Sunday, April 30, 2006

Illegals Plan to Shut Down Major US Cities on Monday!

(I rarely run a post this often, but this is as
important an issue as our country is likely ever
to face.)

Organizers of the mass demonstrations planned for May Day, by illegal immigrants in the US, are aimed at closing down some of America’s major cities, according to news reports.

The illegal immigrants are demanding rights they are not entitled to, as non-citizens, but are demanding they be given because of the threat posed by their sheer numbers.

"Texas Fred" has an important post over at: “Ace in the Hole”. We recommend you read it at:

America is facing one of the most serious situations in its history. Our government, the US government, is not responding to the wishes of its citizens.

I don’t know about you, but I despise living under a threat… of any kind. The America I grew up in would spit in the eye of someone, no... ANYONE, daring to threaten them directly, or indirectly. Yet, our very own government is about to fold in the face of thousands of criminals marching in our streets when they ought to be locked away in a prison.

It is past time for you, as a LEGAL American citizen to act. If you have not done so, write, phone, or e-mail your Congressman, or Congresswoman, your Senators, and the office of the President, and voice your concern, and your anger, over the way Congress is giving in to the blackmail of the illegals.

Make it plain to your Senator, or Congressperson, that you will not support them for re-election if they support the proposed legislation creating another amnesty program by establishing a “Guest Worker Program”. State clearly that you expect the government to enforce the immigration laws already on the books, that you expect the US government to secure the southern border with a fence, or a wall, and that you expect the federal government to make an all out effort to round up as many illegal immigrants, as possible, in the shortest time possible, and deport them as fast as possible. And finally, that you expect the government to levy heavy fines and even imprisonment on employers who knowingly hire illegal immigrants.

What’s at stake? Only the continued existence of the United States of America. That’s all!

Act now! We have no time to waste. In fact, we may have waited too long, as it is, for our leaders to do their jobs.


Saturday, April 29, 2006

Limbaugh Held to Higher Standard!

What to say about Rush?

Mr. Limbaugh does not need me to defend him, that’s for sure.

But, I must tell you something that I know from personal experience. If you have never dealt with long-term chronic pain, then you have no place in the discussion surrounding what has happened to Limbaugh.

Now, add to that the fact that Mr. Limbaugh was/is in one of the most unforgiving businesses on the planet and you begin to see the stress he was under.

As a 30 year member of the broadcasting world and one who deals daily with chronic pain, I can tell you unless, and until, you do, you just might want to withhold judgment.

In the broadcasting business, no matter how hot you are, no matter how good you are at your job, the company always asks for more. Thanks for a job well done is seldom heard. And, in the smaller markets, the better you are at your job the more of a liability you become to the supervisors and managers over you from the program director, through the operations manager, to the general manager. You are perceived as ready to take their jobs at any moment. As a result, you stub your toe… and you are gone. Give them a reason, any reason, and you are gone. It’s “What have you done for me lately” all the time.

I tell you this so as to point out the terrible stress even on the “stars “ of a broadcasting station… or network.

Take a young broadcaster whose skill and talent are off the scale and you have instant stress. He is immediately on the bull’s eye. In the broadcasting business, paranoia is just damn good thinking!

The stress, of course will eventually bring on the chronic pain. Now, getting treatment for chronic pain usually requires 4 to 6 weeks in a hospital or pain clinic. For a broadcaster to stay away from his job that long is simply to kiss his job goodbye. His career can be ruined by that prolonged absence… even if it is for medical treatment.

Listening audiences are fickle… and no matter how big a star you are, if you are gone for four to six weeks… your listeners will find another personality they like and they will abandon you.

That means the station’s numbers take a nose dive and they can’t have that, so, you are gone and they bring in another rising star eager to take you job for about half what the company was paying you.

So, you are now a “has-been” in a lot of pain! Depression anyone?
Then… there is the pain itself.

In the USA, doctors are scared to death to write a prescription for pain medications. The DEA is all over them in no time flat.

There is no reason for any American to suffer pain. We have the meds and the treatments to stop pain. It is a medical fact that healing is faster when the pain is controlled. Yet, our government places such stringent controls on our doctors that the doctors allow their patients to suffer, in pain, and drag out the healing process rather than face an angry government, which just might yank their license and end their careers.

Many, millions of people in the USA suffer daily with chronic pain, and will for the remainder of their lives, all the while KNOWING there is medication to ease their suffering but the government dares the physician to write the script for it. How’s that for torture?

And then… there is the burden of being a political conservative. Conservatives are held to a higher standard in America. There is simply no question about it. We preach family values, and faith in God, and loyalty to ones country, but we conservatives are subject to the same foibles, the same temptations, as leftists are. Yet, when we slip and fall, as we frequently do, we are hailed as hypocrites and liars and conmen instead of what we really are… human.

I live in a county in which Democrats outnumber me 13 to 1. For nearly 30 years I was in a position in which I was in the public eye constantly. Everyone knew I was/am a conservative. And even though I am retired, I know there are some things I cannot do, and some places I cannot go, simply because I am held to a higher standard by the public in which I am heavily outnumbered by leftists.

I’m a political activist, a conservative, and a former public figure and I know whereof I speak.

If Limbaugh did what he is accused of doing… I can readily understand why. Pain even caused Jesus Christ himself to cry out in agony and ask his Father why He had abandoned Him!

No, I will not condemn Mr. Limbaugh. I can’t. I’m not righteous enough. Maybe you are. If so, then, more power to you. As for me, well, I’m just an old sinner, an old Pharisee, who will muddle along doing the best I can with all my human frailties hoping, all the while, that I don’t screw-up until my days on this hunk of dirt are over. Then, I’m going home where I know I’ll get comfort from the pain.

I the meantime, our prayers are with Mr. Limbaugh.


Friday, April 28, 2006

We Need Another "Can Do" America!

America Will Find a Replacement for Petroleum Based Fuel.

Up to now, I have said nothing about the high price of gasoline as the result of the high price of crude oil. At least, I haven’t said anything, thus far, in this so-called crisis.

The reason? I’m not worried about it. For those of you who will declare that “ole Longstreet” is off his rocker, let me tell you something about America which will, I think, explain why I’m not worried about the world running out of oil.

I came of age in a “Can Do” America. Mine was an America, which could do anything it set its mind to do. Even the horizon, itself, presented no limits as we proved when we put men on the moon and brought them back home safely.

When the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor, the US military was at one of its lowest ebbs. America has always reduced it’s military after a war and we have always been blind-sided, when attacked, and had to build a mighty military machine almost from scratch. Even the Japanese admiral who led the forces making the raid on Pearl said he could own the Pacific for about six months, and then America would come after him. He had gotten his education here, in America, and he understood that once that sleeping giant was awakened, somebody would pay. In August of 1945, Japan paid.

Nobody considered that America might lose that war, either against the Japanese or the Germans. America doesn’t lose wars. Our leaders quit on us, as those did in Vietnam (and left our servicemen in shame over a war in which they had won every battle, but the leaders in Washington would not let them win the war).

Every problem this country has faced we have triumphed over. It just never occurred to us we could fail. Rarely did we have a plan “B” because we had so much confidence in ourselves that a plan “B” wasn’t needed!

Americans aren’t quitters although our leaders frequently are. Like the bunch we have in Congress now. But that is for another post.

As a youngster, growing up, the quickest way to get an old fashioned “whupping” was to say: “I can’t.” Those words were not uttered without punishment meted out to the person who spoke them. “Quitting” and “can’t” were two words not in our lexicon.

