Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Mandatory Military Service for Americans!

I was reading the comments on another blogsite recently and noted that someone indorsed mandatory Military service for the US. Those refusing military service would lose their privilege to vote.

I have been thinking about that ever since.

First… there is no constitutional “right” to vote in the US. So there would be no violation of the constitution in depriving one of that privilege.

Now, back to the idea of mandatory military service for Americans. There is much to recommend it.

It is becoming painfully obvious that our youth no longer feel an obligation to repay their country for the all the privileges of living here and enjoying all the benefits Americans enjoy. Couple that with the fact that nobody wants the reinstitution of the draft (including the military) and the increasing frequency of terrorist wars and “brushfire” wars around the globe, and it becomes clear that America needs a larger standing Army than we have now.

There are only two workable options, as I see it, to solve that problem: a draft, or… mandatory military service. I have come to favor the latter.

Mandatory military service would create an investment in the country as nothing else will do. When one puts one’s life on the line for one’s country... one tends to take his, or her, citizenship much more seriously.

The responsibilities of citizenship in this country have suffered greatly since the flower children of the ‘60’s came to power both in our government and in our educational institutions. The love of country has been dampened by their constant promotion of multiculturalism and inclusivity and the like.

Like it or not, there ARE those among us who do not seek what is best for America. There ARE those among us who would see America tipped from her sole “Superpower” status and relegated to a European style socialist government. Their indoctrination of our youth is nearly complete. We have a generation of young people who seek to take from this country and never feel obligated to give anything back. They have no vested interest in America. They actually believe America is no better than any other country on the globe.

Military duty is, quite likely, the best means to reverse that indoctrination and return those young people, after, say four years of military service, to American society as a contributing member.

So when it comes up in our national legislature, and eventually, it will, I will be a supporter of mandatory military service.

I am old enough to still believe that America is the last, best, hope for the people of this planet. We cannot allow America to perish as a result of suicide.


Monday, November 28, 2005

Birthright Citizenship in the US No Longer Acceptable.

"all persons born or naturalized in the United States, and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States and of the State wherein they reside."… 14th Amendment, US Constitution

So, finally, we are going to get around to an attempt at correcting a problem this country has had since the end of the Civil War and Reconstruction. I refer, of course, to the "citizenship clause" of the 14th Amendment to the US Constitution. To be even more exact… the “Birthright Citizenship” clause.

Just because one is born within the boundaries of the US should not guarantee citizenship in this country. If the parents are citizens of the US… then fine. The child will automatically be a citizen. But, if the parents are not citizens of the US then the baby will be a citizen of the country to which his, or her, parents have allegiance.

We simply cannot afford the drain on our treasury caused by “Anchor Babies” any longer.(See Archives of November 27th, 2005, for Anchor Babies.)

U.S. Rep. Tom Tancredo, of Colorado, is pushing the idea of an amendment change, in the US House, and is having more success than one would think.

The 14th Amendment was proposed back in 1865 and was aimed at making former slaves full citizens of the US. Nobody, and I mean nobody, foresaw the influx of pregnant "illegal immigrants", into the United States, in order to have a baby and have that baby be an "instant citizen" and then reap the harvest from our generous welfare programs.

The colorful history of the 14th amendment leaves a huge question mark as to whether it is legal in the first place! It failed to get the votes of 3/4ths of the states, which is required under Article Five of the Constitution, for ratification. The Southern States, as well as the Border States, refused to ratify it. That ticked off the Congress and they answered with the Reconstruction Act of 1867 which, for all practical purposes, placed the Southern States under military law and suspended their citizenship in the US. In order for the Southern States to get their citizenship restored, they were forced to ratify the 14th amendment.

Well, sparks flew, up in New Jersey and Ohio, and they withdrew their ratification. Without the ratification from New Jersey, and Ohio, the Congress did not have the 3/4ths vote of the states required for ratification. Somehow, it didn’t matter to the Congress, of those days, and they went ahead and passed the 14th Amendment into law, anyway… without the constitutionally required number of states ratifying it!

I didn’t make this up. I couldn’t. This is pure, raw, US history. Look it up for yourselves.

So, here we are, in 2005, looking at a possible re-write of the 14th. It needs to be re-written badly.

It needs to be re-written simply, and it should spell out, simply, that if the parents of a newborn are citizens of the US, then so is the baby. If the parents are not citizens of the US, neither is the baby. That’s all. It’s that simple. But, the Left, and the Rinos, will fight this proposal, most likely, to death.

Here at IoF we wish Congressman Tancredo all the luck in the world and we urge our readers to write your Congressperson and Senators and ask them to support this proposal and lets correct a mistake made 138 years ago.

This needs to be done and done quickly!


The Emasculated Congress!

(Emasculate: "to remove the testicles of...")

Normally, I post once a day to “IoF” but today, I have something stuck in my craw and I just have to spit it out.

From news reports, over the past few days, including this morning, it is looking more, and more, as if our heroic Congressmen, and Congresswomen, as well as our stalwart Senators are, little by little, convincing themselves that the brave thing to do is surrender in Iraq.

They are seriously talking of a “draw down” of troops within 6 months. Same difference. It is just another way to force our warriors to slink away from a confrontation with the enemies of this country. It is doing damage to the morale of our troops that will, in some cases, never, ever, be repaired. It is also opening the door to the shores of the US for the terrorist.

The sheer ignorance, the sheer cowardice, of our leaders, in the nations legislature, is stunning!

Don’t get in my face and tell me not to question their patriotism! That is exactly what I’m doing!

Your tell me,… how patriotic is running away? How patriotic is yanking the rug out from under the men and women who have sacrificed so much in this war on terror? How patriotic is it to tell the families if those warriors who have lost their lives in Iraq and Afghanistan, that they died in vain. How patriotic is it to denigrate the Commander in Chief, before the world, in a time of war?

Now, I’m talking about Democrats and Republicans alike, even one from my own Party and my own state! We Tar Heels want him home. He will not be returned to office.

I have been a Republican all my life, since I was old enough to register at the age of 21. I am now in my mid-sixties and I am sick to death of the expressed cowardice in my Party and the total lack of leadership capabilities. Republicans control both houses of Congress and still are too weak to get their iniatives passed! That’s pitiful!

I want a party that will not be swayed from that which is right. I want a party that will tell the MSM to get lost. I want a party that will ram legislation down the throats of Democrats ‘til they choke. I want a party that will stack the Supreme Court with conservatives and make the Congress like it. I want a Party that will advocate total support for our military and will take the leash off and tell them to go win… and use whatever means are necessary. I want a party that will torture the living daylights out of the enemy… if it will save American lives. I want a party that doesn’t give a rip what the remainder of the world thinks of us… period! I want a Party that will wall off our Southern Border (with Mexico) and incarcerate any illegals managing to cross that border, anyway, and force them to spend the remainder of their lives at hard labor maintaining the infrastructure of our transportation system. (Cleaning ditch banks and such!) In short… I want a party with guts, with testicular fortitude!

