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Religion in America now owned by the Left.

(This article first ran in June of 2006.)

Religion in America now owned by the Left.
I have come very close to washing my hands of organized religion. Reared in a devout Southern Baptist home, switching to Lutheran, in my mid twenties, I am grounded in the mainline Christian faith.

I believe the same things I believed when I was 20, or 40, or 60 years of age. Yet the church does not. The church has continued to give ground to political correctness, which is rooted in godless Marxism.

Good and evil cannot co-exist for long. According to Christ, Himself, “man cannot serve two masters”. So, YOU decide if the church YOU are a part of is serving God, or serving Mammon. I decided mine was serving the latter, and so, as instructed in the scriptures, I got out.
”The Church” (meaning the Christian Church) will have a humongous list of infractions to answer for on Judgment day.

The Great Reformer Martin Luther had a lot of things wrong. BUT, he had more right than he had wrong. I have great admiration for Bro. Martin. He saw a corrupt church and decided to do something about it. The 2nd greatest Christian movement in history happened as a result of Bro. Martin’s actions.

The Christian community of the world desperately needs another Martin Luther. Our church has been hi-jacked, and splintered, and fractured, into numerous groups always at each other’s throats. In all the ecumenical struggles the church has lost it’s way. That, alone is bad enough, but what is worse, is that the leaders of the church have no interest in taking the church back to the correct path as outlined in the scriptures.

You see… we have created a hierarchy in our churches that has become drunk on raw power. To take the Christian church back, to the way Christ intended, threatens the power of those in places of authority in our mainline denominations.

When the hierarchy of a mainline denomination takes a church body away from the dictates of God’s word and celebrates one of the worse sins mentioned in the scriptures, a sin so evil it was referred to, in the scriptures, as an abomination, a sin so grievous that the punishment for it was death, then, Dear Reader, I need no further evidence that I, as a Christian, have no business in that body.

The evidence is right before our faces and yet… rather than “rock the boat” and stand for the dictates of God’s word, the average Christian in America, indeed, in the world, had rather sit quietly in the pews, on Sundays, and watch as the house which had formerly belonged to God, is slowly pulled down to the level of the lowest common denominator in society today.

But… it is much easier to do nothing.

The mainline Christian churches in America today, in my opinion, are too far-gone to save them. We need a new reformation. We need a leader to pull the Christians together who are sick at what their churches have become and organize us into a force for good in this world.

Look, Dear Reader, when a mainline church pulls that venerable old Hymn “Onward Christian Soldiers” from the hymnal and bans it from the music of that church, you have to know that the church has yielded the field of battle to the opposition.

When leaders of a congregation, or leaders of a denomination, are no longer required to set a moral example, and a spiritual example, for the followers of that denomination to aspire to… then that congregation has failed… that denomination has failed. It becomes a cancer eating away at the church, as a whole, until it has taken it beyond the point or resuscitation.

But, Dear Reader, one has to want to change for there to be real change. The church is showing no signs of a desire to mend its ways. None. On the contrary it is becoming more “apostate” every day.

We who dare to call ourselves Christian today must take stock of where we are, as a church, and what we are doing. It is long past time to assert ourselves and reclaim our Christian heritage, our places of worship and most importantly the “Great Commission” given us by Christ himself as he left this world in our care.

When a frustrated Joshua stood before the Israelites, who were in the same situation we, as a church, find ourselves today. He uttered the words, which echo down through eternity and resound of the walls of every house of God around the world: “Choose ye, this day, whom you will serve! … As for me, and my house, we will serve the Lord!”

We, as Christians, need to listen to the words of Joshua today.


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Friday, June 29, 2007

The Great Slapdown of the US Senate!

“The Great Slap Down of the Senate”
To say I am proud of Conservatives, all over America, who... yesterday... sent a message to the US Senate, and to the US Congress as a whole, would be an understatement!

The phone calls, the emails, the faxes, the letters, from all the angry conservatives to the senators, was so great the Senate telephone system actually crashed! But… they got the message!

Actually, they got several messages from the American people. One, we are watching and listening, two, we have had it with their self-imposed “disconnect” with us, and three, we will not allow them to get away with unresponsive government any longer!

Gone are the days when the legislative branches of the US government could do, pretty much, what they pleased with very little worry, if any, about their constituents back home being aware of what they were doing. Now we have the Internet. We have information at our fingertips… and we have the means to communicate our feelings, our likes and dislikes, and our concern, instantly, with those who govern us.

That is what happened, this week, with The Amnesty Bill. The electorate flexed its muscles and won!

We demanded the government secure the border with Mexico FIRST… before ANYTHING else is done… and then, and only then, will we allow any kind of legislation to overhaul the immigration laws in this country.

Seal the border. Secure it. Stop the hordes slipping across for only God, Himself, knows what, and then we’ll talk about what to do with those already here.

We need the border fenced off… not 300 miles… but all the way from California to the Gulf of Mexico. It CAN be done. So far we have not had the willingness, by our legislators to do it. They STILL don’t want to do it, even after the fiasco and embarrassment of the “Great Slap Down of the Senate” by the American electorate this week! But rest assured, it WILL be done before the American people allow the Congress to squander more of OUR money on patchwork plans and feel-good legislation to grant citizenship, in any way, to those who have broken the law by illegally entering the United States.

We will not stand for Amnesty in any form.

But, we have work to do, still. The Senate is royally PO’ed at Conservative Talk Radio blaming the Conservative talkers for the defeat of that abomination of a bill.

So what will they do? They will do what we have been warning they will do for the past few weeks and months. They are going to try to shut down Conservative Talk Radio with the revival of the so-called Fairness Doctrine and a new Equal Time ruling. It’s coming as surely as night follows day. They are angry with conservatives now as they haven’t been in a very long time… and we can expect a counter attack. In all likelihood it will come by way of a bill to re-instate the Fairness Doctrine.

So, get the e-mails, and the faxes, and the phone calls, and the letters ready. Keep your keyboards hot and your dialing finger ready. We have more work to do.

May I suggest that if you have friends, or acquaintances, who still believe that the voters of the US have no power to influence what goes on in the US government, recount for them what just happened this week with the defeat of the Amnesty Bill by the voters. I can think of no better example of the power we wield when aroused to anger. What we saw this week was a manifestation of the righteous anger of the American citizens. Had the Senators not been so out of touch with their constituents, they would have seen this coming. It simply points up just how out of touch they really are.

With the entire US House of Representatives up for re-election in 2008, we have a lot of clout when they bring up the Fairness Doctrine in the House. Conservatives should gather our strength for that battle which is just peeking over the political horizon.


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Thursday, June 28, 2007

AMNESTY BIll Defeated!

IMMIGRATION Bill (The Amnesty Bill) S-1639 removed from consideration, by the US Senate, after if fails a cloture vote by 53 nays to 46 yeas!

A red letter day in US History!

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The “Hush Rush” Bill Will See Revival in US House!

The “Hush Rush” Bill Will See Revival in US House!

No longest content with Conservative talk radio exposing the American Left for their socialist leaning and their Stalinist tactics, the Left is ready to strike back… in a solid Stalinist fashion! The revival of the so-called “Fairness Doctrine” is expected any day now.

