Sedition Act!

Did you see that bunch of rabble in DC at the Anti-American war demonstration? Did you ever see a scragglier bunch? Just their appearance speaks volumes about who they are and what they are about. One thing they are not about is… America. That’s for darn sure!

“War is not the Answer”, they shout. Well, what was the question… again? Does anybody remember? It had something to do with… what? Freedom? I seem to hear a faint echo rolling in from eons ago. Something about freedom. Something long forgotten. The price, I believe it was, of freedom. Or have we had freedom so long we no longer value it? Could that be it?

I realize there are a few million of you out there who have lost all contact with reality and no longer know who you are…that is… who Americans are.

This nation was born as the end result of war… war against a tyrant. We came into this world with a musket in our hands. Americans were born in the crucible of war. We are, like it, or not, a warrior nation. We always have been. The day we decide to be other than a warrior nation is the day we cease to be a nation worthy of existence.

Look around you. Look at the races of Americans. Look at the nations represented by the ancestors of current day Americans. We ARE the world. Anytime injustice occurs anywhere on the globe it affects America.

America is at the top of the heap. King of the Hill, as it were. And we are the most despised nation on earth! And I like it! Why, because to gain such a lofty position a nation must be worthy of leadership.

Americans are rejects, if you will. Our ancestors were rejected by the various societies they came from, and in turn they rejected those societies. They came here, to this land, to create a nation unique in the annals of time… a nation where men, and woman, could be free to think, and to do, and simply… to be. They built this nation with their bare hands. And they protected it. They shed their blood to see that you and I had a future. Whatever it took… they paid the price.

When I see a crowd, like that bunch of radical, empty-headed, wimps in our nation’s capitol over the weekend, denigrate America and cast aspersions upon her good name, upon the good name of the men and women who died to give them the freedom they abuse so blatantly… I want TO PUKE! They don’t deserve the freedom they spit upon!

One of the unique characteristics of America is that we don’t throw them all in jail! There’s this thing called The Constitution, which prevents it… the first amendment to that Constitution, to be exact.

I grind my teeth just watching them and listening to their empty-headed rhetoric. These are the people who would gladly wrap towels around their heads, wear potato sacks from head to toe, and submit to religious slavery so as not to have to submit themselves to danger. Where I come from, in the Carolinas, we call that out right cowardice!

They would sell their birthright for even less than a bowl of soup! We used to call that sedition!

Here is a portion of the Sedition Act, which was repealed in 1921:

16 May, 1918 The U.S. Sedition Act
SECTION 3. Whoever, when the United States is at war, shall willfully make or convey false reports or false statements with intent to interfere with the operation or success of the military or naval forces of the United States, or to promote the success of its enemies, or shall willfully make or convey false reports, or false statements, . . . or incite insubordination, disloyalty, mutiny, or refusal of duty, in the military or naval forces of the United States, or shall willfully obstruct . . . the recruiting or enlistment service of the United States, or . . . shall willfully utter, print, write, or publish any disloyal, profane, scurrilous, or abusive language about the form of government of the United States, or the Constitution of the United States, or the military or naval forces of the United States . . . or shall willfully display the flag of any foreign enemy, or shall willfully . . . urge, incite, or advocate any curtailment of production . . . or advocate, teach, defend, or suggest the doing of any of the acts or things in this section enumerated and whoever shall by word or act support or favor the cause of any country with which the United States is at war or by word or act oppose the cause of the United States therein, shall be punished by a fine of not more than $10,000 or imprisonment for not more than twenty years, or both....

There you have it. Sedition! I expect most in that crowd could not define sedition, if asked, and I daresay, couldn’t even spell it. “Oh, but they are educated people”, you may protest. True… many are educated beyond their abilities!

Yes, I’m angry! I’m angry that a mob such as that can influence policy in this nation. I’m angry that our lawmakers have such weak spines as to allow them to influence their lawmaking!

Enough is enough. It is time to put a stop to the radicals who would tear this country apart just because they think they can!

The poet had it about right when he said:

“War is an ugly thing, but not the ugliest of things. The decayed and degraded state of moral and patriotic feeling, which thinks that nothing is worth war is much worse. The person who has nothing for which he is willing to fight, nothing which is more important than his own personal safety, is a miserable creature and has no chance of being free unless made and kept so by the exertions of better men than himself.” --- John Stewart Mill

And finally, from the Holy Bible:

Joel 3:10 Beat your plowshares into swords and your pruning hooks into spears: let the weak say, I am strong. (KJV)

Here endth the lesson for today!


Friday, December 30, 2005

The Coming Year's Disastrous News

America’s economy is roaring along at near record-breaking levels yet all we hear, and read, in the press is how bad the economy is! Well, brace yourselves; it is going to get worse. (The news concerning the economy, that is!)

Next year, 2006, is an election year... and the Democrats, and the MSM, will unload on the airwaves, and the print media, all the bad economic news you have ever thought of in your worst nightmares! All the good news will suddenly be bad. The analysis of the good stats will be turned around upon itself to portray, for the American public, a tableau of "Doom and Gloom".

The Stock Market, which will flinch at a butterfly’s hic-cup in the Amazon, will be skittish all year and seem to take their bearish ways into their collective cave for a period of hibernation.

The least uptick in unemployment will be blown up into a threat of the Great Depression of the 1930’s.

The War in Iraq will get worse. (Granted this will be a stretch for an MSM, which cannot bring itself to report the truth from Iraq as it is. But, trust me, they will find a way!)

A drive to impeach President Bush will be launched, officially, even though the dems know it is a lost cause. The Anti-War crowd will step up their childish behavior, too.

Saddam’s trial will be blasted from every TV screen and the front pages of the MSM print outlets. The story will be the injustice done him by the US, in particular, the injustice done Saddam by the Bush Administration… all because Saddam tried to assassinate Bush’s Dad! Oh, and, of course, we wanted Iraq’s oil! Can’t leave the “war for oil” theme out.

Look for stories that point out the Social Security System is failing the nations elderly. Medicare dollars will be running out. Medicaid dollars will be following close behind. The Medicare Prescription program will be a failure because it does not meet the need for National Health Care for all Americans. (Somehow, the cost of that National Health Care will never be mentioned!)

The “Homeless Problem” will, overnight, get to be a serious problem… as it does six months out from every National Election.

And, then there will be the flood of stories about the environment... you know, Global Warming, the ice packs melting in the polar regions, everybody’s going to drown, etc., etc. All of this, of course, could have been prevented had Bush signed the Kyoto Treaty!

And these are just the highlights!

What in the world will be going on? Why, a national election is near and the Democrat Party will be trying to sell the only thing they have to sellFEAR!

Fear! It is their stock in trade.

But, fear not, Dear Reader. With the far left crazies in charge of what is left of the Democrat party, Republicans have little to fear… and the American Public has even less to fear.

So, don’t flinch when the Left unleashes its rabid attacks, which it will… until November. Just maintain your cool and allow them to make fools of themselves, as they surely will. Keep reminding yourself to treat them as the spoiled children they insist upon imitating.

I find myself yearning for the days of yesteryear when we actually had periods of calm between election cycles. I’m afraid that is no longer the case. The Left insists on one long, unending, campaign for their return to power.

The Left would do well to remember the first rule of “Hole Digging”. When you find yourself in one… stop digging!

Best Wishes for a Happy New Year!

...Longstreet *** Dear Reader: If you tried the website I recommended on the previous post and found that it did not work, please try again. I have repaired the error. My apologies!... Longstreet

Thursday, December 29, 2005

Web Site Recommended by Longstreet

Every now and again, a website will come to my attention that I feel is worthy of endorsing and passing along to my readers. Such is the case with this one titled: "The Wrong Army".

I was informed of this site by a friend who, himself, is a former Marine. I'd like to thank him for pointing me in the direction of this site. Now, I want to return the favor by recommending that you click on the address below and go visit "The Wrong Army".

To those who have served the US, in uniform, thank you for serving!


Amend the First Amendment to Include an "Official Secrets Act"!

The mainstream media is so abusing their right of “Freedom of the Press” that the right itself is in danger of being withdrawn. Truth be told, not many of us would be terribly upset with a number of limitations on the press.