Look as hard, and as long, as I may, I do not see anything like that in our nation’s capitol. What I DO see is a bunch of wimps! Whining, weaseling, groveling wimps! My God… these are the poor pitiful chumps in charge of America?? May heaven help us, for they surely can’t!

The fools in Congress do not seem to be aware that disengaging from the “insurgents” in Iraq will not be disengagement with the Islamic Terrorists. Not only will Iraq become a part of “Greater Iran” in a matter of weeks, but the terrorist, no longer engaged in Iraq, will find they now have the time on their hands to better organize and begin striking in the heart of America and you can bet your bottom dollar they will.

I urge you to write you Congressmen, and Congresswomen, and Senators, and tell them how utterly shortsighted any move to begin withdrawing our troops from Iraq, anytime before our mission there is complete, will be. Tell them how the safety of your family depends on the US troops keeping those terrorists penned down in Iraq and Afghanistan. But above all, tell them how disgraceful, such a move would be and that you will remember it when you enter the voting booth in 2006 and 2008.

The utter cowardice of those gutless wonders in Congress, and the Senate, is just breath taking. Somehow, we as citizens of this land, must try to screw up enough courage in that helpless, trembling, mass we call the Congress, to shame them into doing the right thing. Not the easy thing, but the right thing.

Not only is their conduct towards the war in Iraq distasteful, it is disgusting and disgraceful!


The Great Bird Flu Hoax of 2005 !

Yep! That’s what I said. A hoax! So far it ranks right up there with the Swine Flu and SARS.

Now, this is only an opinion piece. I don’t report the news here and I don’t make, or makeup, the news here. I simply comment on it. You are certainly free to agree, or disagree, with me at any time.

The cries of “Pandemic”, “Pandemic”, got my attention right away. Did you know that if you added all the deaths from Bird Flu together… you have between 700 and 800 deaths … WORLDWIDE!!!. Hardly a pandemic. It’s not even a very good epidemic.

Another thing that bothers me…. did you ever notice all these different flues seem to begin in Asia? Why do you suppose that is?

Remember the Swine Flu? I have spoken of it here, on this site, before. The US government managed to kill more Americans with their flu vaccine that the actual Swine Flu killed. Far more. The Swine Flu hardly even reared it’s head in America,… save for those who were injected by the Swine Flu vaccine.

The other thing… the new vaccine for Bird Flu…didn’t I read there are some serious mental disorders traced back to the vaccine injections? Something about delusions, mental confusion… that sort of thing?

A lot of money is being made from this Bird Flu scare. Government grants are keeping researchers happy, while Pharmaceutical labs are set to make millions… whether they find a cure or not. They won’t find a cure, simply because the Bird Flu is a virus… and we have never cured a disease caused by a virus yet!

Now, I don’t have all the truth here, not even a portion of the truth that no one else is privy to. This is strictly an opinion drawn from news reports that I see coming from all around the world. There is something that does not add up. Something has been left out of the equation. I have no idea what it is, but I just don’t think the public is being told the complete truth about the Bird Flu.

This is another of those times when I hope I am right… and I hope I am wrong! See what I mean?

It’s a puzzlement.


Sunday, November 27, 2005

Anchor Babies Must Go!

(This Post ran earlier this year.)

Tired of illegals coming into the US pregnant and delivering their babies here and collecting off the US Government, and state governments, and running your taxes through the ceiling? So am I, and so are several million other Americans.

How do they get away with it? The 14th Amendment to the US Constitution, that’s how! Section one, of the 14th amendment, was written to ensure that former slaves would enjoy full citizenship in the US. But, it has been stretched to encompass the babies of those who have entered this country illegally. Once that baby is born, they have their “anchor” here and at age 21 that now “grown” baby, can petition the government to bring his family into the states as well.

Lets look at the amendment as it is written in the US Constitution:

14th. Amendment to the U.S. Constitution:
Section 1. All persons born or naturalized in the United States, and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States and of the State wherein they reside. No State shall make or enforce any law, which shall abridge the privileges or immunities of citizens of the United States; nor shall any State deprive any person of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law; nor deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws.

There is the problem. Section one of the 14th amendment. It HAS to be changed.

The “Citizenship Reform Act of 2005” has been introduced by Georgia Congressman Nathan Deal, a Republican. It is designed to deny US citizenship to children born to illegal immigrants in the US.

Estimates are that over 300,000 babies are born to illegal immigrants, every year, here in the states.The US is now the only country, which allows this practice. Ireland did, for a while, but quickly changed the law when it became obvious that pregnant immigrants from Africa were flooding their country every year.

The term Anchor Babies” is used to identify babies born in the US from illegal alien mothers. Under the Immigration Act of 1965, those babies can, at the age of 21, bring in their family as permanent residents of the US. Let’s go back and look a little closer at the 14th amendment. It was ratified in 1868. It’s intent was to protect the rights of native born Black Americans recently freed from slavery.The intent of the 14th amendment was laid out for us in 1866 by Senator Jacob Howard who said: “Every person born within the limits of the United States, and subject to their jurisdiction, is by virtue of natural law and national law a citizen of the United States. This will not, of course, include persons born in the United States who are foreigners, aliens, who belong to the families of ambassadors or foreign ministers accredited to the Government of the United States, but will include every other class of persons."

Theses days, however, illegal aliens are defying US law and flooding across our borders and having babies at the rate of over 300,000 (babies) a year.

So how the heck did this happen? How as this been allowed to happen? Simply because we are adhering to article 25 of the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Not the US Constitution! Here is what that article says:

Article 25. (United Nations Declaration of Human Rights)
(1) Everyone has the right to a standard of living adequate for the health and well-being of himself and of his family, including food, clothing, housing and medical care and necessary social services, and the right to security in the event of unemployment, sickness, disability, widowhood, old age or other lack of livelihood in circumstances beyond his control. (2) Motherhood and childhood are entitled to special care and assistance. All children, whether born in or out of wedlock, shall enjoy the same social protection.

Do you see the problem? Again we have the United Nations in our business.

US Taxpayers are footing the bills for their birth, medical care, their education, (even college), and their food, darn near everything. It’s not Uncle Sam any more. It’s Uncle Sucker!

Now here’s the problem with Representative Deal’s bill. If enacted, it will be a law. It will be a law, which will not stand the scrutiny of the US Supreme Court. (At least not the liberal court we have now.) So, the only way to get this Citizenship Reform Act into law is to amend the US Constitution. If passed by both houses of the Congress, and signed by the President, ratification by the states would come almost overnight. I don’t see this happening. Not with this President.

Lean on your Congressmen, Congresswomen, and Senators, to get this “Citizenship Reform” into the Constitution. It is past time to right this wrong. It is WAY past time.

There is an alternative, however. That is to enforce the 14th amendment’s original intent. But to do that, will necessitate having a different Supreme Court than we have now. A conservative court made up of “originalists”. Currently we have two “Originalists” on the court. That’s two out of nine. We need at least three more. We have a chance to get two of those three coming very soon.