I distinctly remember my third grade teacher handing out paddling to any student who said: “I can’t”. That was good old corporal punishment with a wooden paddle, which would make your rear end sore for a couple of days. We referred to it as “The Board of Education!”

So, my generation was reared in an age when there were no horizons for America. There was nothing America could not do.

And I still believe that!

Now… this leads me to the Gasoline Problem. I happen to believe that we are nowhere near using up the last crude in the planet. However, that makes no difference, as many people DO believe it. The problem I have, you see, is that the America I grew up in, would be working night and day to find a fuel to replace the petroleum based fuels we are using today.

It bothers me to see government officials wringing their hands, as though near panic, over this little problem with crude oil. If they REALLY believed what they are telling us, they’d be trying to do something about it… and I don’t mean telling everyone to get a bicycle!

Did you know that during the Second World War, when allied troops cut off Germany’s supply of oil, that she liquefied coal and kept on truckin? Did you know Germany had city buses running on wood as fuel?

As a member of the “Can Do” Generation, you see, I KNOW that some one, somewhere, in America, in some obscure laboratory, most likely on a college campus, will, in fact, develop a fuel to replace the petroleum based fuels we are told we are running out of today. Just in the knick of time the discovery will emerge and America will not miss a beat! I believe this! In my tiny little mind, it is almost un-American NOT to believe it!

Now, do you begin to see why I am so upset with our leaders when they tell me we CAN’T round up 12 million illegals in our country and deport them? Do you? Heck, we rounded up millions of Japanese all over the Pacific Ocean and sent them, and took them, home. We rounded up millions of Germans and Italians and sent them to either meet their Maker, or home, to get re-acquainted with their families.

So, if America is serious about finding a replacement for petroleum based fuels then we ought to get busy. The sooner we get started the sooner we will have the answer and… WE WILL HAVE THE ANSWER! I don’t mean “Corn Squeezings”, either. My family made, sold, and drank that stuff for years. We knew it would probably burn in an internal combustion engine… at least some of it would. But we didn’t call it Ethanol. We called it “Moonshine” or “White Lightening”. No, Ethanol is not the answer. It’s just a “stop gap” until we find THE fuel.

What we need, more that a replacement for petroleum-based fuels, (in America) is more of the “Can Do” spirit of the Greatest Generation and their spawn. Then you would see mountains moved and problems solved.

I believe in my country and my countrymen. Yeah, I know that is old fashioned. You’ll probably not be surprised to learn that I still get a catch in my throat and a tear in my eye when I recite the pledge to the Flag. You see, I am convinced that America is God’s gift to this planet. America did not just “happen”. She was created by a people who were risk takers, who were bold, who were brave, and fearless, and in some cases even reckless. These were the “cast-off” people of other societies, which I believe, God sent here to populate this land. They are not easily beaten. Nor are their descendants.

When the time is right… we WILL have the problem solved. I believe that!


Thursday, April 27, 2006

Republicans CAN'T GIVE the '06 Election to the Democrats!

Republicans Can't GIVE the '06 Election to the Democrats!

(I'm using a "back door to get this posted. I hope it works! Longstreet)

Have you noticed… that no matter how hard the Republicans try to give the Democrats the 2006 election, on a silver platter, the Democrats find someway to screw it up, to turn it down, to insure they lose that election?

It’s the “durndest” thing I have ever seen!

The Republicans have, basically, given the Democrats the 2006 election, at least twice already this year, and the Democrats have refused it.

Currently, the illegal immigration issue, which the Republicans insist on being on the wrong side of, is doing tremendous harm to the GOP but the Democrats cannot find it in themselves to capitalize on the Republican’s massive screw-ups!

As bad as the Republican’s proposals are for dealing with the Southern Border problems, the Democrats proposals are even worse!

Also, the Democrats continue to try to hand the slogan “Culture of Corruption” around the necks of the Republicans while they have an equally heavy millstone around theirs… the “Culture of Treason”. Yet… they don’t seem to notice.

Now… take all this together, and add to it the fact that the Democrats are still pursuing Hillary Clinton for President in 2008, and, unbelievably, the Democrats have lost any chance they had to regain power in the US Government.

The fact that John Kerry still sees himself as the “Messiah of America” and is absolutely sure that his destiny is to be President of the US, even though he is an empty suit, and America knows it, just makes the Democrats look even worse than the Republicans. (And you gotta go some to look worse than the Republicans!)

When voters realize… that should the Democrats win the House of Representatives back… Nancy Pelosi would be “Speaker” and that places here just two heartbeats away from the Presidency… well, that just scares the hell out of the American electorate!

And then there is Howard Dean! What’s left to say about the man? His incompetence has won many battles for the Republicans. Many refer to Dean as the “best man the Republicans have”! They’re probably right.

As distasteful to me is the fact that the 2006 election is the Democrats to lose… I feel sure they will find a way to lose it!

The Republican Party has a huge number of leadership problems. They have grown distant from their constituents. They have snubbed the Conservatives who put them in office, but… it now looks as if they will build new bridges across that river of errors.

Plus, the Democrats have begun to believe their own press releases and those polls, which mean absolutely nothing this far out from an election.

Finally, two other things: the Democrats drive to impeach the President. Americans may not agree with a lot the President has done, and is doing, but they do not want to see another impeachment… anytime soon.

Then there is the Mainstream Media. Americans now know, the MSM is simply another branch of the Democrat Party and they have seen, with the help of the Internet, how the Media has assisted the Democrat Party at every turn and Americans have decided the MSM is no longer worthy of trust. So as long as the MSM continues their campaign of propaganda for the Democrat Party, and Democrat causes, it continues to drive the Conservatives to the polls this coming November, because… as much as they hate what is going on with the GOP right now, they cannot abide the thought of the Democrats and their “anything goes” liberal philosophy being back in a position of power in American politics

So, have the Democrats blown it? It’s too early to tell. But one thing we do know, just from observing them… that given half a chance they will screw it up!



INSIGHT on Freedom

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Thanks for your kind consideration!


Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Republican Party Determined to commit Suicide!


No use blaming the Democrats when the backlash comes against this ill-conceived, ill advised Administration “guest worker” program. Whatever credit Bush is going to get from his corporate supporters and the US Chamber of Commerce will be lost in an avalanche of criticism from the center-right.

In short, Republicans who vote for this mess are going to be put on notice: Make sure you have something lined up in the way of another job
after November:"

Thus say the folks at “Right Wing Nut House” and... I whole-heartedly agree.

If there is one single piece of legislation, which will sink the Republican Party, in ’06 and ’08, it is this "Amnesty" program for illegals.

Read the entire article at:

The utter stupidity of the GOP’s approach to illegal immigration just blows the mind!

If you have never seen a political party commit suicide, stay tuned!


Conservatives Have No Place to Go! Who Says???

I have been surfing the blogosphere, especially the conservative sites, and I gotta tell you I am P.O.ed!

I don’t know how many times I was told, by a fellow conservative, that I WOULD vote Republican in 2006, and 2008, because I have no where else to go!

Well! That sure makes me want to rush right to the polls and vote for the GOP!

Who the hell do those arrogant SOB’s think we are? WE put their collective behinds in office. And... true to the stereotypical characterization of a politician… they sold us out! And they have the bare faced arrogance to tell me I WILL vote for the Republican candidate because I have no where to go? Who the hell ARE those people?

It will be a cold day in hell when anyone can tell me I WILL vote a certain way, or I WILL support a political party because… if I don’t… the other guys will win! Well, damn! Those pea brains finally figured it out. That’s the correct answer! If I don’t vote for the GOP candidate the other guy, the Democrat, WILL WIN! Who would have thought it?!

