Friday, April 06, 2007

NC Senate Apologizes for Slavery... But this Tar Heel Does Not!

Yesterday, April 5th, 2007, the North Carolina Senate passed a Bill apologizing for Slavery in the Name of the North Carolina people.

I am furious!

I had no forewarning that the Senate was even considering such a bill. Had I known, I would have lobbied against it with all my might.

The NC House of Representatives has put off action on the Bill until after the Easter Break. I have no doubt, however, the House, upon their return to Raleigh, will pass the Bill.

Now, understand this: I own no slaves. I have never owned any slaves and I refuse to share in the guilt some politically correct politician, weighted down with liberal guilt, feels he must saddle me with. I reject it. Period.

Here is the text of the message I sent to my Representative to the NC House yesterday as soon as I learned what the NC Senate had done:

“Dear Representative:

I cannot express the depth of my disappointment in the NC Senate's action to officially apologize for Slavery! I'd like to ask you NOT to vote for such a measure in the NC House.

Sir, I remain unapologetic for an act I did not commit, nor partake in. I hold no slaves now, nor have I ever. I feel no guilt for something I did not do, and I refuse to accept the guilt of anyone else who may be burdened with it.

I am convinced that by passing such an acknowledgement of "statewide guilt" the NC Legislature has tarnished my name, and the names of all the people of the state. Not only that, but I feel such an act, by the Legislature, opens the door for future actions whereby reparations for slavery will be asked of the people of this state for an act they (the current population) did not commit. In effect, sir, the actions of the NC Legislature hold the current population of this state liable for the "sins of the fathers". That, sir, is unconscionable!

Representative, such an action by the Legislature is a judgment of our ancestors by today's standards... rather than by the standards of their time. Please remember that slavery was legal, and constitutionally protected, in the entire United States. I daresay our ancestors would view our murder of millions of babies, by abortion, just as abhorrent as 21st century North Carolinians find holding another human being in bondage. I refuse to judge them for their actions then... because it is hypocritical for me to do so. To apologize in the name of all the people of the state, without a statewide referendum, is equally as hypocritical for the NC Legislature.

Sir, I respectfully ask that you NOT support such a Bill in the NC House when you reconvene after the Easter break.

I am deeply shamed by the action of the NC Senate, which chose to tar my name with their action in passing a Bill, which, in effect, has me apologizing for something I did not do!


It seems no elective body in this country has escaped being infected with the Political Correctness Bug. It is a malady, which once contracted, is fatal. As I have said over and over, Political Correctness is nothing but old-fashioned Marxism by another name.

The NC Legislature has screwed the pooch on this one. Next will come a bill for reparations for slavery and the can of worms that will open. I mean, who, exactly, is descended from slaves... and who, exactly, is descended from slave owners. Huh? There are no human beings on the earth today who cannot point to ancestors, in their past, who were slaves.

I am deeply shamed by the actions of the NC legislature. Deeply, deeply, shamed.


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Mark said...

Great post my friend. I am tired of people trying to make me feel sorry for crimes I did not commit or that I am currently committing. This is the first stages of reparations you watch and see.

Great post my friend,

The Tampa Pirate

Opinionnation said...

Excellent letter.

I hope your representative understands your point