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The Rebuilding of Militias!

Fear of Totalitarian Government under Democrats Sparks Rebuilding of Militias!
Sometime back, if you are a regular reader of this site, you may remember that I warned that if Democrats gained control of the Congress those Militia Units, which seem to have died out during a Republican administration, would come roaring back. Well, it has begun. The news media, over the weekend was touting the rise in Militia units, once again.

Granted, an awful lot of those guys come across as paranoid loonies. But not all of them. And there in lies the warning!

You might find this article titled: “America's Militia Threat” interesting. You’ll find it at:

Here in the South we understand what it means to be invaded, conquered, and occupied. We hated it then… and we hate it now. There are scars amongst Southerners, which have never healed… nor will they ever.

When the War Between the States ended, it was the general’s who surrendered. The soldiers did not. The southern populace did not. The bulk of the Confederate army was ready to take to the hills and swamps and forests and continue the fight for as long as it took, even if it took forever. General Robert E. Lee stopped that. He was the only man on the face of the earth who could have. Lee repented, however, after viewing the damage so-called re-construction did to his beloved Virginia and the remainder of the South. He said that had he known the damage from reconstruction would be so devastating to the South, we would have died fighting with his sword in his hand!

Southerners reserved the right to pick up their arms and take to the countryside, to fight as partisans and freedom fighters and guerilla fighters, at a moment’s notice. As the Israeli army chants “never again” so does the Southerner… and for the same reason. And since more Southerners than any other region’s populace have served, and currently serve, in the US military, the Southern partisan would already be trained, for the most part, as an effective fighting man.

Now, if you think all this is just whistling “Dixie” take a look at the US Military installations in the South! Everywhere you look there are Army, Air Force, Marine, and Navy installations. (There are six US Military installations just in the eastern part of North Carolina!) Why are they so numerous in the South? Not because the land is cheap! The extraordinary number of US Military installations is for the same purpose that US Aircraft Carriers are showing the colors off the shores of Iran, (plus, personnel, and material, is “pre-positioned” … just in case!) It is meant as a constant warning to the South.

Twenty-two states have their own state militias, which are separate from the National Guard. The Guard can come under Federal control at the President’s pleasure. ONLY the governor of the respective states commands the state militia units. North Carolina is one of those 22 states. It is surprising how many people have no idea those Militias exist!

The Southern people spring for the European Celts… the same Celts who invaded and conquered Rome. The old families of the South trace their lineage back to the Scots, the Irish, and those people who lived in the region north of London, England. The Celts’ love of Freedom has been handed down from generation to generation and even now burns in the hearts of all Southerners.

We will live free!

Every time the Southern people are forced to conform to the Federal way of doing things we bristle. We are plagued with flashbacks of the Federal bayonet trashing our culture, our schools (Bussing), our religion, even the way we vote (by forcing states to gerrymander their voting districts to allow for a minority only district).

The one single thing we ask of the federal government, to secure our southern border, the Federal government will not do. They ignore us, just as they did prior to the War of Northern Aggression. If Washington would give the Southern states the authority to secure the southern border with Mexico and deport all the illegals we could round up, the problem would be solved forthwith.

The frustration with the Federal government, I am convinced, is the root cause of Militias springing up across the nation. As the level of frustration grows, watch for the number of Militias to grow. It seems to work that way.

Is it unsettling? Yes, it is. Is it going to continue? Yes, I expect that it will.

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