Sunday, April 22, 2007

Iran, Iraq, and Useful Idiots.

(This article first ran in September of 2005)

Iran, Iraq, and Useful Idiots.

Would it surprise anyone to learn that we are engaged in combat with Iran even now?

Rumors persist that Iran is secretly sending men and materiel across the porous border in southern Iraq. Coalition forces, including British forces have been working diligently to plugs the holes in that border and cut off the flow of so-called “insurgents”, bombs, and bomb making material across that border.

If the rumors are true, the war will soon widen into Iran.

We had thought the next invasion by US and coalition troops would be across the Iraq/Syria border. But more and more it is beginning to look as if our troops will be moving into Iran.

Iran is very unhappy with US troops in Iraq. Their “Theocracy” is threatened. The Mullahs will do, and apparently are doing, all in their power to entangle the US and Coalition forces in a “brushfire war” while banking on the political Left in the US to break the will of the American people to support the war in Iraq.

What Iran is not winning on the battlefield they ARE winning with the American Political Left.

The Anti-War Movement is playing right into the hands of the Mullahs in Iran. It is exactly what they had hoped for. It would seem their hope was not misplaced.

The North Vietnamese used the same tactics. The anti-war movement in the States was the best weapon the North Vietnamese had. Often referred to as “useful idiots”, the anti-war fanatics are responsible for prolonging the war in Iraq, just as they were for prolonging the war in Vietnam. The longer the war, the more casualties. How difficult is this to figure out. It’s elementary.

So, while the Anti-war movement protests, and their willing accomplices in the MSM report their every breath, more American troops die. The cycle continues until the will of the American people is broken.

It is a sad thing to watch a great nation commit suicide. All great nations throughout history have died by suicide. America is in the downward spiral towards that oft referred to “Dustbin of History”.

Who do we thank for our untimely demise?

The American Political Left. Who else?


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Life in the Northwest said...

The danger with this kind of sentiment, is that it assumes that the Iranian regime and people are as one on this matter. There is considerable evidence that Iranians are hardly supportive of their theocratic regime, but would back it "My country right or wrong", if they are attacked or threatened.

Currently the International campaign to stop Iran having nuclear power (and by extension, nuclear weapons), is forcing anyone who opposes the regimes programs to keep their heads down, for fear of being called a traitor.

The Mullahs gain strength by portraying themselves as surrounded by enemies, and anything that apparently supports that view is something that they want. Churchill once said "Jaw, jaw, was better than War, war". By all means keep up pressure, and don't rule out a military option, but play the politics card very carefully. Iranians per se are more inclined towards the west than any other middle eastern country, and that fact should be supported not ignored.

The Iranians are fighting in Southern Iraq, but they would argue that they have both historical, and ethnic interests in that area. They certainly are never going to allow a Sunni 'Saddam' style leader to take up the reins in Iraq after what happened in the Iraq/Iran war.

I don't support radical (or even moderate Islam), but a sense of balance and proportion is required on all arguments. The Iranians have regional issues, just as the US does, and if these were acknowledged maybe there would be no need for a war.

Finally, there is no chance that US troops will be crossing the borders from Iraq. Any conflict would be via Air power over a month or so to cripple Iranian Air, naval and intelligence forces.