Monday, April 16, 2007

US… Stay the Hell Out of DARFUR!

US… Stay the Hell Out of DARFUR!

There is absolutely no national interest for the United States in Darfur. None! Therefore there is absolutely no reason to insert ourselves, militarily, into that region and into that conflict. NONE!

Look, what they have there is essentially a war between some Arab (Muslim) Bedouins (or nomads) and farmers. Estimates have as many as 450,000 dead as a result of the on-going conflict.

Now, here is the rub… I can’t find a root cause for the on-going conflict there! It’s as though war has become a way of life and the attendant suffering, humiliation, starvation, and deprivation is, well, a part of that way of life.

What really beats me though is… some of the Democrats in Congress want to pull our military forces out of Iraq and send them to the Sudan, to Darfur, to be exact. For what??? We can do absolutely nothing there to stop the war. We can, of course, escalate the killing of the native peoples there, but little else. We certainly cannot bring a lasting peace there.

We should commit troops when the national interests of the US are involved. The Darfur mess, and it IS a mess, is not one of those situations.

The US cannot save Africa. The UN cannot save Africa. The EU cannot save Africa. Only Africa can save Africa. But, looking at Africa, objectively, one would have to admit that it is going to get a whole lot worse in Africa before it gets ANY better.

Remember our last foray into Africa to save Africans? Somalia. The “Back Hawk Down” incident cost the lives of 18 elite US troops… and at least 2,000 Somalia’s… in one firefight!

The point is... that if US troops are committed to Darfur, and once the first shot is fired, there will be a bloodbath. The Sudanese will be slaughtered. The left leaning, liberal world press, (including our own MSM) will take great delight in showing TV video, all over the world, of white American soldiers slaughtering black Sudanese.

Darfur, and all of Africa, should be off limits for the American military. Save, of course, for Black Ops and Special Forces operations. At least with those troops we have “plausible deniability”.

Looking back on it, maybe European colonization of Africa wasn’t so bad, after all!


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kip said...

We should pull all our troops out of Iraq and send as many as are necessary to Darfur immediately. You're right that troops alone won't end the conflict, essentially between the well-off light-skinned conservatives against the dark-skinned farmers. Diplomacy is needed there just as much as it's needed in Iraq. Unfortunately, Bush doesn't understand that.