Look, we Americans have to take back our country. This flood of illegal immigrants and “Anchor Babies” must be stopped. We know how. Do we have the will?

Maybe the better question is: Do we have a choice? Do we wish to continue as a viable country and not slide into the template for a third world banana republic? For that is where we are headed… as straight as a Martin to its gourd.

Contact your Congressperson and your Senators and let them know how you feel about this. It will only find its way through the Congress with grassroots support. Push them at every opportunity.

May God save America, for we Americans seem unable to do so.


Saturday, November 26, 2005

Open Letter to Congressional Republicans

(This Post originally ran in April, 2005)

OK, here’s the deal…we Republicans want our party back! It has been taken over by some lightweight, hot air types who do not have the testosterone to do what we sent them to Washington to do. Where these guys came from, we’re unsure, but it appears they were disguised as conservatives before and through the election.

Well, there is another congressional election next year and if the Republicans want to remain in power in Washington, they’d better “harken unto their rank and file”.

As it stands right now, we will stay away from the poles "in droves" and allow the Congress to fall back into the hands of the Left Wing Democrats. At least we KNEW what they were about! Indeed that was why we sent you GOP Representatives and Senators to DC… to shut the Democrats down.

And you are not doing it!

If you do not do the job we hired you to do, we WILL FIRE YOU!

As a Conservative Republican I am fed up. The limp wristed, testosterone challenged group of so-called legislators bearing our standard in the Congress are imposters. They do not represent the true Republican Party. If you wish to find the True Party, you have to look far to the right of those puny standard bearers in DC.

Let me give you an example. We want the President's Judicial appointments approved by the Senate. We can do it, we know how to do it, but the Senate Majority leader and other Republicans are AFRAID that if they enforce the so-called "Nuclear Option" and get the President's appointments approved... the Democrats will refuse to take part in any policy making… period, and effectively shut down the Senate. Well! Hoop dee doo! What a wonderful result. Something most Right Wing Conservatives, like me, dream about, shutting down the government, even if it is only one part of the Legislative branch. The only time I feel truly safe, in the USA, is when Congress is in adjournment or…. shut down.

So, Senator Frist, enforce the "Nuclear Option" and let the Democrats shut the Senate down. I, and my compatriots on the right side of the Party, will celebrate and you will insure your reelection to the Senate (should you decide to seek re-election to the Senate dispite your self imposed "Term Limits") and a possible run for the Presidency in ’08. But refuse to do this, or allow the Democrats to beat you down, and you, sir, with all respect, are finished! No need to even enter the race next time around. You will have effectively ended your career.

Now, we Conservatives are serious about this. Take us lightly... at your political peril. We have had it. It is way past time to fish or cut bait!

To those so-called "Maverick Republicans", beloved of the "Main Stream Media", and despised by the rank and file Republicans, we implore you… leave. We do not want you in the GOP. Go over and join the Democrats you love so much. We do not need, nor do we want, your presence in the GOP. You know who you are. You are the so-called "Moderates". You have no passion. You have your actions dictated by fear of the press, and fear of Democrat rage. You have no place in a bold, forward-looking, passionate, political party. Please leave. Leave quickly.

In the meantime, we Conservatives expect those Republicans left to get it in gear and get the President’s policies passed into law, to stop spending like drunken sailors, and get the Supreme Court and the Federal Court system, safely in the hands of Conservatives. It can be done and we expect you to do it, or… do not ask for our vote next election.


Friday, November 25, 2005

PIRATES! Hunt 'em Down and Destroy Them!

Hunt Down and Destroy the Pirates!

I reside just minutes from the Atlantic Ocean and the coast of North Carolina and those barrier Islands along our coast which made for wonderful hiding places for the Pirates of yesteryear. The Coast of North Carolina is drenched in folklore about Pirates.

That was then. This is now.

Again the high seas are infested with pirates. Their aim is the same… to rob and steal, and rape, and pillage.

Recently we heard of the ocean liner being attacked, but managing to speed away. A few days later, in the same waters, a freighter was attacked. It, too, managed to get away.

Our own Caribbean is littered with modern day pirates. Yachts disappear to show up at some other location, with a different registration, and different name. Sometimes passengers disappear, too.

Once before, in our history, the US Navy, and Marines, had to rid the coast of Africa of pirates. The Barbary Coast Pirates.

I bring up these particular pirates because they were based along the African coast, mainly the North African coast. The pirates we seem to be having the most trouble with today are also on the African coast, but the east African coast…the coast of Somalia to be more exact.

Somalia still has no functioning government and it is a breeding ground for this type of activity.

Teddy Roosevelt, the President of the United States at the time of the Barbary Pirates, had the opportunity to use the big stick he carried and, he did just that. He sent seven battleships from the Atlantic Fleet to the North African Coast. His threat worked and the Pirates backed down.

Now, it is time again for the Navies of the free world to joint together and sail the globe destroying these modern day pirates where they find them. No arrests, no trials, just eradicate them on the spot. It’s time, again, to use Teddy’s Big Stick.

This blight on the oceans will not go away if we turn a blind eye. It will get worse. Eventually they will manage to stop and board a passenger liner and death and destruction will be the result.

Now is the time to hunt them down and destroy them.


Thursday, November 24, 2005

The Mayflower Compact. America's Founding Document!

We are fast approaching the Holiday season in America. Now, I don’t mean the politically correct “winter break” or “winter solstice” or any of that Left-Wing pabulum. I mean we are approaching Thanksgiving, and Christmas.

Thanksgiving is set aside as a day to give thanks to God for his bounty bestowed upon this nation, and Christmas... to celebrate the birth of the Son of God, the Savior, Jesus Christ.

Today, Christians, in this nation and around the world, are being persecuted to a degree not seen in many centuries. Some of the worst persecution is being levied against the Christians in the very nation founded by Christians, America.

A movement straight out of the bowels of Hell, called "Political Correctness", is destroying this nation. It is undermining the tenants upon which this nation was founded and re-writing history in an attempt to remove our children from their birthright inheritance of a nation based on the Judeo-Christian faith.

When the Mayflower dropped anchor, just off these shores, in November of 1620, the crew and passengers gathered to thank God for their safe, though troubled, passage to this new world. And then… they drew up a document, which would become the founding document for this nation. It was the "Mayflower Compact".

Little noted these days because it’s contents are explosive… blowing holes through the Politically Correct doctrine that this nation was not founded on Christian values and is not a Christian nation. As a result, many textbooks stir a course far away from, or around, the actual contents of that document which would put the lie to their claims of a totally secular nation.