Censorship by any other name … would “stink” just as bad!

Alan Sears, over at “Townhall.Com” , has an excellent piece on the attempt to revive the Fairness Doctrine. You’ll find the article here:

click here

“Leftist censors aren’t just dropping hints about their determination to legislate conservative talk radio out of existence. They are screaming their intentions, loud and clear.”
…... Alan

This is serious stuff, people! I mean… there is a constitutional right being overlooked here. It’s the Freedom of Speech clause. Remember? Anybody? The First Amendment! Does that ring a bell? The Liberty Bell, perhaps?

Slowly, but surely, we are giving up our constitutional rights in the name of Political Correctness, Multiculturalism, Diversity… all of it pure Marxism masquerading under the guise of the “feel-good” crowd, the American Left.

America’s “creep” toward European style socialism is no longer a creep. America is embracing socialism at a dead run! The leaders of the pack??? The American Left headed by “Nanny” Pelosi .

I have often told you that out of power the Left is funny. In power… they are dangerous! Well, they are in power now and the gloves have come off. They don’t even deny their affection for socialism! The pure arrogance of it is astounding!

I will be contacting my Congressional representative, ASAP, demanding that he make very effort to block any move to revive the Fairness Doctrine in the House. I will also be leaning on my Senators to do the same thing in their body.

Look, one of the fundamental freedoms of Americans is under attack. The First Amendment. Are you willing to give up that right? Well, ARE YOU? If you are… then do nothing. “All that is necessary for evil to prosper… is for good men to do nothing”. A very wise man said that a long time ago. And it is absolutely true.

Don’t allow the American Left to take your country away. Don’t allow the American Left to turn America into another weak-kneed, effeminate, country like so many of the European countries have become, as a result of Political Correctness, otherwise known as Marxism. Fight back.

I can’t speak for you, but I have no intention of “going quietly into the night”! I’m going to lean on my Congress person and my Senators to do everything in their power to block the censorship bill known as the Fairness Doctrine. At least, if we lose, I can sleep nights knowing that, at the very least, I tried.


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Wednesday, June 27, 2007

The Worst Case Scenario ... by: Alan Caruba

The Worst Case Scenario
By Alan Caruba

On May 9, President Bush signed the “National Security and Homeland Security Presidential Directive” that establishes a new national continuity coordinator whose job it is to make plans for “National Essential Functions” of all federal, state, local, territorial and tribal governments as well as private sector organizations that would, in a national emergency, continue to function under directives from the president’s office.

Since paranoia is now the established frame of reference for all political discussions, the conservative media focused on whether Bush was planning to become a dictator in the event of a national emergency. All modern presidents, however, have issued comparable directives or executive orders. Bush is not the first to stare the physical destruction of America in the eye on a daily basis.

To my way of thinking the entire debate over the immigration law reforms misses the real and most immediate threat. Without secure borders and, most importantly, an aggressive program to identify those who are among us for the purpose of destroying the nation, no reform is of any value.

Recently, a reporter challenged the President, asking if he was still a credible messenger of the threat posed by al Qaeda. Bush replied he is because he reads the intelligence reports every day. Maybe he needs to tell us a lot more about what they are saying and what they predict.

Maybe what all Americans need is a lot more paranoia? Or have we already forgotten those New Jersey jihadists planning mass murder at Fort Dix? Or the jihadists who planned to blow up jet fuel tanks at JFK airport?

Paul L. Williams has written “The Day of Islam: The Annihilation of America and the Western World” ($25.00, Prometheus Books) in which he documents the near certainty that Osama bin Laden’s al Qaeda has acquired the capacity to destroy American cities with nuclear devices. After reading it, one is inclined to believe that it is not a question of if this will occur, but when.

Right now, Americans may be unhappy with events in Iraq and eager to leave, but I think the shock and horror have 9/11 has long since worn off. We may be edgy over why bin Laden has not been captured and why the focus of our efforts have not been on destroying al Qaeda, but this is not a burning issue in the midst of the national debate about Iraq.

The United States, despite many attacks orchestrated by al Qaeda, remained largely indifferent to it in the decade leading up to 9/11. As Michael Scheurer, a former CIA operative in charge of the bin Laden file and author of “Imperial Hubris”, has written, “We found that he (bin Laden) and al Qaeda were involved in an extraordinary sophisticated and professional effort to acquire weapons of mass destruction—in this case, nuclear weapons, so by the end of 1996, it was clear that this was an organization unlike any other one we had ever seen.”

In page after page of his book, Williams documents the events and the personalities involved in the process by which al Qaeda likely has nuclear weapons. The difference between our former adversary, the Soviet Union, and al Qaeda was that the Soviets were not driven by any religious belief that demanded our destruction. Al Qaeda’s mission is to establish a global Islamic Caliphate and to do that, the destruction of America, Israel and the West is an essential element.

Indeed, bin Laden hasn’t even made an effort to deny al Qaeda has nuclear capabilities. Two months after 9-11, he gave an interview in which he said, “If America uses chemical or nuclear weapons, then we may respond with chemical or nuclear weapons.” When the Pakistani journalist asked how he obtained such weapons, bin Laden replied, “It is not difficult, not if you have contacts in Russia with other militant groups. They are available for $10 million and $20 million.”

This was not just an idle threat, but the reality of how easily off-the-shelf nuclear weapons could be purchased from Russian sources. As for the money, the poppy fields of Afghanistan in 1997 produced enough raw opium to sweeten the coffers of al Qaeda and its affiliates to the tune of upwards of $16 billion a year. They are reputed to be the source of eighty percent of the heroin sold annually these days. Al Qaeda has long been established in South America, working closely with the drug cartels. The United States and Europe are major markets.

Just how easy would it be to smuggle small nuclear devices into the United States? Stephen Flynn, a senior fellow for national security studies at the US Council of Foreign Relations, has noted that, “The United States has 16,000 ships entering its ports every day. Adding in shipments by truck, train, or air freight, the total number of import shipments to the U.S. is 21.4 million tons a year.” Less than three percent of ship containers are ever inspected and that includes those from the Middle East.

The U.S. is concerned that Iran is moving toward the acquisition of nuclear weapons capabilities, but Pakistan already has nukes of its own, and those nukes in the Russian arsenal that we haven’t already spent billions to decommission are still said to be extraordinarily vulnerable to the black market in fissionable uranium and plutonium.

So, in the worst-case scenario that seems closer with every passing day, we could see New York, Washington, D.C., and other key cities destroyed. If that happens, the President’s latest directive may prove meaningless and the plans that al Qaeda has been making for a very long time will come true.

Alan Caruba writes a weekly column, “Warning Signs”, posted on the Internet site of The National Anxiety Center, His book, “Right Answers: Separating Fact from Fantasy”, is published by Merril Press.

© Alan Caruba, June 2007

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Tuesday, June 26, 2007

The Left to Attempt to Silence the Right!

The Right to be Silenced by the Left?
I have been convinced that once the Dems returned to power they would do everything in their power to consolidate that power and freeze anyone not a democrat out of power forever. One of the many steps in their plan, I felt, was to re-impose the Fairness Doctrine on Broadcasting in the US.

