Thursday, May 03, 2007

Americans Prepare to Shoot Back!

Americans Prepare to Shoot Back!
I saw a recent report in the News Media that gun sales, and ammo sales, were up in America.

So, what’s surprising about that?

If you are a regular reader of IoF, then you know, we predicted that would happen BEFORE the 2006 elections… if… the Democrats won control of the Congress. So, it came as no surprise to us! Now… if you really want to see an increase in the sale of guns… wait until the 2008 Presidential Election and a Democrat takes office as President! Gun sales will go thru the roof!


Because most Americans instinctively know that Democrats are extremely weak on National Security... and... they know, too, that Democrats believe in a strong central government and Americans realize that arming themselves is sending a message to the federal government, that the government exists, and serves, at the pleasure of the American people!

Someone once said: “An Armed man is a free man. An unarmed man is a subject”. That is absolutely true!

The gun won America for her people and the gun keeps America free.

Over the years, as revisionists have had their way with the US Constitution, they have all but gelded our law enforcement community. As a result our law enforcement community cannot protect Americans. They can only act after an unlawful act has occurred. Americans have come to know they are on their own in so far as self-defense is concerned.

Here in NC, we have a “concealed carry law”. Interpreted… that means with a permit, one is allowed to carry a concealed weapon on his, or her, person. Prior to the Concealed Carry Law, a Tar Heel could carry a weapon openly as long as that weapon was in plain sight. I believe that law still exists today. In other words, one could carry a fully loaded handgun, in a holster, on one’s belt as long as that weapon was not covered by, say, a jacket… and the carrier was perfectly legal. A weapon could be carried openly in your vehicle… as long as it was in plain sight. One could place a loaded handgun on the passenger seat and be legal, or on the dashboard of the vehicle and be legal. The instant you covered that weapon with, say, a newspaper, you were breaking the law.

Some years ago, the General Assembly passed a law to the effect that a Tar Heel could not resist, and use deadly force, if his home was invaded, until he was backed against a wall. When several cases of a resident defending himself, and his home, with deadly force, went to court, NC juries refused to prosecute on the law and the General Assembly was forced to charge that law back to the way it was previously. If one burglarizes a home in NC … there is a better than even chance the burglar will leave that home “feet first” … on a corner’s gurney!

There is an interesting article over at “World Net Daily” titled: “Firearms and Freedom. Why the Second Amendment is more important now than ever”. We recommend you go over there an read it in its entirety. You’ll find it at:

With attacks such as the massacre at Virginia Tech becoming even more numerous, it seems to us, it would behoove more Americans to secure a firearm and, by all means, learn ho to use it responsibly and effectively!

With the threat of terrorist attacks sure to become more numerous on American soil, when the Democrats have their way and “redeploy” the troops from Iraq, it would be a good idea to “Lock and Load”!

It is becoming even clearer, since last November that the government cannot protect you, and law enforcement cannot protect you. So, that leaves your personal safety, and the protection of your family and your home, up to you. It is an awesome responsibility. Here in the Southland it is a responsibility we have never ceded to the government, nor law enforcement.

It is an American freedom… and Americans should make sure they are up to the challenge.


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TexasFred said...

And a point to ponder: The WEST wasn't won with a registered gun...

Frank said...

Someone once said: “An Armed man is a free man. An unarmed man is a subject”. That is absolutely true!

Someonelse once said: "When the government's boot is on your throat, does it matter if it is the left one or the right one?"

I don't care who's in you should always remember to "keep your powder dry" ole buddy. I have seen the Republicans do more is the past 8 years to turn this country into a police state in the name of being at war. I think the government goes to war just to increase it's strangle hold on the people in the name of defeating an enemy. If I have to live as a slave, with big brother looking at my emails, listen to my phone calls, track my spending, see what books I check out of the library, etc. to remain safe, I'd rather be dead. The government doesn't use these tactics to keep us safe, they do it to keep themselves safe, no matter what their poliical affiliation is.

Longstreet said...

Amen, Brother Fred, Amen!