For instance, I would support an “Official Secrets Act” similar to that of Great Britain. I think the American Media has shown itself to be unworthy of our trust and their recent rush to publish materials, harmful to the US efforts to secure the country, certainly raise questions concerning the MSM’s loyalty to the US.

When the press goes into competition with each other to see which of them can release the most secrets of our government, when that government is in a contest to prevent the deaths of thousands of Americans, then that is abuse of the Constitutional Right to Freedom of the Press.

Editing any publication is a continuous judgment call. As a former member of the press, I have had to make those judgment calls while trying to balance the public’s right to know, and the effect upon that same public, if I did broadcast a particular story. I don’t mind telling you there were stories I did not broadcast because in my judgment, the affect of the knowledge, contained in that story, upon the public, would have been detrimental to them. It’s called “being responsible”. There were stories I would not run when my competition would, and did, run them. I was never sorry for refusing to run a story that I felt would do no good and, might have, in fact, caused harm. I did not second-guess myself. That’s what an editor does.

Now, I was in a tiny, little, broadcast market here in the Southeast. The effects of any story I might broadcast were limited. But, when you consider the mainstream media’s reach, the damage a published report could do is well nigh incomprehensible.

How important was it for you and I to know that the wiretapping, of suspected terrorist, was being practiced by the government to gather valuable information on those suspected of planning to do harm to America. Can you remember being told when the Clinton Administration, the Carter Administration, and the Reagan Administration did the same thing? Why is it important now, and not then?

How important was it for you and I to know that the US government had set up radioactivity scanners, on public grounds, near Islamic Mosques in the US to help protect us against a “Dirty Bomb”?

Now that the terrorists know this, now that they have this information, which OUR MSM supplied them, they will certainly change their mode of communication and, you can bet your sweet bippy, they will not store any radioactive material in a Mosque!

An Official Secrets Act, if drawn up properly, would put the screws to the MSM when they attempted or, were successful, in printing, or broadcasting, information such as that contained in the stories I mentioned above.

The abuse of the First Amendment by the MSM, I believe, has caused the war in Iraq to last longer than it should have, cost more US lives than was necessary, and is having an adverse effect upon the US government’s attempt to secure the United States against the terrorists who are determined to kill as many Americans as often as they can.

The MSM must be reined-in one way… or the other!


Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Socialist Democrats Plan Push for Longstreet

So now we have to go through the next few months, or years, in another brawl with the Socialist Democrats over whether to impeach President Bush.

First, let’s be reasonable. I know that is asking a lot from the “frothing at the mouth” dems, but if, and again... it’s a big if, but, IF one looks at the situation, as it exists in DC, then one would have to conclude there will be no impeachment of President Bush. Why? Surely you have noticed that Republicans are in charge of the Congress.

Now… that was a stretch… by me, I admit. I mean it was a stretch to assume that you, as newspaper readers and TV news consumers, have noticed that Republicans are in charge. If you determine that based on your exposure to the Mainstream Media’s reports you’d have to swear the Democrats are the dominant party in the Congress. When the press interviews a political leader it is either Harry Reid, of the Senate, or Nancy Pelosi, of the House. Both of them are minority leaders in their respective houses of Congress. But, you’d never know that by the way the MSM defers to them for their interpretations of what’s going on, or not going on, as the case may be, in Congress.

I am of the old school where privacy rules. But, I am smart enough to understand that the country is at war. Having been through every war the US has experienced since 1941 I have become alert to such things as body bags and casualty rates, recruiting of soldiers for our armed forces, (A memeber of my extended family was re-called yesterday after a four year stint in the US Army and one year in Iraq, and receiving his release from Active duty... he must now go back on Active duty.) and finally, but far from being last, the always-to-be-relied-upon Socialist Democrat assistance of America’s enemy. No matter the causation of the hostilities, it is always America’s fault… plus, if the war isn’t completely over within three weeks they haul out the “Quagmire” phrase.

With all this in consideration, the Socialist Democrats are going to try, as hard as they possibly can, to create a desire in the minds of Americans for an impeachment of the President.

It should be understood, right up front, that the Socialist Democrats will not succeed but, you see, they know that, already. They simply want to throw as many obstacles in the Administration’s path as they possibly can. They have convinced themselves that they will regain power in 2006 and 2008. They have so deluded themselves that they are unable to see the damage they have done themselves and their party with the likes of Howard Dean, John Kerry, Teddy Kennedy, the Clintons, and the SENIOR Senator from New York, Chuck Shumer. This “Class of Clowns” has done more to aid the Republican Party than any Republican organization would have ever been able to do. Speaking as a Paleo-Conservative Republican, I thank them.

As far as the NSA eavesdropping on foreign phone calls and e-mails, I really don’t care. If it will forestall another terrorist attack on America, go for it.

The President took and oath to defend America from all enemies foreign, and domestic. The Congress already knew the NSA was listening in, they had been advised of it as many as a dozen times. So why do they object at this late date? They think they can weaken the President and increase their chances for victory in 2006 and 2008. In fact, it is just the other way ‘round.

So have at it, Socialist Democrats. And, please accept our gratitude, which we “not so humbly” offer.


Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Yes, I AM a Nationalist!

If you have ever run a business, especially a business that “sells” anything, then you know, to be successful, you must create a “Team Spirit” among your employees. That team spirit must include pride in the team, and a feeling that your team is the best, at what it does, and be ready, and able, to prove it to all comers.

If you have no team and everybody does “their thing”, at “their pace”, when they “feel like it”, then you have a mess on your hands. Any progress will be purely accidental. Plus your “people” will lag behind everyone else. In general, you will have a disorganized mess on your hands with lethargy as the ruler of the day.

Where am I going with all this rambling? Some of you figured it our before you finished the first paragraph.

I’m a Nationalist. Unapologetically. I cannot conceive of being an adherent to any other philosophy. Nothing else makes practical sense to me.

I am of Northern European stock. That may have something to do with it. I frankly, don’t know. And I care even less.

I was a Nationalist before 9-11. I will be a Nationalist when the dirt is shoveled into my face.

I have no love of “globalism”. None. I cannot conceive of a “one world government”. Even the phrase sends chills up my spine.

I see the US as THE Nation. It is MY nation; therefore it is the BEST nation of all the nations on the earth. Even when we screw-up, as we do often, we still lead the pack.

Regardless of what you may have been taught in school, we DO have a National Culture. There IS a single American Culture. I do not believe there is room within any single nation state for more than one culture. You can readily see that I do not adhere to the philosophy of multiculturalism. If you come to live among the people of my nation, then you will adhere to the culture of my nation. Else wise, you will never be a member of this nation. Legally, you may become a citizen, but you will never become a member of my society until you conform to the culture of my nation. You must assimilate into the American culture.

As a Nationalist, my allegiance is to the US. No other national, or international, entity will have my allegiance.

The United Nations, to me, is an abomination. I would like to see it disbanded and done away with… completely. It was an unworkable idea even before Woodrow Wilson dreamed up his “League of Nations”. The UN is, simply, another adversary to the United States.

Down deep, I believe most Americans feel this way, although it is not fashionable to say so out loud… or in public.

On a drive through the American Southeast you will see multiple flagpoles in the front yards of many homes flying Old Glory from high atop the pole. Granted, you may see a state flag, or even one, or more, of the Confederate national flags, or even the Confederate Battle flag flying BELOW Old Glory… on the same pole. To a Southerner that is not the least bit confusing. We are proud Americans, Southern Americans, to be sure, proud of our heritage, but our allegiance, first and foremost, is to the United States. And, as a Nationalist, that is where my/our allegiance stops.

So, do not attempt to sell me on “multiculturalism”. I ain’t buying. No need to bother yourself trying to sway me toward “globalism”. I want none of it. I’m not interested in embracing the remainder of the world. I’ll happily trade with other nations and lend a hand when they need it, but my nation, America, comes first. Period.

Yep, I guess that makes me a Nationalist.


Monday, December 26, 2005

Democrats Jump onto Another Losing Cause!

