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Barack Obama: A Bill of Indictment ... Alam Caruba

Barack Obama: A Bill of Indictment
By Alan Caruba
Oyez! Oyez! Oyez! All those with business before the court of public opinion will draw near. A bill of indictment has been issued for Barack Hussein Obama, President of the United States of America. It is a call for justice from the people of the United States who allege that he is engaged in the destruction of their nation.

For the court’s consideration, it is alleged:

That he secured the office of President by falsely stating he is a natural born citizen of the United States without providing irrefutable documentation and witnesses thereof,

That he associated with persons known and unknown to hold anti-American views antithetical to the conduct of his office, to include a convicted felon, an unrepentant former domestic terrorist, among too many others to innumerate,

That he has created an unaccountable level of governmental policy-making with the largest expansion of presidential advisors, “czars”, in the history of the executive branch,

That, while in his first six months, he bowed to the King of Saudi Arabia and Emperor of Japan, an act that contradicts the primacy of the office of the U.S. presidency,

That, in contradiction to his sworn duty to protect the nation, he announced the termination of the U.S. space defense system the day after North Korea launched an ICBM,

That he ordered the release of memos regarding the interrogation of terrorists interned in U.S. facilities at Guantanamo, making known to the Islamist enemies of the nation the manner of their interrogation,

That he appointed as Secretary of Homeland Security, an individual who ordered that the word “terrorism” be replaced by the term, “man made disasters,”

That, during his first six months in office, he doubled the U.S. national debt, currently at an unsustainable level, threatening the value of the U.S. dollar,

That he signed into law a “stimulus” bill, the bulk of whose funds were allocated to government employee unions under the guise of generating millions of new jobs in the private sector,

That he signed into law a “Troubled Asset Relief Program” that, contrary to the Constitution, promoted short term private benefit, rather than the general welfare, while evading the constitutional requirement of equal protection, saving some businesses while letting others expire,

That he by-passed the established legal process of bankruptcy to seize control of General Motors and Chrysler auto manufacturers, benefiting unions to the loss of creditors,

That, in collusion with the majority leaders of the House of Representatives and the Senate, he initiated and engineered the passage of legislation that nationalized the healthcare industry despite overwhelming opposition by the American People,

That he has participated in national and international conferences to advocate the discredited theory of global warming and continues to advance Cap-and-Trade legislation based on it; a massive tax on energy use that will undermine the recovery of the economy,

That he has failed to protect the United States by failing to secure its southern border with Mexico and is threatening to take legal action against Arizona, a sovereign State that has passed legislation in lieu of that failure,

That he has consistently advocated “global government” over the sovereignty of the United States,

That he declared his intention to “bankrupt” the coal industry, responsible for one half of the electricity generated to serve the needs of Americans,

That he failed to take immediate and effective action to deter widespread ecological and economic damage to States bordering the Gulf of Mexico following an accident on a BP deepwater oil rig, including a “moratorium” on oil drilling that threw thousands out of work,

That he continues to advocate “a clean energy future” when such energy, solar and wind, exist only because of government subsidies and mandates, are a dangerously unpredictable source of electricity, and produce less than three percent of the electricity generated nationwide,

That two private investigators have asserted he is using a Social Security number set aside for applicants in Connecticut while there is no record he ever had a mailing address in that State and that the number was issued between 1977 and 1979. Obama’s earliest employment reportedly was in 1975 at a Baskin-Robbins in Oahu, Hawaii,

And, for these and other hidden records regarding his birth, his overseas travel to Pakistan, college records, medical records, and other means of verifying a legitimate claim to hold the office of the President,

We, the People of the United States of America demand that impeachment proceedings be initiated or that cases pending before the courts be adjudicated at the earliest possible time to prevent further damage to the economy and security of the nation.

Alan Caruba writes a daily post at An author, business and science writer, he is the founder of The National Anxiety Center.

© Alan Caruba, 2010
Alan Caruba writes a daily post at An author, business and science writer, he is the founder of The National Anxiety Center.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Obama and the “Internet Kill Switch!”

Obama and the “Internet Kill Switch!”
Obama Moves One Step Closer To Control Of The Internet
A Commentary by J. D. Longstreet

WE saw this coming years ago and warned that if Obama was elected he and the Socialist/Democrats would make a strong effort to take over the Internet

Well, recently, a US. Senate Panel approved an Internet “Kill Switch” for Obama. The so-called “kill switch” gives the President the power to “turn off the Internet.”

A sponsor of the bill was heard to say that the ChiCom (Chinese Communist) had that power in their country, and he felt the US government needed that same power, as well.

It seems to have, somehow, escaped the notice of those who pushed this abomination of a bill through the senate panel that China is a communist nation. A dictatorship.

Oh, you are going to love the title of this bill. It is: “Protecting Cyberspace as a National Asset Act.” Don’t you just love the way the socilaists in our Congress wrap themselves in red, white, and blue while they push harder and harder, every day, to take our hard won freedom away?

Look, this is serous stuff. The Internet is the most powerful weapon Americans can use to thwart the agenda of the Socialists in the US government. They KNOW THAT and they are determined to either bring it under their control – or – shut it down inside the United States. The voice of desent cannot be allowed in an Obama Regime!

There is, at this moment, a two pronged attack on the Internet by the Obama Regime. The Federal Communications Commison is stacked with Obama supporters and the socialist/democrats in the Congress. They, too, are handmaidens of the Obama Regime in silencing the voices of those who speak out against Obama’s socialist agenda.

In a piece I wrote, just a few days ago entitled: “Obama’s Assault On The INTERNET Has Begun” (HERE.) I wrote the following: “The courts told the FCC this week to “stand back,” and keep their hands off the Internet. But, do not think, for one second, they are about to allow a little thing like the law to get in the way of a take over of the Internet -- not for one second. Already, they are looking at regulating the Internet as a public utility.

Look, we warned and warned and warned that Obama’s Marxist buddies in the FCC and the Congress would come after free speech on the Internet. Well, here they come!

Socialist/Marxist/Progressive Congresspersons, and Senators, are scrambling to get in line to fulfill Obama’s wish to control the Internet and the free speech on it.

They can see the Mid-Term Election looming on the distant horizon of November and they know they have limited time to strangle free speech on the Internet with their Marxist chains.

Think I’m blowing smoke? Think again. They are vowing to do whatever is necessary to see that the Federal Communications Commission is handed control over providers of Internet services.”

Now, only a few days later, comes the move by Obama’s minions in the Senate to grant him control over the Internet by presenting him with a so-called “Kill Switch.”

Look, control of the Internet, with a Kill Switch, is just another grasp for power by the Obama Regime and the socialist/democrats in Congress. Sure, they claim it is only for use in wartime.


It is supposed to save the Internet from an enemy’s cyber attack.

Those who spend much time on the Internet know that cyber attacks are a frequent thing on the Internet -- whether we are at war, or not.

The Internet has its own way of dealing with these attacks. Government intervention is not needed -- nor is it welcome.

Consider this: a single security system is much easier to defeat than a hodge - podge of hundreds, even thousands, of private sector security systems built by private sector companies, or individuals, to defend their interests on the Internet.

There is only one reason for Obama to have a Kill Switch for the Internet. That is for control of the citizens of America. Parse it any way you like, that is the bottom line.

J. D. Longstreet

Monday, June 28, 2010

Is Obama Abusing the President’s Executive Order Privilege?

Is Obama Abusing the President’s Executive Order Privilege?
A Commentary by J. D. Longstreet
Is Obama using the executive order to legislate, or make law, from the Oval Office -- therefore circumventing the Congress? That is a good question -- and one that has been put to me a number of times recently by close friends. I must admit, as well, to a grave concern, on my part, about the seeming way Obama appears to be legislating from the Oval Office.

It has become apparent to many Americans that Congress needs to take a closer look, to evaluate, a number of executive orders by Obama.

Before you get your knickers in a knot, understand that we are living in extremely precarious times here, in America, under the socialist yoke of the Obama Regime.

See, the plain truth is -- the only basis in the Constitution for an executive order is in Article II, Section 1:

“The executive power shall be vested in a President of the United States of America.”
and Article II, Section 3:

“He [the President] shall take care that the laws be faithfully executed.”

Some of you may remember that the Supreme Court ruled that President Truman’s 1952 order to “nationalize” all the steel mills in the US, by placing them under federal control, was invalid because, according to the Court, it was an attempt to make law.