It’s called punishment…punishment for lying to your constituents… punishment for not doing the right thing, at the right time, and in the right way!

When did democracy get turned topsy-turvy? I always thought it went this way: the voter elected a candidate to do a job that candidate promised to do. If elected, the politician gets to keep his, or her, job as long as he, or she, delivers on the promises he, or she, made and continues to do the work the voters insist upon. If they fail, they get voted out! Voting can be by ballot or… with one’s feet!

Nowadays, it’s just the other way around. The Politicians tell the electorate we WILL vote for them whether they do a half-assed job or not. We will vote for them because we have nowhere to go!

I have news for you dim lights in the upper echelons of the Republican Party. We DO have somewhere to go. Home! And we’ll stay there until you get your act together, and grow a pair, learn how to be leaders, and lose your addiction to the favor of the Mainstream Media!

My God! The arrogance is stifling! It’s off the scale. If I had as bad a record at my job, as they do at theirs, I’d be too embarrassed to show my face in public, let alone tell my constituents that it makes no difference how bad I perform, the constituents must vote for me, anyway!

It’s time for the Conservatives to show the GOP the back of our hands!

Look, conservatives aren’t angry with the GOP for failing! We’re mad because they didn’t even try! That’s what’s so disgusting about the whole lousy mess the Republican Party has brought down own their lowly supporters.

You are going to see a voter revolt, like no other, this year, and in 2008.

When the GOP dumps the RINOS, and the Blue Bloods, and their country club attitudes about the great-unwashed masses that vote their sorry behinds into to office, then we’ll be back. But not before!


Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Today's News vs. Matthew 24

Today’s News vs. Matthew 24

Now, before you read farther, allow me to explain that I am not attempting to impress you with my piety. I’m just an old Pharisee, like most Christians, I dare say.

It occurred to me the other day, as I was engrossed in the news of the day, that all the stories of doom and gloom, being reported by the “Talking Heads”, seemed so familiar. Then it clicked. I HAD head it before. Why, this was a rerun of “fast-breaking news”!

Where had I heard this before? Where had I been given a “heads-up” on the breaking news of the day? In the first book of the New Testament. The 24th Chapter, to be exact.

To save you time in looking it up, here it is(Below). It will take about as long to read as many of the posts on the blogosphere today and it just might give you some comfort. Especially, if, like me, you are beginning to feel a little “put upon” by the events of the day and the seemingly endless string of stories of humanity’s inability to live together in peace, on this very small little ball floating in the endless blackness of space. If nothing else, you may derive comfort just from the knowledge that man’s inhumanity to man will NOT go on forever.

When will it end? I have no idea, but rest assured we have a “lead-pipe-cinch” promise that it will most certainly end.

If you are unfamiliar with this scripture, you are about to read a nearly 2000-year-old script that sounds as if it was written just yesterday.

I invite you now to read the 24th Chapter of Matthew:

Matthew Chapter 24
1 Jesus left the temple area and was going away, when his disciples approached him to point out the temple buildings.
2 He said to them in reply, "You see all these things, do you not? Amen, I say to you, there will not be left here a stone upon another stone that will not be thrown down."
As he was sitting on the Mount of Olives,
3 the disciples approached him privately and said, "Tell us, when will this happen, and what sign will there be of your coming, and of the end of the age?"
4 Jesus said to them in reply, "See that no one deceives you.
For many will come in my name, saying, 'I am the Messiah,' and they will deceive many.
You will hear of wars
5 and reports of wars; see that you are not alarmed, for these things must happen, but it will not yet be the end.
Nation will rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom; there will be famines and earthquakes from place to place.
6 All these are the beginning of the labor pains.
7 Then they will hand you over to persecution, and they will kill you. You will be hated by all nations because of my name.
And then many will be led into sin; they will betray and hate one another.
Many false prophets will arise and deceive many;
and because of the increase of evildoing, the love of many will grow cold.
But the one who perseveres to the end will be saved.
And this gospel of the kingdom will be preached throughout the world as a witness to all nations,
8 and then the end will come.
9 "When you see the desolating abomination 10 spoken of through Daniel the prophet standing in the holy place (let the reader understand),
then those in Judea must flee
11 to the mountains,
12 a person on the housetop must not go down to get things out of his house,
a person in the field must not return to get his cloak.
Woe to pregnant women and nursing mothers in those days.
13 Pray that your flight not be in winter or on the sabbath,
14 for at that time there will be great tribulation, such as has not been since the beginning of the world until now, nor ever will be.
And if those days had not been shortened, no one would be saved; but for the sake of the elect they will be shortened.
If anyone says to you then, 'Look, here is the Messiah!' or, 'There he is!' do not believe it.
False messiahs and false prophets will arise, and they will perform signs and wonders so great as to deceive, if that were possible, even the elect.
Behold, I have told it to you beforehand.
So if they say to you, 'He is in the desert,' do not go out there; if they say, 'He is in the inner rooms,' do not believe it.
For just as lightning comes from the east and is seen as far as the west, so will the coming of the Son of Man be.
Wherever the corpse is, there the vultures will gather.
16 "Immediately after the tribulation of those days, the sun will be darkened, and the moon will not give its light, and the stars will fall from the sky, and the powers of the heavens will be shaken.
And then the sign of the Son of Man
17 will appear in heaven, and all the tribes of the earth will mourn, and they will see the Son of Man coming upon the clouds of heaven with power and great glory.
And he will send out his angels
18 with a trumpet blast, and they will gather his elect from the four winds, from one end of the heavens to the other.
19 "Learn a lesson from the fig tree. When its branch becomes tender and sprouts leaves, you know that summer is near.
In the same way, when you see all these things, know that he is near, at the gates.
Amen, I say to you, this generation
20 will not pass away until all these things have taken place.
Heaven and earth will pass away, but my words will not pass away.
21 "But of that day and hour no one knows, neither the angels of heaven, nor the Son, 22 but the Father alone.
23 For as it was in the days of Noah, so it will be at the coming of the Son of Man.
In (those) days before the flood, they were eating and drinking, marrying and giving in marriage, up to the day that Noah entered the ark.
They did not know until the flood came and carried them all away. So will it be (also) at the coming of the Son of Man.
24 Two men will be out in the field; one will be taken, and one will be left.
Two women will be grinding at the mill; one will be taken, and one will be left.
25 Therefore, stay awake! For you do not know on which day your Lord will come.
Be sure of this: if the master of the house had known the hour of night when the thief was coming, he would have stayed awake and not let his house be broken into.
So too, you also must be prepared, for at an hour you do not expect, the Son of Man will come.
26 27 "Who, then, is the faithful and prudent servant, whom the master has put in charge of his household to distribute to them their food at the proper time?
Blessed is that servant whom his master on his arrival finds doing so.
Amen, I say to you, he will put him in charge of all his property.
28 But if that wicked servant says to himself, 'My master is long delayed,'
and begins to beat his fellow servants, and eat and drink with drunkards,
the servant's master will come on an unexpected day and at an unknown hour
and will punish him severely
29 and assign him a place with the hypocrites, where there will be wailing and grinding of teeth.

Frightening… or comforting? It depends on one’s perspective, I suppose. In my case, I take comfort from these “end-time” words.

It makes no difference whether you are a believer, or not. What is… is…, period. It is of no consequence to the truth, of a truthful thing, if one believes it... or not. It does not change the truth.

The fact of the matter is... that the verses above are the “printed program” for today’s events. Like it… or not!


Monday, April 24, 2006

The Republic of the North! (And You Thought I was Kidding!)