Have you ever read the Mayflower Compact? My guess is that most of you have not. Well, grab your reading glasses, ‘cause here it is:

In the name of God, Amen. We, whose names are underwritten, the loyal subjects of our dread sovereigne Lord,
King James, by the grace of God, of Great Britaine, France, and Ireland king, defender of the faith, etc., having undertaken, for the glory of God and the advancement of the Christian faith, and honour of our king and country, a voyage to plant the first colony in the Northerne parts of Virginia, doe, by these presents, solemnly and mutually in the presence of God, and one of another, covenant and combine ourselves together into a civil body politick, for our better ordering and preservation and furtherance of the ends aforesaid; and by virtue hereof to enacte, constitute, and frame such just and equall laws, ordinances, acts, constitutions, and offices, from time to time as shall be thought most meete and convenient for the generall good of the Colonie unto which we promise all due submission and obedience. In witness whereof we have hereunder subscribed our names at Cap-Codd the II. of November, in the year of the reign of our sovereigne lord, King James of England, France, and Ireland, the eighteenth, and of Scotland the fiftie-fourth. Anno. Dom. 1620

Below are the names of the men aboard the Mayflower who signed on to the above document: (Note: None of the women aboard signed. I’m assuming they were not permitted.)

John Carver, John Howland, William Brewster, Edward Winslow, George Soule, William Bradford, Isaac Allerton, Samuel Fuller, John Craxton, Miles Standish, Christopher Martin, William Mullins, William White, Stephen Hopkins,
Edward Doten, Edward Liester, Richard Warren, John Billington, Edward Tilly, John Tilly, Francis Cooke, Thomas Rogers, Thomas Tinker, John Rigdale, James Chilton, Edward Fuller, John Turner, Francis Eaton, Moses Fletcher, John Goodman, Thomas Williams, Digery Priest, Edmond Margesson, Peter Brown, Richard Bitteridge, Richard Clark, Richard Gardiner, Gilbert Winslow, John Alden, John Allerton, and Thomas English.

Do you see the danger this document presents? It shreds the claims of a secular nation by today’s Political Left.

As Americans we have much for which to be thankful. Not the least is those hardy souls aboard the Mayflower who weathered the storms of the Atlantic, during the period of the year we now know as the "Hurricane Season", to start anew and to plant the seeds of what would become a New Nation, Under God.


Wednesday, November 23, 2005

The Approaching War with Iran!

Just so it comes as no surprise to the Democrat readers of this site… the US will soon be at war with Iran.

I can hear the audible gasps, emanating from the Left, all the way to the Atlantic coast! Dear me! Was it something I said???

Look, you can choose to look reality in the face or you can turn your back and hope it goes away. It really makes no difference. Reality happens... anyway. One of the realities we face is a coming war with Iran. I suggest we go ahead and accept that fact… and prepare for it.

The US has to do absolutely nothing to cause Iran to declare a war on us. In a way, they already have. The second Iran attacks Israel; the US is committed to the war. Everybody, with half a brain, knows that.

Iran is openly preparing for war with the US. Here in the States, the government is tiptoeing around it’s own preparations for the war with Iran by publicly avoiding discussing the probability.

The pussyfooting around by the UN, and Europe, with Iran is doing nothing but delaying the inevitable. While those two impotent entities continue to talk and appease, Iran continues to create, and build, her nuclear arsenal.

That nuclear arsenal will have to be rendered useless... sooner, rather than later. The US knows it, Israel knows it, and the UN and Europe, both, know it. Of all those countries and international organizations mentioned here, the one other fact that is known by all, including Iran, is the simple fact that there are only two countries on the globe able to take Iran’s nuclear arsenal out. Yep. Those two countries would be… the United States and Israel.

Both the US and Israel are nuclear ready. Both understand that Iran cannot be allowed to actually create an Atomic bomb. Both countries know they must take action to prevent that. Plus, both countries know that the remainder of the world will publicly criticize their efforts at defanging Iran while secretly applauding the attacks on Iran’s nuclear laboratories and underground factories.

My parents used to say they didn’t much worry about my brother and I, as children, so long as they could hear us. But, as soon as we got quiet, they knew we were up to something. I would draw your attention to the near dead silence from Washington, and Tel Aviv, in recent months, concerning anything having to do with Iran.

Do not be surprised one morning, soon, when you turn on your radio, or TV, to catch the news as you have your breakfast, to hear frantic reports on unexplained underground explosions detected in the area of Iran. Or, reports from Iran that unmarked aircraft, or low flying cruise missles, attacked some non descript pharmaceutical plant or some Iranian government installation. The attack will be, of course, unprovoked.

The MSM will rush to the area and lap up the propaganda fed them by the Iranians and immediately begin sending satellite film footage of dead and wounded civilians. The “Blame America First” crowd will spring into action; the American Left will collapse in a fear-induced swoon! The Democrat Party will immediately complain that the President has gone and made those sweet, lovable, and friendly, Iranians mad at us, too. All very predictable… and all very real.

Agreed, the scenario above is not a pretty picture. But it is reality. And it is coming. Soon!


Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Keep the Pressure on the Democrats!

Why is the President backing off from his aggressive counter attack on the Democrats over the pullout of troops from Iraq? Why, for heaven’s sake?

If there is one thing I fault this President over, this is it. NEVER back off and NEVER back down! Go for the jugular, latch onto it, and do not turn loose ‘til the prey stops struggling!

The Ole “Pullout Party” has no intention of softening their attack. Why in the world should we?

Elections are just a few weeks away now in Iraq. The so-called "insurgents" are going to pour it on in the next few days and weeks. They will wreak as much havoc as they possibly can between now and then.

Let me see if I can explain something. I’m no military strategist, nor tactician. But most military, and ex-military types, see Iraq for what it is… a killing ground. It has been carefully designed that way by our military planners in the Pentegon.

The idea is to draw as many terrorists into Iraq as we can… and kill them there. Yes, there are more terrorists there today than there were when we invaded. That was what we planned. Remember the President said: “Bring it on!”. That was what he meant. Bring them on… to Iraq.

It’s simple, really. If we can get them to commit, in Iraq, and use as much of their resources there, and their personnel there, as possible, we will weaken their entire infrastructure. The added plus is… that we keep them occupied there… and away for the United States!

You see the box score in the local papers every day, or two, listing the number of Americans killed in Iraq. You never see the same type of box score listing the number of terrorists killed. The political Left would have a conniption fit if they knew how many of those people we have killed! They military learned its lesson with “body counts” in Vietnam. Never again.

Iraq is the chosen killing ground. They continue sending them… and we continue killing them. At some point attrition will catch up with the terrorists.

Granted, this is a bloody way to wage a war, but the dividends are worth it. Our causality rate is low. (Believe me… 2000 KIA’s in 3 years is extremely low.)

This is not the time to even think of pulling out. Now is not the time for the President to back off the pressure on the Democrats. They painted themselves into this corner, now force them to pay the price for it. If the Republicans don’t keep the pressure up you can be sure the Democrats will turn it back on them at the first opportunity. The Republicans will take the Democrats to the very edge of the cliff and then... fail to throw them off. Why is that? I don’t get it.

Soon the Republicans will have another opportunity to get the Democrats to commit hari-kari. It is looking more and more as if they intend to filibuster the nomination of Sam Alito to the Supreme Court. If they do, the Republicans would be well advised to bring the hammer down with the Constitutional Option and be done with it.