The efforts of the Left to re-impose the Fairness Doctrine, so far, have been stymied by angry conservatives who understand it is a freedom of speech issue… but the dems simply don’t care. They support freedom of speech… so long as your speech is the party line… the Democratic Party line, of course.

Over the weekend we learned that some Democrat Senators are considering introducing a bill in the US Senate to re-impose the Fairness Doctrine. It came as no surprise. It’s what the Democrats do. They control thought and speech. Uncontrolled speech and thought are detrimental to they efforts to gain total power in the US. It must not be allowed.

If all this sounds familiar, then you are probably about my age. For those of you who do not remember how it was in Europe in the 1930’s and 1940’s, believe me when I tell you the actions the dems are taking today mirror those of Hitler and the Nazi Party.

The folks over at "The Conservative Voice" have an excellent piece on the Fairness Doctrine and how it mirrors activities in Nazi Germany. We recommend that you go to:

And read the piece by Paul R. Hollrah entitled:

“The Nazification of the American Left”

Yes, this is strong stuff. But for those of us who have lived the past where these nightmares were alive and well, and for those of us who have experienced the horrors brought on humanity by the raw lust for power, believe me when I tell you… we recogniose what we have seen before.

The Fairness Doctrine is simply another way for the Democrats, the American Left, to silence their opposition on the political right. It is sugar coated, and perfumed, but it is still “bovine scatology”.

The Left, no matter where in the world they are, has never learned that when you silence people their anger has no escape hatch, not escape valve, if you will. Their anger will continue to build until it boils over and the Left is consumed in the conflagration that follows. It happens every time the left assumes power and begins to throttle the people they rule. They may last a few decades, or even a hundred years, but sooner or later the people being oppressed rise up and throw off their would-be masters from the Left. It is a continuous cycle. And yet… the Left never learns from this! Even today the American Left is attempting to do the same thing they have always done, that thing which inevitably gets them thrown from power… silence the electorate. The Fairness Doctrine is only a small part of their march toward power consolidation.

It must not be allowed to happen.


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Monday, June 25, 2007

Conservatives Don’t Vote for Bipartisan Candidates!

Conservatives Don’t Vote for Bipartisan Candidates!


“Bipartisan”… “Bipartisanship”… what does it mean… exactly?

Well, it depends on your perspective. Congressional Democrats believe it means, “agreeing with the Democrats”. Congressional Republicans believe it means, “agreeing with the Democrats”. Conservatives believe it means, “agreeing with the Democrats”! (Notice the delineation between Republicans and Conservatives in this paragraph? That was intentional!)

You can clearly see how bipartisanship is anathema (from the Greek meaning: “a thing devoted to evil!”) to Conservatives!

One must understand that Conservatives do not knowingly vote for a candidate who will go to Washington and AGREE with Democrats… on anything! Otherwise… what’s the point? I mean, Conservatives and Liberals disagree! That’s what we do! Conservatives want their candidates to be PARTISAN!

Most often when Conservatives get their collective backs up… it is usually as a result of leading Republicans agreeing with Democrats on something. The latest example is the abomination of the Immigration Bill… known by Conservatives, and in reality, as the “Amnesty Bill”! Oh, this bill is just one among many! But it is the latest.

You see, Conservatives truly believe that “government which governs least is best”. That is a core belief of the Conservative Movement in the US. If you understand this, then you have a grasp of the root cause of the turmoil within the ranks of the Republican Party at this moment. Conservatives are furious!

When a top tier Republican candidate for President agrees with Teddy Kennedy… it is the equivalent of throwing gasoline on a fire. Senator John McCain has done that. Is it any wonder that his presidential campaign is over? McCain can go home! He is as close to the White House as he will ever be! Thank Goodness for that!

One of the evils of bipartisanship is that the Congress becomes a law factory…churning out laws like a sausage factory… in bulk! I mean… God, Himself, only gave us ten! Have you looked at the volumes of the US Code??? The Ten Commandments it ain’t!

Conservatives and Liberals fundamentally disagree…period! When they snuggle up and get cozy, it leads to all sorts of bad things for the country.

Oh, but you say: “If they don’t agree, and if they don’t show a willingness toward bipartisan governance, the government will gridlock!” EXACTLY! GRIDLOCK IS A BEAUTIFUL THING… to Conservatives! It’s one of the few times I feel relatively SAFE! Gridlock the Congress while Americans still have a semblance of their freedom left.

Remember Senator Jesse Helms of North Carolina? Jesse was/is a Conservative…first, last, and ALWAYS! He told you what he believed… up front, and there was no budging him. If the Senate had to shut down… then so be it. Jesse knew what his constituents wanted when they sent him there and he DELIVERED! I have been in meetings with Jesse and the Democrat’s who supported him here in my region of NC. They were CONSERVATIVE Democrats! They knew that if Jesse gave his word, it was as good as a gold! He never failed us. He was a conservative’s conservative. Jesse didn’t believe in bipartisan government. He believed in standing for HIS cause, the Conservative Cause, knowing full well the Liberals would sure as heck stand for theirs, as well. And THAT is the way the US Congress is SUPPOSED to do business. If they gridlock, then that’s all a part of it.

Bipartisanship in the Congress got us in the mess we are in today. Republicans need to clean the house in the US Senate and in the US House. We have entirely too many Senators and Representatives who have forgotten what conservatism means. They have grown fat and lazy on the platitudes of the media when they “agree” with the Democrats. Unfortunately they seem to like it! That is a “lapdog” attitude and it is unbecoming to any politician and, especially, a Republican! Conservatives see the Mainstream Media as the propaganda wing of the Democrat Party. We become physically ill when we witness a so-called Conservative cozying up to a member of the Media.

Bipartisanship in the Congress is for wussies. It is not for Conservatives!


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Sunday, June 24, 2007

When will Conservative Christian Voters Not Vote?

Conservative Christian Republicans

There seems to be some question as to the way Conservative Christian Republicans “stay away from the polls” when unacceptable candidates are on the ballot. At least one of the readers of this blog suggested that action might be un-Republican.

The short answer is this: We don’t care!

Let me try and explain the Conservative Christian Republicans view on voting. To get a basic understanding of the Conservative Christian Republican’s view of the world you must understand our priorities. They are in this order: God, Family, and then, Country.

Understand also, we feel it is sinful to vote for a candidate who does not share these priorities.

You begin to see where we are coming from.

Look, we believe that voting for the lesser of two evils is still voting for evil and we won’t do it. We answer ultimately to a much higher power and we recognize that and try our best to act accordingly. We do not always succeed, actually we don’t succeed most of the time, but we are bound to continue trying.

If the Republican Party nominates a candidate we see as unqualified, by our standards, we will not go to the polls and support that candidate. The RNC knows this. It is no secret. The GOP has understood where our ultimate allegiance lies since the Conservative Christians began their migration away from the Democratic Party when it adopted so much of the Socialist/Marxist platform. There is something of a compact between Conservative Christian Republicans and the RNC. We will support the Republican Party as long as it toes the line. The minute it steps away from the line… we are gone.

Remember where our allegiance lies. We do. And, we know that, in the end, we have to give an accounting of the time we spend here on this earth. That is far more important to us than voting to ensure the Republican Party wins an election.