A few months ago, I ran a post in which I made reference to “Aztlan” an area made up of the Southwestern States of the US and the Northern States of Mexico as a new and separate nation. Many readers thought I was just blowing smoke!

Ok, so now comes news that just might prove that we weren’t as far off base as you may have thought.

Now they call it the “Republic of the North”.

You can read all about it at:

If you look at the map you will quickly see that the area referred to as the Republic of the North is composed of : the southern part of Colorado, Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, and California as well as Mexican states of: Tamaulipas, Nuevo León, Coahuila, Chihuahua, Sonora, and Baja California.

When one looks at this huge piece of land, one is first provoked to laughter, until one realizes they are actually doing what must be done to acquire this chunk of real estate and establish a new nation. Their plans are to grow in numbers until they have the voting power to force an affirmative vote, of the electorate of those states, which happen to be in the US, to secede. It would be no real problem to force Mexico to allow those northern states, which are a drain on its treasury to leave. especially, if the new nation forming was to be friendly to Mexico.

I worry that the "Republic of the North" is just a cover for their real aim which is AZTLAN. Take a look:

Others wish the new AZTLAN to encompass even more of the western US. Take a look:

I, frankly, don’t believe the people of America have the passion, anymore, for this land, for their country, to go to war, if necessary, to stop them from simply stealing a huge chunk of our western and southwestern states. Those who are proposing this secession are doing so openly and they are counting on the US allowing them to simply ‘take’ those states. I wouldn’t bet against them.

It doesn’t seem to matter that the US Supreme Court ruled, way back in 1869 that the US could not be broken up by secession, again. But, you see, in the 1860’s the US was composed of REAL men, and REAL women, with the "stones" to go to war for what they felt was right. We have grown soft and we have grown lazy and it would simply be too much trouble to stop anyone wishing to take a full one third of our country away.

Doubt me?

Well, look at you newspapers. Check the TV news. Check the news on the Internet. It’s happening… right now… right before our eyes… and we cannot get our Congress, nor our President, to do anything about it!

Now, do you still doubt me???

Look, those Mexicans stealing across our southern border are not assimilating into the American population. They are remaining apart. They continue to hold fast to their language, Spanish, instead of adopting the language of the land they wish to become a part of. The latter is proof, so far as I am concerned, that the illegal immigrants have no intention of ever becoming a part of the American citizenry. They see America as a huge money tree and they can sneak across the border and snatch as much of the fruit of that tree as possible before being discovered and forced to go back home.

I ask you, do we really want citizens who broke the law to get here in the first place? They are already criminals. To bring even more criminals into our midst makes no sense to me… at all.

So… where’s the fence? Where’s the wall along the border with Mexico. Where is the armed military to patrol that border?

If that fence gets built you can bet it will be built with the money of private US citizens who wish to secure their country and not by one dime from the federal treasury... not from the crowd of Yo-Yo’s we sent to Washington to represent us and insure our safety.

We need a national fund drive to accept donations toward building that fence and we need to get it started right away… the sooner the better.

The Minutemen have said they will begin building the border fence shortly after May 25th. It will be built with private funds and civilian labor. There is a link on this page to their site. You may wish to go there to see how you can help.

Dear Readers, it would appear that, if we are to save our country, it will be up to us, the lowly private citizen. If the Government is not going to work with us on this, then they damn well ought not work against us!



A “Strike” by Legal US Citizens Planned for May 5th and June 30th.

If “Illegals” in the US can “strike” on “May Day”, (a communist holiday, by the way) should legal citizens of the US strike, also, to demonstrate to the US government that we will not stand for the “Amnesty” proposed in pending legislation and the government’s lack of support for securing the southern border with Mexico?

Such a demonstration of strength by Legal America Citizens is in the works.

See "Citizens on Strike" at:

Imtermittent posting of comments by Blogger

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Frankly, I don't understand it, so I offer an apology and I hope to have it corrected soon. Thanks for you kind understanding!


Sunday, April 23, 2006

The Cowering of America!

This Post First Ran in
October of 2005!

The Cowering of America!

As I listen to all the whining from the Left, and from the Right, about the terrible, terrible, way we are treating those poor terrorists who want to kill us, and our kids, it curdles my stomach!

I am now more convinced than ever that the longhaired clowns from the sixties who chanted: “peace, love, and pot”, are running the US government now. I have long been convinced they are running the universities, colleges, and public schools in this country.

I cannot, for the life of me, understand how they can be so stupid! So, utterly, hopelessly, stupid! I guess all that “funny weed” screwed-up their brains! That has to be the answer. Stupidity of that magnitude is not natural. It has to be self-induced.

When we finally get a group of those rabid killers caged up, the “limp-wristed”, and “jelly-spined” among us begin to worry that we might treat them badly and they would, in turn, think badly of us. Like, they loved us before we captured their sorry behinds and tossed them in the can!

I swear… if the Mainstream Media, and the Political Left, of today, had been around during the Second World War, all of us on the east coast would be speaking German and the folks on the west coast would be speaking Japanese.

We have given birth to a generation of wimps!

Look, when some group of “religious nuts” publicly vows to kill you and makes a rather emphatic attempt at it, and in the process manages to kill, oh, say, 3000 of our citizens, I have to believe they are serious… and we are duty bound, as Americans, to hunt them down… and liquidate them by any, and all, means necessary. Eradicate as many as it takes to remove the threat to my family and yours.

Let God sort them out. We Americans are obligated to arrange a meeting… between them, and their God… as soon as possible!

If some manage to be taken alive, cage them for the rest of their natural lives. Give them food and water, and little else, until their respective deity calls them home!

I am not interested in treating them with kindness. Not in the least. The fact that they still have a pulse is straining my “compassion limits” as it is.

The MSM, the Political Left, and even some on the Political Right, have managed to make the US the laughing stock of the Middle East! They think we’re a bunch of pansies… and who can blame them. We sure as heck act like it!

All the moaning, and whining, about those poor fruitcakes in Gitmo, is sickening. Some of those guys are living better IN PRISON than they ever did before we grabbed their sorry behinds and tossed them in those cages.

So, if you feel really, really, bad about our treatment of the terrorists, just keep it to yourself. I don’t want to hear it. Your cowering posture and your groveling is making us all look bad. And, it is bordering on giving aid and comfort to the enemy!

We have 3000 dead, from the attack in New York, and another 1700 dead in Iraq, and you want to play “patty-cake” with those bloodthirsty killers???

I know the scriptures say:”Vengeance is mine, sayth the Lord.” That’s fine by me… as long as He hurries it up and lets me watch!


Saturday, April 22, 2006

NO! to Gun Control!!!

This Post first ran in January of 2005!

Gun Control…Controlling the Citizenry!

A government cannot control its citizens without gun control in the extreme. I mean… taking away the guns of those citizens.

The founders of the US understood this and they thoughtfully granted the citizens of the US the right to bear arms. So long as the citizens exercise that right we will be free. Soon after giving it up, we will be a totalitarian nation. It is just that simple.

I have heard all the arguments for taking away our guns and they all ring hollow when presented side by side with the facts.

Look, if you want to reduce gun deaths in America, you have to change people’s conduct. The gun is just a cold piece of machinery. It does what it is commanded to do.

The silly argument, which says the founders intended only members of the Militia to possess arms, is ridiculous. OK, who is the militia? Huh? No, it is not the National Guard. No, it is not the Reserves, and no, it is not the organized Armed Forces of the United States. Let’s look at the Federal Law on the militia. Paraphrasing the US Code title 10, section 311: “all males born in the US are automatically members of the US Militia from age 17 through age 46”.