It has become clear that President Obama is ruling more as a king than a president and if the American people do not insist that Congress put the quietus on his executive order proclamations -- the US is in serious danger of losing our constitutional republic and once again becoming a people ruled by a king and a would-be dictator.

It would seem that Obama subscribes to what is known as the Unitary Executive theory. “The unitary executive theory is a theory of American constitutional law holding that the President controls the entire executive branch. The doctrine is based upon Article Two of the United States Constitution, which vests "the executive power" of the United States in the President.

Although that general principle is widely accepted, there is disagreement about the strength and scope of the doctrine. It can be said that some favor a "strongly unitary" executive, while others favor a "weakly unitary" executive. The former group argue, for example, that Congress’ power to interfere with intra-executive decision-making (such as firing executive branch officials) is limited, and that the President can control policy-making by all executive agencies within the limits set for those agencies by Congress. Still others agree that the Constitution requires a unitary executive, but believe this is a bad thing, and propose its abolition by constitutional amendment.
”(From Wikipedia HERE.)

I happen to be one of those Americans who believe that, as stated above, the President can control policy-making by all executive agencies within the limits set for those agencies by Congress.

If the rumors that Obama is about to sign an executive order to grant amnesty to the illegal aliens already within the United States are true – then the Congress needs to look into it. Should Obama issued such an executive order, then it certainly must be challenged all the way to the Supreme Court for a ruling.

The Socialist/Democrats in the US government are over reaching -- just as we warned they would. They ALWAYS do it. It is some sort of compulsive behavior on the part of the democrats. It often leads to their downfall.

It would appear the democrats in our government have become so used to manipulation by the “man behind the curtain,” the “Shadow Government,” or whoever is pulling their strings, they appear to now believe their own prevarications. They live in a world created for them by those who “run” them, who “oversee” them, and they are completely cut off from those they THINK they represent. They are living an illusion.

The democrat’s Grand Illusion, however, is dangerous for America. They believe the American people want a shepherd. Because their fellow democrats want a “Sugar Daddy,” they believe Americans, as a whole, want a “Sugar Daddy.” And worst of all, they have convinced themselves that a benign dictator is best for America, and Obama, a seriously flawed narcissist, fits the bill. To make matters worse -- Obama believes it, too! As a result America, under the Obama Regime, is being ruled by an oligarchy of one – Obama!

America must be set aright this November. The Obama Regime has seen the handwriting on the wall and they have plans, already in the works, to stop conservative efforts to rescue America from their socialist clutches at the ballot box in the Mid-Term Elections this fall. If conservatives are not victorious, then Obama’s executive orders will be the least of our worries.

Is rule by military fiat next -- you know -- to teach us a lesson? Let’s not find out. The Obama Regime, and its Socialist/Marxist agenda, must be stopped if America is to survive.

J. D. Longstreet

Friday, June 25, 2010

When Idiots Join Hands ... Alan Caruba

When Idiots Join Hands
By Alan Caruba

After the June 23 Cabinet meeting, President Obama said:
“We talked about energy. In the context of the oil spill, as I said last week during my Oval Office address, this has to be a wakeup call to the country that we are prepared and ready to move forward on a new energy strategy that the American people desperately want but for which there has been insufficient political will.”
“It is time for us to move to a clean energy future.”

First, let it be said that the American people do not desperately want “a new energy strategy.” They did not want Obamacare. They do not want Cap-and-Trade. They do not want amnesty for an estimated ten to twenty million illegal aliens.

Along with the totally discredited global warming hoax, this has got to be the biggest lie Obama keeps repeating, along with promises of thousands of “green jobs.”

What is Clean Energy?

Obama is referring to solar and wind energy. Neither of these enterprises would last longer than an episode of “So You Think You Can Dance” were it not for the billions of taxpayer’s dollars provided as subsidies to producers who, once the subsidies end, will abandon these most useless of all ways to generate electricity.
When the government mandates that part of the electricity you purchase must be supplied by wind or solar, they are forcing utilities to invest in means of generation that must always be backed up by coal-fired, natural gas, hydroelectric, or nuclear plants. Neither wind, nor solar can be depended upon to produce sufficient electricity, particularly during times of peak uses.

When you see those windmills turning even when there is no wind, there is a plant somewhere providing them with electricity because, unless they constantly turn, their mechanisms famously break down. Solar farms are even less efficient, particularly since the sun does not shine all the time and cloud cover often reduces their capacity.

This, however, will not deter the hoped-for thousands of people who will turn out on Saturday, June 26, to participate in some 700 events across the nation and, we’re told, worldwide in a mega-event called “Hands Across the Sand.” It is intended to encourage more “clean energy.”

“This simple, but powerful human expression of unity will send a clear message to our leaders that more offshore drilling is not the answer and now is the time to create our clean energy future,” said event founder, David Rauschkolb, described as a restaurant owner in Seaside, Florida.

That’s who we want making energy policy, a restaurant owner!
Among the sponsors of the event are Audubon, the Alaska Wilderness League, the Center for Biological Diversity, Clean Water Action, Defenders of Wildlife, Earth Day Network, Endangered Species Coalition, Energy Action Coalition, Environment America, Friends of the Earth, Greenpeace,, Ocean Conservancy, Rainforest Action Network, and the Sierra Club.

In other words, the most mendacious environmental groups, all devoted to impeding the development and access to the huge quantities of energy needed to maintain industry, agriculture, and an economy that, despite their constant interference and obstruction, is still the world’s leader in value of goods produced.

To them, the Gulf oil spill is the best thing that ever happened. One well out of hundreds in the Gulf of Mexico has suffered a horrible failure, but these are the people who want to shut down all of them despite a fifty-year history of safety.
No doubt the mainstream media will have a field day showing us coverage of countless idiots holding hands on beaches, near waterways, and wherever else they will gather in the name of not having any gasoline to fill the tanks of the cars that brought them there, not having the electricity to power the air conditioners in their homes, not having anything made from plastic, not even having asphalt on the highways and streets they will drive upon after the event.
It is not likely to occur to any of them that deepwater oil wells are the result of the bans environmental organizations continue to demand as they oppose drilling for oil in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge or anywhere along the 85% of U.S. coastal areas where huge amounts of untapped oil and natural gas exist.
This nation faces many hazards, but the greatest hazard of all is a President who wants to pass the biggest tax in U.S. history, Cap-and-Trade, on energy use. It is not a climate bill. It is not a jobs bill.

It is just another scheme based on the fraud of reducing so-called greenhouse gas emissions. The Earth produces 97% of these emissions. They are a part of the atmosphere of the Earth, albeit the atmosphere is almost entirely composed of oxygen and nitrogen. It is best understood as primarily water vapor!
The cartoon character, Pogo, famously said, “We have met the enemy and it is us.” You can watch them join hands on Saturday and demand a return to the Dark Ages.

© Alan Caruba, 2010
Alan Caruba writes a daily post at An author, business and science writer, he is the founder of The National Anxiety Center.

A few questions for President Obama ... by Paul Driessen

A few questions for President Obama
How exactly does the President plan to create his new Green Jobs Economy?
BY: Paul Driessen

America needs decisive leaders who understand what government can (and cannot) do to stop the Gulf gusher, clean up the mess, and get business, jobs and prosperity back on track. Instead, President Obama sounds like an anti-business Community Organizer in Chief – pointing fingers, making baseless claims about ending our “addiction to oil,” and leaving no crisis unexploited to promote job-killing cap-tax-and-trade and renewable energy agendas. His June 15 “vision” raised more questions than it answered.

1) The President said he can no longer support new drilling unless industry can prove it will be “absolutely safe.” This avoidable environmental disaster happened because BP, its contractors and MMS regulators did not follow procedures or respond properly to tests and warning signs, indicating critical trouble was brewing downhole. But if “absolute safety” is to decide activities and technologies, America will come to a standstill in the absence of impossible-to-obtain proof that nothing will ever go wrong, no one will ever screw up, and no technology will ever malfunction.

Oil tankers sometimes run aground, unleashing their black cargo on our shores. Will oil imports now be banned, as well? Over 42,000 Americans died in car accidents last year. Will highways and city streets be closed to vehicles? Airports, trains and subways? Wind turbines kill 3,000 eagles and other raptors every year, plus 100,000 to 300,000 other birds and bats. Will they be shut down until that carnage ends?

2) President Obama demanded that BP “set aside “whatever resources are required to compensate the workers and business owners who have been harmed” by the spill. With thousands of environmental activists, regulators, congressmen and trial lawyers on Team Obama, one can only imagine what creative damages and costs might be concocted, to convert the initial $20-billion BP fund into a bottomless money pit, and what “standards” might guide bird death valuations, for example.

