Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Anger over Illegal Immigration Nears Boiling Point!

(This Article first ran in March of 2006!)


Anger Toward Illegal Immigrants Nears Boiling Point!


A “Boiling Point”, or as some say, a “Tipping Point” is near as Legal Americans have lost all patience with those who have broken into, and illegally entered, our country.

When illegals take to the streets of America’s cities, by the half millions, and parade their defiance of US Law in the faces of the people of the nation they have raped, while waving the flag of a foreign country, it is a call to action!

When our political leaders do not have the fortitude to pass legislation to rid this nation of the pestilence of illegal immigration, it is a call to action!

When the law enforcement agencies of the nation shirk their duty and refuse to enforce the laws on the books, it is a call to action!

I have come to believe that our leaders are so out of touch with their constituents they have no idea how angry we are at the illegals… and… at them… for their spineless contortions to create legislation to cover their covetousness for minority voters and cheap labor!

The anger out here in the hinterlands, in “fly-over” country, is palpable. The heat of our anger is akin to touching one’s finger to a hot stove. Somebody is going to get burned!

Look, it’s this simple: either put the US military on the Southern Border to secure it, and seal it, or put the US military on the streets of America… between the mobs of “illegals” and “angry LEGAL Americans”. That tipping point, that boiling point, is fast approaching.

If the Law enforcement authorities and the government authorities won’t enforce the laws, how long will it be before US citizens do it for them?

I found an insightful piece over at “OPINIONNATION” I recommend you read at:


The rumblings have begun. This situation can get very ugly, very fast! Those of you in the “Hallowed Halls of Congress” need to reassess your stance on illegal immigration and do it quickly. Your proposed bills to “solve” the situation have only created more consternation among your constituents. You really need to get out more. Get in touch with the people who sent you there. You will be surprised to learn that we are laughing, bitterly, scornfully, at your lack of understanding as regards the security of our Southern Border with Mexico. Put some” feelers” out in your Districts and in your states and learn just how angry we really are. You apparently have no idea!

This is not going away…not until the border is secured and the illegals are rounded up, and deported… and… new laws are enacted to stop the rape of our country by foreign illegals.

Talk about “Home Invasion”!

If necessary, suspend the Posse Comitatus Law, and get the National Guard, and the Reserves, into the field, at once, to begin rounding these illegals up and herd them to, and, across the border.

I am a conservative Republican. I have been all my adult life. I am in my mid sixties and I am at the verge of leaving the Republican Party because our leaders have proven themselves to be “pretenders”, who are concerned only for their appearance before the cameras, and the microphones, of the mainstream media. They have grown fat on the “good life” of Washington until they are afraid of actually “representing” their constituents for fear of losing their splendid, soft, positions in the nation’s capital.

Our nation is being over run with illegal immigrants from Mexico and, God only knows where else! Good men have bled and died to secure this country in many crises before today's. And yet, the spineless Congress, we currently have, is inclined to allow this wonderful, marvelous, country to be lost through “inaction” and “lack of will”. It is insane!

I’m worried that this situation is headed toward a climax, which will go down in the history books. And it doesn’t have to be this way.

To our legislators: in the name of all that is good, kind, and holy, we don’t need a new law! We simply need you to enforce the laws you have already made!

Don’t tell me the illegals can’t be rounded up. Put a bounty on them and our jails will be over flowing by the weekend!

Don’t pluck at my heartstrings by telling me we can’t “tear families apart”! Yes we can! They should have thought of that before crashing the border!

Don’t tell me we can’t send them back into their country because their government is corrupt. Why not? Send them back and let them clean up their own government… as we intend to do at the next election!


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Wally Banners said...

oh gawd not another inbreed backward hick from the South PLEASE GOD NO!!!

Longstreet said...

"oh gawd not another inbreed backward hick from the South PLEASE GOD NO!!!"
***********************************Mr. Banners, sir, your "enlightened" comment above simply reinforces my belief that my Confederate Ancestors had it right "the FIRST time"! Remember, sir, we are a part of this country because we were dragged back at bayonet point! Our Southern Ancestors had had enough of the insufferable, "holier than thou", arrogant, attitude of the North.

Did you know, sir, that Southerners (Those “inbreeds” You refer to) won the Revolutionary War in the South? Did you know that during the Viet Nam war 70% of the Medal of Honor winners were Southerners? Did you know that nearly half the men and women serving in Iraq today come from the 11 Southern States of the Old Confederacy? Maybe Southerners just love their country more than some other Americans, Sir! Sometimes it sure feels
like it!

Too bad dueling has been outlawed!

Sir, you are no longer welcome on this site! Be gone, sir. And good riddance!!

(Oh, and by the way....it's "inbred" not "inbreed".

You should be careful to avoid a "battles of wits", sir, when you are clearly unarmed!

Good day!


Frank said...

Just dropped in on the real memorial day to say thanks to all those that have served or are currently serving..... I may disagree with why and where we are at war, but that is always directed at the mis-leaders not our folks on the ground..... (I know it's not related to the post)