Tuesday, April 03, 2007

The Global Warming Movement is Not About Saving the Earth!

The Global Warming Movement is not about saving the earth. The Global Warming movement is about recreating our society in the image of socialism.
That is the bottom line!

If you understand what the real motivation of those pushing the “Save the Earth” program by taking the world, especially the US back to the 19th century, then you are forewarned and fore armed.

The Environmental movement is now a religion in it’s own right. The Pope of the new religion is, of course, Al Gore.

Once you understand that environmentalism is a religion, then you understand why Environmentalism and Christianity are incompatible. Yet many mainline Christian denominations are promoting environmentalism, and the hoax of man- made global warming from the pulpit, no less!

Some churches have even banned the use of styrofoam drink containers, and disposable plates, and plastic eating utensils. I know this because the church I formerly attended did that. (The operative word is “formerly”. I no longer attend that church.)

Socialism and Christianity are sworn enemies. They cannot co-exist. Yet many of the mainline denominations have embraced socialism, now operating under the new name of Environmentalism. The effect for the church is roughly that of embracing a serpent. They will be bitten and eventually die.

There was a time in America when one went to church one learned of Christ and what is expected of an adherent to the Christian faith. Sadly, in many of our churches today, one learns of social programs favored by the pastor, or priest. Rarely are the congregants admonished for commission of sins and urged to repent and lead lives modeled after the namesake of the faith... Christ. And it is all to obvious in the daily lives of Americans and the decline in the morals of the American society.

The Christian church, once the leader in American society has abdicated that role for the role of a subjugated follower of the political correctness crowd and the tool of the anti-Christ… the environmental movement.

The Christian church has much to answer for when the final accounting comes, as it most certainly will.

I have chosen to remove myself from organized religion. My faith is as strong as ever, and that is precisely the reason I have elected to leave The Church. It no longer represents the founder who gave His life in 33 AD for His Church.

As we approach the High Holy Days of the once Christian church, those who subscribe to the Christian faith would do well to take stock of the church, to which they are aligned, and decide if that church still represents Christ, or not. If you have a single doubt, then you must decide whether to stay in that church, or follow the admonition of St Paul to Timothy to “Come out from among them”. That is exactly what I did. As one who actually tries to follow Christ, I could do no other. Once you stop long enough to think long, and hard, about your commitment to Christ, as a Christian, you will most likely see that your only option is to do the same.

Is it any wonder that the Evangelical Community of Christians is growing by leaps and bounds while the mainline denominations are suffering a slow bleed of their membership?

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Slugger said...

Hey man,
I just wanted to drop you a line and say how encouraging your blog has been for me to read. And it helped convince me to start a blog of my own.. I'm a little new to it and I want you to know that I have linked to your blog from mine; and I was curious to know if it would be ok for you to link back to mine to help me get some views... Again I am kind of new to this but any help I could get would be an honor especially from someone like yourself.

Dewayne H. Chandler
Manchester, New Hampshire

Longstreet said...

Thanks, Dewayne. Flattery will get you everywhere! Check my sidebar under links. You'll find your site listed there. Good luck on your blog!

Best regards,


Frank said...

Some churches have even banned the use of styrofoam drink containers, and disposable plates, and plastic eating utensils.
So let's see you turned your back on your church because they don't want to keep filling up landfills with stuff that will be there for thousands of years... (Styrofoam and plastic). We do not need to live in a "disposable society" and by that I mean use something once, throw it away, sir no one wants to go back to the 19th century, we want to be here for the 22nd one by getting out of the 1980's..... As a Christian, Jesus is my Lord and Savior, and no I don't go to any building on certain days of the week and profess to being a "religious zellut" I see no use to go out of my way to harm my home (the earth) that was so nicely created for me by the Almighty..... I respect him enough to show his creations as gifts to me and do not obuse them.....

Longstreet said...

"So let's see you turned your back on your church because they don't want to keep filling up landfills with stuff that will be there for thousands of years"
No... that was just one among many reasons... such as: Allowing homosexual priests, electing a homosexual Bishop, electing a Female Bishop, blessing same sex marriages, replacinmg the scriptures with left wing politics and political correctness, and no longer recognising that Christ is the only means of salvation. You know... little things like that.

It no longer fits the prerequisites for a Christian church, in my opinion, and I want no part of it.

Best regards,