I remain, just another Pharisee,


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Saturday, June 23, 2007

Out of Many... TWO???

Every so often I come across a blog site that really grabs my attention. Such a couple of sites are "Civilized Revolt"... and the other is "REPARATIONS for the Whole South"

The pieces I am about to recommend to you spells out so clearly all the things we members of the Sons of Confederate Veterans have been trying to explain, and defend, since the 1890’s.

Our written history, the written history of the United States, is corrupt. It is filled with lies, omissions, and re-writes of reality into some sort of pro-Union propaganda… then... fed to our young. This has been going on since the late 1860’s. As a result we have a populace of American citizens who have no clue as to how this nation was forged. They have no clue as to why there is a certain tension between the northern region and the southern region of this country. Those of us who know the truth, and try to present it, are muzzled by the soft gauntlet of name-calling. We’re called Racists, Bigots, White Supremacist, etc,. etc...

So, it is refreshing to come across a couple of sites, which are extremely well written, and on which the truth is presented in a scholarly and respectful way.

A note, please, before I refer you… I never intended this site to be a soapbox for my personal views of my beloved South. I am, after all, a southern gentleman, and southern gentlemen don’t force their views on others. With that said, if you would like to “surf” on and not read these two pieces of extremely important scholarship… then please do so... with my blessings. But, if you really want to KNOW about your country, the USA, then I urge you to read the two pieces I am about to recommend to you.

We here at INSIGHT on Freedom are pleased to recommend the following sites for your consideration:


I hope you have enjoyed the material presented in the two sites above. If you have... we urge you to direct others to those sites for their enlightenment as well.

Meanwhile, if you have a longing to know who you are, where you come from, whom and what made you the way you are, and how America came to be as she is today, there is one organization I can heartily recommend to you:

The Sons of Confederate Veterans.

To qualify, you must be a descendent of a Confederate Soldier and able to prove it. If you are interested, we invite you to phone: 1-800 MY-SOUTH today.

The SCV is an International organization, so the fact that you happen to be in, say, Europe, is no reason to drop your interest in the SCV.

On final thing: When next you hear an awful thing said about the Confederate Soldier, don’t take it at face value. Do a little research. It’s not difficult… and you will surely find the truth. Buried no doubt, but it IS there.

From my family to yours… have a terrific weekend!


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Friday, June 22, 2007

Ethanol is NOT the Answer! Not Even Close!

Ethanol is NOT the Answer! Not Even Close!


The more we look at ethanol as a substitute for gasoline, the more hype we find and the more problems we find with: growing the corn from which the ethanol is produced, the rising price of NEARLY EVERYTHING we buy at the grocery store as a result of the escalation in the price of corn, not to mention the fact that ethanol cannot provide anywhere near the energy that gasoline can, plus the reduction in MPG of a vehicle running on ethanol, and the damage to your vehicle that can occur from the use of ethanol.

There’s an interesting article at: FACTCHECK.ORG. We recommend you read it in its entirety. You’ll find it at:

If every acre of corn were used for ethanol, it would replace only 12.3% of the gasoline used in this country.

Read this entire article at:

So, it seems what we have is a boondoggle, or perhaps “a fairy tale” as the folks at SMARTMONEY.COM say:

“It's easy to see the appeal: Like the flat tax or missile defense, biofuels suggest a simple solution to a complex problem. Like missile defense, they cater to our faith in technological progress. Instead of drilling rigs blighting coastlines, biofuels evoke vistas filled with amber waves of grain. Just like that, dirty, bloody Mideast crude turns out to have a clean homegrown substitute. It's a fairy tale of course, like so many others featuring magically prolific plants.”
Read the entire article at:

Now, I’ve just scratched the surface of the ethanol discussion… if there is any discussion left! It would appear the US is charging headlong into another situation, with fuels, that will produce a low energy yield fuel and the production of which will drive up food prices and create environmental problems equal to those we already have with fossil fuels.

Look, we’ve been making grain alcohol from corn, here in my neck of the woods, since the nation was founded. That was long before the automobile. As a boy, my family (some of whom were locally renown for their expertise at producing that “Moonshine”, or “White Lightening”) assured me that, indeed, it would fuel an automobile engine. But, we never put it in the tanks of our vehicles. I don’t know anyone who did, either.

Back in my younger days when I used to MC hydroplane races, there was so much alcohol fuel used in those engines, a walk through the pit area smelled like a stroll through a whiskey distillery! But, a high performance racing boat engine is far different from the engine in your family sedan, SUV, or truck.

I paid $3.09.9 a gallon for Hi-Test, or “premium” gasoline for my truck a day or so ago. Yes, I could have purchased a lesser octane gasoline, somewhat cheaper. But, it is MY TRUCK, and I cannot justify putting an inferior fuel in a vehicle for which I paid a substantial amount of money.

So, I won’t be joining the lines at the ethanol pumps. And, given a choice, I will not use a blended fuel in my vehicle.

Just remember this: As things are now, the high prices are at the gasoline pump. If the use of ethanol becomes widespread, that high price will move from the gasoline pump to your food… and just about everything else you purchase. In fact... it has already begun. The trade-off, for me, is simply not worth it.


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Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Islam: The Power of “No” ... by Alan Caruba

Islam: The Power of “No” By Alan Caruba
Slowly, ever so slowly, it is beginning to dawn on Americans that anything we attempt to do to entice the Middle East into the 21st century is likely to meet with defeat because its Muslim population, held in the grip of brutal men and a brutal theology, remains impervious to the possibility of peace, of freedom, of individual liberty.

What they are especially good at is saying “No.” They have been saying no to anything that smacks of modern civilized behavior for a very long time and that resistance has been largely tolerated in the West because (a) their nation may sit atop a lot of oil and/or (b) they are oppressed by their fellow Arabs.

What did Americans know of the Middle East? Not much and mostly gleaned from movies like “Lawrence of Arabia” and whatever films and television shows might depict. Long after WWII, the Middle East did not have a high priority on our attention. Our scant knowledge came from headlines about assassinations and wars. There were historical events like the independence of Israel in 1948 following one of the great horrors of the last century, the Holocaust.

The same United Nations decision to grant sovereignty to the Israelis was extended to the Arabs in the area, granting them territory on which to build a Palestinian nation. The Arabs said no.

Instead, they immediately attacked the new nation and were defeated. Would they now accept terms granting them a nation of their own? No. In 1967 the Egyptians, Syrians, and Jordanians massed their troops and, this time, the Six-Day War was an overwhelming defeat costing them vast tracts of land, the Golan Heights, the Sinai desert, East Jerusalem, the West Bank.

What was their response? The defeated Arab nations convened a conference from which they issued their now-famous Three No’s: No to peace with Israel. No to recognition of Israel. No to any negotiation with Israel.

Israel’s response has been to negotiate at every opportunity. They negotiated with Egypt and returned the Sinai. They negotiated “land for peace” with Yassir Arafat’s Palestinian Liberation Front in Oslo, Norway. They were rewarded with the infamous Intifada that escalated into a series of suicide bombings. Finally, the Israelis built a high wall between themselves and the Palestinians in Gaza. These days the wall is breached daily by mortars and rockets that continue to rain down on towns adjacent to that hellish place.