I’m not a member of the NRA. But, I wish them well.

Our freedom is far too precious to allow the anti gun lobby to take it away. The gun bought us our freedom and it keeps us free. Take away the gun and those with murder in their hearts will still murder… by other means. Remember, Cain had not a single gun.

In the Nation’s capitol, where gun ownership is illegal, they have more murders than any other place in the country. How can that be? Murder comes from the heart, not from the gun.

A wise man once said: “Freedom stands on five boxes: The Soap Box, The Ballot Box, the Jury Box, the Witness Box, and… the Cartridge Box.

There can be no compromise with those who would disarm our populace. We must fight to keep our second amendment rights, for nothing less than our freedom is at stake.

One of our founding fathers had this to say on our right to bear arms:
[The Constitution preserves] the advantage of being armed which Americans possess over the people of almost every other nation...(where) the governments are afraid to trust the people with arms. ---James Madison,
The Federalist Papers, No. 46.

Finally, no less a person than “founding father” Patrick Henry said the following:
“Guard with jealous attention the public liberty. Suspect every one who approaches that jewel. Unfortunately, nothing will preserve it but downright force. Whenever you give up that force, you are ruined.”

Never give up your gun for it is your freedom.


Friday, April 21, 2006

Private American Citizens to Build Security Fence Along US Southern Border with Mexico!

Tired of the Governement's indecisiveness on securing the Southern Border with Mexico, Americans vow to build a security fence and finance it themselves!

Just days ago, I warned this very thing was going to happen if the US Government didn’t get off its hands and build a fence along the US southern border with Mexico.

Yesterday, Thursday April 20th, 2006, the Minuteman Civil Defense Corps volunteers, and supporters, vowed to break ground for the first security fencing if the US Government doesn’t deploy Reserve troops and National Guard troops to the border. The deadline is May 25th. That is just over one month.

Private landowners in Arizona, California, Texas, and New Mexico have reportedly given permission for the fencing to be placed on their property.

For a description of the proposed fence read the entire article at:

The heat is on. The federal government will have to move, one way or the other. The Feds can deploy troops to the border to secure the border, or, they can deploy troops to the border to stop those American civilians who only wish to ensure the security of America, which, by the way, our President, and the members of Congress, swore to do when they took the oath of office.

This is a sad commentary on the relationship between the governed and those elected to govern.

There is no issue, I repeat… NO ISSUE… as important to the American people, at this moment in our history, as securing the border between Mexico and the US. This is a make or break issue for national and state politicians. The American people are demanding that the border be secured. It WILL be secured, one way or the other. Federal and State governments would be well advised to take action now to secure the border before violent confrontations begin at “hot spots” along that open door.

Look, this is a no brainer! The government, or the citizens, of the US can stop the flow of illegal immigrants across our southern border. It is the government’s job. When you hire someone to do a job and they don’t do the job you hired them for, then you fire them. Look for a massive firing in November. You can take it to the bank!

It would appear that we have the dumbest bunch of pantywaists in Congress in the history of the United States! Any student of American history can tell you that once the American citizenry fixates on a problem, a solution will be forthcoming, one way or the other. At this moment, the southern half of this country is determined to exercise it’s God given right of self-defense and secure the border with Mexico. Surely, I don’t have to remind the federal government what happened the last time the Southern states were at odds with Washington?

Congressmen, Congresswomen, Senators, and Mr. President, this is not going away. Not until the problem is solved. It will only get worse.

So, get the fence up, stop the illegals, and then throw the bums out of Washington, DC this November!

"Remember the Alamo"! ("Remember San Jacinto"!)

There is an extremely important "open letter" to Senator Bill Frist from a retired Border Patrolman available for you to read over at "Full Story" at this address:
We recommend that you go there and read what this experirnced law enforcement officer has to say.


Thursday, April 20, 2006

"New Columbia" to be 51st State????

Should the District of Columbia be given Statehood?

The short answer is NO! The long answer is: NOOOOOOOOOO!

Washington is a city, a government compound, if you please; it is anything but a state! And it should never become a state… unless… the Nation’s Capitol is moved to a more centralized location in the US. Then, I would propose breaking the District up and returning those parts of the district which had formerly belonged to the neighboring states… if they will take it back, which, frankly, I doubt. That portion belonging to Virginia has already been returned. The remaining portion used to belong to Maryland.

George Washington, the nations first president, chose the spot, a swamp named “Foggy Bottom”, upon which to build the city. (Many of us believe the original name "Foggy Bottom" more accurately describes the city, even today!) It was close to his home, don’t you see. Sadly, Washington never served as President in the city, which bears his name. Somehow, I suspect that given a look at what the city has become today, Washington would ask that his name be removed.

Not to worry, those pushing for statehood for the District already have a new name chosen: “New Columbia”. I’ve not heard whether the folks in the Old Columbia, which is the capitol city of South Carolina, would mind, or not. I dare say they haven’t been asked.

The city was created as a “municipal corporation” on February 21st, 1871. And it’s been nothing but trouble and a drain on the US Treasury ever since.

The rambling here is, hopefully, to establish a truth which seems to be very inconvenient for those who want statehood for DC. The truth is: Washington was conceived as a city within which to locate the seat of the US Government. It was not to be in a state, or any portion of a state. It was to be in a district… separate, and apart, from ANY state!

Another inconvenient fact is that statehood for DC would be unconstitutional. That’s right! Unconstitutional!

You see, The Constitution specifies “a federal district not exceeding ten miles square.” It is not to be a part of any state. Today the District is six times as large as the constitution stipulated at over 61 square miles

It is my personal belief that only a constitutional amendment can legally make a state of the District of Columbia.

Many disagree. A number believe that the government compound could be shrunk down to contain only those federal buildings, which are a part of the government and the remainder of that 61 square miles turned into a state.

The Democrats, especially, love the idea of statehood for DC. They know they would get three liberal democrat members of the Senate, and Congress, right off the bat. According to the 2000 census there are 343,312 Blacks in DC. Whites account for only 176,101. That’s 60% Black and 30% White. The median age is 34.6 years old.

Right now, when numbers mean so much for the Democrats, you can bet they are looking, and lusting after, the District of Columbia.

Why do I bring this up now? I refer you to the paragraph immediately preceding this one. You can bet that should the Democrats manage to win the Congress, or just the US House, a new push for statehood for DC will be introduced, almost immediately. And, another thing you can bet on… if they can figure out a way to get the job done, short of a constitutional amendment, they will see that DC becomes the 51st state of New Columbia ASAP. I mean, 93% of the voters casting ballots in DC in the last election, voted democrat. That fact alone should tell you all you really need to know about the “Statehood for DC” push.

So, if the Congress wishes to diminish the size of the District say, down to the constitutionally mandated ten square miles, that’s fine by me. But, I would insist that the remainder of the current District be returned to Maryland and/or any other state from which the land was originally appropriated.

The final answer, so far as I am concerned, is no statehood for the District of Columbia, no matter its size and population… ever.


Wednesday, April 19, 2006

An Election is Coming. Where's the Silent Majority?

The “Silent Majority”, where are they today?

Remember during the Nixon Administration the “Silent Majority” was often spoken of in the press. The President (Nixon), himself, gave them credit for supporting him… not only in elections but supporting him generally.

Well, where did they go?

Oh, they’re still here… and just as powerful as before. You see them everyday. They’re all around you. They are the folks you see at parties. They're the ones who stand around the edges of a group discussing politics. They never have any input into the discussion, they just absorb it. They’re the folks who do not sit in on the coffee klatch discussion on politics and world affairs. They’re the people who go to church, nearly every Sunday, and raise their children to be respectful of others and live useful, productive, lives. They send their kids to church backed universities and colleges for a good education, rather than an indoctrination in the ways of the political left.

