Tuesday, April 17, 2007

The Massacre at Virginia Tech Creates an Opening for Gun Control Activists!

The Massacre at Virginia Tech Creates an Opening for Gun Control Activists!

At the risk of seeming crass, (in light of the event at Virginia Tech this week) I’d like to draw your attention to what will, in all likelihood, be a problem in the immediate future. Gun control.

The gun control nuts have been waiting for an emotional issue to use as the wedge to squeeze legislation through the Congress to "disarm America". The killings at Virginia Tech could well be that issue.

The gun control crowd has been unusually quiet in recent months. But, they have not gone away, nor will they. They have a goal and that goal is to take away your guns! If it takes using an event such as the awful, awful, killings at VT, then I do not expect they will hesitate.

There are many laws on the federal law books, which are what we call “Knee-Jerk Reaction Laws”. The use of public emotion to ram trough such legislation is nothing new. The 2nd Amendment, like any other part of our Constitution, is as vulnerable as ever to the “do-gooder’s” of the country who have the best intentions in the world. But, as we have reminded readers of this site, so often in the past, “the road to hell is paved with good intentions”.
It's sad that we have to defend our constituional rights, especially after such a horrible episode as this, but such is the sorry state of affairs in the US these days.

If you are a gun owner, or even if you are not, beware of the actions of the liberals in Congress over the next few weeks and months. You might want to keep a close watch on your state legislatures as well. (As we folks in NC learned only a few days ago when our legislature passed a resolution apologizing for slavery… when 87% of the people of the state were against it!)

I’ve been around for a while now, and I have watched the various left-wing activists use such events to get their way. I have no doubts that I will be raked over the coals for having the temerity to say such a thing so soon after such a hurtful event as that at VT this week. But, dear reader, forewarned is forearmed! (No pun intended!)

There is nothing we can say that will ease the pain and suffering of the families of those young people murdered at Virginia Tech this week. Absolutely NOTHING. Our thoughts and our prayers are with them. May God, in his infinite mercy, give them peace.
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Wha Wadna Fecht for Charlie said...

I think all right thinking people would wish to send their condolences and thoughts to the families of the victims, and the students and staff of VTech. There is no greater tragedy than losing a child.

As I was told a long time ago – being in possession of a firearm requires a principled and just attitude and the ability to judge what is right and wrong. After all, it is not guns that kill people – people kill people.

Longstreet - Not being that well read on the Constitution, but doesn’t 2nd Amendment mention “a well regulated militia?”

Longstreet said...

Ys, it does. By federal law, the people are the Militia.

Frank said...

doesn’t 2nd Amendment mention “a well regulated militia?”

"well regulated" being the operative clause and in the time the constitution was written the militia's weapons were kept in an armry, and also only Congress could enact the militia....

When Thomas Jefferson was running for president and was going to Virginia, the Governor of Virginia tried to get the militia to stop him for fear he (Jefferson) was going to act on his comments that "All organized churches should be burned to the ground" and the militia refused to go becuase the governor doesn't carry that kind of authority.... Just a little history about my favorite American forefather, he saw then that religious nuts were the scurge that would plague our nation and hold back progress in years to come.