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Criminals March in the Streets of America!

Criminals March in the Streets of America!

I watched with “glowing anger” yesterday as mobs of illegals marched in the streets of the cities of America demanding citizenship. How the devil can they DEMAND ANYTHING??? They are in my country illegally! They are criminals! I would have cheered had US troops encircled those mobs and detained everyone there until each person could prove their citizenship. Those not able to prove they are US citizens should have been hauled off to “detainment camps”, in the deserts of our southwest, where they could make license plates, and other such menial labor, for the next 20 years!

I am fed up with the government of this country defending a country in the Middle East while unwilling to defend the borders of it’s own country from the Largest Land Invasion in the History of Mankind!

Citizens of this country are fed-up! Legal Americans have lost all patience with those who have broken into, and illegally entered, our country.

When illegals take to the streets of America’s cities, by the half millions, and parade their defiance of US Law in the faces of the people of the nation they have raped, it is a call to action!

When our political leaders do not have the fortitude to insist on the enforcement of laws to rid this nation of the pestilence of illegal immigration, it is a call to action!

When the law enforcement agencies of the nation shirk their duty and refuse to enforce the laws on the books, it is a call to action!

I have come to believe that our leaders are so out of touch with their constituents they have no idea how angry we are at the illegals… and… at them… for their spineless contortions to create legislation to cover their covetousness for minority voters and cheap labor! Truth be told, the lack of will, by the Republicans, to enact legislation to stop this mess is one of the major reasons they lost power in the 2006 elections!

The anger out here in the hinterlands, in “fly-over” country, is palpable. The heat of our anger is akin to touching one’s finger to a hot stove. Somebody is going to get burned!

If the Democrats are so damned insistent on “redeploying” the US troops in Iraq, then they should “redeploy” them to the southern border of the US… and not Okinawa!

If the Law Enforcement Authorities, and the Government Authorities, won’t enforce the laws, how long will it be before US citizens do it for them? Does the government actually want to encourage the formation of citizen’s Militia Units to take the law into their own hands and defend America? Because… it sure looks as if that is what is going to happen! I say again: LEGAL AMERICANS ARE FED-UP!

The rumblings have begun. This situation can get very ugly, very fast! Those of you in the “Hallowed Halls of Congress” need to reassess your stance on illegal immigration… and do it quickly. Your proposed bills to “solve” the situation have only created more consternation among your constituents. You really need to get out more. Get in touch with the people who sent you there. You will be surprised to learn that we are laughing, bitterly, scornfully, at your lack of understanding as regards the security of our Southern Border with Mexico. Put some” feelers” out in your Districts, and in your states, and learn just how angry we REALLY are. You apparently have no idea!

This is not going away…not until the border is secured and the illegals are rounded up, imprisoned, and/or deported… and… the illegal immigration laws, now on the books, are enforced!

Talk about “Home Invasion”!

I am a conservative Republican. I have been all my adult life. I am in my mid sixties and I am at the verge of leaving the Republican Party because our leaders have proven themselves to be “pretenders”, who are concerned only for their appearance before the cameras, and the microphones, of the mainstream media. We sent them what we thought was a powerful message last November! The lesson, it seems, was not learned! Now that the Democrats are in power, the situation will only get worse. They see those illegals as potential voters and they, sure as hell, will not do a thing to discourage the illegals from invading our country.

What a sorry bunch of Americans we have in DC! They have grown fat on the “good life” of Washington until they are afraid of actually “representing” their constituents for fear of losing their splendid, soft, positions in the nation’s capital!

You bet, I’m angry! And I’m just one among millions of Americans. Our nation is being over-run with illegal immigrants from Mexico and, God only knows where else! Good men have bled and died to secure this country in many crises before this one. And yet, the spineless Congress, we currently have, is inclined to allow this wonderful, marvelous, country to be lost through “inaction” and “lack of will”. It is absolutely insane!

I’m worried that this situation is headed toward a climax, which will go down in the history books. And it doesn’t have to be this way. If the leaders of this country don’t suck it up, and carry out their primary responsibility of securing the country, then American citizens will do the job for them! Then we will have the US Military facing off with American citizens… on American soil!

To our Congresspersons and Senators: in the name of all that is good, kind, and holy, we don’t need a new law! We simply need you to enforce the laws you have already made!

Don’t tell me the illegals can’t be rounded up. Put a bounty on them and our jails will be over-flowing by the weekend! Heck, I can visit my local hospital’s ER, tonight, and pick-up a school bus load of them in one trip!

Don’t pluck at my heartstrings by telling me we can’t “tear families apart”! Yes we can! They should have thought of that before crashing the border! In fact many of them DID! I mean… all they have to do is deliver a baby on this side of the border and they are secure! The “Anchor Baby Law” has to be rescinded!

Don’t tell me we can’t send them back into their country because their government is corrupt. Why not? Send them back and let them clean up their own government! Come to think of it… we need to be doing the same thing on this side of the border!

I’m totally fed up!


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Whymrhymer said...

Right On!!

Agree with you point-by-point! My latest post makes the same points but without your fire.

Lets keep fighting -- someday we may win!