Yes, once again our loyal opposition, on the Left, has chosen to run with another losing cause. This time they are attempting to get Americans to believe their President broke the law with wiretaps of terrorist phone conversations via the NSA Intercept program.

It does not matter that this has been challenged a number of times before and... found to be legal and constitutional.

Nope. That doesn’t matter.

What does matter is that the Democrats get maximum mileage out of a bogus story, which they can use as red meat for their base. I would remind them, their base is/are the only Americans buying into their new attack on the Bush Administration.

When you take a deep breath, and stand back a step or two, and take a look at the over all picture of politics in the US, you just have to shake your head in wonderment at the gullibility of the voters on the Left. They are continuously fed a line of propaganda from the bigwigs in their party and, like Pavlov’s dog; they lap it up and wait for the bell to ring again. But… Pavlov’s dog didn’t help Pavlov ring the bell! And there is a heck of a lot of bell ringing going on on the left side of the American Political Spectrum. I believe it’s called “conditioned reflexes”. Pavlov rang the bell and the dog salivated. Hummm.

If the Democrats push for hearings on these accusations the Right will happily comply. You see, this is a Pandora’s box for the Left. Once opened, the only party hurt, by what pops out, will be Democrats. The sharper knives in the Democrat drawer have figured this out and are quietly attempting to tone down the rhetoric, coming from their side, about Congressional Hearings, and impeachment proceedings, etc. They know it is a losing cause and only they will be hurt.

Now, if we can only get Howard Dean to "scream" about this…….


Sunday, December 25, 2005


Today, Christmas, is the day each year we wish for peace on earth and good will to men. Yet, we seem, each Christmas, to find ourselves lacking that Peace and the Good Will.

This Christmas, again, we find that American troops are far from home, very near the birthplace of the baby who gave his name to the day we call Christmas. Families will open presents, and gather for a family meal, and rejoice over the birth of the Christ child, and yet, we cannot bring ourselves to follow the teachings of that baby and stop fighting with each other. Christ, himself recognized that, a couple of thousand years ago, and said: “Men will cry peace, peace, but there will be no peace!”

Americans have found themselves in the unenviable position of being the policemen of the world… by default. It was thrust upon us. We did not seek it, we did not want it, but we learned, much to our chagrin, that we had no choice. When the “evil-doers” attacked us on our own soil, we were instantly committed. We have been at war now since September 11th, 2001. No end is in sight, no matter what we may have been told.

Back in the mid 1800’s America found herself in another war, much worse that the one we fight currently. It was a war among brothers. A war, which was being waged here, on our shores, and the carnage, was biblical in proportion. Families were torn apart by the war and entire families displaced as the war raged up and down the Middle Atlantic States, the Deep South States, the Gulf States, those states along the Missippi River, and even out west, across the Mississippi River, including Texas, Oklahoma, and even the Arizona territory. 700,000 Americans lives were loss as a result of that war. Many of the scars can still be seen today in our buildings and landscapes. Many scars are less obvious, but are there, nevertheless.

I’m a member of the Sons of Confederate Veterans, and as such, I am, acutely acquainted with those unseen scars… as are the members of the Sons of Union Veterans. Our entire reason for existence is to not allow the memory of what those men did fade from the memory of this nation. We feel that by holding the reasons for that war up to public scrutiny we can learn from it and never allow such a thing to happen on these shores again.

The South was the recipient of more suffering and carnage than were our brothers to the north. It was a sad, disheartening, time.

Here is a small part of the text of a letter, written to his family, by a Confederate soldier on Christmas Eve of 1863:

" This morning battalion guard mounting began for the three batteries. It is Christmas Eve. I am sitting in my little cabin and my thoughts carry me away to Helena where I see my good wife before the hearth with three children around her; the eldest a girl standing and looking earnestly into her mother’s face; the second a boy, five years old, sitting in a small chair looking into the fire; and the youngest a girl about four, leaning on her mother’s lap--all listening attentively to what their intelligent mother is relating in regard to the visits of Santa Claus having visited them on former Christmas Eves with presents of toys, their curiosity is at its height to know if he will come tonight and fill their stockings. Ah, will not these little innocents be disappointed? Their father has not seen them for twenty months, and is now far away battling for home and liberty, and has no means by which he can convey them toys or money to purchase them. Whether their mother has the means to spare in procuring Christmas presents for them is unknown to me, but I pray heaven to provide her with the necessaries of life, and to bless and cheer the young and innocent hearts of my children during the Christmas holidays. Happy Christmas to my wife and children!" [From The Campaign Diaries of Thomas J. Kay, CSA and Robert J. Campbell , edited by Wirt Armistead Cate, 1938; entry for December 24th (1863).]

Surely, there were similar letters written by soldiers on the Federal side of the lines.

So, as we tear open the presents today, feast at the table piled high with God’s bounty, let us find time, somewhere during this hectic day, to remember what this child, whose birthday we celebrate, taught us. Even if we cannot find it within ourselves to put his teachings into practice, we are obligated to try. In trying we will find that peace so often mentioned at this time of year.

Let us remember our troops, so far from home, in constant danger, because the remainder of the world cannot find it within themselves to fight tyranny… of any kind. Let us pray that those misled peoples will somehow find the courage to stand up, like men, and fight the enemies of freedom as our brave men and women are doing. Let us pray that they come to understand that the brave American soldier, who dies, on that foreign battlefield, has given his life for them as well as for his American family.

And, finally, let us pray that next Christmas will find America, and the world, in a less contentious state than this Christmas.

May God richly bless you and your family this Christmas and in the New Year to come.

Merry Christmas, everyone, from the staff of “INSIGHT on Freedom”!


Saturday, December 24, 2005

Bill of Rights; Amendment One.

(This Post originally ran on 3-5-05.)

Bill of Rights; Amendment I:
"Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances."

Look closely at the above amendment. Do you see anything regarding separation of church and state? No? That’s because it isn’t there.

Now, before I dive headlong into to this post, allow me, please, to say that after years of wrestling with this, I have concluded that if the “separation clause” was, indeed, in the Constitution, I could probably support it. As it is, I haven’t that choice… because it simply isn’t there.

The Supreme Court is deciding an issue, I happen to believe, they have no authority to even consider. The case of the Ten Commandments displayed on public property, namely courthouse lawns and such. Elsewhere in the Constitution, it is plainly stated that if it is not in the Constitution, then the matter is left up to the states. Anything.

This issue should be a state matter… decided by each separate state’s legislatures and, when necessary, their state courts.

What we have here is another case of the Supreme Court assuming powers it doesn’t have…again. When will the Congress grow the cajones to rein in that runaway court?

Maybe the time has come, if not it is surely approaching, when we have to convene a Constitutional Convention and clear up a few things. One would be to amend the Constitution to allow term limits for ALL Federal Judges including the Supreme Court Justices. The insulation of lifetime appointments has the effect of cutting them off from any contact with the real world, outside their tiny little world, and results in a disconnect with the American people. The same thing has happened to Congress. The answer to the Congressional disconnect? Term limits. Well, guess what, the Court ruled Term Limits are unconstitutional. I wonder why.

We are faced with the oligarchy thing again. Our freedoms are being eroded away and we have no recourse. To continue along this course is bound to end in a very unpleasant mess. I would advise the government to review the events of
the 1850’s with even closer attention to the events of 1861 through 1865. The underlying cause of that unpleasant period was overbearing government. The Congress and the Federal Judiciary would do well to consider that period in our history because, as we all know, history has a way of repeating itself. The US government didn’t believe it could happen then, either.

The people must have recourse. We are well past being tired of the legislation coming out of the Federal Courts including the Supreme Court.

The great unwashed out here in the hinterlands have begun the inevitable rumbling and the momentum will only build. Congress would do well to be attentive to these dissatisfied constituents and put the brakes on the Federal Courts. Congress has the power. The question is, are they men, and women, enough to do it?


Friday, December 23, 2005

Southerners Ready to Enforce Border Law on their Own!

The President could have saved the gas to fly to the Southern border back in late November, and he could have saved his breath, as well. None of what he is proposed will make a thimble’s worth of difference in the efforts to thwart illegal immigration across the border with Mexico.