The Israelis withdrew from southern Lebanon, occupied to avoid constant shelling of its northern cities and towns hoping that would bring peace. No. That ultimately led to more shelling and a short war in 2006. The Israeli failure to destroy Hezbollah last year was hailed as a great “victory” by the Arabs.

Earlier the Israeli government had unilaterally withdrawn from the Gaza strip, literally dragging their own citizens who lived there from their homes. Surely that would secure peace? No.

That led to a civil war between Hamas, whose entire political platform is the destruction of Israel, and Fatah, backed by the U.S. in the vain hope that it might negotiate peace—at last—with Israel.

Americans began to pay attention when, in 1979, the “Islamic Revolution” in Iran led to their diplomats being held hostage for 444 days. What kind of nation takes people hostage these days? An Islamic one. And what kind of people commandeers four jet airliners and fly them into the Twin Towers and the Pentagon? Muslims.

The root cause of strife in the Middle East is not Israel, a tiny nation with about six million inhabitants; one that is surrounded by twenty-two Arab nations with 300 million people. Even if Israel did not exist, the root cause of the terrorism and wars is Islam, the “religion of peace” embraced throughout that fetid, backward, cesspool of corruption and oppression.

What the Arabs of the Middle East offer is what Islam offers, only the peace of the grave if nations and men do not bow down to their threats and violence. It is the power of “no.”

The global Islamic population is approximately 1,200,000,000 or 20% of the world’s population as compared with the global Jewish population of 14,000,000 or about 0.02% of the world’s population.

If one looks at Nobel Prizes awarded since 1910, one Muslim earned a prize in literature. Among the four awarded a Peace Prize were Egypt’s Mohammed Anwar El-Sadat who was assassinated for negotiating the return of the Sinai and Yasser Arafat who never brought a moment’s peace to the Palestinians. Two Muslims received prizes for medicine. Two Muslims have received a prize for economics. By contrast, the list of Jews receiving Nobel Prizes in all categories takes up several pages.

Which world do you want to live in?

Compare Beirut, Baghdad, Damascus, Khartoum or Mogadishu with any of cities of the West. Part of the world is insane, held in the grip of a “religion” spread by the sword and maintained by insuring that enlightenment of any kind is feared and destroyed. It is a world in which tiny children are taught to embrace murder and death.

Americans cannot understand such people. Americans cannot understand that the Islamic practice of deceit and war is deemed critical to the expansion of this “religion.”

America and the West are at a crossroads of history. The terrorism that would return us to a dark age ruled by Islam must be resisted.

We can begin by supporting Israel, by supporting our troops on the front lines of wherever the conflict takes them, and by affirming the power of “Yes”, the power that flows from freedom and liberty.

Alan Caruba writes a weekly column, “Warning Signs”, posted on the Internet site of The National Anxiety Center, His book, “Right Answers: Separating Fact from Fantasy”, is published by Merril Press.

© Alan Caruba, June 2007

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Tuesday, June 19, 2007

About That Land the US Supposedly Stole from Mexico.....

About that Land the US Supposedly STOLE from Mexico……………

Why is no one correcting the lies that the US stole all that land in the Southwest from Mexico??? Could it be they want you to remain dumb on the subject? Do you suppose?

OK, let’s set the record straight and look at some facts.

First, The Mexican War:

The Mexican War between the United States and Mexico began with a Mexican attack on American troops along the southern border of Texas on Apr. 25, 1846. Fighting ended when U.S. Gen. Winfield Scott occupied Mexico City on Sept. 14, 1847; a few months later a peace treaty was signed (Feb. 2, 1848) at Guadalupe Hidalgo. In addition to recognizing the U.S. annexation of Texas defeated Mexico ceded California and, New Mexico (including all the present-day states of the Southwest) to the United States.

The Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo, ending the Mexican War, was signed on February 2, 1848, by Nicholas P. Trist, for the United States, and by a special commission representing the collapsed government of Mexico.

Under the treaty, Mexico ceded to the United States Upper California and New Mexico (including Arizona) and recognized U.S. claims over Texas, with the Rio Grande as its southern boundary. The United States in turn paid Mexico $15,000,000, assumed the claims of American citizens against Mexico, ($3.25 Million) recognized prior land grants in the Southwest, and offered citizenship to any Mexicans residing in the area. Then a few years later, the US bought land that is now Arizona and New Mexico from Mexico for another 6 million dollars.

Why did we need that additional land?

After the end of the Mexican-American War in 1848, border disputes between the United States and Mexico remained unsettled. Land that now comprises lower Arizona and New Mexico was part of a proposed southern route for a transcontenental railroad. US President Franklin Pierce was convinced by Jefferson Davis, (Later the First President of the Confederate States of America) then the country's Secretary of War, to send James Gadsden (who had personal interests in the rail route) to negotiate the Gadsden Purchase with Mexico. Under the resulting agreement, the U.S. paid Mexico $10 million. There was a problem with the money, however: Even though the agreement specified $10 million, the US Congress only agreed to pay $7 million. When the money finally arrived, in Mexico City, $1 million was found to be lost, thus making $6 million the amount Mexico actually got for the sale of that land. Hey, they set the price… we paid it!

Run the numbers and you will find that the US paid Mexico $24, 250,000.00 (24 million, two-hundred-and-fifty-thousand) US dollars for the land in the Southwest US which many claim, today, we (The US) stole!

You know I get a bit tired, and even short-tempered, with folks who attempt to perpetuate an untruth by the act of sheer ommission. As a Southerner, I know how that can hurt. To say the US stole all that land in the Southwest is a flat-out lie. So, 24 and-a-quarter-million isn’t much money? Not by today’s standards perhaps, but back in the mid 1800’s we’re talking about somewhere in the area of $600,000,000.00! Now that IS big bucks!

So, next time you hear someone prattling on about how the US stole all the Southwestern United States from Mexico, set them straight. Tell them we bought it and we paid for it . If they refuse to believe you refer them to the Guadalupe Hidalgo Treaty and the Gadsden’s Purchase a few years later. It’s all there. It’s a part of history. A part of history students in the American "government schools" apparently never hear about.

Of course, the claims that we stole the land from Mexicoa is all a part of the propaganda being employed to saddle Americans with more underserved guilt. People who feel guilty will ofttimes respond in the way those proding them wish them to respond. That is what is hoped for with all the unmitigated garbage heaped on America today.

Actually, as I view the relationship between the US and Mexico today, I tend to agree with those who feel we ought to annex the entire country of Mexico and run it as an American territory. I mean, it’s not like we are NOT supporting the country of Mexico these days. The billions of US dollars a year pouring into Mexico, from their citizens who have burglerized the US, is staggering.

So, as the propaganda mills crank up, this week, and begin inundateing Americans with all the lies and distortions about how badly Americans treat Mexicans, illegal and otherwise, just keep in mind that all they are attempting to do is prod Americans into supporting the “Amnesty Bill” due to come up this week for the second time in the US Senate.

The Immigration Bill, (the Amnesty Bill) is an abomination and should never see the light of day. I’ll be leaning on my Senators, from North Carolina, this week to vote against that bill at every opportunity. May I suggest you do the same?