ExxonMobil paid $600,000 when 85 birds died in uncovered waste facilities. PacifiCorp paid was fined $1.4 million after 230 eagles were killed by its power lines over a two-year period. Will those fines set the standard for Gulf oil spill bird deaths? Or will the standard be the zero, zip, nada fines assessed to date on wind turbine operators for their ongoing slaughter? Will BP be required to compensate oil field workers who lose their jobs because Team Obama imposed an arbitrary drilling moratorium, instead of ensuring improved oversight of drilling, blowout prevention and well completion activities?

3) The President said China is creating “clean energy” jobs “that should be right here in America,” while we send “nearly $1 billion of our wealth every day to foreign countries for their oil.” We will “embark on a national mission to unleash America’s innovation and seize control of our own destiny,” he declared, because “the time to embrace a clean energy future is now.”

America is not running out of oil. It is running out of places the government allows us to drill. China is creating renewable energy jobs, because it mines the lanthanides, lithium and other minerals that are essential for wind turbines, solar panels and hybrid cars, while we lock up our prospects; burns coal to generate cheap electricity to run its factories, while the White House, Congress and EPA try to drive US coal-based power to extinction; and pays its factory workers a fraction of what American workers receive.

Companies have been drilling in deep waters, because most onshore and shallow water areas are off limits. Will we now open the ANWR, Alaska National Petroleum Reserve, Rockies and near-shore OCS to drilling – where access and development are easier, and accidents (that we hope, and industry must ensure, never happen again) can be fixed and cleaned up far more easily than in mile-deep waters?

Will President Obama lift his OCS moratorium (which even his independent safety experts opposed), before it further devastates the battered Gulf economy, rigs head overseas, and thousands of experienced workers permanently leave the industry for other lines of work?

To advance the President’s “national mission” and generate 20% or more of our electricity with wind and solar, will our legislators, regulators and litigators continue to ignore the environmental review, endangered species, migratory bird and other laws that govern fossil fuel and nuclear power – so that we can rapidly blanket millions of acres of onshore and offshore America with wind turbines and solar panels, to replace coal-fired power plants, regardless of the environmental costs?

Rather than dozens of “ugly” offshore oil and gas platforms, often dozens of miles from our coasts – will America now enjoy seeing thousands of “beautiful” offshore wind turbines, towering above our beaches and creating obstacle courses for submarines, merchant ships laden with bunker fuel, and more tankers filled with crude oil and far more toxic refined product?

Will the President and Congress now open some of the hundreds of millions of acres they have made off limits to exploration and mining for the minerals needed to manufacture “green” technologies here in America? Or will we henceforth be dependent on foreign countries and dictators for both our “dirty” oil and the raw materials and finished components needed to build a new “clean energy” economy?

4) Under a cap-tax-and-trade regime, the price of hydrocarbon energy will “necessarily skyrocket,” to “encourage” companies and families to use less fossil fuel energy, and “persuade” them to switch to wind and solar. How will that affect turbine and panel manufacturing costs and subsidies, and the downstream costs of renewable energy and everything Americans make, grow, drive, ship, eat, drink and do?

How will US wind and solar factories compete with Chinese and Indian facilities, if the American plants are compelled to pay two, three, five times as much for electricity, under cap-tax-and-trade and renewable energy mandates? How will they compete if they must also pay subsidies, union wages and gold-plated health and pension plans, if government grants are also tied to compulsory unionization, and if non-union shops and right-to-work states are excluded from the bidding and subsidy process?

How will regulators and “clean energy” companies deal with the nasty pollutants generated in the process of manufacturing hundreds of thousands of wind turbines and millions of acres of solar panels? How will they handle highly toxic silicon tetrachloride, the powerful greenhouse gas nitrogen trifluoride and other chemicals used or generated in making solar panels, fiberglass and other components?

Even “little” 1.5 megawatt wind turbines require 700 tons of concrete, steel, fiberglass, copper and rare earth (lanthanide) minerals. Add in the transmission lines and backup gas-fired generators, and we’re talking some serious land use, raw material, pollution, bird kill and economic issues. How do our legislators, regulators, litigators and environmental activists plan to address these issues?

Will solar and wind companies operate under free market principles, to compete and possibly fail against other energy firms? Or will they be kept in business via huge subsidies under government systems that extract countless billions from families and less favored companies, borrow it from our children, and redistribute that wealth to “clean energy” companies? How long will this Grecian Formula be sustainable?

Spain lost 2.2 traditional jobs for every wind power job its massive subsidies created. President Obama has said we can create 5 million green jobs. How does he plan to compensate 11 million workers who will lose their traditional jobs under the Spanish Scenario? With more stimulus money and red ink?

Every seven million gallons of corn-based ethanol requires billions in subsidies, cropland equivalent to Indiana, millions of gallons of water and millions of tons of fertilizer, to make fuel that costs more but gets a third less mileage than gasoline. Can someone explain how this is eco-friendly and sustainable?

When this house of cards inevitably collapses, as it has in Spain, will its congressional and administration creators be held responsible and accountable, under the same standards they are applying to BP?

Just asking. (Not that I expect President Obama, Senator Kerry or Speaker Pelosi to have any answers – or even deign to respond to any American citizen who might ask such impertinent questions.)
Paul Driessen is senior policy advisor for the Committee For A Constructive Tomorrow ( and author of Eco-Imperialism: Green Power - Black Death.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Obama to Grant Amnesty to Illegal Aliens by Executive Order?

Obama to Grant Amnesty to Illegal Aliens by Executive Order?
A Commentary by J. D. Longstreet
This ought to frighten every American to his/her core. Below is an excerpt from a letter sent to the President from a few republican members of the US Senate recently:

“Several Senators have learned of a possible plan by the Obama Administration that would provide a mass Amnesty for the nation's 11-18 million illegal aliens. Led by Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa), eight Senators addressed a letter to the President asking for answers to questions about a plan that would allow DHS Secretary Janet Napolitano to provide an amnesty if they can't secure enough votes for a bill in the Senate.

The letter that was sent to Pres. Obama earlier today asks the President for clarification on the use of deferred action or parole for illegal aliens. The executive actions are typically used in special cases and are evaluated on a case-by-case basis, but if 60 votes can't be secured in the Senate to pass a mass Amnesty, the Administration may use the discretionary actions as an alternative.”

That letter was signed by: Sens. Grassley, Hatch (R-Utah), Vitter (R-La.), Bunning (R-Ky.), Chambliss (R-Ga.), Isakson (R-Ga.), Inhofe (R-Okla.), and Cochran (R-Miss.).

You may read the text of the letter

Rumors are flying and tempers are flaring in Washington, DC as rumors that President Obama intends to grant amnesty to nearly 20 million illegal aliens, already residing within the United States, with the stroke of his pen. It would take the form of a Presidential Executive Order. Outrage is spreading among the legal citizens of the US with the rapidity of a prairie fire in August.

Americans are concerned that by nothing more than the stroke of a pen Obama could grant the amnesty.

It was revealed recently that Obama has no intention of securing the southern border with Mexico until his Comprehensive Immigration Reform bill is passed. You know, the “Amnesty for Illegal Aliens bill.”

This certainly not something my fellow Americans can just shrug off!

It has become clear over the first few months of the Obama Regime that the American President is a socialist with strong dictatorial leanings. His sidling up to Hugo Chavez in Venezuela is proof enough, for many of us, that he admires Mr. Chavez’ type government (Socialist/Marxist) and Obama’s actions have certainly led us to believe that he favors “dictating” over administering a constitutional “REPRESENTATIVE” republic.

This “amnesty by executive order” will prove, once and for all, the evolution of Obama into an American dictator.

We have been warning since the presidential campaign, back in 2008, that this is where Obama would eventually take the United States. His narcissistic personality shone through, even then, and frightened many conservative commentators who warned time and time again that an administration led by Obama would be dangerous to our constitutional republic.

Obama has shown time and again that he will brook no disagreement from anyone within his Regime. He rules with an iron fist.

The American people are as angry as I have ever seen them in my nearly seven decades on this planet. Their fuse is growing extremely short. If Obama signs the rumored executive order, granting amnesty to the millions of illegal aliens in the US today, I am convinced it will be the last straw, and it will push outraged Americans, who have seen their country go from a Constitutional Republic to a Banana Republic, much like those in South American countries, over the edge sparking the unthinkable.

