Thursday, April 05, 2007

Pelosi: Another Useful Idiot for Our Enemies!

Pelosi: Another Useful Idiot for Our Enemies!
Comrade Pelosi, (Or “San Fran Nan”), erstwhile Speaker of the House of Representatives, is gallivanting all over the Middle East making of fool of herself at the expense of America.

Pelosi is so taken with herself, and she is so drunk on power, that she has no idea how ridiculous she is perceived by the Middle Easterners who will bow politely and indulger her every whim while belly laughing at her idiocy when she is out of earshot. I mean, that is a society, which places the value of a women on a par with a jackass, if the jackass is oh, say, crippled!

Now, lets look at what Pelosi is doing as it really is rather than as her cohorts in the Mainstream Media would have you believe. Commissar Pelosi is trying to set Foreign Policy for the United States. She doesn’t have the constitutional authority to do that. No one, not a Congressperson, not a Senator, not the Secretary of State, not the Vice-President … NO ONE has the constitutional authority to set foreign policy for the US except… the President of the United States. Them’s the facts… period!

Now, Pelosi can continue making a fool of herself, and America, (you gotta wonder how hard the Muslims are laughing at the stupidity of Americans to elect A WOMAN to represent them in a national legislative body, plus, act as a foreign policy expert abroad!) as she trips all over herself to persuade this nation’s sworn enemies that the dems mean them no harm. I can just hear her tell them not to worry, the dems are in power now and it will be all better. She will assure them that those mean ole republicans don’t understand, as the dems do, that the Islamofacist are simply misunderstood and, actually, mean the US no harm. She will further assure them given a chance the dems will negotiate with the Islamofacists and stop all this noisy, nasty, fighting, and killing, and all, in a New York minute.. She will tell them that SHE is going to see that all US troops will be pulled out of Iraq just as fast as she can force the President’s hand by cutting off the funding for America’s war effort in Iraq.

The Muslims, on the other hand will take advantage of her idiocy by assuring her that, indeed, they mean us no harm, and they only want peace. They will neglect to mention that the peace they seek is the peace of a worldwide dictatorship under an Islamic theocracy! They will neglect to mention to her that the US, in their plans, will become an Islamic country under that theocratic rule no matter how many years, or centuries, even, they have to murder US citizens and infiltrate our wide open borders to haul bombs and terrorist across those non- existent borders until victory is theirs. No they won’t tell her that. And she will come away singing the same song as Neville Chamberlain after his visit to Hitler when Hitler told Chamberlain just what Chamberlain wanted to hear. Hitler attacked Poland in 1939, and … well, the rest is history. Pelosi is in so far over her head that she has no idea she is talking to the modern day equivalent of Adolph Hitler… and they are playing her for the “sucker” that she is.

I have to tell you, as an American… I am embarrassed by her behavior. I am embarrassed by her utter lack of common sense when it comes to dealing with an enemy totally dedicated to the destruction of the United States of America.

Pelosi is deliberately undermining the President of the United States and she knows it. This trip was calculated to do just that.

I have news for “San Fran Nan”… this president will not “kow-tow” to her and her empty headed threats to the power of the Presidency. This President does not consider the popular way to do things or even the popular thing to do. He simple does what he feels he must and… the devil take the hindmost. If you don’t agree with him “staying the course”, you refer to him as “stubborn”. If you do agree with him you say he is “steadfast”. Funny how that works, what?

And finally, with the “nation’s nanny” just sitting down to talk to those criminals, she is elevating them, in the eyes of their fellow Islamofacists, to the level, and stature of the US. That alone is unforgivable. That is, plain and simple, “giving aid and comfort to the enemy.” It is despicable!

I have said the democrats are far more dangerous to the US than the Islamofacists. I stand by that. For the democrats represent the Trojan Horse of the Islamofacists. As soon as they can, the democrats will slip from the belly of that horse and open the gates of America to the barbarians, the Islamofacists, whose sole purpose, on this earth, is to murder as many Americas as is necessary to bring America to it’s knees. Once that is accomplished, guess whom the first people they will purge from among the living in an Islamic America will be. The democrats, of course! But… they are so deluded they can’t see that, or they refuse to see it, which is even more stupid!

We conservatives warned the American electorate about “those people” before the 2006 election. The electorate paid us no mind… and voted those totally inept people into office… and now… the entire nation will pay the awful, awful, price… more war, more murder, more terrorist activity on our home soil, and eventually the total capitulation of our government to those Islamic terrorists.

No, Comrade Pelosi is just another in a parade of “Useful Idiots” who play right into the hands of America’s enemies. Every time they have done it in the past … it ends in disaster. I expect nothing different this time.


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Frank said...

Funny she was part of a delegation of 4 and the other 3 that went you don't hear about were republicans.......
Politics as usual since that's all the occupiers of the whitehouse can do is politics.....
Bas congress for going on break in one breath and make a recess appointment of some moron who donated $50,000 to the Swift Boat Veterans that lie so they can smear a guy who actually served in the military on foreign soil.....
Then he (Bush) goes on vacation himself and threaens to not fund the troops be vetoing the spending bill passed be Congress...... If he vetoes it, I hope congress would pass the next one with a clause that says he admits to fixing the 04 elections and being a complete and utter failure and he and "Daddy Dick" resign.... Make each one more restrictive to his over reach so he begs for this one back, and if he leaves troops in harms way while HE's refusing to sign bills that fund them, that's on HIM...... Congress doesn't have to nor should they write him a blank check.....

Longstreet said...

The same thing goes for the republicans along with her.

I’d like to see the Commander-in-Chief send a flight of fighter jets out to meet her aircraft over the Atlantic and escort it to Gitmo. Then… hold every last one of them, at Gitmo, until they are de-briefed my military intelligence. If it accomplished nothing else it would assert who, exactly, the Commander-in-Chief actually is! God, I’d pay money to see that!

How long before you guys begin claiming that Pelosi got the Brit Hostages freed???

Flag Gazer said...

Your trolls are nuttier than most... wow.