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Iran’s Great Inferiority Complex, Or… “Who is Iran Trying to Scare”?

Iran’s Great Inferiority Complex, Or… “Who is Iran Trying to Scare”?

I once knew a kid back in grade school, who was always trying to play the bully. He was the loudest kid in the school. He was small in stature, but he was always threatening to “beat-up” anyone who did not do his bidding whenever, and however, demanded.

Then came the day he chose me as his target. As it turned out, he made a very bad choice. Never a “brave” youngster, I has been instructed by my father to “never start a fight”. But once it was started, my father carefully, and forcefully, instructed me that it was my duty to uphold the family honor by doing my dead level best to end it in my favor.

As it turned out nary a blow was struck between the bully and me. I’m still proud of my part in that confrontation… to this day. I simply made it clear that once the fight began it would be a fight to the end. I made it clear that only one of us would walk away. As I, too, was small in stature, I assured my would be assailant that should he defeat me, that day, he could look for more from me as soon as I was ablel… and… that I would continue to attack him every time the opportunity presented itself, even if it took years, and I would not quit until he was thoroughly thrashed to within an inch of his life. I assured him that if he managed to knock me to the ground, he had better be prepared to do whatever it took to keep me from getting up, because I would get up, and come right back at him until either I subdued him, or he totally incapacitated me. I further assured him that even if he managed to do that successfully, as soon as I was recovered, I would come looking for him and we would continue the fight. I convinced him that the only way to stop me would be to… take my life.

Apparently, my bully assailant was not prepared to commit murder. Plus, I supposed he figured I was the craziest person he had ever met in his entire life and his best course of action was to back away and chart his future course so that we never met again.

I had no further trouble with the schoolyard bully.

The secret to my walking away unhurt from that confrontation was… that I was entirely able to convince that young man that I meant every word that I said. The simple truth is… I did. And apparently he knew it… somewhere deep down in his psyche he knew I was drawing strength for a primordial urge for survival… my survival.

Now, why do I cite a story from my ancient past? Because we, (the US), are facing the schoolyard bully today. I am speaking, of course, of Ahmadinejad of Iran. The man is a bully of the first order. He has delusions of grandeur. Add to that his inferiority complex, a mile wide, and you have a walking time bomb. The man has convinced me that he is crazy. He has convinced me that he is totally willing to sacrifice his country, and his people, in a nuclear confrontation with Israel, and/or the United States, to deny what he is convinced is… his own inferiority to the remainder of the world. He also wants, desperately, to deny that his strings are being pulled by the Mad Mullahs of Iran.

The worrisome aspect of all this is… if the man is as crazy as I believe him to be, he will not hesitate to pull the nuclear trigger as soon as he obtains a working model. And, frankly, I do not believe Iran is as far from owning the BOMB as our leaders would have us believe.

Now, it isn’t that we don’t have experience with dealing with madmen on the world stage. They have a way of telling us, before hand, what they intend to do. We have a way of overlooking them… until it is too late. Then we have to go to war, costing the lives of thousands, or even millions, in order to defeat the madman. I give you Adolph Hitler as a prime example. Ahmadinejad displays exactly the same characteristics, as did Hitler.

Simply put, if we don’t subdue this man and his mad plans there will be a price to pay that could easily dwarf the death and destruction of the Second World War.

The US is preparing for just such a confrontation. Military assets are being propositioned in the immediate Persian Gulf area, and in the Indian Ocean, and neighboring countries in the region including Africa.

The “Elite” Iranian troops must be extremely nervous these days as they keep a close watch on the Iranian skies scanning for the cruise missiles to come streaking over the mountains and through the valleys of Iran to strike command and control centers of the Iranian military. With two US Carrier groups already in the Gulf and a third on the way, plus preparations being made for new sub basing, at Diego Garcia, of the type used for blue water, and even brown water, operations the US military is slowly but surely moving assets into place for what will be a lightening quick, and a deadly accurate, series of attacks on Iran’s nuclear facilities and their only petroleum processing plant.

I remain convinced, as you can see, that the attack is coming. For it simply makes no sense not to attack Iran. We can no longer allow a rogue nation to threaten the world and kill and maim millions of innocent people with nuclear weapons.

Mr. Ahmadinejad needs a serious attitude adjustment. Somewhere he has gotten the idea that he has frightened the US. Not so! He has only frightened the American Left. While our Speaker/President, and her shadow government, live in the delusion that they can “love” the Islamofacists of the world, into capitulation, those of us who deal in reality know what is real and what isn’t. Ahmadinejad’s threat is very real. We are convinced that he means to nuke Israel and the US just as soon as it is humanly possible for him to do that and no amount of talking, bowing and scraping, and kissing his feet, will make one iota of difference. The only way to stop the man and his mad plans is to remove him from this earth and destroy any means Iran may have to carry out such insane intentions against the “infidel world”.

The sooner the better.

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Frank said...

I think sir you got it backwards.... Overseas, you see, we are seen as the bully, we invaded a sovern nation that did not attack us and was the "small kid" on the playground and all our reasons for invading and occupying that nation turned out to be, well lies cooked up by a bunch of right wing ideologs. That sir is a blackeye we wear now thanks to the incompetent boobs running our nation and the guys at , "The Center for a New American Century" that pull their strings. I am kind of expecting that the inflated prices of energy because of our presidents global excapades will cause many nations to get sick and tired of it, and well, put an end to Bush's imperialistic dreams. Imagine if you will what would happen if China realized oil would be $40.00 a barrell if Iraq was brought back on line, and the boost that would give their economy. Now imagine if they sent say 100,000,000 troops to secure Iraq and turn Bush's invading force home, you'd see the cowardly Bush have our troops turn and run and try to spin it off as some kind of victory with the help of Fox News and the other usual suspects in the corporate ran, right wing MSM.