The Silent Majority is the folk who never miss an opportunity to vote. They believe men died to give them that opportunity, and they will not abuse the memory of those heroic men by not going to the polls to vote. They are also the people who will not tell those taking the Exit Polls who they voted for. They voted in secret, it’s their secret, and they will keep it, often never even divulging it to their families. They are, for the most part, conservative in politics as well as religion.

These are the people who shop at Wal-Mart, and K-mart, and drive 2, 3, or 4 year old cars. Most own their own homes. They have savings accounts and they have a family budget, which they will not abuse. Their lives are built around their families and their church. Many are veterans of America’s armed forces. They believe this country is worth fighting for and they will put their own lives on the line to protect her. They view politics as a necessary evil. They believe they should always vote for the man who best represents their belief. They will not support a candidate just because he, or she, wears the label of the party to which they, themselves, are registered.

They wield enormous power. These people can make, or break, a presidential election. When they step into the voting booth, they speak, loud and clear. It is there that the Silent Majority rejects their silence and shouts their politics to the world.

Currently, the Silent Majority is watching the Administration, and the Congress, make a total mess of the Immigration policies of the US. They are watching the illegal immigrants demonstrate in the streets of America, with impunity, and their anger is building. They are not interested in offering amnesty to those who broke into, and entered, our country illegally. They are quietly watching the politicians at the local, state, and national levels, and decisions are being made, now, as to how they intend to vote in November.

Illegal immigration will decide the November election. Plain and simple. The Congress is in for a rude awakening when the votes are counted. They will find they should have listened to their constituents rather than the Mainstream Media. Ousted Senators and Congressmen will wonder how was it that those polls, showing that nearly 80% of Americans would willingly accept a "guest Worker Program", could have been so wrong? As they pack their bags, on their way out of DC, they will still be wondering why they allowed the MSM to sandbag them so when they should have paid attention to those letters, and phone calls, and e-mails from back home.

So, politicians, you neglect the Silent Majority at your peril. The press makes fun of one of the mightiest forces in American politics. The Silent Majority never fails to notice their stifled giggles and the Media's backhanded insults of conservative politics. They see it all and… they remember.

This coming November, they will answer them all.

So, here’s to the Silent Majority! May God bless them!


Tuesday, April 18, 2006

America, as Usual, is On It's Own!

America, as Usual, is On it’s Own. We are expected to save the world, again, by ourselves!

In the last few days it has become clear that war with Iran is inevitable and unstoppable.

It also appears, as clear as ever, that the US will, once again, be on it’s own. We can expect no assistance from our "so-called" allies in Europe.

I sometimes feel that what when we saved their collective bacon twice, in the last century, that somehow; they became wards of the US. But, somehow, it seems the entire world has now drawn back and taken a “let the US do it” attitude. That way they don’t have to get their hands dirty and they don’t have to spend their treasure in lives and gold.

That is a dirty, rotten, way to treat a friendly neighbor on this globe. As an American, I resent the hell out of it.

I would like nothing better than for America to create Fortress America and slip back behind a wall of anti ballistic missiles and isolate ourselves from the rest of the world. In short order Russia and China would be dividing up the remainder of the world between themselves and those “would be” strong men, of the Middle East, would be resting comfortable, or otherwise, in six foot deep holes in the ground. That is... if they can find enough of them to bury.

The little sawed-off, loud mouth, braggarts, like that little squirt in Iran, would find himself slapped down so hard he wouldn’t know what hit him.

The problem with US isolation, other than the obvious Russian and Chinese hegemony, is that the US will not be allowed to isolate itself. Our moats, the Atlantic and Pacific, are worthless in a time of ICBM’s and sub launched cruise missiles and open borders to our south and to our north. The US would be lucky to last a decade as an isolationist. In fact, it would be impossible.

Once the US’s role as “World Policeman” is abdicated, all bets are off. Anarchy would reign supreme. Found, mewling, at our doorsteps would be the socialist nations of Western Europe, begging, again, for the US to save them. Among them Britain, having found the honesty to remove “Great” from it’s name.

But, then again, we have our own problems.

America, itself, is divided into two distinct camps. The cowards, on the Left, who will march willingly into slavery rather than pay the price of freedom and the Defenders of the Left, who reside on the Right, and would like nothing better than to see the whining Leftist taken away in chains but cannot live with themselves if they do not protect their Leftist brothers and sisters who cannot find the courage to do it for themselves. And, of course, those also on the right, who care nothing for any of this and just want to eliminate the enemies of America, by whatever means necessary, once and for all.

So, what we have is an America split right down the middle, from top to bottom, which finds itself on the brink of opening a fourth front in the war on terrorism. Fourth you ask? Yes. Count ‘em: Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran, and the "Shadow War" even the press can’t report on because they know nothing of it. The Shadow Warriors are men who are answerable to the Commander-in Chief only. I am aware, only, of their existence… and only because one of their bases is not far from me.

So, what do we do as a country? We fight. We have no choice. If we wish to continue to exist, we must fight anywhere, and everywhere, it becomes necessary. It will take the entire standing army including all the National Guard and all the Reserve forces and, most likely, a draft to obtain the men we need for this extension of the war.

One other thing, we can expect an invasion of suicide bombers similar to those seen in Israel. We can expect more terror attacks like those at the World Trade Center in NY. And we can, most certainly, expect at least one low level nuclear bomb blast and, most likely, three or more, others.

America will not escape with no scars of war. We are long overdue and, to the utter shock, and surprise, of our friends on the American Left we ARE vulnerable and, our enemies will utilize that vulnerability. In many ways, we are a “sitting duck”! This has not gone unnoticed and we WILL pay for it.

The pussyfooting of the Leftist diplomats of the US State Department and the totally useless farce employed by the UN will cost the US in the lives of American citizens. The US State Department is long overdue for a purge. The leftist deadwood, of the career diplomats, needs to be cleaned out. A new State Department, short on words and long on action, needs to be created to suit the times we live in.

The decades of peace, in America, is quickly drawing to a close. Soon the long lines of refugees, with their belongings on their backs, or in hand carts, reminiscent of European refugees during WW-2 will be Americans. When the nuclear devices are set off in our cities those lines of displaced persons will generate right before our eyes. And they will be Americans.

This time America will bear the scars of war. Oh, we will win, but not without cost to the homeland.

So, prepare now… mentally... and in every other way. America is at war, and the war is widening. And, as usual, America is on it’s own.


Monday, April 17, 2006

Generally Speaking.........

Why are The Generals Questioning Bush, and Calling for Rumfeld’s Resignation… in Public???

At the risk of upsetting some of you, let me say that I am heartily disappointed in the recent actions of the General officers who have come forward, in public, to question the President’s prosecution of the war in Iraq and... to push for Secretary of Defense, Donald Rumfeld’s resignation. This just isn’t done.

Personally, I think we should have had more troops committed to the Iraq theatre. I believe that was a mistake by the adminsistration, including the Sec. Def's office. I don't agree with nation building. I think having to rebuild one's nation after the US Military has bombed, and blown it back to the stone age, should be a part of the punishment meted out to our enemies.

I can say that... publicly, because I am not a retired general officer and nothing I say will have any effect on the prosecution of the war... or the morale of the troops or the citizen's support of the war.

Look, we still have troops in the field under fire. The general’s should have taken their problems to Rummy himself, through the Chain of Command and on to the President.

