Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Globe to Begin Cooling in Five to Ten years......

Globe to Cool in Five to Ten years…….

Ahhh… a voice of reason amidst the alarmist, and hysterical howls, of the terrified “global warming adherents”. A voice crying in the wilderness, it seems, for sanity!

Dr. William Gray, of Colorado State University, says man is not causing Global Warming. It is, he says, global ocean currents, and not “greenhouse gases”, pushing the global temperature rise.

One month away from the opening of the 2007 Hurricane Season, Dr. Gray says
increasing levels of carbon dioxide would not produce more, or stronger, hurricanes.

Here in “Hurricane Ally” we tend to listen to Dr. Gray. You can read the entire article at:


"We are now in a warm period that has lasted more than 10,000 years, which is longer than many of the previous warm intervals. If the pattern of glacial cycles holds true, scientists believe the Earth is soon due for another cold period. In the 1800s, global temperatures began decreasing during a period known as the Little Ice Age. Currently, patterns indicate that the Earth is nearing the end of an interglacial period, meaning that another ice age is predicted in a few thousand years." (from: Earth and Space Science)

At some point, in the not to distant future, all the “Doomsayers” of the "Global Warming Holocaust" will be put to shame by the facts, themselves. The sooner the better!

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