I see three possible solutions. A fence (with the National Guard patrolling it), annex Mexico, or lastly, invade, conquer, and occupy Mexico. (This time keep it! )

It is useless to think this President is going to do anything to help solve that problem. He has many Mexican friends, having been brought up in Texas, and his sister-in-law is Mexican. That’s all well and good. But we have a serious problem with illegal immigration from Mexico, especially in the Southern States, and the Southern States will only hold still for this a short time. Then we’ll take matters into our own hands. When we do, it won’t be pretty.

I have been taken to task, time and again, for coming up with, and proposing, simply solutions to complex issues. That’s the way I see them. I rarely see any gray. To me… issues are black and white… right or wrong. See, it’s simple.

What we have is “Breaking and Entering” on a massive scale along our Southern border. The US is being burglarized. In my state you can legally shoot a burglar. Why is the same solution not acceptable when your country is being broken into and your law enforcement officials, (I’m referring to the President and the Congress) won’t do anything about it?

Southerners have a long and, colorful history, of banding together to mete out justice or, enforce laws that, for whatever reason, the authorities won’t. As a Southerner, the President should know this. The Southern Border States are on the verge of taking over the job of patrolling their own borders. When they do, it will be, as we say in the South, “Too wet to plow!”

We Southerners are headed for a confrontation, again, with the Federal Government. As in the incidents earlier in our history it does not have to happen. Also, just like the incidents in our early history, the federal Government is refusing to hear the South and refusing to act as the South is requesting. Back in the 1850's, and 1860’s, this attitude, on the part of Washington, lead to massive bloodshed and a four-year war.

The point is, when the Southern ire is up, we will be heard. Steps will be taken, either by the lawful authorities or, well,... let’s not go there!

Mr. President, Congress, you’d better pay attention and get this worked out! NOW!


Thursday, December 22, 2005

NSA Intercept Program is LEGAL

I have not written a post on the NSA intercept program, because I was not/ am not well versed in that area of law. However, the folks, over at POWERLINE, have. They have done an excellent job. I urge you to go here:

Read this excellent piece and make your own decision based upon the facts rather than the emotional, breathless, bloviating by the MSM.

Hats off to POWERLINE!!!


America Not Ready to Fight a War... Any War!

Do you really care that the NSA (No Such Agency!) was eavesdropping on international phone calls and e-mail?

Or, are you, like me, upset more that there is a leak within the NSA, or possibly within the Congress or, their congressional aids.

Americans of my generation understand that America is at war and, sometimes, drastic steps must be taken.

You know, I watch Americans going about their daily chores completely unaware that their country is in a war for its life. It is amazing, and simply astounding, to see Americans acting as zombies in the face of a global conflagration which could sweep America, as we know it, off the globe at any moment.

I must tell you, I will be very happy when the “Baby Boomers” age out and the generation behind them begins to assert it’s leadership. The Baby Boomers, for the most part, have been stuck in the sixties for their entire lives and have been mentally damaged by their dreams of nirvana and pacified by mental pictures of daisies sticking out of the barrels of military rifles.

Complete idiocy!

And, these people, Dear Reader, are running our government, our universities, our major religious denominations, and, of course, the Main-Stream Media! Is there any question as to how we got into the sorry mess we find ourselves in today?

My generation… spawned by the Greatest Generation… has produced another generation off Americans who have been taught, throughout their youth, just how self-centered the Baby Boomer generation is. They have been taught to take responsibility for their actions, and they have been taught they owe a debt to this country they can never repay, but are obligated to make a continuous attempt. They are connected to America as no generation has been since their grandfathers and grandmothers.

Many of the forthcoming generation are products of Baby Boomer parents and have personal experience, oftimes embarrassing, of just how disconnected with reality their parents are.

America is not ready to fight a war. I mean, mentally. Our leaders are such vacuous, empty suits, that we have no real, meaningful, national leadership. It’s like having a terrific college basketball team and no bench! You worry, constantly, that the other team will notice... and take advantage. Well, in America’s case the other team has noticed and they are taking advantage of the weak bench. When Congressman and Senators are so shallow as to suggest America flee the battlefield with an enemy dead set on eradicating us, then the weakness of America’s “bench” is obvious to the world. I mean, talk about a weak bench! Consider those sitting upon it: Kennedy, Kerry, Clinton, Reid, Boxer, Pelosi, Feingold, Spector, and let us not forget… John McCain and, even the Senator from my home state of South Carolina, Lindsey Graham. That is not a bench; it’s the “disabled list”!

Now, add to these problems a Central Intelligence Agency, which is fatally flawed and dysfunctional to the point of being a laughing stock. And, a State Department so filled with political hacks, with their allegiance pledged to the Democrat Party, who work feverishly to sidetrack any iniatives the Bush Administration asks them to implement, and we have a formula for utter disaster.

Soon after the Christmas holidays I expect a move by the Democrats to impeach President Bush. It will not succeed, but they know this already. They simply want to make it even more difficult for the Bush Administration to govern. I would remind the Democrats that should President Bush step down, for whatever reason, Dick Cheney would become President! The Vice-President does not suffer fools lightly and that, alone, should send icy cramps to clench the intestines of Congressional Democrats.

There are no more “Greats” in our Congress, indeed, in our government. We have a Congress of second stringers, lightweights, who seem to think they are in Congress to accrue power for themselves at the expense of everyone else, including their fellow Americans.

We have a Military, the likes of which, the world has never seen. But, again the bench is weak. Our Armed Forces need to be as much as four times it’s current size. We are allowing anarchy to creep up on this country from all sides.

Currently, we need to "see to" the governments of Venezuela, Bolivia, and Cuba, all within what we used to call our “Sphere of Influence”. The same with Iran. If we can’t nutralize the “mad mullahs” of Iran, we will be at war with them within a matter of months. We will win, but it will take our attention off those pip-squeak, tin pot dictators, Chavez and Morales in South America. Plus, we need to be positioning ourselves to see that the next “Presidente” of Cuba is a freedom-loving democrat rather than a freedom-hating communist.

Unfortunately, the current Congress of the US is simply not capable of handling the real problems of governing the premier nation on the earth. they are simply "in over their heads"!

The two parties in Congress remind me of two Bantam roosters circling each other as they prepare for a fight. One's scared... and the other is glad of it! We truly have a pitiful national legislature. If the current Congress is not the weakest Congress this nation has ever had, it certainly ranks second to whichever was! Until we amend the Constitution to allow for "Congressional Term Limits" this problem will only get worse. We need a serious "housecleaning" in the Halls of Congress.

Granted, this is not a pretty picture to paint of our government as we approach the end of the old year and the beginning of another. But, unfortunately, this is the state in which we find ourselves today, in America.

Here endth the lesson for today!


Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Seal the US Southern Border...Now!

Well, well, well, Mexico is "offended" that we are going to put up a wall along our southern border to stop them from breaking and entering our, I repeat, OUR country!

The utter gall of Mexico is astounding! They have been using the US as their very own welfare department. US dollars flowing south across the border, carried in the pockets of Mexican illegals, has sustained that country for entirely too long. It is way past time for the US to pull the plug.

I’m tired of the invasion of our country from the south. If the wall/fence doesn’t stop them, sew the adjacent fields with anti-personnel mines. Harsh, you’re darned right it’s harsh! We can’t seem to get the message through their government’s skull that we want it stopped. And stopped now!

Not only does the Mexican government not make any effort to stop it, they encourage the illegal crossing of the border into OUR country. The government of Mexico may have to be reminded of just how often we have found it necessary to send our military down there to get their attention. I must tell you, anti- Mexican feelings are such, currently, in the states, that pressure is building among Americans to do just that… again.

Add to that frustration the growing feeling that US businesses and/or private citizens who are hiring the illegals for cheap labor need to be charged with a felony and slapped with humongous fines, or jail time, or both.

The flooding of OUR country by the ungrateful, demanding, country of Mexico has all but destroyed any amicable feelings we Norte Americanos have for our southern neighbors.

The hiring of a PR firm, by the government of Mexico, to polish up the Mexican image among the Yankees, is only going to hack us off even more. Now, not only do we feel invaded, but we also feel used, and we are fed up!