There are ways to do this in the military. The Chain of Command. It’s there for several reasons. Among them is “Good Order”. It is also the honorable way to act when in service to your country.

Retired General officers can be “recalled” to duty at any time the nation feels it needs them. So, these gentlemen may be retired, but they will remain that way at the pleasure of the Commander in Chief. In the case of these officers, however, I don’t believe they will ever have to worry about being recalled.

I can’t shake the feeling that there is more to this story than meets the eye. If, as I suspect, national politics has weaseled it’s way into the officer corp of the US military... then we need a purge of the flag officers just as soon as possible.

For more speculation on why these Generals spoke out publicly, check out “Newsbusters” at:

For even more, check out "The American Thinker" at:

As a former member of the US Military, I remain shocked, and disappointed, at the behavior of these general officers. There are acceptable ways to do what they have done. The way they chose is not one of them.


Sunday, April 16, 2006

Political Correctness... Part Three

Dear Reader: As this is a Holiday weekend and I really need some time to prepare for an upcoming speaking engagement, I have decided to run a “speech” I gave to a public gathering some two years ago. I will break it down into three parts, to run Friday, Saturday, and today.

I hope you take the time over this Easter weekend to worship with your family and enjoy the love and fellowship of your loved ones.

To all of you who have become regulars on this site… please accept my deepest and most sincere thanks. Enjoy Easter with your families. We will have plenty of time to argue, with each other, next week.

May God richly bless you all!



Indeed, freedom is not free. And it pains me that so many of our fellow Americans think today that the price of freedom is too high. They are no longer willing to pay the price to live in a nation free of tyranny. They have turned their backs on the sacrifices made by those who went before them.

You see, it cost too much. Our own regional newspaper runs a box score near the front of it’s paper every single day showing the number of Americans killed in Iraq. Never the number of the enemy killed. They don’t even use the word enemy. This is the kind of left wing garbage the Moral Relativists have given us. These people had rather live in fear and tremble at the sound of footsteps in the night. They’d rather allow terrorists to blow our children up in their schools, or kill our women folk in the shopping malls of this county, or murder our citizens in high-rise office buildings in our largest cities. They can accept this and they can make their peace with the mass funerals of those killed and the crowds of tearful, weeping, mourners. Yes, they can live with that…. rather than put their own lives on the line, or put their own treasure on the line, or to kiss their young men and send them into harms way to help protect this country, which holds the only hope for this warped and corrupted world. That is what they can’t live with!

You see, they believe the terrorists are not absolutely wrong. Maybe, a little wrong, but not absolutely wrong. They feel that America is partly to blame for the killings, the bombings, the beheadings, and for everything wrong in the world. That’s Moral Relativism, or, as it is known today, Political Correctness! It’s killing us! It’s killing this country. They haven’t the courage anymore to stand up and say “no more”! “Stop, or we will stop you!” “No matter the cost, we will stop you.” They can’t do it. It isn’t in them. It has been bred out of them. They’re a hi-bred. The price of freedom is more than they are willing to pay. They will accept slavery and go quietly into the night in the chains they have forged themselves on the anvil of Political Correctness.

It is left to us, the old mossbacks, the hard heads, the politically incorrect, to offer our own blood as their salvation from the hoards to come. For, they surely will come.

There are still enough Americans with backbones to standup and shake our collective fists in the faces of those who would take this country from us. We can crush them like cockroaches scurrying for those dark holes in the ground of the Middle East. For us to do otherwise is to bring dishonor to the generations who have gone before us. To do less, is to bow our heads and bear our necks to whips and chains, and swords of slavery.

The first step is to shut down the disciples of Moral Relativism, the chieftains of Political Correctness. If we are really serious about preserving our heritage, as Southerners and Americans, we will take the fight to them. It is time to stop re-acting and time to start acting! If we don’t they will surely bring the fight to us!

We Southerners have a vested interest in the battle against Political Correctness. Why? Because we are standing on the Bull’s-eye they are aiming for.

We are in the midst of a war for the hearts and minds of generations of Americans yet unborn. If we are to preserve our heritage, and our way of life, then we had better get “geared-up” and dig in for the long haul ahead. Lets face our enemy on our feet rather than on our knees. Our cause is right. We need never retreat.

A great lady, a lady I much admire, Lady Margaret Thatcher, former Prime Minister of Great Britain, once said: “You sort out what you believe in, then you apply it. You don’t compromise on things that matter!”

And Winston Churchill, another former Prime Minster of Great Britain, citizen of Great Britain, and the United States of America, once said: “ Never give in; Never give in; Never, Never, Never, Never, in nothing, great or small, large or petty, Never give in.”

Many Americans are asking today, “When are we going to say enough?”

“When are we going to take the battle to the enemy? When?”

I ask the age-old questions… “If not now… when”? If not us…. who?

I urge you to answer in the words of the Old Testament prophet: “Here I am Lord. Send me!”

I sincerely hope you have enjoyed this short series. We'll be back tomorrow with more of our usual fare.

Thanks again!


Saturday, April 15, 2006

Political Correctness... Part Two

Dear Reader: As this is a Holiday weekend and I really need some time to prepare for an upcoming speaking engagement, I have decided to run a “speech” I gave to a public gathering some two years ago. I will break it down into three parts, to run yesterday, today, and Sunday.

I hope you take the time over this Easter weekend to worship with your family and enjoy the love and fellowship of your loved ones.

To all of you who have become regulars on this site… please accept my deepest and most sincere thanks. Enjoy Easter, and Passover, with your families. We will have plenty of time to argue, with each other, next week.

May God richly bless you all!



Political Correctness Part Two:

Political Correctness has gutted our society, emasculated our men, and is well, on the way to turning us into a mass of whimpering, whining, vassals of a world government run by that bunch of moral reprobates, crooks, thieves and brigands housed in that tall building, by the river, in New York, which we refer to as the United Nations. Even their name is a lie!

Our brave fighting men came back from Europe in the late 40’s convinced there was no hell worse than the hell they had just experienced…war! Nothing! So they taught their children that belief, and their children taught theirs, and so on. Somewhere along the way, the reason for fighting that war, which was to maintain our freedom, was lost. This gaping vacuum was not lost on the practioners of Political Correctness. They saw it as the avenue to the domination of a whole society, including the religious and political wings of that society, and they have been busy ever since. And they are winning!

The hippies and the yuppies and the flower children showed up and there were the peace marches, the band-the-bomb marches, the unilateral disarmament crowd, the get out of Viet Nam marches, and so on. They played havoc with our society and our government and our military. And then they disappeared.

Did you ever wonder where those peace nuts went? Well, look at your colleges and universities and public schools and the Congress and state legislatures, on the benches of federal judgeships, in the pulpits and so on. (From the White house to the courthouse to the schoolhouse.) They are there and they are teaching your children that very same philosophy. They are making the laws that cripple our military, that reduce prison sentences for criminals, that keep the ten commandments out of public view, that keep any Christian symbols from the public square, that recycle everything that you can think of until the recycle plants can no longer handle it and the manufacturers find it is cheaper to make new stuff than to recycle. They hug the trees and put our loggers out of business. They band firearms because they LOOK dangerous. They are teaching our kids this brain numbing mush because, if they get them now, they’ve got them for life. They have already captured an entire generation, except for a few old mossbacks like me… and, a few others.

This is insidious. This Political Correctness movement is a cancer eating away the soul of the greatest nation on earth.

And it gets worse! A portion of our society rants and raves about slavery in the early days of this nation and whines that we owe them for their involuntary servitude. While, at the same time, they are willingly subjecting themselves to the slavery of Political Correctness the bonds of which are far more difficult to shake off than those of the 1860’s.