IF Obama goes through with this Amnesty by Executive Order, it is almost certain there will be attempts in the Congress to impeach him. But with Obama’s minions in charge of the Congress there is little chance impeachment proceedings would ever see the light of day. Should this happen, it is all but certain there will be an uprising, of some sort, by the American people.

The US is a country founded through revolution. As a direct descendant of a number of Confederate soldiers, I am not unfamiliar with the dangers to the citizens when a government uses it’s mailed fist to do whatever it pleases, the law not withstanding.

Look, those of us who are sentient beings are aware that the US has reached something of a “tipping point.” We have reached that apex of stress and fear at which anything is possible. Somehow, our so-called leadership does not see it, nor feel it, insulated as they are from those they supposedly represent. THAT is what makes this point in our history such an extremely dangerous time.

Something is about to happen. You can feel it.

Americans will not abide an oppressive government one second longer than it must. We are headed toward an event, on this continent, the likes of which the world has not seen since the 1770’s.

America is divided into two camps and we are rushing toward each other like two run-away locomotives. The inevitable crash will change things, not just in America, but planet-wide.

Divine intervention would be greatly appreciated just now.

J. D. Longstreet

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

BP and the Unmitigated Disaster ... Alan Caruba

BP and the Unmitigated Disaster
By Alan Caruba


The Gulf of Mexico could turn into a giant dead zone if some means cannot be found to staunch the flow of oil and toxic gases emerging from the damaged well beneath the Deepwater Horizon. Industry insiders who understand the engineering of wells are beginning to speak openly among themselves of an unmitigated disaster.

It is essential to understand that the oil business is like no other. Oil companies that drill too many dry holes go out of business. Oil is too often in places run by despots and gangsters that would make Hollywood villains seem tame by comparison. Oil companies must deal with them even at the risk they will renege on their promises; something they do a lot.

The oil business depends on technology that attempts to give geologists an idea of what is hidden way below the surface of the land or water. It often means having to team up with your competitors to finance an operation such as building a pipeline so both can move their crude oil to refineries.

Beyond that, oil companies do not set the price of oil. OPEC does not set the price of oil. Traders do that and they do it 24/7. You can lose money by not having enough oil and you can lose money from having too much oil that has to be stored until the price improves.

With the exception of a tanker spill in the 1980s, among the major oil companies ExxonMobil has an extraordinary record of safety. Its company ethos is such that decisions are made only after serious consideration and its emphasis has always been on managing to achieve the best results with the least amount of risk, primarily by paying attention to good practices. Its management is not flashy and does not seek the spotlight.

In contrast, British Petroleum has always been about risk and about cutting corners. Prior to CEO Tony Hayward who was pushed aside by its board of directors after two months of saying the wrong thing at the wrong time during the Deepwater Horizon disaster, BP was largely a reflection of John Browne, an egotist who was driven to build the company through mergers and buy-outs. His interest in the engineering and technological aspects of the business was minimal.

As Tom Bowers, the author of “Oil: Money, Politics and Power in the 21st Century”, put it, Browne’s “mantra of ‘more for less’ to boost BP’s share price was a poisoned chalice.”

The result was that BP routinely paid multi-million dollar fines for breaking U.S. environmental and safety laws, including admitting to outright fraud. No other oil company has a comparable record of safety violations. In two separate incidents prior to the Gulf oil rig explosion, 30 BP workers had been killed and more than 200 were seriously injured.

By skimping on safety a Texas City refinery explosion not only dealt a blow to BP’s reputation, but the estimated minimum cost in lost profits and compensation was calculated to be $4 billion. BP had decided to save money by not insuring the facility against the possibility of such an accident. By extension, it increased the public’s distrust of the oil industry.

In an article about its safety record, it was noted that Occupational Safety and Health Administration statistics showed that BP “ran up 760 ‘egregious, willful’ safety violations,” while Sunoco and Conoco-Phillips each had eight, Citgo had two and ExxonMobil had only one such citation.

Oil companies run their own trading operations and BP ran afoul of the law when it conspired to manipulate the propane gas market, ripping off $53 million from consumers who depended on it to heat their homes.

BP through its lobbyists and corporate representatives worked to influence Congress and reportedly played “a major role in drafting the Kerry-Lieberman bill”, the Cap-and-Trade Act currently waiting for a vote in the Senate. It is based on blatantly false "global warming science" and is a tax on energy use.

Under the leadership of John Browne, BP more than any other oil company, actively sought to re-brand itself from being an oil company to being an advocate for the environment, using an advertising motto, “Beyond petroleum” and supporting the fraudulent “global warming” hoax. With Browne at the helm, he promised that BP would invest $1 billion in solar energy by 2010 and invest $8 billion in alternative energies over ten years.

It did not, apparently, invest in the kind of engineering and inspection of rig construction that might have prevented the explosion on the Deepwater Horizon. The event and previous explosions at its refineries were the result of years of an internal BP philosophy that focused on profits before safety. Whether it was accident prone refineries or corrosion in the Alaska pipeline, BP cut corners.

Even when Browne reached the mandatory retirement age of 60 in 2008, he did everything in his power to avoid it. He had run out of support in the company he had built through his quest to be among the largest, if not the largest, oil company in the world. By then, however, it was too late to save BP from what, in hindsight, was an inevitable disaster.

Suffice it to say that everything that could go wrong following the Deepwater Horizon explosion has gone wrong. The oil industry has never been faced with an engineering failure of this magnitude.

For the creatures of the Gulf, it is an ecological disaster of biblical proportions. For the coastal states affected, it is an economic disaster that will rapidly eat through the $20 billion BP has pledged to set aside for remediation over the next five years. The losses to the nation as a whole are probably incalculable at this point.

Industry insiders believe that neither BP, nor the Obama administration, are telling the public the truth, nor the full ramifications of what will occur if the blowout preventer, all 450 tons of it, literally tips over deep below the waters of the Gulf.

“It won’t be long after that the entire system fails,” predicted a writer in Oil “BP must be aware of this. They are mapping the sea floor sonically and that is not a mere exercise. Our government must be aware too, but they are just not telling us.”

It is essential to keep in mind that this is a BP problem. It is not something for which the entire oil industry should be blamed. America runs on oil and, if the politicians will just get out of the way, we shall have it.

Alan Caruba blogs daily at An author, business and science writer, he is the founder of The National Anxiety Center.

© Alan Caruba, 2010

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

US Borders to remain unsecured until Amnesty for illegal Aliens is approved?

US Borders to remain unsecured until Amnesty for illegal Aliens is approved?
A Commentary by J. D. Longstreet


According to an article at Fox Nation (HERE.), that is what Arizona Senator Jon Kyle reported to an audience at a town Hall meeting where he spoke. The article goes on to say that Senator Kyl told the audience, at a tea party meeting, that the President, himself, told Kyl, in a face-to-face meeting in the Oval Office the he (Obama) feared the GOP would not support his “Comprehensive Immigration Reform” bill (Otherwise known as the Amnesty for illegal Aliens bill) bill if he secured the borders first.

According to Fox Nation, Kyl reported the President said: “The problem is, if we secure the border, then you all won't have any reason to support comprehensive immigration reform." Then Kyl went on to say: “In other words, they're holding it hostage." The report says there was an audible gasp from those present at the meeting when Kyl reported this bit of news.

Soon after Kyl’s remarks were made public, the White House denied the President had made such a statement. But Kyl’s office is standing by what the Senator said.

Kyl also says the President made it clear to him that the promise of those National Guard troops he promised to send to the southern border was a political tactic on his part, (The President) to help assure the passage of Obama’s comprehensive immigration Reform – AKA Amnesty for Illegal Aliens.

None of this should surprise anyone. This type of thuggery, and political blackmail, has become a hallmark of the Obama Regime. As we pointed out some months ago, the Obama regime is set-up to operate as a “political mafia” organizations taking their cues from the gang bosses of the early crime families in Chicago.

Well, the republicans had their Nixon, and now the democrats have their Obama and, as far as I can tell, there isn’t a dime’s worth of difference between the two presidential administrations.

If you recalled we warned you early on that the democrats would not be able to contain themselves and the lust for power. We warned often to expect the democrats to “overreach.” They do it every time they game the upper hand in the nation’s legislature and/or the White House. All one has to do is just observe the democratic leadership in the US House of Representatives, and in the US Senate and, of course, in the White House.

The Mainstream Media is playing right along as the
lead propagandists of the Obama Regime in an attempt to keep the US citizens distracted with all the many and varied crises sucking up all the ink from their publications and all the air time from their broadcasts.

