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Whatever Happened to National Shame???

Whatever Happened to National Shame???

The US has set out on one its most shameful exploits in the history of the country and nobody seems even to be embarrassed!

I refer, of course, to the surrender in Iraq!

Now… you can call it anything you like, redeployment, withdrawal, anything! But, the plain and simple truth is… what we are about to do in Iraq… is surrender! It is shameful, it is disgusting, it is deplorable, and it is finally, and foremost, COWARDLY!
The President of the United States ought to resign before giving such an order. And he WILL give the order. Of course, they’ll call it something else… some diplomatic term, but every mother’s son in the uniform of the US Military will know, in his heart, the Congress, their Commander in Chief, and worse, their COUNTRY, has sold them out!

Those of us who saw service during the Vietnam era carry a blot on our souls matched only in size by the distrust we have for our government. Let’s face it, the US government sold the US Military out in Vietnam and they are doing the same cussed thing to the world’s finest military AGAIN! How many times can a country shame its warriors and expect them to go, willingly, into harm’s way again, and again, and again?

The dishonor this will bring to our men and women, in uniform, will follow them the rest of their lives. Don’t believe me… talk to a Vietnam Vet!

I saw some figures the other day which did nor surprise me at all. If I remember correctly, the piece I read stated that 42% of the combat soldiers in Iraq today come from just 11 Southern States of the US. (It is not coincidental that there were 11 Confederate states.)

How can the men and women of a geographical area, which was defeated by the US, fight in such large numbers for the very country which defeated their ancestors who fought under a different flag? Because, dear reader, the defeat, at the hands of the US forces, was an honorable one! The Southern soldier took on a fledgling world superpower and gave the US the fight of its life for four years. Those Southern Cavaliers were finally defeated when they had nothing left with which to fight.

There is honor in that! Defeat at the hands of a superior enemy is honorable. Surrender is NEVER honorable!

Many of those rag tag southern warriors wanted to continue the fight as guerilla fighters and raiders… but their sainted leader Gen. Robert E. Lee asked them not to… and they chose to abide by his wishes. More Americans were killed in that four-year period than in all the other wars America has been involved in… up to the present day. In one battle alone, dear reader, 7,000 American men fell, killed in action … in 20 MINUTES!!!

It is the descendents of the men Lee lead at the forefront of the fight in Iraq today. These are the men raised in the South to know, and to understand, and to revere HONOR. And… you can believe they will leave Iraq shamed… shamed by the Congress, shamed by their Commander in Chief, and shamed by their country! The dishonor will follow them all the days of their lives.

We should all write the incoming crop of Democrats and insist that the Stars and Stripes be brought down from atop the Capitol Building’s dome. We should all write the President, the Commander in Chief, and insist that the flag atop the White House be taken down. Their actions have shamed those colors and those colors don’t deserve that kind of disgraceful treatment! Those colors do not deserve the shame of flying over buildings which house people with such low regard for their nation’s warriors and the families of the warriors lost in battle with their country’s enemies! Our government’s actions dishonor and shame the very men and women, dear reader, who guarantee their security.

The value of the service of any single member of the US Military, when weighted against the value to the country of the service of a Congressman, or Congresswoman, or Senator, is worth incalculably more!

I am barely restrained from obscenities as I write.

A few years back, I shook the hand of a member of my extended family when he announced that he had joined the US Army. I also told him, he now belonged to an elite brotherhood, a brotherhood his Dad and I, both, belonged to. I told him that no matter how long he lived; he would never forget the men he was about to serve with because they would always remain in his memory as his brothers in arms and… in honor. He is now on his second tour in Iraq.

Three times now, in my lifetime, I will have endured the indignity, as an American, of watching my “Brothers in Arms” and my relative’s, and loved ones, shamed and dishonored: in Vietnam, and… when ordered to “cut and run” in Somalia, and now… in Iraq.

Where does it end? HOW does it end? It ends, dear reader, in low self-esteem by the generations of Americans who will follow us. It makes it so much easier to bow the head, and bare the neck, for the chains of slavery, which will be draped around our limbs by the enemies of freedom. THAT is the ultimate end… and that is the ultimate price America will pay for disgracing her warriors as she has done, and is about to do… again.

I have to wonder how our National Leaders can look upon their reflections, in their respective mirrors, each morning, without blushing and bowing their heads. For it is a truth that they gaze upon the face of a coward!

Longstreet .....(This post originally ran in April of 2005...two years ago!)
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Ortho said...

Could you please expand on your argument? I do not believe that the United States is about to surrender in Iraq.

I enjoy reading some of your posts.