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Monday, June 18, 2007

ANOTHER Note to My Senators Reference the Amnesty Bill!

Sometime toward the latter part of this week, or the first of next week, that abomination of a Bill "The Amesty Bill" will be taken up again by the Senate. As of this morning, I fired off another message to both my Senators explaining why it is so important to vote down that bill.

If you are as dead set against that bill as I am, then I suggest you get busy letting the folks in DC know how you feel. Because, as sure as the sun will rise tomorrow, the Dems and Repubs are gonna pass the bill, by hook or by crook, in a lump sum, or in pieces... somehow, they WILL find a way to get what THEY want, regardless of what YOU want, passed into law! I know it is not the democratic way. I know that. I know it is not the American way, either. But the reality of the situation in Washington is... our Senators and Representatives, as well as the President and his Administration, are so isolated from you and I that there is no communication. (Talk about taxation without representation!)

Below is the text of the message I sent both my senators today. This is the second message in ten days or two weeks. This is a critical issue and we need to rattle cages in DC about it.


Dear Senator:

Here we go again! I was hoping we had put a stake thought the heart of that “abomination” of a bill… the Amnesty Bill, sometimes known as the Immigration Bill. Perhaps not!

I just wanted to let you know that so far as I am concerned, I have not changed my mind. I STILL insist that you vote against the bill… in any form.

Senator, that 4.4 billion dollars added to the bill to “enhance” border security smacks of a bribe offered to those of us who insist the border be sealed and secured. I was insulted that anyone could think so little of my intellect to make such an offer. It is not only insulting, I am embarrassed that a person, any person charged with representing my interests in the nations’ capitol, would think I would be so easily swayed.

Senator, I’d like to emphasize that nothing has changed as far as my dislike of the Immigration Bill. No amount of “dressing it up” will take away the stench of Amnesty.

I ask you to please impress upon your fellow Senators the importance of voting this Bill down and then concentrate on securing the border.

Your fellow Tar Heels are counting on you to do the right thing for the people of our state. You will be accountable to us for the vote you cast on this Bill. We will be watching closely.

Finally, Senator, I hope I have been able to impress upon you the earnest desire your constituents have for securing the border with Mexico before any talk of Immigration reform is appropriate. At the very least we desire a double fence, with a patrol road between them, stretching the entire length of the US/Mexico border with ample personnel to patrol that border day and night. Seems to me, if the government can make such a tremendous effort to secure the borders of Iraq… US citizens deserve the same effort here at home… and we should not even have to bring it up in a message to our Senators and Representatives.

Senator, I am a life-long Conservative Republican, but these kinds of disconnects between my representatives in the Senate, and the House, is causing me to consider leaving the Republican Party. I cannot remain in a party, which is non-responsive to such a large segment of its base.

With warmest personal regards,

Your Obedient Servant,


This is what those of us who oppose this bill must do. We cannot sit idly by and lose our nation as a result of inaction on our part.

This nation askes very little of its citizens. We're not a democracy. We are a Representsative Republic. Those representatives are supposed to represent US. As of late, especially on this issue, they are not doing that. We need to remind them where their duty lies. OFTEN!


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Do We Have a Rogue Government in Washington?
Now, I’m not going to sit here and say to the President, my US Senators, and My Congressmen that if they want me to support the Immigration Bill, first build a fence along the border. No, I’m not going to say that.

What I AM going to say is… We don’t NEED the new Immigration Bill! Not at all! We don’t NEED a “guest worker program”! Americans will gladly pay more for their produce if it means that can continue to maintain America as an independent, English-speaking, nation. Heck, the money we save on the welfare services we now give, free, to the illegal immigrants would off-set the higher prices for produce at the market! No, we don’t need either of those things.

What we DO NEED is enforcement of the immigration laws we have on the books today!

To secure the border we need a fence… a physical fence. Not some piss-ant virtual fence with sensors and cameras and fly-overs by unarmed drone aircraft. All that does is complicate the process. When the illegals cross over they still have to be hunted down and sent back. So, stop them from ever crossing that border with an honest to goodness double fence with a patrol road between the fences. If I had my preference, I’d sew the area in front of the fence with anti-personnel mines. If a coyote walks into that zone he is instantly blown to bits. That will get someone’s attention.

Harsh? You bet it is! When national security is at stake, harshness is the way to go!

Again, the bill before the US Senate is an Amnesty Bill. No matter how you slice it, no matter how much perfume they sprinkle over it, it still stinks to high heavens. And you know what??? They’re going to pass that abomination of a bill over our protests if we don’t rattle the cages of the Senators in Washington, but good! Actually, I am satisfied that if there is any way, by hook or by crook, the two parties, in cahoots with each other, will see that this bill is passed.

We have the closest thing to a rogue government in Washington today as this nation has ever had. They are totally unresponsive to the citizens of the nation. I don’t believe they cannot hear us, or that they have misinterpreted what we are telling them about this immigration bill. I believe they hear us, loud and clear, and simply don’t give a damn what you and I want. They intend to do what they want instead. That behavior, dear reader, is the definition of a rogue government.

As an American citizen I am frustrated beyond all measure at what passes for a government in Washington, DC today! It is a pathetic bunch of political hacks unfit to run for dogcatcher, let alone an office representing my interests in the nation’s seat of government.

Alas, this is the kind of government we get when that form of Marxism we call “Political Correctness” takes over a country! The truth is shown the door for fear of offending someone… anyone! So, our Congresspersons, our Senators, and even our President, will lie to us… and tell themselves they are “protecting” us. They’ll convince themselves that they know best what is good for us and they will simply tune us out! That is what this government has done. Tuned us out!

Now you know what Southerners from1828 up to April of 1861 felt like! Their government (the US government) had tuned them out, too. We all know how that ended. We Southerners LOST OUR COUNTRY! And, guess what??? If this continues we are going to lose our country AGAIN, this time... along with the rest of our fellow Americans! That’s how serious this is.

Not content to lie down and rollover, I intend to rattle cages in DC this week. At least, if we lose... and the Amnesty Bill passes, I will have the knowledge that I DID make an effort to contribute to the forces trying to stop it. That’s not much consolation, I know, but it is all we have these days.


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Sunday, June 17, 2007

Paying More for Milk than Gas. ... by Alan Caruba

Paying More for Milk than Gas
By Alan Caruba

Anyone who has been to the supermarket lately knows that the cost of food is increasing. Energy costs have risen 2.9 percent over the past year, but food costs have increased 3.7 percent.

Americans face the prospect of paying more for a gallon of milk than a gallon of gasoline.

Diverting corn to make ethanol that by law must be blended with gasoline is just about the most stupid thing this nation could require, but that is exactly what it has done. The result is the average price of a bushel of corn is now around $3.60, up from $2.50 last year.

According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture, retail milk prices have increased about 3 percent or about ten cents a gallon this year, but dairy specialists predict it will increase 40 cents a gallon in the months ahead, driving the average cost nationwide to an average of $3.78.

The Kansas Corn Growers Association would like to inform you of some basic facts about corn.

Currently, some 60 percent of the U.S. corn crop is fed to U.S. livestock. As the cost rises, so does the cost of meat, poultry, and the more than 3,500 products Americans use every day that contain corn or corn by-products.