And… to make matters even worse for those of us who oppose Amnesty, there has been a huge disconnect between the citizens of America and their representatives in the US House of Representatives and the US Senate. I must tell you, however, I now have doubts about that “disconnect.” I have come to believe that more than a “disconnect” it is a “deliberate distancing” of our national legislators from their constituents -- especially for those that follow in Obama’s footsteps and subscribe to his socialist dogma.

Well, We have said all along the problem with illegal immigration across our southern border could be fixed, almost immediately, if the government wanted it fixed. Now we know for certain that they do not want the southern border sealed. See, those are democratic voters coming across that invisible line headed north into the land of milk and honey and -- along side them on their northward trek -- is cheap labor!

As you can see with this latest revelation by Arizona’s Senator Kyl, the American people are at an impasse with their government.

So, what so we Americans do with a government that refuses to enforce America’s laws? The answer? Throw them out of office this November.

The Founders of America intended this country to be administered by a government that governed with “the consent of the people.” Clearly that is less and less the case as each recent election has shown.

It is time for Americans to reclaim their right to a government that responds to the wishes of the people by tossing out those who refuse. Their replacements would be well advised not to unpack their luggage to quickly upon their arrival in Washington, DC.

J. D. Longstreet

Monday, June 21, 2010

Obama’s Socialist Hammer Comes Down on the Internet!

Obama’s Socialist Hammer Comes Down on the Internet!
Conservative Bloggers: LOOK OUT!
A Commentary by J. D. Longstreet
***************** reports the following: “The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) voted on Thursday to begin the formal process of bringing the Internet under greater federal control – a move sought by both President Barack Obama and FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski--even though federal law calls for an Internet "unfettered by Federal or State regulation." The report goes on to say: “The FCC is now trying to reclassify the Internet to broaden its authority over the Web.”

How is Obama’s FCC planning to get their mailed fist around the throat of the Internet? It is very simple, really. CNSNews informs us in their report how they will do it. The report says: “The 3-2 party-line vote on Thursday at the FCC began the formal process of reclassifying the Internet as a telecommunications service instead of an information service – its current classification. This is necessary because, as an information service, the government has little power to regulate Internet networks. But the report goes on to explain: “As a telecommunications service, such as a telephone network, the Internet would fall under a much broader regulatory scope – giving the government the power to enforce universal service requirements, making them pay into a federal universal service fund used to provide communications services to poor areas.”

Please, we URGE you read this article in its entirety. You will find it at CNSNEW.COM HERE.

If there was ever a case of the “camel’s nose under the tent,” this is most assuredly IT!

Look, I worked in the broadcast industry for nearly 30 years. I can tell, from experience, that, in my day, the broadcast industry was one of the most government-regulated industries in the country, if not THE most regulated.

To the broadcast industry, the Federal Communications industry is G O D! They say: “JUMP!” and the broadcaster says: “How high?” And he does it while jumping!

So, bloggers enjoy your freedom of speech for a few more months. Experience tells me the end is in sight.

The old soviet KGB has nothing on the agents of the FCC. Expect them to monitor the Internet much as they did the AM and FM broadcast bands. If they hear something they don’t like, you WILL get a visit. It could be a costly visit.

We are convinced that Obama’s FCC is a political machine, a club to be wielded against those who speak out against the Socialists, Marxists, Statists, Progressives, Liberals, and/or Democrats controlling the US government today. Unless the Supreme Court stops them they WILL swing that club and conservative sites, conservative bloggers, especially, will be the very first targets.

See, the Obama Regime must gain control of the communications networks in America. The broadcast networks apparently have voluntarily made a gift of their fealty to the socialist agenda of this regime, as have many in the major print media – that which we often refer to as the Mainstream Media.

As we have so often reminded our readers, Obama promised to “fundamentally change” America. He cannot do that as long as the Internet hosts conservative bloggers who insist on pointing out the socialist agenda of the Obama regime. I am convinced this administration would nationalize the broadcast and print media -- and the Internet -- if they thought they could get away with it. Believe me – if we give them that time, they WILL do it!

Think I am paranoid? Let me assure you, there may be times I would agree with that assessment of my scribbling – but NOT THIS TIME! I KNOW what the FCC can do when they decide to bring the hammer down.

CNSNEWS informs us: “The FCC will now begin the mandatory public comment period, where it will solicit input from private companies and citizens about whether it should reclassify the Internet and, if so, how it should do it.”

If you value a free and open Internet then let your voice be heard. Write the FCC and tell them so -- and demand they back off and leave the Internet alone. Write your Congresspersons and Senators and explain your feelings on this matter to them and ask for their support of a free and open Internet.

I have warned for months, yea, years, that this was coming. I have seen no sense of alarm among fellow bloggers. Maybe it was/is there and I have somehow missed it. I sincerely hope that is the case. I fear it is not.

Believe me, t will take a MASSIVE effort to stop this particular power grab by the Obama Regime. Frankly, I don’t expect those of us who value a free and open Internet to be victorious.
But we have to try!

My close friends refer to me as the original Man of La Mancha. I have a penchant for joisting with windmills. I have been “un-horsed” and knocked on my behind so many times I cannot count them. I have learned a valuable lesson from those painful encounters. That is -- you cannot hope to win, if you don’t attack, and continue to take the battle to the enemy, time and time again for as long as you have the strength to press the attack.

There is the famous story, among we descendants of Confederate soldiers, of the Confederate general who sent a dispatch to General Lee in which he declared that he was totally surrounded by the enemy, cut off from any reinforcements, his troops were decimated, out of ammunition, and their rations were gone. The brave general declared that his situation was hopeless. Therefore, he informed General Lee, he would attack at dawn!

THAT is the attitude we must have as we gear up to fight this attack on the First Amendment of the Constitution.

We must take a stand for freedom and we must do it NOW!

J. D. Longstreet

Sunday, June 20, 2010

A House Divided Against Itself Cannot Stand. (Revised) # 2

A House Divided Against Itself Cannot Stand. (Revised) # 2
By J. D. Longstreet
"And Jesus knew their thoughts, and said unto them, Every kingdom divided against itself is brought to desolation; and every city or house divided against itself shall not stand". (From the Bible, Matthew 12:25.)

The schism that slices through America today has been widening since the 19th century. Little by little, decade-by-decade, year-by-year it has continued to get ever wider and ever deeper. It has nothing to do with geography. It has nothing to do with slavery… and, yet, it has everything to do with slavery. What, you say? Didn't we put the slavery issue to rest with a war in the 1860's? The truthful answer is NO, we did not. We put to rest the issue of whether or not a man could hold another man in bondage in this country. What we did not put to rest, however, is the question of whether this country's government could hold its citizens in bondage.

The founders of this country intended to set up a government with very little power. They intended the government to have only the power the citizens allowed it to have. Almost instantly the power struggle began between those who wanted a strong central government and those who wanted strong states and a weak central government. After all, it was The States that created the Federal Government… as a utility of the states. Not the other way around. Look it up.

In 1860 there were 33 states in the so-called United States of America. I do mean "so-called" because they were anything but UNITED. By the spring of 1861 thirteen of those states had had enough of being "dictated-to" by a oligarchic federal government wielding powers the constitution did not grant it, and ... as the US Constitution did not forbid it (as had the Articles of Confederation)... they took their leave of the United States. They created a country of their own with a constitution (mostly copied from the original constitution of the US) and they became a separate country.

A few Americans today actually know what caused that split. A handful of Americans understand what the ensuing war was fought about

A few million Southern Americans still feel the sting of being forced, at the point of a government bayonet, to be a part of a country their ancestors had forsaken in order to set up a representative republic in the image of the government the Founding Fathers of America had given the United States.

A few million Americans who either live in, have lived in, or hail from, the only portion of this country to ever be invaded, conquered, and occupied by a foreign power, understand what is happening in America today, not because we learned it in school, no… because we learned it from the stories our families have handed down from generation to generation and from our own research into what happened to a country which had, less than a hundred years before, won it's independence from the Mother Country.

We are scattered all over America today... north, south, east, west, all over. We see where America is headed… and we fear for our fellow Americans because they/we are not ready for the cost of what is about to happen to America. None of us are. What America is facing, in the next few years, will make the American Civil War seem like a Sunday School picnic.

Yes, I am referring to SLAVERY. Voluntary slavery to begin with… then involuntary slavery… when it is then too late. The socially accepted word for it these days is… SOCIALISM.

