Thursday, April 19, 2007

America’s Adoption of the Feminine Culture is Getting Us Killed!

America’s Adoption of the Feminine Culture is Getting Us Killed!

One of the first reactions I received by, e-mail, after the Massacre at VT was an inquiry: “Why didn’t some of those people tackle the shooter and disarm him?” I answered that the will to resist, to fight back, has been bred out of our younger generation. That is why the war in Iraq is being de-funded by the Democrat Congress. They haven’t the will to resist.

For a long time now, I have thought that if we assigned genders to political parties then the Democrat Party would be female and the Republican Party would be male. Now, even those lines have been blurred. I am afraid both parties would now have to be labeled as female.

I mean, look at the current government’s response to danger: Throw both hands up, and/or cover your eyes with your hands. That is a female response. The masculine response is to lash out and neutralize the danger. That doesn’t happen anymore.

If you don’t think it can get any worse… wait ‘til after the 2008 election. The next President of this country is going to be Mrs. Bill Clinton. Unless there is an act of God… that is a given! If you want a feminine country… you’re about to have your wishes realized. Cat fights, scratching and clawing, and not one good haymaker thrown… at all. Pitiful! Absolutely pitiful!

But this is what America has come to. A castrated society, frightened of it’s own shadow, cowering behind the skirts of a female president!

Look, the GOP hasn’t a hope of a snowball in hell in the 2008 election with the candidates they currently have in the field. McCain, Giuliani and Romney haven’t even a chance against the REAL democrat.

Harry Truman once remarked: “if you give Americans a choice betwixt a fake Republican and a real Republican they choose the real Republican every time”! I submit… it works exactly the same way when reversed!

If we have learned anything, at all, from the massacre at Virginia Tech, it is: one, that you cannot rely on the police to protect you, and two: you’d damned well better be ready to protect yourself! That means owning, and being proficient in the use of, firearms. If you don’t have a gun, you had better get one… and you’d better learn to use it and… you had better be ready to use it.

Be ready to face action against you, in court, if, and when, you use your firearm. We have a “saying” down South… “It is better to have twelve men try me than to have six men carry me!”

The anti-gun lobby is going to come down HARD on the Democrat Congress for more gun control laws. Count on it. It’s as sure as sunrise tomorrow.

It is well to point out, for those of you who may have forgotten, nary a single gun was used in the greatest murder of Americans in history... the terrorist attack on the World Trade Center, the Pentagon and Flight 93. Not a single gun was employed. No… it was a few box cutters. (That’s a razor blade with handles!)

Look there is something terribly wrong with a society, which will allow a single young man, with only two weapons, (both handguns, at that) to cower an entire community of 25,000 people! If we Americans don’t “suck it up” and begin acting like men again, we can expect more and more of this type of attack! Being politically correct when someone is threatening your life… is a death warrant! You fight back, and you fight back as though your life depended upon it… for it absolutely does!

The answer to this is not to take away people’s guns! The answer to this terrorism, domestic or foreign, is to toughen up! The perception of weakness is an open invitation to get your bell rung! And ring it they will!

If America doesn’t get a grip on itself and forsake the feminine culture we have adopted, and get back to the masculine culture we have forsaken, we are doomed as a free people. We resembled nothing less, these days, than a wounded animal surrounded by a pack of hyenas toying with us and snarling in for the occasional attack. This behavior by a “former” world super power is embarrassing to my generation! It ought to be embarrassing to you, as an American, too.


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