Monday, April 30, 2007

Dead Nation Walking!

Dead Nation Walking!

The end of the United States as a fifty state nation is within sight. Before many more decades have passed the United States will be considerably smaller than it is today.

Why do I say this?

One only has to consider the state of tension between the peoples of this country to understand we cannot remain as a single entity. Our differences are too great. Tensions have not been this great since the 1850’s just prior to the War Between the States, or…the American Civil War.

This time, however, I don’t expect a shooting war between the states who leave the union and those who stay. But the plain truth is, we cannot remain together as one nation and be as divided as we are along political, and cultural lines. Those lines have now become fault lines and threaten a great earthquake to drive us apart… if… we do not relieve the pressure.

The coming split will not be between the northern and southern states as it was in the 19th century. No… this time the split will be between liberal states and conservative states, between liberal neighbors and conservative neighbors, and liberal siblings and conservative siblings.

Christ, Himself, said: “A house divided cannot stand”. The United States is nothing if it is not a house divided. Hopelessly divided.

As I understand it, it would take an act fo Congress and possibly, an amendment to the current constitution to allow a state, or states, to leave the Union. I would encourage my congresspersons and Senators to support any such bill to come before their chamber.

The American people are hopelessly at odds. About half us want to disregard the constitution and become a socialist nation. The other, roughly half of us, are adamantly in support of the Constitution and believe we should return to the original intent of The Founders. These two camps are not in the mood for compromise, because there can be no compromise which would allow one, or the other, of those camps to co-exist with the other. For the “Originalists” to compromise with the “Socialist” would mean the demise of the “Originalist” states and vice –versa with the “Socialist” states. So, we are deadlocked.

When a nation of peoples finds itself in this position it can do one of two things: It can go to war (with each side trying to dominate the other, and/or wipe out the other), or the two sides can agree to go their seperate ways. They cannot stay together.

And that, dear reader, is exactly where the people of the United States find themselves today.

We are clearly a nation in decline. If we separate, maybe one of us can claw it’s way back to the top of the heap again. If we stay together we will continue the downward spiral to become a taudry "has-been" nation which is only a "shell" of it's former self.

Our politics are so diametrically opposed that there is no chance for compromise. Our form of government relies on compromise to exist. Compromise is now out of the question.

Now, this separation is not going to happen overnight. The breakup in the 1800’s began just prior to 1820 and finally came to fruition in 1861. So, we are talking about four decades of arguing back and forth over nearly everything. I don’t think it will take modern Americans 40 years to decide they cannot live with each other in the 21st century.

How did we come to this? Democracy and Freedom, dear reader. Democracy and Freedom.

Americans are NOT a homogeneous people. We come from all nations and all cultures. We have come to know, now, that you cannot continue to mix people of various cultures indefinitely without losing the American culture. The American culture has long since been buried in the cultures of foreign countries within our own borders. “Out of many One” no longer applies. The great melting pot is about to boil over.

Our Pledge of Allegiance to the US flag says: “…One nation, indivisible…”. We know that is not true. We have already divided once and we stand on the verge of doing it again.

If we have learned anything at all, from the earlier separation, it is not to force those who want to leave to stay. Those of us in the South still carry deep scars which have been passed down from generation to generation from the hot lead, cold steel, and the point of the bayonet used to force our ancestors to return to the Union. One hundred and forty-four years later and we STILL resent it. We have been forced to meld our Southern Culture with that of the states of the old Union and, given a legal chance, many Southern states would bolt the union again, as would a number of northern states.

Some states in the extreme north feel they have more in common with Canada than they do with the US and would certainly choose to align with the Canadians. The state of Texas, in the agreement to join with the United States, reserved the right to withdraw and once again become a separate country, the Republic of Texas. It is the only state, I am aware of, which has that agreement with the US.

I know this is not a pleasant thing to contemplate, but… it behooves a people to keep a weather eye on the future. And the future does not hold many good things for the former world superpower, the United States of America.


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