The US federal government apparently doesn’t want to stop this illegal flow of Mexicans north and the flow of US dollars south. If they did, they COULD stop it.

If Mexican immigrants wish to enter the US, then let them get in line with all the others, and enter legally, and we’ll be glad to have them. But breaking the line, and unlawfully crossing that border, and losing themselves amongst our population, must stop, and it must stop quickly.

We have an election coming up next year. Illegal immigration WILL, I repeat, WILL, be a factor in the elections. It will continue to be a huge factor until we elect federal officials who will put a stop to this invasion.

Look, we have huge unpopulated deserts (to one degree or another) in the southwest within which we could locate a number of internment camps. I’m for rounding these illegals up and, instead of sending them back across the border, put them in those internment camps and have them do maintenance labor along our highways, in our state, and national parks, and whatever we need done for the upkeep of public lands and infrastructure. After, say, 20 years of labor, they can then apply for citizenship or, continue to receive our largesse… in the internment camps.

Again it's harsh! Yes it is. But when you try being nice all these years, and it dosen't work, you escalate to the next level.

Just sending them back across the border absolutely does not work! So, don’t send them back, keep ‘em, and force them to work to pay for their upkeep.

Drastic? Again, you bet! But so is the problem they are perpetuating.

The anger you detect here is just an echo of the deeply felt anger of Americans.

We have a problem on our hands that can be stopped, fairly easily, by our government. The frustration we feel is not only with Mexico, but with our own government as well. The invasion can be stopped, almost overnight. All it takes is the will to do what needs doing.

It is so bad, and the federal government is responding so poorly to the requests for help from the States along that border, that there is a very good chance that those states will take it upon themselves to seal their portion of the border with National Guard troops. If a state, such as California, wishes to keep their southern border open to Mexico, then I suggest we offer to give the entire state of California back to Mexico! Then the states surrounding what USED to be the state of California can then seal their borders with what will have then become a part of Mexico.

The next US Presidential candidate who runs on a platform of sealing the southern US border with Mexico WILL get the votes of the US southern states. That’s how serious it has become.

Washington, Mexico, we are serious about this. We demand action be taken in a timely manner to secure our southern border. US taxpayers are tired of supporting TWO countries! Enough is enough!


Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Environmentalism vs. Socialism

Just about every thinking individual in the United States has come to the conclusion that Global Warming is a crock. The vast majority of Americans have reached this conclusion and it just irks the living daylights out of the Socialist Left.

When you place environmentalism beside Socialism, and consider them, they are virtually the same.
Each wish to control society, especially any capitalist society.

Contrary to what you may think, or have been taught, Socialism hasn’t gone away, it simple moved to a new home, the environmental movement.

REAL scientist will tell you the climate is warming, slightly, simply because the sun is warming. Whoops, there goes the global warming hoax.

Now, as to the Kyoto Treaty:

That Kyoto Treaty would have creamed the economy of the US. Even Bill Clinton knew that. The Congress had the good sense to turn it down, flat…even while Clinton was still in the oval office.

If you know anything, at all, about running a business, you know that the "cost of doing business" is pasted on to the consumer of the products that business produces.

So, when the “Greenies” scream, that Big Business will not pay the price to upgrade their equipment to meet the extremely high standards for clean air they endorse, just know that that claim is a crock, too. If you know business, you know the business will not bear that cost, but the consumers will bear that cost. When the consumer refuses to pay that increased cost, production is cut back. When production is cut back, jobs are cut back. It is a vicious cycle and, Dear Reader; it is a cycle, which would take us back to the Great Depression in just a few short years.

If these “Greenies” had the sense God gave a gnat, they’d know their demands would crash the US economy… unless, of course, that is exactly what they want. I choose to believe the latter.

So, look again at the "environmentalist movement" and compare it with the Socialists. Then decide for yourself if you really want to support a movement bent on the destruction of he US.

It would be near impossible to decide which is the more dangerous to the US… Environmentalism, or Islamofacism. Both want our destruction.


Monday, December 19, 2005

Armageddon in Two Years?

Armageddon in two years?

On the off chance that you have not noticed… there is a “nut” in charge of Iran! I mean a “certifiable nutcase”. The even more troubling problem is… this nut has his finger on the button, which will, very likely, trigger Armageddon.

I speak, of course, of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, President of Iran. I should say the “Islamic Republic” of Iran.

In a matter of months, not ten years as our very dysfunctional CIA would have us believe, that nut will have nuclear weapons. He already has the delivery vehicles for those Nukes. He has told us the target… Israel. In a few blinding seconds the state of Israel will cease to exist. But, Iran believes it will survive and "WIN" a nuclear confrontation with Israel. Apparently, the Iranians do not understand thet nobody "wins" in a nuclear war. There simply are NO WINNERS! They have made the statement publicly that they WILL Win a nuclear war with Israel.Of course, they could be so consumed with hatred for Israel that they simply don't care about the cost of taking down Israel! That, Dear Reader, is the true definition of a fanatic! Go figure!

Why two years? Well, in Christianity we have the return of Christ, often referred to as the “Second Coming of Christ”. In Shi’ite Islam they have the return of the 12th Imam. Ahmadinejad has said, openly, the 12th Imam will return within two years.

As with the Second Coming of Christ the event (Return of the 12th Imam) will be associated with a number of tribulations and lots of turmoil including lots of death… and lots of destruction.

Why is this suddenly so troubling? Well, frankly, with the Islamic practice of Martyrdom so prevalent, and the associated eternal bliss expected, as a result, the "religious nut", in Iran, with his finger on the button, becomes a very real threat.

Besides the above, a time of political chaos will set the stage for the 12th Imam’s, or Madhi’s, return. At least, the Shi’ite Moslems believe that it will.

Remember, this is the man who stated, publicly, “Israel should be wiped from the map”. This is the man who has made huge donations (in the millions of dollars) to a shrine, which is said to contain the well from which the 12th Imam is to re-emerge into the world.

It is also believed the “Mahdi” will have a deputy, something of a forerunner (remember John the Baptist), who will prepare the world for the “Mahdi’s” return. Suppose someone thought himself to be that deputy and desired to bring about the chaos needed for the Mahdi’s return and… suppose, further, the self-described deputy had nuclear weapons to assist him in his quest for chaos.

Granted, there is a whole lot of supposing going on here, but… what if???

Would it not behoove those, expecting to be on the receiving end of those Shahab missiles, to intercede on the side of sanity and remove Mr. Ahmadinejad’s means of inflicting his end goal of chaos and the return of the Mahdi?

One of the few things we have learned, from watching these Middle Eastern hotheads, is that when they threaten something dire, they, almost, always deliver.

You can bet that if this old, Gentile, Southern American boy is considering all this… then the Israelis are WAY ahead of me.

I’ll close this post with a question: Does anyone believe if the Iranians were to pull off a successful nuclear attack on Israel they would stop there… or would they continue their march of conquest to Europe? Huh?


Sunday, December 18, 2005

Sunday's Oldie but Goodie!

(This Post ran originally on August 13th, 2005)

Conservative "Christian" Republicans

There seems to be some question as to the way Conservative Christian Republicans “stay away from the polls” when unacceptable candidates are on the ballot. At least one of the readers of this blog suggested that action might be un-republican.

The short answer is this: We don’t care!

Let me try and explain the Conservative Christian Republicans view on voting. To get a basic understanding of the Conservative Christian Republican’s view of the world you must understand our priorities. They are in this order: God, Family, and then, Country.

Understand also, we feel it is sinful to vote for a candidate who does not share these priorities.

You begin to see where we are coming from.

Look, we believe that voting for the lesser of two evils is still voting for evil and we won’t do it. We answer ultimately to a much higher power and we recognize that and try our best to act accordingly. We do not always succeed, actually we don’t succeed most of the time, but we are bound to continue trying.

If the Republican Party nominates a candidate we see as unqualified, by our standards, we will not go to the polls and support that candidate. The RNC knows this. It is no secret. The GOP has understood where our ultimate allegiance lies since the Conservative Christians began their migration away from the Democratic Party when it adopted so much of the Socialist/Marxist platform. There is something of a compact between Conservative Christian Republicans and the RNC. We will support the Republican Party as long as it toes the line. The minute it steps away from the line… we are gone.