What we have to decide today is: Whether America should stay free, or whether America should give up the freedom so many have fought, bled, and died for, and assume the yoke and chains of slavery under socialism.

Make no mistake. SOCIALISM IS SLAVERY. Under socialism you will give up all your rights… all your freedom... for security guaranteed by the Central Government. Believe me, if you think democracy is expensive; wait 'til you have to pay for all those FREE programs.

All my instincts tell me that today's crop of Americans is willing to give up everything for the promise of security. Of all things "un-American"… that is the MOST un-American.
Do not expect the half of the country who stands solidly against socialism to go along, quietly; into the self-inflicted slavery of this hell-spawned form of government we call socialism.

The word "United" can be dropped from the country's name today. The country is being torn in two. And there will be no compromise. It cannot be healed, ever, again. Two peoples, this diametrically opposed, cannot share the same space. Only the most naive among us cannot understand where this argument, over how we are to be governed, will eventually wind up.

Americans have been there before. More Americans died in the first American Civil War than in all the wars in which America has fought since her founding. And today, at least half of this country is deadly in earnest about their love of freedom and are willing to sacrifice, as their forefathers did, to preserve it.

Yes, we are in dangerous times. Extremely dangerous. The Obama Regime has already changed America -- forever. We are no longer one nation under God. We are two nations under Obama with one chomping at the bit for independence from the oligarchic socialist government in place in Washington today.

How will it end? Read your history – for history does, indeed, repeat itself, and you will discover how it all ends.

J. D. Longstreet

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Capitalizing On The Latest Crisis

Capitalizing On The Latest Crisis

Congress and the White House are using to Gulf oil spill to advance dubious energy agendas
By: Bishop Harry Jackson, Jr., Niger Innis and Reverend Samuel Rodriquez


Business and capitalism are dirty words in many White House and progressive circles, except in two ways.

Business is good when it can be co-opted and manipulated by government to advance “progressive” energy, social or economic agendas. And capitalism is a virtue in the sense of capitalizing on every crisis to promote those agendas – through the guiding principle enshrined by leftists like Saul Alinsky and Rahm Emanuel: “Never let a crisis go to waste.”

Thus the tragic Gulf of Mexico oil spill has been incompetently handled by a White House, EPA and Corps of Engineers unable even to make timely decisions about constructing sand berms to keep oil out of fragile estuaries. But the crisis is being exploited brilliantly to justify policy initiatives like cap-tax-and-trade, EPA’s “endangerment” decree, more bans on drilling, and mandatory fuel switching to higher priced options, most notably wind and solar power.

The economic facts of life simply don’t support this agenda.

Senator John Kerry asserts that China and India are spending billions to take our “clean energy” discoveries and technologies, make the wind turbines and solar panels in Asia, and sell them back to us. He is right about what’s happening, but completely wrong about why. The fault, dear Senator, is not in our stars (or in Asia), but in ourselves.

China and India pay their workers less than we do, especially in union shops so beloved by progressives. They use coal to generate cheap electricity to power their factories, while the White House, EPA and Congress strive to tax and regulate American coal-fired power plants into oblivion. China mines its abundant rare earth minerals (essential for wind turbine magnets and Prius batteries), whereas we have made hundreds of millions of acres of superb mineral prospects off limits.
China and India are creating tens of thousands of jobs, financed by American taxpayers and consumers, while we tax and over-regulate productive industries to pay for subsidies, tax breaks and payrolls for wind and solar companies that then must buy turbines and panels from China and India, because we cannot afford to make them here in the United States.

That’s why 240 gigantic wind turbines being installed in Texas created 2,800 jobs – but 2,400 of them were in China. The measly 400 we got were temp jobs: truckers to haul components from the West Coast to West Texas, plus installers, landscapers, lawyers and bureaucrats. This is indeed a great Green Jobs Program – for the Chinese!

Is this the economic transformation that Senator Kerry wants to bring about? So now we are going to be dependent on the Middle East for oil – and on China and India for “alternative,” “renewable” energy?

Equally puzzling, the wind energy industry is exempted from Migratory Bird and Endangered Species laws. Oil companies pay millions in fines, if a few hundred birds die in uncovered treatment ponds or are caught in the Gulf oil spill. And they should. But wind turbine operators get a free pass, even when their “Cuisinarts of the air” slice and dice thousands of eagles, hawks, falcons, geese, ducks and bats annually.

Installing hundreds of thousands of turbines, and millions of acres of solar panels – to replace oil, gas and coal facilities – would be an unprecedented disaster for habitats, wildlife and the environment.

Equally absurd, the 83% reduction in carbon dioxide emissions required by the House-passed climate bill and its Kerry-Lieberman Senate counterpart would send America’s CO2 emissions back to levels last seen in 1870, when population, energy use and technology changes are taken into account. The price impacts on energy use, jobs, working families, living standards, schools and hospitals would be disastrous.

Meanwhile, emissions from China, India and other emerging economic powerhouses would rapidly offset our nation’s painful reductions, and global atmospheric CO2 levels would continue to rise. America is not an island.
This is not sustainable development. It is the unsustainable devolution of our country. It is economically and environmentally ruinous. It is the Greecification of America.

The shift to the new Green Jobs Economy may sound good in the abstract. But a closer look at the current transformative plan reveals substantial complications.
It will not generate wealth and is not the product of wealth creation. It is a manifest wealth transfer, from productive and innovative segments of business and society to regulators, activists, companies and energy systems that could not survive without constant subsidies, tax breaks and environmental “get out of jail free” cards.

The Green Jobs Economy would have expensive, intermittent wind and solar replace reliable, affordable hydrocarbon-based electricity. On a large scale, that would severely impact working class families and small businesses. It would impose a punitive, regressive tax on our nation’s most economically vulnerable citizens. It would slow, if not obliterate, our nation’s chance for economic recovery and growth.

President Obama says he’s trying to figure out “whose ass to kick” over the Gulf oil spill and cleanup. He might want to start with his own regulators, advisors and congressional allies, who are leading him and our country over an energy and economic cliff.
Bishop Harry R. Jackson, Jr. is founder and chairman of the High Impact Leadership Coalition; Niger Innis is national spokesman for the Congress of Racial Equality; Reverend Samuel Rodriquez is president of the National Hispanic Christian Leadership Conference. They are the co-chairs of the Affordable Power Alliance:

Friday, June 18, 2010

Obama To Sue Over Arizona Immigration Law?

Obama To Sue Over Arizona Immigration Law?
Obama Regime Pushing States Toward The Unthinkable
A Commentary by J. D. Longstreet

The American left wing's sainted Secretary of State, Mrs. Bill Clinton, reportedly allowed, on Ecuadorian TV, as to how the Obama Regime intends to sue the state of Arizona over Arizona’s new immigration law. Even with the, oh, so “transparent” Obama Regime, the governor of Arizona had to learn this from a news report on TV! Is she angry? You bet your sweet bippy she is!

Look, the United States of America is, today, united in name only! If we have not as a nation divided into two camps, every bit as stark as the states just prior to the American War Between the States, then we are sure as heck approaching that condition.

The Confederate States seceded because they could not abide a growing central government dictating to sovereign states what they would and would not be allowed to do. They believed, so much, in the original constitution of the Founding Fathers that they copied it as the Constitution of the Confederacy. Google the Confederate Constitution and read it for yourselves. You will note a few changes, such as a single 6-year term for the President, but by and large, it is the original US Constitution.

We are living history today. We are watching our country break apart, a little at a time, and the root cause is the imposition of a central government, controlled by Socialist, Progressives, Marxists, Statists, Liberals, and even the odd Maoist thrown in, here and there, which is drunk on power and lusting for even more.

Americans are losing their hard won freedom little by little as the Obama Regime takes advantage of every crisis, real or imagined, or just plain manufactured to instill fear in Americans that their only salvation is in falling at the feet of Obama, and his minions, and worshiping by sacrificing their freedom and swearing fealty to the current socialist regime which is, every day it seems, simply assuming the powers of an American dictatorship.

I have news for the socialists in charge of our government. Their orgy of power will end, and end very soon, or they will have only a part of the existing states to run rampant over with their atrocious acts of barbarism and vandalism aimed at the few freedoms the American citizens have left.

As much as the federal government likes to believe, and delude others by insisting the states are not sovereign entities, they are WRONG!

Arizona, a former member of the Confederacy, WAS, and REMAINS, a sovereign state. The federal government CANNOT impose its will on the people of that state -- unless the Arizonans willingly accept it.