When the venerated Confederate Battle Flag our ancestors fought, bled and died under is denigrated and desecrated as it has been when it was taken from the dome of the Capitol building, in Columbia, SC,and hanged in dishonor at Gettysburg College in Pennsylvania, we looked on in horror wondering how this could happen? When our great grandparents are called traitors we gasp is disbelief!

Folks, our ancestors fought duels over lesser humiliations than these!

Our ancestors would have ridden the entire SC state legislature out of Columbia on a rail! I’m not even going to speculate on what they would have done at Gettysburg.

If we have any chance of stopping this steady march of Political Correctness, which is destroying our nation and our society, we’re going to have to get serious.

We have heard many times that freedom is not free. Indeed it is not! It was bought and paid for with the blood of our ancestors who saw what needed to be done to buy our freedom from Great Britain and they did it! Our Confederate ancestors saw the evil of an overbearing government strangling the life from the people of the South and they responded by taking that government to war that lasted for four of the bloodiest years in the history of America. They didn’t win... but they served notice that the people of the South would only be pushed so far before we push back…hard.

They made such an impression on the government that to this day the US Government maintains numerous garrisons of military troops in the south much as the Romans did in their conquered territories.

Continued in the next Post.

Friday, April 14, 2006

Political Correctness... Part One

Dear Reader: As this is a Holiday weekend and I really need some time to prepare for an upcoming speaking engagement, I have decided to run a “speech” I gave to a public gathering some two years ago. I will break it down into three parts, to run today, Saturday, and Sunday.

I hope you take the time over this Easter weekend to worship with your family and enjoy the love and fellowship of your loved ones.

To all of you who have become regulars on this site… please accept my deepest and most sincere thanks. Enjoy Easter, and Passover, with your families. We will have plenty of time to argue with each other next week.

May God richly bless you all!

(Now on to the first part of this three part series on Political Correctness”)

Political Correctness

I’d like to talk to you for a few minutes about the deadliest enemy this nation faces. !

In a moment I’m going to introduce our deadliest enemy to you. And, I’ll be willing to bet that you have already met.

I expect everyone is familiar with the term The Greatest Generation. It refers to the men and women, mostly men, who bravely fought, and won, The Second World War… and saved the world.

But they gave us, the succeeding generations, a gift that keeps on giving… and they didn’t even know it.

They brought it back from Europe. It was rampant in Europe, before the war, and I think it certainly played a part in opening the door for Hitler, and his Nationalist Socialist Party, we called the Nazis. That philosophy, which has succeeded where nearly every dictator on the face of the earth has failed, is so entrenched in our own society today that only a worldwide revolution will even give us a CHANCE to succeed in throwing it’s power off our collective shoulders.

A moment ago, I wrote of the greatest enemy of this nation. It is also the greatest enemy of freedom.

What is this evil? What is this philosophy so interwoven through the entire fabric of our society, this evil that has even emasculated many of our mainline religious denominations?

Well, it used to be called “Moral Relativism”. Now, stay with me for a few minutes.

Simply put Moral Relativism is the philosophy that there are no moral absolutes! None! There is no such thing as absolute wrong and no such thing as absolute right. There is no black, and there is no white. No right and no wrong. Everything is in shades of gray. Everything. As an example, take the youth arrested for selling drugs in the slums of our cities. The moral relativists will tell you straightaway,” Well, it’s not his fault; it’s the way he was raised. Society has treated him badly. We owe him for the pain his ancestors suffered”. That is moral relativism. It has turned an entire part of our population into victims. It allows them to wallow in self-pity and slowly degenerate into a sub-culture while the remainder of society passes them by.

Those of us who don’t subscribe to the Moral Relativism philosophy will say put him in jail and if he does it again when he gets out of jail… put him back in jail and keep him there. We call that Justice.

Moral relativism has even changed our language. Perfectly good words we have been using since before Columbus sailed over here… and according to the practioners of Moral Relativism, corrupted the natives, introduced slavery, and instigated capitalism, which led to big business, and in general, ruined this part of the globe, are no longer acceptable. For example, a man who can’t walk is a cripple. But, you can’t refer to him as a cripple. You can’t even say he is handicapped. He is “challenged”. No he’s not! He’s crippled!

A janitor is no longer a janitor. He is an environmental engineer! Do you remember the Personnel Office where you would go to apply for a job, or the plant would contact when they wanted a new employee? Well, you can’t say Personnel anymore. It is now the Department of Human Resources! Well, would somebody please tell me where the Department of Inhuman Resources is??? It has become ridiculous!

Recently a Lady. I’m sorry… a woman… candidate in a neighboring state was all bent out of shape because her opponent called her a “quote “Nice Lady”. She was incensed. She accused him of calling her by a racist term! A term, which showed no respect for women! The completely baffled male opponent, when asked by the press what he meant by this low shot at his woman opponent, could only reply, “We’ll, I THOUGHT she WAS a NICE LADY!”

Freedom of Speech is nearly dead in this country. The First Amendment to the Constitution is just taking up room on that piece of paper. If you dare not believe freedom of speech is on it’s deathbed, visit one of our college campuses. Oh yes, they will heartily cry that Freedom Of Speech is alive, and well, on the college campus.

It is!

So long as the speech you utter is approved by the P.C. Chieftains on that Campus! You will certainly be ostracized, and belittled, and you may wind-up off campus, or even in a courtroom defending yourself against a charge of “Hate Speech” or even a “Hate Crime”!

Try flying a Confederate flag in front of your house, or placing a little Confederate flag sticker on your lunch box or on the back of your pick-up. (You already know what has happened to those who have tried it.)

Go ahead; try to tell the P.C. Supporters that it was the Stars and Stripes that flew over the slave ships never the Stars and Bars. Try telling them the first anti-slavery laws in America were passed in the South. They won’t listen. You’ll be shouted down, told you’re a nut case. The fact that everything you say is documented truth doesn’t matter to them. Why? Because, it is not the party line of the P.C. police. That makes you wrong and everything you say wrong, therefore your First Amendment rights are revoked!

What’s next? Re-education schools like those in the communist nations of the world where dissenters are taught the error of their ways and molded into the party’s mentality by threats and worse.

Think it can’t happen here? Well, if you think that, I’m here to tell you, you are dead wrong!

Ever hear of Sensitivity Training? Nearly every company, or business, of any size in this country, now has mandatory sensitivity training. If it walks like a duck, has feathers like a duck, and quacks like a duck… well, folks it’s a duck!

Even our church hymnals have been re-written to remove words that might refer to war, or gender. Even some hymns such as the venerable “Onward Christian Soldiers” has been dropped from some denominational hymnbooks because it is thought to be too militaristic!

This is insanity! It is insecurity to the nth degree. People who are threatened by the words of a hymn need professional help! And they should seek it immediately.

Even the Bible itself has been re-written so as to reflect the gutless, Political Correctness of Moral Relativism. Pastors are afraid to stand in the pulpit and speak their minds. To speak the words God urges them to speak to his people. If they do, two things are staring them in the face. One, the IRS will take away the churches tax exemption, and two, they will be fired. I am intimately acquainted with some men of the cloth and they tell me it is a fearful thing to stand in the pulpit today and be afraid to speak the truth. Now, you tell me what is wrong with this.

By now you know that Moral Relativism is known by another name these days… Political Correctness. This is the greatest enemy of the USA and freedom on the globe today!


Part Two will be posted tomorrow on INSIGHT on Freedom!