Many Republicans, including myself, are beginning to feel that we are wasting our time, and efforts, in supporting the Republican Party. Maybe we should create our own party… a Conservative Party, a party that will not hesitate when the chips are down. Something to think about, what?


Monday, November 21, 2005

Frisco Chooses "Subjection" over Freedom!

San Franciscans Choose “Subjection” over Freedom!

So San Francisco has decided to give up its guns, huh? I suppose they’re gong to ask the French to protect them now that they have no way to resist those who did not give up their guns.

Somewhere, somehow, the people of San Francisco missed the expression: “An Armed man is a Free Man. An unarmed man is a subject.” Or, they have chosen to become subjects. Subjects of whom? Of anyone who is armed an is willing to impose his, or her, will upon the “subjects” of San Francisco.

Look, you may counter that San Francisco has a police department to protect them. Which world are you living in? Surely, it is not the world the rest of us reside in.

The stark truth is… the police cannot protect us. They never could. I have been a police officer, I know! It is incumbent, upon the individual, in a free society, to protect himself, or herself. But, you see, that goes against the “secular socialist” philosophy. In order for one to protect themselves they must become responsible for themselves. The people of San Francisco have just told the rest of the country, they are no longer willing to be responsible for themselves and they have thrown themselves upon the mercy of the people of America. How pathetic.

There is an old expression: Freedom stands on three boxes: the soapbox, the ballot box and the cartridge box. Take any one of those boxes away and you lose your freedom. San Francisco has just capitulated and surrendered their freedom.

Why is there such a rush to socialism mainly in the northeast and the extreme west of this nation? There is something fundamentally different about the folks who populate those regions from the remainder of America. They embrace socialism. They welcome it. They have an undeniable urge to merge into something bigger than themselves and lose themselves, and their identity, in that larger thing. Whatever that “thing” is. It smacks of insecurity. They seem to want, no… NEED a nanny!

Here in Middle America, and in the South, we can’t stand the idea of being less than an individual. We celebrate our ability to stand-alone and to defend our freedom with whatever means necessary. That includes firearms. But those folks in the northeast, and west, have lost that feeling of responsibility for oneself. They have turned their welfare over to the government. That is so uniquely un-American.

If there can truly be anything funny about such a move, it is that those who choose to give up responsibility for themselves adopt a “superior attitude” towards the rest of us. I cannot fathom that attitude. It would take a “shrink” to explain how one can become a “subject” of the state, yet feel superior towards those of us who choose to remain free.

There’s something sick about that.


Sunday, November 20, 2005

The State vs The Church


Bill of Rights Amendment I:

"Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances."

Look closely at the above amendment. Do you see anything regarding separation of church and state? No? That’s because it isn’t there.

Now, before I dive headlong into to this post, allow me, please, to say that after years of wrestling with this, I have concluded that if the “separation clause” was, indeed, in the Constitution, I could probably support it. As it is, I haven’t that choice… because it simply isn’t there.

The Supreme Court is deciding an issue, I happen to believe, they have no authority to even consider. The case of the Ten Commandments displayed on public property, namely courthouse lawns and such. Elsewhere in the Constitution, it is plainly stated that if it is not in the Constitution, then the matter is left up to the states. That's anything not already in the Constitution!.

This issue should be a state matter… decided by each separate state’s legislatures and, when necessary, their state courts.

What we have here is another case of the Supreme Court assuming powers it doesn’t have…again. When will the Congress grow the cajones to rein in that runaway court?

Maybe the time has come, if not it is surely approaching, when we have to convene a Constitutional Convention and clear up a few things. One would be to amend the Constitution to allow term limits for ALL Federal Judges including the Supreme Court Justices. The "insulation" of lifetime appointments has the effect of cutting them off from any contact with the real world, outside their tiny little world, and results in a disconnect with the American people. The same thing has happened to Congress. The answer to the Congressional disconnect? Term limits. Well, guess what, the Court ruled Term Limits are unconstitutional. I wonder why.

We are faced again with the oligarchy thing. Our freedoms are being eroded away and we have no recourse. To continue along this course is bound to end in a very unpleasant mess. I would advise the government to review the events of
the 1850’s with even closer attention to the events of 1861 through 1865. The underlying cause of that unpleasant period was overbearing government. The Congress and the Federal Judiciary would do well to consider that period in our history because, as we all know, history has a way of repeating itself. (The US government didn’t believe it could happen then, either.)

The people must have recourse. We are well past being tired of the legislation coming out of the Federal Courts including the Supreme Court.

The great unwashed, out here in the hinterlands, have begun the inevitable rumbling and the momentum will only build. Congress would do well to be attentive to these dissatisfied constituents and put the brakes on the Federal Courts. Congress has the power. The question is, are they men, and women, enough to do it?

Your Obedient Servant,


Saturday, November 19, 2005

Note to Osama: We Ain't Leaving!

We ain’t leaving!!!

The US House of Representatives voted, overwhelmingly, last night to throw the Democrat's calls for cut and run tactics in Iraq back in their faces. The final vote was 403 to 3 not to remove our troops from Iraq. The US Senate also turned back a Democrat attempt, at roughly the same thing, earlier this week in the Senate.

So, suck it up Democrats! Get hold to your shaking psyches and screw-up the courage, from somewhere, to see this war through.

I hope now that we have this on record the Democrats will slink back to the shadows form whence they came. But they won’t.

We need to publish the official voting record from the Resolution in the US House last night. It is important for all voters to know who voted for, and who voted against, the Resolution to "cut and run".

The Resolution last night was a way for the Republicans to call the bluff of the Democrats and, for all intents and purposes say: “Put Up... or Shut Up.” The Democrats didn’t even have the guts to “put up” and vote the way they had been claiming they would. When the chips were down, the Democrats folded. When the going got tough, the Democrats sputtered out.

The Resolution in the House was a glove across the chops of the Democrats yesterday. They chose not to answer the challenge. They left the field in disgrace. It was a wonderful sight!

I am pleased, beyond words, that the Republicans did this. And I can see glimpses of the Republican Party we thought we elected. Now, if only they will drive the point of this political spear home and silence the "Whiners of the Left" once, and for all, on their cries for surrender in Iraq.

So, a furious bunch of Democrats went home for the two week Thanksgiving Break. A triumphant bunch of Republicans will be received with open arms and hugs of appreciation when they arrive back in their districts. I wonder how the Democrats wil be recieved???

The men and woman of the United States Military, in Iraq and Afghanistan, were watching this vote in the US House last night. They will be heartened and will understand that when they are told not to mind the jelly spined Democrats, who called for their surrender, that the Democrats do not even have the courage to go on the official record because they KNOW the American Public, the American Electorate, will condemn them for it. They do not have the courage of their convictions. Finally, finally, the American service man, and woman, will breath a sign of relief and know that back home, the good people of America still stand with them no matter how hard the US Media and the Democrats have tried to undermine that support.