Remember where our allegiance lies. We do. And, we know that, in the end, we have to give an accounting of the time we spend here on this earth. That is far more important to us than voting to ensure the Republican Party wins an election.

I remain, just another Pharisee,


Saturday, December 17, 2005

An Oldie but a Goodie!

(This post first ran on 6-16-05.)

Freedom Fries, the Congressman, and Fleeing the Battlefield.

For the life of me, I cannot understand what has happened to Congressman Walter Jones of North Carolina. Where in the world did he get the idea that to win a war you tell the enemy when you’re going to quit?

Congressman Jones is WAY out of touch with his constituents, here in North Carolina, most of who are flabbergasted at his comments. The good Congressman may get to retire in ’06. Then the people of his Congressional District will get to send someone to DC to represent THEM.

Look, folks, you can take any “good ole boy” from North Carolina, and ask him, and he will tell you that you quit the game… when the game is over! You do not cut and run. That is not the way of the Southerner. It is a slap in the face to even suggest surrender, or anything approaching it. But, the good Congressman seems to have fallen into the trap laid by his liberal friends. I’d certainly like to think that is what happened. I sure don’t want to believe that Congressman Jones has come to this conclusion on his own. If he did, I would expect the constituents in his district will be calling for his resignation very soon now.

To state the obvious, (well, maybe it’s not so obvious, at least to Congressman Jones!) If you tell your adversary when you intend to leave the battlefield, he will simply lie low, conserve his manpower and material, and wait until you leave. Then he will begin anew his effort to take the battlefield for his own, and since you will not be there, he will succeed. It is just that simple. Any commander of troops knows this. It is elementary. Combat 101.

Congressman Jones has made a serious error. We call upon the Congressman to reconsider his conclusion on announcing a date for withdrawing US troops from Iraq, … or consider tendering his resignation.

In the meantime, the North Carolina Republican Party should be looking for a replacement for the Congressman in ’06. Already the North Carolina Democrats are rubbing their hands in glee, preparing to offer a Conservative Democrat (Oh yes, there are such animals! We have one here in my Congressional District of NC.) for Mr. Jones’ position. And frankly, right now, the Democrat has every chance of winning.

Your Obedient Servant,


Friday, December 16, 2005

With Friends like the Russians... ...

You know, with friends like Russia, the United States doesn’t need enemies!

I supposed by now most everybody knows that Russia sold Iran 29 of the TOR-M1 tactical SAM’s (Surface to Air Missiles). It was all over the news.

Russia has a HUGE inferiority complex. Yep! They’ve had it since, well; it’s difficult to say how long the Russkies have felt inferior to the rest of the world. Harder even, is it, to declare the causation of this complex. Nevertheless, it’s there.

Russia is also broke. They have one of the worlds largest oil reserves… if not the largest… and yet they’re broke. You see, they don’t have the technology to get that oil out of the ground, transported, and shipped. If you can’t sell it, it does you no good as a money maker.

Add to all those woes this little guy named Putin, former KGB officer, as head of the country and you have what? A mess, that’s what!

Mr. Putin seems bent on restoring the iron-fisted reign of socialism and, in order to do that, he has to stoke the Russian flames of paranoia, a natural state for Russians.

But the biggest problem he faces is… lack of M O N E Y. So, he sells things. Things like: nuclear reactors, and now, he has sold Iran those surface to air missiles to try an protect the nuclear reactor, and other nuclear laboratories, within which, Iran is, no doubt, attempting to build the "Islamic Atom Bomb".

Putin has been slipping assistance to Iran for some time now. But it increased it’s pace when the US went into Iraq back in 2003.

By the way, that Iranian/Russian nuclear reactor is on the Persian Gulf coast. So it’s easy enough for us to take out most any time. The TOR SAM’s are supposed to protect it from air attack.

Putin had better have gotten his money up front. For that reactor is doomed. As any “collections” man will tell you, it is dang near impossible to collect on something that no longer exists!

I guess the world community will take great joy in bashing the US for killing those poor Russian scientist in the nuclear labs in Iran. Well, don’t let it worry you too much. We have fought Russians in Korea, in Vietnam, and in the early days of the first Iraq war. Russians and Americans have been going at each other, pretty much, since we kicked them out of the west coast of the US. It’s nothing new.

None of this bad Russian behavior should be surprising to Americans. But, surprising or not, Putin’s conduct toward Iran just plain sucks!


Thursday, December 15, 2005

The Vicious War Between Iran and Israel.

For those of you, who quake at the sights, and sounds, from the war in Iraq and Afghanistan, hold onto your seats. Coming soon, the Iran vs. Israel war.

This war is just over the horizon. I mean JUST.

Israel cannot allow Iran to produce an atomic bomb. Already, I am sure Israel’s Mossad has mapped out every single nuclear facility in Iran, with the exact coordinates, and they have laid out a strategy for destroying those facilities.

There is no question of if; there is only a question of when. The date draws closer each day.

Those squeamish among us will want to divert your eyes. This will be a vicious war. One of these nations will not survive. Israel dies not intend to be that nation.

Israel knows this will be a war for their very survival… for their very existence. They’ll do whatever it takes, including using their vast arsenal of nuclear weapons.

They understand, and have told the world that they understand, they cannot survive a prolonged war of attrition. Therefore, they must hit first and strike with everything they’ve got until the enemy is completely destroyed. This, they will do.

Now, understand this also, the US will not allow Israel to lose. If we had an official 51st state, it would be Israel. The US and Israel are inextricably bound together. To allow Israel to fail is to allow ourselves to fail and we will not do that. An Administration, in power in the US, which would allow such a thing, would be hounded from office.

The US now has combat bases in the Middle East. We have been building up our arsenal in that area for several years. When the balloon goes up, the US forces will be there.

I expect Iran to flood troops across the Iran/Iraq border to draw America’s attention to that area and away from the Iran/Israeli conflict. It won’t work. US Special Forces are training a standing army for Iraq, which will not be the Iraqi army Iran went up against in the ‘80s. Besides, the US air forces will be able to annihilate the Iranian forces along the border with little effort.

Iran has painted itself into a terminal corner. The expiration date on the regime in Iran is quickly approaching.


Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Canada's Recent Behavior Towards the US Sucks!

I have to tell you, I’m more than a little fed-up with Canada’s superior, “better-than-you” attitude toward the United States. It has gone past just being annoying, to irritating, and it’s endangering a relationship which has stood, at least, since the War of 1812.

It’s time to take Canada down a notch or two.

For a country, which has a military trained, and equipped, about as well as the Boy Scouts of America, they might want to tone their rhetoric down some.

For most of the history of Canada, their security has depended upon the United States and… the US military. They have been our number one trading partner, but I must tell you, that position is now in danger. Their smug remarks about our President, and our politics, and out health care system, and our refusal to sign the Kyoto Treaty, is taking a toll.

Add to all the above their particularly poor border security, which allows terrorists to walk, willy nilly, into the US, is straining our relationship more than is healthy for… Canada!

Canada has enjoyed a, basically, carefree existence with the world’s only super power as their southern neighbor and their western neighbor. But, if Canada continues on the course, she apparently has chosen, that relationship could change practically overnight and those borders could well be closed… and sealed… and our “Big Brother” protection of Canada withdrawn.

There is a cold, dangerous, world out there... out from under the blanket of US protection. I do not believe Canada would find it nearly as appealing as they now think they do. Plus, recruiting, training, arming, and equipping, a military is expensive enough to put Canada on the ropes financially.

Since the cold war is over and the threat of an attack, by the Soviets, across the northern Canadian tier has vanished, Canada seems to have found bravado as a substitute for national courage. It’s not.

Maybe we ought to change the plans for that fence along the US Southern Border with Mexico and place it, instead, along the Northern Border with Canada. They say, “Good fences make good neighbors”. It sure, as the dickens, looks as if, whoever said that, knew what they were talking about.

So, Canada, take your “smartass remarks”, about the US, and stick ‘em where the sun doesn’t shine!

Have a nice day!


Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Here They Go Again!

Here They Go Again!

I saw in the paper, the other day, that a portion of the academic community is going to investigate why we had so many Hurricanes, and tropical storms, this season. They are already saying they feel it has something to do with global warning.

Well, first of all, to lean in that direction you must believe in Global Warming, which I don’t. Oh, I think it is getting warmer… but it should be! We’re still coming out of the last Ice age!

I have mentioned before that I reside in what is called the “hurricane ally” of the Carolinas. We know a little about hurricanes here because it is a matter of survival for us.

Most everybody in my neck of the woods saw this season’s large storms as no big deal because they have a tendency to grow into massive storms, out over the open ocean, and then drop back to a Category 3, or 4, just before, or just as, they make landfall. Take Katrina. It was not a Category 5, or a Category 4, when it actually struck the Gulf Coast. It was, in fact, a Category 3 storm when it came ashore.

Let’s face it. New Orleans simply was not prepared for a hurricane of any size! And, they paid the price. Let me correct that and say WE paid the price. We… meaning the taxpayers of the US.

The increased costliness of these storms can easily be explained. It can be attributed to the increased building along the hurricane coasts. If you build in the known path of storms you are going to get creamed. That's what people are doing and the Insurance companies, and the taxpayers, have been suffering the effects.

Maybe it’s time Insurance companies refuse to insure any building along the hurricane coast. If you build there, you will take responsibility for the damages when they come, as they surely will.

As to the investigations… well, call me paranoid if you must, but I have come to believe that it is simply a case of the academics needing a way to justify their existence and receive free money for the US government to fund their reason for existence. It is a vicious cycle. The only persons benefiting from such an arrangement is the academician himself... or herself.

So, in the interest of saving some "taxpayer money", I’ll take it upon myself to write the report on all their investigations right now. Here it is:

“After much concentrated effort, and exhaustive investigation and collaboration, among a host of colleagues around the world, we have concluded that the increase in the number and severity of Tropical cyclones of the 2005 tropical storm season was the direct result of global warming which increased the water temperatures of the world’s oceans. We further conclude the increase in atmospheric warming is directly related to the use of carbon based fuels which is entirely a product of human activity upon the planet”

See how easy that was? How many millions did I just save the American taxpayer?

It is, also, just that hair-brained.

So, sometime during the early spring of 2006, I predict you will see the above conclusion reported in all the world’s media. Watch for it. And laugh!


Monday, December 12, 2005

Time to Clean their Clock!

So now the mad mullah of Iran, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, wants President Bush tried for war crimes, does he? Who has he been talking to, Kennedy, Kerry, Dean and that bunch of wing nuts? Must have been.

You see Ahmadinejad is one of those poor Middle Eastern people we need to try to understand better!

Who says?

I already understand all I need to about that nut… soon to be a “nuclear armed nut”!

Ahmadinejad tells us he is aware that we have used nuclear weapons before. You would think that the fact that we have… would serve as a warning to him and his ilk. But it doesn’t. As long as they have the American Left doing their bidding they think they are perfectly safe from the “cowboys” on the Right, in the USA, coming after their behinds.

I have news for Ahmadinejad. That bright sunrise, about 3 AM, one morning soon, will not be the sun!

A war with Iran is a forgone conclusion. Let’s get it on, the sooner the better, while we have assets in the area. Right next door, actually.

Frankly, I have about had it with all the posturing by sawed-off, long bearded, Islamic fools, who love to play the “Leader” of a country they’d like to drag back to the 12th century. Their self-importance is sickening. They don’t care one whit for their people’s well being. They are drunk on power and, like addicts; they want more power… raw power… raw “nuclear” power… with which they can wipe the Jews, and the “infidels” off the face of the earth. These megalomaniacs always end by going down in flames, but they always, I mean ALWAYS, manage to take thousands of lives along the way.

Don’t we have military teams trained to eliminate such nuisances as this? Well, what in the world are we waiting for? Do that country, and the world, a favor and send in a couple of “Delta Teams”, and “Seal Teams”, and “fix” this problem… permanently!

Pardon me if I do not see the sense in wasting the lives of good American men and women, and the lives of Israeli men and women, to clean out another “outhouse”. A couple of teams of “experts” can handle that jerk and be home for supper.

Yes, I am angry. I’m tired of putting up with the attacks coming from both the American Left and the Islamic nuts. I don’t know how one would decide which of those two anti-American entities is the more fanatical! Both are equally happy to destroy their own countries for nothing but raw political power. It is revolting.

The US is so divided it will take decades to even begin the re-assembly of America. One more close Presidential election and we’ll be looking at a century to recover, not a few decades.

The world is on the threshold of a global conflagration. The only hope to come out the other side with any semblance of what we know as America, today, is to stop the whining, and the back-biting, and the power plays, and get serious about constructing a united front against the Islamic warmongers.

I do not see that happening. The Left is too deep into their “pity pots” to be of any help, to anyone, including themselves. They are not only an aggravation; they are a burden to the country and a threat to our national security.

We need to do some house cleaning, at home, before we take on another desert dwelling state.


Saturday, December 10, 2005

A Worldwide Tax?

(This post first ran on January 29th, 2005!)

A Worldwide Tax? Not so many weeks ago, there was talk at the UN of a worldwide tax for something or other. We laughed it off. The UN is so puffed-up with it’s own self-importance nothing much surprises us coming from that crowd of international scalawags.Now our old friend (Well, he SAYS he’s our Old Friend!) Jacques Chirac, of France, is proposing much the same thing. This time it is to alleviate the Aids situation in Africa. Ostensibly.Look, “Ole Jack” is so far over the top he is verging on the “pitiful”. His ambition to become the President of the United States of Europe is fogging what little brain he has left. He spews forth these idyllic hallucinations as a matter of course these days. Ole Jack needs help. Serious help. His inferiority complex, and that of his nation, France, is getting out of hand… again.The socialism of Europe is not going to fly in America, as the Democratic Party is learning… much to their chagrin. The Southern States will not allow it. The northern states will most likely slip away, at some point in the future, into the cesspool of socialism such as that of Jacques Chirac and the Old Europe. So, when Chirac, or the UN, begins talking about a worldwide tax, we Southerners laugh. I mean… a “body shaking” belly laugh. The ridiculous proposal is, in fact laughable, but it is also a façade for danger. The danger lurking behind it is encroaching Socialism and One World Government. We Southerners are not “Globalists”. Even today we want ”to be left alone”. We are not interested in becoming a part of any “One World Government”. We will be on the front lines in the fight to stop such proposals as a worldwide tax, proposed by Mr. Chirac, or the push for Global Government.It is always good to remember that Thomas Jefferson said: “The price of Freedom is eternal vigilance.” These days we must watch even those who call themselves “our friends”.

Your Obedient Servant,


Friday, December 09, 2005

The Dishonor of "Cutting and Running".

Why doesn’t the Democrat party just go ahead and admit that they are scared “witless” of the terrorists in Iraq and, really, just want to run and hide?’

After the President’s speech at Annapolis, they nearly trampled each other to get to a “hot” mike and announce that nothing had changed, they still want to cut and run!

This “Run and Hide” Strategy, of the Democrats, is bound to backfire… and in a big way… soon. They are simply cementing the public’s image of them as a Party that is anti-war, and anti-military, and… cannot be trusted with the nation’s security.

I disagree with the President on a number of his policies, mainly his lack of a policy on illegal immigration. But, on the war, he’s right. Stand and fight! I cannot imagine how the Democrats can actually BELIEVE that running away from an aggressor will WIN the fight! I cannot believe that THEY believe the majority of Americans stand WITH THEM on this policy of “national cowardice”, for that is what it is, pure and simple!

The men and women of our military, all volunteers, ask nothing more than that their country back them. That’s all. They’ll do the fighting… and the dying, if necessary. They’re committed to repaying an obligation, owed by all Americans to their country, but actually paid only by those who wear the uniform and make themselves available to fight her wars.

The Democrat Party today is so different from it’s earlier self, especially during the Second World War. Why, this bunch of Democrats, today, would be calling for the impeachment of Roosevelt… their own President! However, in the ‘40’s, the kind of behavior demonstrated by modern Democrats, toward the war, would be treated as it should be…beneath contempt, as well as un-American.