One of the extremely important facts about this country the democrats choose not to remember is that 11 states and parts of two other states are a part of the US ONLY BECAUSE THEY WERE FORCED, AT THE POINT OF A FEDERAL GOVERENMENT BAYONET, TO REJOIN THE UNION!

Revisionist history does not teach our students the horrible injustices done those former Confederate states after the war under the guise of “Reconstruction.”

If you want to know what an all powerful, vengeful, federal government can do to its own subjugated citizen, do a little research on the south for roughly seven to ten years after the war. You will be horrified.

I include these remarks about the so-called American Civil War and Reconstruction as a warning. Unless our government returns to governing as a constitutional republic, as much as I hate to consider it, Americans will be at each other’s throats.

History does repeat itself. The Obama Regime is making many of the same mistakes the Lincoln administration made. It is alienating its citizens.

The American people, as a whole, have a very long fuse, and we remind the federal government that at the end of that fuse lies an obstinate, stubborn, freedom loving people who have no intention of giving up their sacred freedom by lying down and rolling over for some would-be tin pot dictator and his flunkies in OUR nation’s capitol.

May God have mercy on America because there is a backlash, of biblical proportions, building today and it could explode at any moment.

J. D. Longstreet

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Worst President, Ever! ... Alan Caruba

Worst President, EVER!
By Alan Caruba

Does anyone recall the first weeks of Barack Obama’s presidency? He was everywhere on the media all the time. His constant use of TelePrompters became an instant joke, suggesting he could not say anything unless it was scripted. Indeed, listening to him try to speak without them is a painful process of a very slow selection of words and very long pauses in between.

After his first press conference he stopped holding them until 309 days later when he addressed the oil spill in the Gulf. It was such a lame performance that his advisors apparently thought a speech from the Oval Office, his first, would make up for that. It didn’t.

In this age of 24/7 news coverage, Barack Obama has managed to make himself ubiquitous to the point of complete inanity. So, I have a bit of advice for him: Shut up, Barack.

The seas have not ceased to rise because you were elected (as promised) and the Earth has not “healed itself.” Indeed, it is bleeding oil at a prodigious rate, confounding BP’s engineers, all graduates no doubt of the Acme School of Oil Drilling.

What have we learned about Barack Hussein Obama? If George W. Bush was considered an amiable dunce, Obama has demonstrated to everyone he is the worst kind of ideologue, totally tone deaf to the Voice of the People. When nearly a million Americans showed up in Washington, D.C. on September 12th last year to protest Obamacare, his communications advisor, David Axelrod dismissed them saying, “They’re wrong.”

Axelrod was on all the network and cable news shows the day following his Oval Office appearance defending a speech that essentially said we don’t know what we’re doing, but we blame BP. The good news is that the president has finally found someone else to blame other than George W. Bush for his own ineptitude and incompetence.

In case you haven’t noticed, Obama’s approval ratings in the polls are in the low 40s and heading south. There is a hard core of about 30% who support Obama no matter what he does or doesn’t do. In an article by the Editor-in-Chief of CNSnews, Terence P. Jeffrey, he noted that “The middle class is abandoning President Barack Obama, according to data released by the Gallup Poll. The only income bracket among which a majority still says they approve of the job he is doing as president are those earning $2,000 per month or less.”

Anyone still making a living comparable to achieving the American Dream has long since abandoned the great Community Organizer with the exception of union members. When you lose the middle class, you have lost the great engine of the American economy.

With the exception of the growing legion of government workers, the unions had been losing members for years. They were held in generally low esteem and their destruction of General Motors and Chrysler bears out their parasitic relationship with business and industry. Obama’s and the Democrat Party’s support from teacher’s unions suggests why our educational system has been in the toilet for decades.

Every time Obama opens his mouth, his approval falls. It began with his great Apology Tour to the Middle East at the beginning of his presidency, continued with his acceptance of a Nobel Peace Prize for having done nothing notable, and plunged with his advocacy of the much-hated Obamacare shoved down the throats of all Americans.

In addition to advocating a Cap-and-Trade bill that is a huge tax on energy use, he is now babbling about a “clean energy future” that apparently involves paving over America with millions of acres of solar farms and coast-to-coast wind turbines.

Obama doesn’t like coal that provides fifty percent of all the electricity we use every day and, of course, oil that fuels our cars, trucks, tractors, et cetera.

Martin Luther King, Jr. said, “Nothing in all the world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity.”

Barack Hussein Obama is living proof of that.

© Alan Caruba, 2010
Alan Caruba writes a daily post at An author, business and science writer, he is the founder of The National Anxiety Center.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

From Sea to Shining “Si”

From Sea to Shining “Si”
A Commentary by J. D. Longstreet


I WISH I had said it, but I did not. I mean the catchy phrase in the title of this piece. I heard a comedian use it recently and I thought then that it captures the condition America finds itself in today will illegal aliens from Mexico flooding into our country from across an unsecured, wide-open border between Mexico and the US.

Honestly, I don’t think the US government actually knows how many illegals we have living in the US. They keep tossing out the number of 12 million, or so. Well, that was the number used many years ago. Common sense dictates that there is many more than 12 million illegal aliens in the US today – if -- that number was correct when it was first used years ago.

Now The Obama Regime wants Congress to pass Comprehensive Immigration Reform bill. Yep! It’s the same song, third verse. When one translates the title of the bill into non-politically correct English one finds that it means AMNESTY!

Look, all Obama’s Comprehensive Immigration Reform will do is guarantee even more illegal aliens will come running across that border headed north into America. Why? Because they will have deduced that all they have to do is be INSIDE America when the NEXT AMNESTY is declared. And they are right!

America does not need a Comprehensive Immigration Reform bill. American simply needs to enforce its own immigration laws! As the state of Arizona is proving, enforcement of the law will lead to voluntary immigration southward -- back into Mexico and beyond.

The plain truth is – America’s borders will be secured the minute the US Government wants them secured and not before. That’s the problem. The government does not want the borders secured. In fact, just the opposite is true.

We have a government of Globalists, I am afraid. They are the folks who don’t believe in borders – at all. They are hard at work pushing world wide-open borders. See, they NEED open borders, or no borders at all, in order to realize their ultimate goal of global governance.

The end game is worldwide socialism. Marxists-Leninists have been preaching for years that America can be brought to heel and capitalism smothered to death through immigration. The idea is to flood capitalist/industrialized nations, such as the US, with low skilled, under educated, poverty strickened masses of immigrants, and use them as a tool to create civil unrest and eventually bring down capitalism and crush the constitutional republic of the US and replace it with socialism/communism.

Somehow, the Democratic Party in the US forged far ahead of the Globalists by installing a socialist government in America’s national legislature and in the office of the President.

Well, Americans have had a taste of socialism, thanks to the democrats, and, for the most part, they are sick of the incremental imposition of socialist slavery and want to be done with it by purging the Congress of as many Socialist/Globalists, Marxists, Maoists, Progressives, and as many pitiful guilt-ridden liberals as we possibly can in November.

Oh, and while we are at it, we need to search out those laboring, sub-rosa, for a North American Union and get rid of them as well.

J. D. Longstreet

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Never Allow A Serious Crisis To Go To Waste

Never Allow A Serious Crisis To Go To Waste
A Commentary by J. D. Longstreet

A think we can all agree that the “Gulf Gusher” crisis is serious. And I AM concerned. Certainly, I am concerned over the problems presented by the oil leak in the ocean, but, frankly, I am concerned more about what may be happening in Washington while America’s attention is focused on that crisis.

It was Obama’s Chief of Staff whom famously, or infamously, said: “You never want a serious crisis to go to waste.” THAT worries me because I have to wonder what the Obama Regime is using the Gulf Oil spill to camouflage.

If we know anything about this regime, it is that they will use the opportunity presented by the gushing oil to slip something through the Congress or, by executive order, slip something through one or more of the cabinet offices that they know the American people would raise holy heck about – if only they knew it was happening.

Its not that this approach to governing is new -- for it most certainly is not. Diversion is one of the oldest tools in the “politics toolbox.” However, in a representative republic it is not only distasteful, it is, well, not representative of the will of the people. It intentionally shuts the people out. It silences their voice. It brings to a screeching halt any input into the legislative process by the people. “Vox Populi” is censored – period!

I am more than a little concerned the Obama Regime will take advantage of the current crisis to make things happen in Washington that ordinarily would not happen.

As we have noted many times in the past, Obama promised to fundamentally change America -- and he is doing just that.