Now, we say to the Military Commanders, take the leashes off our troops and let them go after the enemy… even if they have to cross the Syrian border, or the Iranian border, and being death and destruction to those terrorists who want so much to be martyrs. Let the US Military win this one. Do not take another victory from them… as you did in Vietnam.

To the politicians in Washington, we say, give them what they need, and get out of the way and they will bring us victory in Iraq.

One other thing: get the US media out of Iraq. We can’t trust them anymore than we can the terrorists.


Friday, November 18, 2005

The Shame of America!

So the Democrats have decided to come clean have they? No more pussyfooting around. Just the facts, eh?

Ok. What are the facts? Well, on the outside chance that you may have been wondering, Democrat Congressman John Murtha, of Pennsylvania, made it crystal clear yesterday, Thursday, November 17th, 2005. The Democrats want US troops withdrawn from Iraq in 6 months. This is the Democrat "Hawk" the "mediacrats" decided to puff up and stand up before their mikes?

Murtha is hardly a "hawk". In less than half a year after the invasion of Iraq, Murtha was calling for the President to withdraw the troops. Remember, he had the same information on Saddam, and Iraq, that the President did. He voted for the war!

No... contrary to what the MSM is telling us, the Democrats have folded. When the chips are down they just do not have what it takes to face a national enemy and fight for America. All they are interested in is POWER in the government of the US. Nothing more! It simply isn't in them to fight for freedom. Freedom and the security on the country is secondary to power for the US Democrat Party.
So, that’s it! They’re defeated! They surrender! They’re whipped! They capitulated! They rolled over! They threw in the towel. They quit! They retreated! They just plain chickened-out!

That yellow streak they have been trying so hard, for months now, to conceal, just burst forth into the bright sunshine of truth! The Islamic terrorists have defeated the US Democrat Party! And all they had to do was be persistent!

It is embarrassing! It is truly embarrassing for the rest of America to be associated with this bunch of jelly spined cowards. Tell me, how do they live with themselves? How do they bear the shame and manage to go about the everyday duties of just getting on with life when they are scared of their own shadows. How? How do they live with the stench of cowardice emanating from their jaded souls? How can they live with themselves knowing they have just told the families of the men, and women, who died in Iraq that their loved one's life was given for nothing, that their dead loved one has died in vain.

Do you begin to see why I have said over, and over, that we can never trust the Democrat party with the security of this nation… ever again? If we do, there will be no nation. They simply do not have the spine to stand and fight for the freedom we enjoy as Americans. They will give this country away in the blink of an eye. The US Democrat Party makes the French look like courageous heroes!!!

How they can deceive themselves into thinking we can leave this war IN Iraq is beyond me. Unlike Vietnam, this war will follow us back home to our own shores. And why not? The insurgents understand that they can win, even in America, itself, because the Democrat Party will not resist them. Worse, they know the Democrat Party will do everything in it’s power to place roadblocks in the way of anyone else who tries to stand against the enemies of America.

Where is the patriotism? Where? Where are the national leaders who will stand against the enemies of this country foreign AND DOMESTIC?

The Democrat Party needs to be slapped down, and slapped down hard, over their "sell out" of the security of America. For that is what it is.

Don’t ever ask me not to question their patriotism again. What is patriotic about surrender? What?

Now we know why the terrorists have not hit the US again since 9-11. Why should they? They can see the Democrat Party is all they need to bring America down. It is not necessary for them to risk their men and materiel in America itself. The Democrats will not resist and will not allow others to resist.

The Democrat Party is the “Shame of America”.


Thursday, November 17, 2005

They're Islamic Terrorists! Nothing More and Nothing Less!

Is it just me… or have you, too, noticed how the MSM types are gingerly tip-toeing around the fact that the insurrection in France, and other Western European countries, is caused by Muslims?

Did you happen to take notice of the fact that the “pirates” attacking the American cruise ship, off the coast of East Africa, were Muslim attacking a boat load of Americans. Did you happen to notice which coast they were off? Somalia. Remember Mogadishu? How about “Black Hawk Down"? Eighteen US Army Rangers dead, over 1200 Somalis dead…in one firefight. Clinton orders our troops to pull out. Any of that ring a bell?

See? Therein lies the problem. The general public is being shielded from the truth. The MSM is so afraid of being accused of “racial profiling” that they will do everything in their power to avoid telling you, the public, the truth, that those people burning France to the ground, and trying to seize an American cruise ship, are Muslims!

Look, we’re at war. You, and the Mediacrats, and the Democrats, can ignore it if you wish , but ignoring it will not change the fact that America is at war and people are dying all over the globe at the hands of these Islamofacists!

I hate to keep harping on this, but, look, France has the largest Jewish population, after Israel, and the United States, in the world. France also has the largest Muslim population of any European nation. Those Muslims have vowed to destroy Israel and the United States and now France. Do you think, if you stretch your imagination, just a wee bit; you might detect a common thread running through the Islamofacism rampant in the world today. The Muslims are hell-bent on setting up a world wide Caliphate on this globe and they will kill anyone in their way. The only difference between the Islamofacists of today and Hitler’s Nazis of WW-2… is their religion.

Until the world is ready to see this world wide attack, by Islam, as what it is, we infidels will continue to be killed in numbers, large and small, all over the world until we feel safe nowhere, not even in our own homes. Then… they will have won. That is the goal of terrorists.

Often, I feel as if I am a voice crying in the Wilderness, as John the Baptist was described. There are a few of us who see things clearly. (Well, most of the time, anyway!) We see where we are headed and we have tried to awaken a slumbering world to the "Damocles Sword" hanging over the heads of all infidels. Yet the world slumbers on. Here in the states, the Socialist party (the Democrats) are going out of their way to point fingers and chide those of us who can read the "handwriting on the wall" and want to prepare for the terror of the blood bath to come. They have chosen to ignore the danger hovering around us. And, as the News Media, in this country, is largely controlled, by far, by those of the Socialist party (Democrat Party), they deliberately edit the news so as not to upset their viewers, listeners, and readers. The disservice they are doing is going to cost many lives in the long run.

I suppose when we lose a great portion of New York City, or Boston, or Baltimore, or Chicago, or Atlanta, or Houston, or San Francisco, or Los Angles, or Seattle, to a nuclear device planted by a “Muslim Terrorist”, we will begin to shake ourselves and ask the question… why didn’t someone tell us? Some one did TRY to tell you, but we were, and are, shouted down by the bullies of the Left who do not want to arouse the lower classes!

The Muslim Terrorists have seen that the US disaster response is not nearly up to the task of handling a major disaster. They have seen it, as we all have. They will strike, next time, with that knowledge to arm themselves, and they will have even more effective results in their coming attacks than on 9-11. Look for multiple attacks carried out simultaneously and at widely diverse geographical locations.

The US must prepare and quickly, else we will find ourselves in the same predicament as France and Europe. Only worse.


Wednesday, November 16, 2005

IN GOD WE TRUST! Well, Most of Us, Anyway!

The atheists are at it again. Not satisfied with their status as miserable lost souls themselves, they apparently want to make very other American miserable as well.