Every American consumes the equivalent of three pounds of corn every day.

Having enraged Americans by trying to push through a horrid piece of legislation to “reform” immigration, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) is now trying to do the same with S. 1419, the Renewable Fuels, Consumer Protection, and Energy Efficiency Act of 2007.

It is essential to keep in mind that all the panic over energy in America can be traced back to all the many environmental organizations that have devoted decades to insuring that it was too costly to build a single new oil refinery since the late 1970s, to build nuclear facilities to generate electricity, to build more coal-driven facilities to do the same, or to drill for known reserves of oil in Alaska and most of the off-shore areas of the nation.

We have an energy problem all right and you can thank the millions of words devoted to lying about global warming, greenhouse gas emissions, and the horrors of people driving the car or truck of their choice anywhere.

Sen. Reid’s bill would increase the current renewable fuel mandate of 7.5 billion gallons to 36 billion gallons by the year 2022. It would leave in place the 51 cents per gallon federal subsidy to the ethanol producers. In return, you will continue to get less mileage per gallon based on a blend where the production and transportation of ethanol drive up the cost.

Guaranteeing ethanol producers a permanent market share is a scheme worthy of the former Soviet Union’s central planners. The proposed legislation is even worse than that. Corn ethanol could satisfy only about 15 billion gallons of the mandate. The remaining 21 billion gallons would have to come from other forms of biofuel that, by the way, are not currently commercially viable today, despite the subsidy!

Let us return to your local supermarket while you buy the week’s groceries. Since corn is a feedstock for meat, poultry, and dairy products, and is used as corn sweeteners and syrups in countless processed foods, just about everything you will cost even more than it does today.

Lucky you. Thanks to an idiotic government mandate for ethanol, you are paying more at both the pump and the supermarket.

Sen. Reid’s proposed legislation includes a tighter Corporate Average Fuel Economy standard for automobiles and trucks. It would require that the average passenger car would have to get 35 miles per gallon by 2020 and then become 4 percent more fuel- efficient each year from 2021 to 2030.

You do not have to be an automotive engineer to figure out that there are finite limits to how much energy that can be gained from a gallon of gas. When you require that it be blended with even less efficient ethanol, the proposed mandate is an impossible goal unless you want to start making automobiles out of cardboard to reduce their weight.

Sen. Reid’s bill has lots of other awful things, but suffice it to say that the public is going to have to leap upon the backs of their Senators once again to insure that this monstrosity never sees the light of day.

One last thought, while you are paying more for food and gas, lots of other people around the world will be eating less. As the cost of corn and other bio-fuel sources increases, the cost of food worldwide will generate food riots. We not only have six billion people on Earth, but every six years, we add the equivalent of the entire population of North America.

Only the hard-core environmentalists will be happy. They don’t much like humanity in general and have pursued policies to deter all manner of development everywhere on Earth. Like what you ask? Like seeking to ban the use of pesticides and herbicides that insure that crops are protected against the many insects and rodents that attack them, along with the many weed species that compete for space.

Renewable fuels? Energy efficiency? It’s worse than a bad joke. It’s criminal.

Alan Caruba writes a weekly column, “Warning Signs”, posted on the Internet site of The National Anxiety Center, His book, “Right Answers: Separating Fact from Fantasy”, is published by Merril Press.

© Alan Caruba, June 2007

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Saturday, June 16, 2007


(This article first ran in
March of 2006. With the attempt in the US Senate to revive the "Amnesty Bill", I thought it apropo to revive this article! Enjoy!...Ed)

Ever hear of a place called “Aztlan”? How about "Republica del Norte".

Well, if you’re American and you live in the US you had better bone up on these two locations. And quick!

What are Aztlan and Republica del Norte? Well as of today, we call it: California, Arizona, Nevada, New Mexico and parts of Colorado and Texas. Still not making sense to you? Ok. Lets dig a little and see if we can uncover what this is all about.

A breakaway of US states is becoming ever more possible as the months and years go by. Now, I’m not talking about a North and South split, nor a red state, blue state, split. I AM talking about the lost of our Southwestern States!

Our lax immigration laws and the terrible enforcement of the laws we have on the books today have resulted in an influx of Mexicans into the Southwest that is overtaking the North American population. Those people have loyalties to Mexico first, over the US. The want the US dollars but their heart remains with Mexico.

Experts tell us we have less than two years to stop this and turn it around or we will certainly have a breakup of the United States. All this has been brought to us courtesy of Mexico and the US Government’s failure to secure our borders.

How, you ask, can this breakup happen? It’s quite simple, really. Studies tell us that within 30 years Latinos will make up more than 50% of the population of California. Once that happens a secessionist movement is almost certain. The Latinos will be looking for “Self Determination”. It could even result in that mythical land of “Aztlan”.
Aztlan is thought to be the place the ancient Aztecs originated. Latino experts tell us Aztlan is an area that includes California, Arizona, Nevada, New Mexico and parts of Colorado and Texas. The aim is to eventually create a state called the “Republica del Norte”… the Republic of the North. It would be a sovereign state and would be comprised of the American Southwest and the northern Mexican states and it is thought that plans are to eventually merge with Mexico. Many feel the Mexican government is encouraging this movement.

Think all this is just smoke and mirrors? Well consider this: As a result of terrible U.S. immigration policies and truly awful enforcement of the Immigration laws, the US government has allowed a steady stream of 1 million illegal immigrants a year to enter the US. We here in North Carolina know, first hand, they are not becoming a part of our society; they are building a separate, active Hispanic community within ours. Therein lies the clear and present danger.

Even though the budget of the US Border Patrol has nearly tripled in 5 years it has made no impact on the numbers of illegal Mexicans crossing our southern border into the US. And even worse… the Mexican government is helping those illegal immigrants get into our country! Did you know that Mexico has an “Office for Mexicans Abroad” that provides survival kits for Mexicans who seek to enter the U.S. illegally? Well, they do!

The United States of America is being invaded. In broad daylight we are being overrun… and our government refuses to do anything about it.

Those of us paying attention to this invasion and crying out in alarm are called racists, and bigots, anti-immigrant, and even worse. It is a most effective weapon and the Hispanics use it well.

I want to see policies to quell illegal immigration a part of the Republican Platform in the next Presidential campaign. In fact, by their sins of omission, they have worsened the problem.

One thing… the Federal Government would do well to heed the calls of the Southwestern states for assistance in defending the border. If help is not forthcoming, from Washington, soon… those states, and the people who live along our southern border, are going to take matters into their own hands. It will not be pretty. It will however, be self-defense!


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Friday, June 15, 2007

Conservatives Are Their Own Worst Enemies!

Conservatives Are Their Own Worst Enemies!
Now that I have your attention…………….. I’m a conservative! So, why am I saying such a thing about that portion of the political spectrum to which, I, myself, belong?

Well, that’s what this article is about. I think I have come upon the reason conservatives have such terrible problems in Washington DC and in State legislatures as well

Now, it doesn’t take a genius, or a PHD in Political Science to see what is so obvious to those of us who follow politics, not just in the US, but also in the world.
Conservatives do a less than poor job of governing, less than a poor job of legislating, and they/we are horrible at delivering eloquent speeches. Well, ANY speeches, of any kind are, expectedly butchered by conservatives (at least 99% of conservatives, anyway) … IF the topic is politics.