If you have paid attention to the Presidential polls you have seen that Obama’s approval ratings have dropped drastically in the past few months. That is indicative of the fact that more and more Americans are recognizing the humongous error the country made in electing a socialist to the Presidency.

Little by little Americans have come to realize the dangers Obama’s plans hold for the sustainability of a constitutional republic. Many of those who voted for Obama now realize they do NOT want the change he is bent on bringing to America. They have come to realize, also, the price to be paid for Obama’s America is a loss of freedom.

Conservatives all across the country are banding together to fight Obama’s plans for a socialist America in groups such as the Tea Party Movement. There are many other groups gearing up to fight the socialists, progressives, marxists, and liberals in the 6 months, or so, to the Mid-Term Election in November.

As we observe the ineptitude of a President, obviously “in over his head,” trying to manage the “Gulf Gusher” problem, it is clear that his regime is all but useless in an emergency situation. Many are wondering just how he would react in the aftermath of another terrorist attack when he appears so befuddled by a so-called environmental catastrophe. The answer, I am afraid, does not reinforce one’s faith in the continued viability of America as a single 50 state country.

Yes, it IS terrible to contemplate – but there it is.

J. D. Longstreet

Monday, June 14, 2010

Sunday, June 13, 2010

The Right To Choose – Eor Farmers in Haiti ... Paul Driessen

The Right To Choose – for Farmers in Haiti
Anti-corporate activists pervert “social justice” and perpetuate poverty in Haiti

By: Paul Driessen
The Monsanto Company is learning a valuable lesson in Haiti: no good deed goes unpunished at the hands of radical anti-corporate elements of Western society.
Like so many other concerned citizens, Monsanto responded to the tragic January 12 earthquake that further devastated this impoverished country. It worked for months with Haiti’s Agricultural Ministry to select seeds best suited to local climates, needs and practices, and to handle the donation so as to support, rather than undermine, the country’s agricultural and economic infrastructure.

From Monsanto’s extensive inventory, they jointly chose conventionally bred hybrid (not biotech / genetically modified / GM) varieties of field corn and seven vegetables: cabbage, carrots, eggplants, onions, tomatoes, spinach and melons. Instead of giving the seeds to farmers, the company worked with the USAID-funded WINNER program, to donate the seeds to stores owned and managed by Haitian farmer associations. The 475 tons of hybrid seeds will then be sold to many thousands of farmers at steep discounts, and all revenues will be reinvested in local agriculture.

Other companies and donors are providing fertilizers, insecticide and herbicides that will likewise be sold at a discount. The companies, Agricultural Ministry, farmers associations and other experts will also provide technical advice and assistance – much as the USDA’s Cooperative Extension System does – on how, when and whether to use the various hybrids, fertilizers, and weed and insect-control chemicals.

The goal is simple. Help get the country and its farmers back on their feet, improve farming practices, crop yields and nutrition levels, and increase incomes and living standards.

The reaction of anti-corporate activists was instantaneous, intense, perverse, patronizing and hypocritical. Monsanto wants to turn Haiti back into “a slave colony,” ranted Organic Consumers Association founder Ronnie Cummins. Hybrid and GM seeds will destroy our diversity, small-farmer agriculture and “what is left of our environment,” raged Chavannes Jean-Baptiste, leader of the Peasant Movement of Papaye.

Other self-anointed “peasant representatives” waded in. The seeds are genetically modified and “will exterminate our people.” Farmers won’t be able to afford the seeds or feed their children. The fertilizers are carcinogenic. Fungicides on the seeds are toxic poisons. “Seeds are the patrimony of humanity.” We support “food and seed sovereignty.” Traditional seeds and farming practices “provide stable employment” for the 70% of Haitians who are small farmers. And of course, “Down with Monsanto.”

Various U.S. churches and foundations chimbed in. “Spontaneous” protests were organized in several Haitian and American cities. At one, hundreds of marchers wore identical shirts and hats, which even at a combined value of just $5 represented two weeks’ income for average Haitian farmers: 40 cents a day. One wonders how many would have shown up without these inducements.

Indeed, this abysmal income underscores the terrible reality of life in this island nation, even before the earthquake, and the perversity of this campaign against “corporate control of the food system.” Instead of “seed sovereignty,” the activists are ensuring eco-imperialism and poverty sovereignty.

Forty years ago, Haiti was largely self-sufficient in food production and actually exported coffee, sugar and mangoes. Today, the country imports 80% of its rice and 97% of the 31 million eggs it consumes monthly. Two-thirds of Haiti’s people are farmers (roughly equivalent to the United States just after the Civil War), but their crop yields are among the lowest in the Western Hemisphere.

Few of Haiti’s rural families have running water or electricity, and women spend hours a day cooking over open fires. Many contract serious lung diseases as a result, and life expectancy is twelve years lower than for people on the Dominican Republic side of the island.

Google satellite images reveal a lush green eastern DR two-thirds of Hispaniola – in stark contrast to the deforested, rutted, brown, impoverished Haitian side, from which enormous quantities of soil are washed into the ocean every year. Roads are so rutted and awful that Peace Corps workers report traveling four hours by truck to go 60 miles. Many rural people cannot afford to feed their children, leaving hundreds of kids in poor highland areas literally starving to death.

Hybrid seeds can help Haitians climb out of this morass. They’re no silver bullet, but they are one of the cheapest, easiest and best investments a farmer can make. By simply planting different seeds and adding fertilizer, farmers can dramatically increase crop yields. A similar Monsanto donation of hybrid maize (corn) seeds and fertilizer to Malawi farmers in 2006 generated a 500% increase in yields and helped feed a million people for a year.

In the United States, organic and conventional farmers alike plant numerous hybrids. They cost more than traditional, open-pollinated seeds, but the payoff in yield, revenue, and uniformity of size, quality and ripening time makes the investment decision easy. Between 1933 and 2000, U.S. corn yields likewise expanded fivefold – thanks to hybrids, fertilizer, irrigation and innovative crop management practices – and today, hybrid or GM hybrid crops are planted on virtually every American field.

Some of the Haitian corn donation will be used to improve chicken farming and egg production. Most will likely be used in staples like sauce pois – corn mush topped with black or red beans combined with coconut milk, hot peppers, onions, garlic and oil. The thickness of the bean sauce reflects a family’s income, and “wealthy” families often accompany the sauce with rice, instead of corn mush. The veggie seeds will add variety to family diets, and provide a source of income via sales at local markets.

The hybrids will also help Haiti adopt truly sustainable farming practices: higher crop yields, greater revenues and better nutrition for more people, at lower cost, from less land, using less water and fewer pesticides, requiring less time in fields, and enabling more farmers to specialize in other trades and send their children to school. In short, greater opportunity and prosperity for millions.

And yet, activists continue to spew forth invective, preposterous claims and disinformation – primarily through the Huffington Post and several other websites. Hybrid seeds don’t regenerate, they assert; wrong – they do and can be replanted, though they will not pass all their best traits down to subsequent generations, which is one reason farmers typically buy new seeds. The seeds are poisonous, they fume; false – the seeds are treated with fungicides that are used safely all over the USA, Western Europe and Latin America, to keep seeds from being destroyed by fungus before they germinate.

(For additional information and discussions, see plant geneticist Anastasia Bodnar’s Biofortified website.)

Monsanto will not force farmers to plant hybrid seeds – or say they can’t replant what they collect from previous harvests. Indeed, hybrids were widely just 30 years ago by Haitian farmers, who know what they are looking for in a crop, how to assess what they have planted and harvested, and whether they want to invest in specific seeds. They should be allowed to make their own decisions – just as others should be permitted to plant whatever traditional, heirloom or open-pollinated seeds they wish.

“We reject Monsanto seeds,” say anti-hybrid activists. They might, and that’s fine. But thousands of other Haitian farmers want to plant Monsanto seeds. Their right to choose must also be respected – not denied by intolerant protesters, who are largely funded and guided by well-fed First World campaigners.

After years of vicious assaults by agro and eco purists, Monsanto’s corporate skin is probably thick enough to survive these lies and often highly personal attacks. Other companies, however, might lack the fortitude to provide their expertise and technology after future disasters, in the face of such attacks.
That is almost certainly an objective for many of these anti-technology, anti-corporate groups. Monsanto has no maize financial interests in Haiti and only a tiny vegetable operation, and I have no financial interest in Monsanto. But for the world’s most destitute people, it would be a tragedy of epic proportions.

Paul Driessen
Paul Driessen is senior policy advisor for the Committee For A Constructive Tomorrow ( and author of Eco-Imperialism: Green Power - Black Death.