“Under God” must come out of our Pledge of Allegiance. Well, the 9th Circus Court agreed with that. Now the Supreme Court must decide. Frankly, I wouldn’t place a bet, either way, on how the Supreme Court will decide on this issue.

Now the atheists are after the nation's motto, you know, the one on our money, “In God We Trust”.

I’m not going to bore you with claims that this is a Christian country founded upon the scriptural dictates of the bible and it was founded as a nation where people of all faiths could come and enjoy freedom to practice their chosen religion. All of that is true. It can easily be documented from the Mayflower Compact right on down to today.

But you see, here is the problem I have. It’s called "revisionist" history. Simply put, it is people rewriting history to suit their own ends. It doesn’t matter that what they write isn’t the truth. The truth hardly matters any more. What matters to them is getting their way… and they will do whatever it takes to accomplish their ends.

The revision of our history is a cancer eating away at the insides of the US. The Politically Correct crowd (Read Marxist Crowd) has been the biggest culprit, so far. Up to now, that is. Now, we have the Atheists lending a hand.

Even a city’s logo, which symbolizes the City of Los Cruses, New Mexico, is being challenged because it has the stylized drawing of three crosses on it. It is a correct depiction of the name of the city “Los Cruses”, which means, in English, “the crosses”.

I’m past being angry with this movement among the nations unreligious to force their views upon the majority of the people of this nation. I’m ready to strike back. Un-Christian of me, you say? Well, so be it! I’m not a very good Christian anyway. The good Lord and I are working on that. In the meantime, I urge the people of faith, in the US, to rise up and ensure the efforts of this weird minority of hopeless, pitiful, people are set back on their heels and forced to retreat into the deep, dark, shadows from which they came.

I’m all for protecting Minority Rights…but NOT at the expense of Majority Rights!

The majority of the people of the United States are people of faith. They are the people who drive this great country.

As much as I hate to say this, we may find that we have to amend our constitution to restrict the practice of certain religions in this country in order to preserve that freedom for everyone else. Not a pleasant solution is it? But realistic, I’m afraid.

At some point, in the not too distant future, the religious people of this country are going to say enough and they will insist that measures be taken to stop those who would rip, and tear, at the very fabric of a nation founded on the Judeo-Christian faith.

As crazy as it sounds, it is coming.


Tuesday, November 15, 2005

From My Cold, Dead, Hands!

I was listening to a radio show in the wee hours of the morning, the other day, and there was an on going debate about gun control in the USA.

As I listened, it became clear to me that those on the “take the guns” side have managed to delude themselves into thinking that those of us on the “keep the guns” side will give up our weapons without a bloodbath in the streets of America. I nearly dropped my razor, as I was shaving at the time. It was such a blow to me to realize that those “Ban the Guns” folks are so out of touch with reality that they actually believe that.

Now, I’m a Southern American. I was reared around guns as a child and have handled, and fired weapons, all my life. I was taught to fire weapons at the age of six. That is actually a little late for a Southern boy to learn how to handle firearms. I legally purchased my first shotgun at age 12. It was a Winchester, model 37, with a 30-inch barrel, full choke. It was a very good squirrel gun… and a “weapon of mass destruction” on small game. It made a terrific Deer weapon with either a 12-gauge slug or double ought buckshot. But good marksmanship was required. It was a single shot, so often the shooter had a single chance to bag the game he was aiming for.

I have hunted the woods and the swamps of the two Carolinas all my life until failing health put a stop to it.

In the eyes of the “Ban the Guns” folks I own an arsenal of weapons. In a manner of speaking, I suppose I do. I own long guns; handguns and I even have edged weapons such as Bowie knives. Generally speaking… I’m armed to the teeth. At one time I was very good with a bow as well. Often my aim was better with a bow that with a rifle. Go figure! I tell you this, not as a boast, but to attempt to point out that I’m an average gun owner. Actually, a bit below average, here, in my part of the country.

Only a tiny portion of weapons owned by citizens of the United States are registered. Would you care to guess why? Because… if the weapon is registered, the government knows where it is located.

And one other point the “Ban the Guns” folks overlook… it is fairly easy to manufacture both handguns and long guns in your basement workshop. Back in the day of the “zip guns” I made several myself. I was nearly always armed during my teen years.

As I said, I’m just an “average” gun owner here in the American Southland. I have no gun rack in my pick-up.

Having said all this… let me ask you a serious question. Do you really believe, way down deep, that I would willingly hand over my weapons and place my safety, and that of my family, into the hands of a bureaucratic government agency such as the local police department? Do You?

Well, friend, if you do … you are demented and need serious help, right away.

I can say, with no hesitation, the only way the US government will ever come close to getting gun owning Americans to give up their weapons is with force of arms. In other words… they will have to use guns to take our guns. There will be a blood bath the likes of which this country hasn’t seen since the “late unpleasantness” in 1860 to 1865. It would cause an instant separation in the country. The UNITED states would be no more.

This is not an easy thing for me to say. It is not an easy thing to contemplate, yet is an undeniable truth.

I’m not a member of the NRA. I used to be… many years ago. And, I will be again… if a Democrat is elected President in 2008.

Many of us understand that a Democrat can never be trusted with the security of the US again. That means OUR security is at risk. The security of our families is at risk.

Call us what you will, but when that last element, the security of our families, is added to the mix, the line will have been crossed and that’s when the gun safes, and gun cabinets, are opened and we take responsibility for the safety of our homes and our families.

There is much truth to the old adage: “An armed man is a free man. An unarmed man is a “subject’”.

America was conquered and taken with the gun. Our independence was taken with the gun, our freedom is secured with the gun, and our liberty, as a free people, will be safe as long as American citizens are armed with a gun.

To quote Charlton Heston: “…from my cold, dead, hands!”


Monday, November 14, 2005

The Radical Right? Which One?

I couldn’t help but notice the Democrats, when Sam Alto was chosen by President Bush to fill the vacancy on the Supreme Court. They continually referred to the “Radical Right”. It was Bush pandering to the “Radical Right”.

Did you ever wonder who, exactly, the “Radical Right is???

The broad definition, by the Democrats, of a person from the “Radical Right” is a "Conservative" not of the Democrat Party.

To a Southerner, their error is glaring! Democrats from the North, and Northeast, and West, don’t seem to have a grasp of how this country is still politically divided dating back to the Civil War.

For those of you reading this, who do not hail from Dixie, let me spell it out. To those of you in Dixie, I’m preaching to the choir… just bare with me.

In the American South there are Conservative Democrats. These folks have been Democrats since the first shots were fired on Fort Sumter, in Charleston, SC. When the Republican President Lincoln sent his troops to invade the South the one thing, which outlasted the war, in the South, intact, was the South’s hate for Republicans.

Then along about the mid-1960’s something happened. The Democrat Party turned on Southerners. They went liberal… adopting much of the American Socialist Party’s platform and began preaching to the South about the way it lived, and had lived, since the mid 1600’s.

Again there was an uprising in the South, and by that time the Republican Party had seen the error of it’s ways and had adopted much of the platform of the former Democrat Party.