I grew up in a solid Democrat family. My grandparents had FDR’s Portrait prominently displayed on the wall of their home. He was revered. So was America. No one would dare cast aspersions upon the Democrat Party, or America, and expect to remain in my family’s home. This was true of many, if not most, of the Southern homes of that day. No longer.

Today the South is very nearly “totally” conservative Republican. You can see islands of blue in the municipal areas, but once you leave the city limits of our cities, you are in a sea of red.

Most Southerners cannot agree with the Democrats, simply because they cannot fathom their demonstrated lack of love, and respect, for their own country. I do not foresee a change in the Southern attitude toward the Democrat party any time soon. And that, Dear Reader, is why it is folly for the Democrats to expect a Democrat candidate for President to win the South.

Southerners are fiercely patriotic and they do not see that same patriotism in the Democrat party of today. When the President says we will stand and fight, then, by God, that’s what Southerners will do. Why? Honor, Dear Reader! Honor! Some of you may have to look that word up in the dictionary. But, down South … we know what it means. I mean… we REALLY know what it means.

Down here, when a National Guard Unit, or a Reserve Unit, marches away to war, the whole town turns out to bid them farewell and Godspeed. And, that same town turns out to welcome them back, upon their return. Likewise, the entire town mourns when one of its sons, or daughters, is lost in service to our country. Patriotism is no abstract here.

The President’s speech, at Annapolis, was “spot on”. We understood what he said and… what he meant. It’s a shame to even debate “cutting and running”. Worse… it is dishonorable!


Thursday, December 08, 2005


For as long as I can remember Republicans, in general, and Conservatives, in particular, have been dead set against Nation Building.

What happened?

We’re into Nation Building in Iraq! Big time!

Now, I know it is not the popular thing to say these days, but we won the war in Iraq. We invaded, completely destroyed the military of Iraq, overthrew the government of Iraq, and captured the Iraqi Dictator-in-hiding. Now he is on trial, at least it’s supposed to be a trial although it resembles a circus more.

I’m not a Neo-Con. If anything, I’m an old moss-backed Paleo-Con. I do not believe in Nation Building… at all. I’m from the old school in which you invade a country, and destroy it’s military, it’s government, it’s infrastructure and … then you leave. A very important part of the punishment of that enemy country is to leave it a smoking pile of rubble!

This is an important part of any victory. The ability to point to a former enemies pile of rubble and say, hey, you mess with us and you, too, will wind up like that!

It has something to do with the “fear factor”. Scare the living daylights out of any potential enemies.

Granted, it’s not pretty, but it is effective. You see, I’m not into trying to win friends and influence people. Never have been. I’m into winning.

See, I told you it was not pretty.

This Nation Building is costing us treasure and blood. I’m sorta averse to contributing either one!

The US has to make attacking us too costly for any country to even contemplate. To demonstrate that cost, we need to completely obliterate a country or two, sort of as examples, don’t you see?

But, so long as we go into countries and knock them down, and them help them back up, and rebuild their country, where’s the cost to them. Iraq will be in better shape when US forces finally DO leave than it has been since, well, I don’t know when.

I think Genghis Khan had it about right. Hit fast, hit hard, destroy everything in sight… and leave!

Did anyone ever ask “ole Genghis” what HIS exit strategy was? Huh? Guess not. You see, everybody knew, already!

No, our politicians have to get out in front of our Generals, and the troops, and prevent them from performing the jobs they were trained to do. Kill and destroy. Instead, they want the troops to all sit in a circle, hold hands, and sing “cum baya”.

It’s utter nonsense. It should be as simple as one, two, three:

One: Deploy to the enemy country

Two: Cream the enemy (and his country)

Three: Re-deploy home.

In the meantime, keep the troops razor sharp, and leaning forward, so that next time a troublemaker sticks his head up, he knows what’s coming.

Our troops have won the war. Now the politicians, in Washington, are so uncomfortable with victory, they feel this overpowering urge to “kiss and make-up” by rebuilding that which we have just destroyed. Makes no sense to me.

It’s not very diplomatic, I know. But then, again the French are credited with inventing diplomacy. That’s all I need to know about diplomacy!

Yeah, the more I think about it, the more I think “ole Genghis” was on to something there.


Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Is The Greatest Generation Ashamed of Us Today?

The Pearl Harbor of this Generation!

Around 8 AM, 64 years ago today, the Japanese swooped in, out of a brilliant blue sky over Hawaii, and bombed the port of Pearl Harbor to smithereens. Much of the muscle of our Navy was destroyed. Two thousand and four hundred US servicemen were killed.

I was seven months old.

In the next four years, as my consciousness grew, I became aware of all the activity around me. I saw soldiers in uniform. I saw my grandmother crying when the telegram came that her baby boy had been "Killed in Action" somewhere in Europe.

And finally, I remember guns being fired into the air, people running through the streets, of our little South Carolina town, hugging and kissing each other. I remember folks saying: “It’s over!” And it was. But it left an indelible mark on my family and an even deeper mark on me.

Those first 4 years of my life, the formative years, were experienced under intense stress. I learned the cost of war right from the beginning stages of my life. I lost one uncle, in Belgium (the Ancestral homeland) another was machine gunned through both thighs and lay in a freezing stream, in France, all night until American troops found him the next morning. The icy water of that frozen stream saved his life. He suffered ”shell-shock” (referred to as "Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome" today) the remainder of his life. A summertime thunderstorm became an instant German artillery barrage. He would race for cover. The flashbacks were ever with him.

Others of my family were in the Pacific fighting the Japanese. They, too came home with stories of Japanese Kamikaze planes hitting their ships and in one case finding a woman… yes, I said a woman, pilot in one of them! She was alive. For whatever reason, the plane with the bomb attached, did not explode.

When we could get those veterans to talk, which was not often, I was spell bound by the stories of their experience. I soaked it up like a sponge.

You see, I learned, both from personal experience, and the second hand experience of my family members, who were in the hell of the Second World War, what war really is. And, I learned that you have no choice when the enemy brings the war to your doorstep, you must fight back, and you must prevail, no matter the cost.

Today, we find ourselves in another war, which was brought to our doorstep. In doing so, the enemy killed many more people with their sneak attack than the Japanese did with their sneak attack on Pearl Harbor.

I don’t suffer fools lightly. My generation shares that quality. Today we have people in our government who are advocating a policy of retreat for the United States in our war against terrorist in Iraq. If does not seem to matter, to those folks, that an enemy which has brought war to our shores will not quit, and go home, just because we do. They will follow us back to our own country and continue to wage war against us here... in our land.

It makes no difference how many medals hang from a man’s uniform or suit jacket. For all the times he was right, represented by those medals, there are times when he is wrong.

Had the United States listened to the “doves” after Pearl Harbor, I would most likely be writing this missive in German rather than English. It was that serious then, and it is that serious now.

So, as we think, today, of the men and women who gave everything they had, including their lives, to insure that you and I would have a free country, let us think of the men and women serving today for the same reason.

On December 7th, 1941 the Japanese, and the Germans, wanted nothing less than the conquest of the world. Today the Islamofacists want the same thing.

You have to ask yourself… as an American… are you going to stand down, ground your weapon, and allow this evil from the deepest, darkest, depths of hell, to take your country? That is the question all Americans must ask themselves. For, understand, they will not stop with America. Once America is out of the way, the remainder of the world will fall to them as easily as dominoes.

The Men and Women (Caps Intentional) of 1941 had to ask themselves the same question. We had better thank Almighty God they answered in the affirmative.

Today, we honor them for it. But they will tell you, those who survive to this day, that there was no real question about what the people of America would do. It was simply understood that freedom was far to precious to allow the forces of evil to take it from us. And so they marched forth to stop it and preserve this country for you and I. And they did!

We can never thank them enough. Not only did they save America, they saved the world!

Are we, as Americans, prepared to give up our freedom today after that generation gave so much of their blood to preserve it for us?

I pray to God that America will finally awaken to the danger that threatens us and take the painful steps to preserve this country, and again, the world.