Surely, you cannot say that you have not noticed this. Surely, I am not alone in my theory that Conservatives are far, far, far worse at the game of politics than liberals.

Since a teen-ager, when I began public speaking competition, I became aware of the power a speaker had over his audience. He can bring them to their feet in ecstasy, or have them weeping in the aisles in deep, deep, sorrow… IF he knows his craft. And therein lies the secret to why liberals are better at politics than conservatives.

Simply put, it is a LUST for power over others… power over one’s fellow human beings.

The Conservative, on the other hand, simply wants to mind his own business, not yours, and doesn’t care a wit what your business is… as long as it isn’t meddling in his!

Top notch Conservatives don’t run for political office. They run Corporations, businesses, small and large, and generally have a disdain of government because it is intrusive in their businesses and even in their family lives. Conservatives resent government. We suffer government only for the sake of good order. And that’s about it.

So, when you see a group of politicians in your State Legislature and certainly in the National Legislature, in Washington, doing a most ineffective job, remember… they do not represent the Conservative “A”-Team. At best, they are the “B”-team. The “A”-Team is out running the businesses, which make America possible in the first place.

Conservatives do not make good politicians. It is what we least like to do. Those who do stoop to politics find themselves easily outflanked by the liberals who live it, and breathe it. Why, the Liberals have college degrees in Political Science. They have trained, from the cradle up, how to manipulate their fellowman, how to grasp the reins of power, with a death grip, and steer their society in the way THEY would have that society go. And… their actions are the primary cause of the Conservative disdain for the entire world of politics.

Now, you know!

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Thursday, June 14, 2007

Alert! Immigration Bill Back on Senate Floor Next Week!

Alert! Immigration Bill Back on Senate Floor Next Week!

Another attempt to “snooker” the American public is scheduled for mid week, next week and the Senate Majority leader, Harry Reid, is said to be preparing to bring the “Immigration Bill” back to the Senate floor for debate.

The latest ruse… $4.4 billion in added border security spending to be added to the bill, supposedly to make it more palatable to those of us who see it for what it is… an Amnesty Bill.

Read the article at Fox News for the details. Go Here:

Time to get the e-mail humming to your Senators again. Phone calls work well, too. Faxes are also important.

We were fairly sure it was premature to declare the death of the Immigration Bill, last week. And sure enough, here it comes again. We have no choice but to man the barricades once again.

Isn’t there something very sad and very telling when the people of a country have to “force” their own government to respond to the wishes of their people? Isn’t it telling as to how far we have traveled down the road toward “totalitarian government”? Have we learned anything??? I doubt it!

“Once more, into the breach”, Conservatives !!!

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The "FUBAR" that is The Iraq War !

The US Military Needs a Housecleaning!
The US Military needs a house cleaning! I mean… we need to purge the US Military… specifically the US Army and the Marine Corp (the two services I like to refer to as the "Fighting Forces") of all the paper pushing, Yale and Harvard degreed, “Parade Ground Generals” and install some “by-God-Fighting-Men” in those positions!

I watched the news reports of the Lap Dog Generals making their way to Congress and fawning over that bunch of Old Hippies and Flower Children from the “sixties”, who couldn’t fight their way out of a wet paper bag, and it is purely disgusting!

Look, you can’t win a war by pushing paper! You don’t win wars by kissing the collective rear ends of Congress. You win wars by killing as many of the enemy as you can, as often as you can, and breaking everything that belongs to him, at every opportunity! THAT is NOT what we are doing in IRAQ!

We need to throw out the new SecDef. and install a Fighting General. We’d probably have to borrow a REAL fighting General from Israel to get one, but so be it. As a matter of fact, maybe we ought to look into the possibility of leasing the IDF for a few weeks to clean up the mess the Pentagon, the President, and the piss poor generals we have in charge, have made.

Look, I’m a veteran. I was probably the worst soldier the US Army ever had. But, I learned. I learned that to win ears … the first thing you have to do is…fight the war! You don’t continue to prop-up your enemy. When in doubt…. shoot ‘em! Let God sort them out!

We need to begin looking in the ranks of the Colonels, in today’s services, and see if there are some fighting men there. If they are… promote them to generalships and get the armed forces off their collective arse and into a so-nuff fight! The Privates, Spec- 4’s, Sergeants, the Warrants, the Lt.s, Captains, Majors, and even a few Colonels are ready to fight, but I have become convinced, of late, they have no leadership at the top of those services! It’s sorta like taking a finely tuned football team, placing them on the field with the opposing team, and then the coach locks himself in the locker room! There is no leadership!

We desperately need a George Patton, a Nathan B. Forrest, a Bobby Lee, a John Singleton Mosby, and a… hell, ANYBODY who can F-I-G-H-T!

And another thing… get the lawyers off the battlefield and out of the planning rooms and as far from those who devise strategy as is humanly possible.

Frustrated? You bet, I’m frustrated! There is no excuse for the mess we have in Iraq! None! We have the finest military in the world! What that military apparently DOES NOT have is LEADERSHIP! FIGHTING LEADERSHIP! We should have gone through Iraq, as Patton would say, “like crap through a goose!” Why didn’t we? The primary cause was too few troops on the ground. Air power is a wonderful thing, but you win wars with boots on the ground! If war planners decide we need 200,000 troops to pacify an area, put 400, 000 in. It’s called “Overpowering Force”. Completely overrun the country. Overpowering Force means fewer causalities and the will to resist is smothered in the enemy. We didn’t do either.

I spoke with a gentleman, yesterday, who had three sons in the US military. He lost one son, in action in Iraq, last year, and the other two are about to begin their THIRD deployment to Iraq. There is no excuse for this. We are dragging out a “piss-ant conflict” that could have, and should have, been over in weeks!

Yes, I’m upset with the war in Iraq. But not for the popular reasons! I’m upset because we are NOT FIGHTING A War! We’re sort of playing around at fighting a war. We’re placating the enemy. We’re “Nation Building”. Have we deluded ourselves into thinking we can seduce a people who have just graduated from living in tents, in the desert, into creating a democratic nation???? Are we nuts??? Apparently! If we succeed, on the surface, as the last US troops leave, chaos will reign, once again, in that land… as it always has.

We should have gone in, taken down their cities, taken down their infrastructure, taken down whatever government they had, laid waste to the land, seized the oil fields, and, in general, raised havoc! We didn’t. And as a result, we get no respect from them, and they don’t even fear us,

What a mess! If you are familiar with the acronym: FUBAR, you understand exactly how I feel about the Iraqi mess!

So what to do? Frankly, we’ll have to start over! Yeah, I know, it’s crazy! Have the troops stand down, pull them back to, oh, say, Kuwait. Fire all the generals in charge now. Rest the troops up for 30 days, then invade Iraq once again with a whole new set of Generals who don’t mind getting their hands dirty, who don’t mind doing whatever it takes to pacify that place. Whatever it takes!

Is it going to happen? Of course not!

I feel sorry for our troops. They’ll have that millstone around their necks the remainder of their lives.


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