When Richard Nixon came along, and invited the South to join his party, which by now, looked a lot like the Democrat Party used to look, many Southerners flocked to the Republican Party. As a result, those staunch conservatives, from the Democrat Party, began to flesh out the ranks of the Republican Party, the Republican Party became even more conservative.

However, there were, and are, many Democrats in the South who remain registered as Democrats but vote with the Republicans every election. Those are, by and large Democrats whose families have been traditionally Democrat for as far back in their history as the eye can see. As Southerners are nothing, if not traditionalists, they cannot bring them selves to turn their back on the Democrat Party. It is considered akin to treason. But, they vote Republican… every election. Here in NC they were, and are, called "Jessecrats" after the much beloved former Senator from NC, Senator Jesse Helms.

Then there are the "Reagan Democrats". They are, for all intents and purposes, the same group, except that the Reagan Democrats are found all over the South and not just in North Carolina.

Let me see if I can make it even clearer for you.

I belong to an international organization (based in the South), which, in this country, is populated by a strong majority of Democrats. I am among those Republicans in the organization. What holds us together? Our conservatism. We may be Democrat and Republican... but we are conservatives first. A first time visitor to one of our meetings would swear we are all of the same political party, but I assure you, we are not.

Southern churches are, by and large, the same. Conservative.

Now, having taken the long way around let me come back to the point.

The Democrat Party does not understand what I have just explained to you. They actually believe there is a “Radical Right”. They have yet to understand the Radical Right they rail about is the Republican Party and a huge segment of their own Party, the Democrat Party. As a result, they are slamming not just Republicans when they denigrate us; they are also alienating a vast segment of Democrats, as well.

Republicans, especially “Southern” Republicans have known this since the 1960’s. As a result we sorta egg them on. The more irate Southern Democrats they create, the more potential members of the Republican Party they create. It’s a simple equation, really.

So when I see, and hear, Howard Dean, Ted Kennedy, Chuck Schumer, John Kerry, Ms. Barbara Boxer, Ms. Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, Dick Durban, and other leading liberal Democrats, railing against the “Radical Right”, I smile and whisper a “Thank You” to a benevolent God for their efforts. They have done more to further the cause of the Republicans, the “Radical Right”, as they call us than, well, frankly, I can’t think of anyone, or any organization, which has done more for Republicans and the Conservative Cause.

The Mainstream Media in the US is so completely in the pockets of the Democrat Party that we often refer to them as “Mediacrats”. Basically a Mediacrat is a Democrat with a microphone, printing press, or TV Camera.

As we watch the confirmation of Judge Samuel Alito in the weeks and months ahead, we will make use of their rantings to draw recruits to our "Cause". And when Thanksgiving rolls around, later this month, we will thank God for their efforts.


Sunday, November 13, 2005

Thank You, America! signed: The Kurds!

Has anyone seen those “Thank You, America” ads on TV sponsored by the Kurds of Iraq?

I have. I must admit I was taken totally by surprise! I had to see them at least twice before I would believe what I had seen.

You are probably aware that the United States has given more of its sons and daughters lives, and it’s national treasure, to secure, and ensure, freedom for other peoples, and countries, than any other nation in the history of the world. That’s another of those facts left out of today’s “revisionist history”.

Now, I was born about 7 months before the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor. So, my formative years were spent during America’s darkest days of war. That war ended when I was 4 years of age. Then in 1949 we were preparing for another war, even though we did not know it at the time. By 1950 we were neck deep in the so-called Korean conflict. My first cousin was taken prisoner by the North Koreans, or Red Chinese (we were never sure which), and spent several horrible months in a Communist Prisoner of War Camp. By 1958, I was in the military, having joined during the summer between my Junior and Senior years of High School. I attended Army Reserve Drills for my entire Senior year of High School, and reported for Basic Training to Ft. Jackson, South Carolina, roughly one month after graduation.

Eisenhower was my first Commander-in-Chief. Then John Kennedy, and finally, LBJ. I was already in service when the word “Vietnam” meant little, if anything, to the regular grunt. The US was sending advisors into South Vietnam even then, but 99.9% of us knew nothing about it.

Then there were the little brush fire wars like Panama, and Granada. Then came Desert Storm… the first Iraq War. That war, left unfinished, only set the stage for the second Iraq War in which we are engaged to this day.

Now, all this rambling is meant only to set my background for you so that when I say, of all the wars in which the US has been involved, in my lifetime, I have no recollection of any, I repeat, any, nation we freed, liberated, or just plain saved, saying “Thank You” in such a public, and celebratory, way! Never.

The Kurds have taken it upon themselves to let the world know what America’s sons and daughters did for them. It is a wonderful, heart-warming, thing for them to do.

It is welcomed by Americans who have grown weary of war.
Most Americans, contrary to what the American press may tell you, undersand that we are only in the opening days of this war, the "Global War on Terror". No matter if we leave Iraq and try to disengage from this war we will never be able to completely withdraw. Those bent on a world wide dictatorship, based on Islam, will continue to attack the US until we capitulate. That isn’t going to happen.

So, thank you, Kurdistan, for your expression of gratitude. It will go a long way towards lightening the darkness of the many long days, and years, of war ahead.


Saturday, November 12, 2005


I have been an admirer of Lord G.K. Chesterton's work since my younger days as a fledgling broadcaster.

As we just celebrated Veterans Day, 2005, and our attention was turned to the courage of the men and women of the Armed Forces of the US who have sacrificed to ensure our freedom, we are compelled to celebrate their courage.

But what is courage?

For the best answer I have found, I invite you to read Chesterton's view of Courage:

"Courage is almost a contradiction in terms. It means a strong desire to live taking the form of a readiness to die. 'He that will lose his life, the same shall save it,' is not a piece of mysticism for saints and heroes. It is a piece of everyday advice for sailors or mountaineers. It might be printed in an Alpine guide -- or a drill-book. This paradox is the whole principle of courage even of quite earthly or quite brutal courage. A man cut off by the sea may save his life if he will risk it on the precipice. He can only get away from death by continually stepping within an inch of it. A soldier, surrounded by enemies, if he is to cut his way out, needs to combine a strong desire for living with a strange carelessness about dying. He must not merely cling to life, for then he will be a coward, and will not escape. He must not merely wait for death, for then he will be a suicide, and will not escape. He must seek his life in a spirit of furious indifference to it; he must desire life like water and yet drink death like wine. No philosopher, I fancy, has ever expressed this romantic riddle with adequate lucidity, and I certainly have not done so. But Christianity has done more: it has marked the limits of it in the awful graves of the suicide and the hero, showing the distance between him who dies for the sake of living and him who dies for the sake of dying. And it has held up ever since above the European lances the banner of the mystery of chivalry the Christian courage which is a disdain of death; not the Chinese courage which is a disdain of life."

Lord G.K. Chesterton-- "Orthodoxy"

We have much to be thankful for in America. Let us never, never, lose our courage.

Have a great weekend!