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Is the 2008 Presidential Election…OVER???

Is the 2008 Presidential Election…OVER???
I continue to hear, and read, in the mainstream media how the slate of candidates running in the GOP Primaries are re-defining what conservatism is. I read just a day, or so, ago that the Republican Party, itself, is being re-defined. The writers are attempting to convince themselves that the conservative base of the GOP has begun to accept that to be a part of the GOP one must accept abortion, homosexuality, and a slew of other things that conservatives find abhorrent.
Got news for you “newsies”! It ain’t gonna happen!

A couple of things the MSM is overlooking. One: the conservative wing of the party has not even begun to rattle the GOP’s cage yet. They will… but is a very long time ‘til the election. Second: There is no conservative candidate, as least not a conservative candidate “announced” as of this date.

Let’s be clear about something. The GOP has about as much chance of winning the election in 2008 without the conservative wing of the party, as I do of rolling a snowball clear across hell in the middle of August.

Obviously, I cannot speak for all conservatives… but I figure I’m about average on the “conservative scale” so let me tell you how I think the GOP conservatives are going to react in the next few months and… on Election Day in 2008.

First we are going to keep our powder dry… and wait. The instant a REAL conservative announces, we will throw our total support behind him. That should shoot our candidate up to, at least, second place, and maybe even first place amongst the GOP contenders. Add to that the fact that if Mrs. Bill Clinton wins the Democrat Primary, the conservative war machine will be cranked up and moderate Republicans will join the conservatives and a huge portion of the Independent voters in American will flock to our side. That army of voters will then be committed to the battle

Now… let me make something else crystal clear: If the GOP does not field a conservative candidate and continues to rely on the current field of moderate to liberal candidates they are touting now… then the 2008 election is OVER… RIGHT NOW! The GOP hasn’t a prayer of a chance of stopping the Clinton machine with anything other than a hard-nosed conservative. Not even with Rudy. I like Rudy, but I will not vote for Rudy for President.

Having said that, let me also say that, as a conservative, I cannot conceive of any set of circumstances that would cause me to vote for a single one of the Republican candidates already announced, and running, for the nomination today. Not one. Oh, I’ll vote come Election Day, but it will be a write-in vote and it sure as heck will not be a vote for any of them!

I said earlier, that I figure I’m about average, as conservative voters go in America. So you can see that if I am what I say I am, then the current crop of GOP candidates is in BIG TROUBLE!

There is some thought out here in the hinterlands, where the conservatives live, that the “powers that be” within the GOP really do WANT to LOSE the 2008 election. We’ll know in a few weeks when a conservative candidate steps out of the shadows and announces. If the party backs him, we will know they are intent on winning. If they do not support him, we will know they intend to lose the election in 2008.

Politics is a cruel sport. It will jerk you around mercilessly. To the “archbishops”, of the political parties, losing is not always a bad thing. They, with their resources, see over the horizon and view unpleasant things approaching, but not yet in sight, and headed directly for our country. If they decide they had rather not risk GOP political capital on one, or more, of those “unpleasant problems”, then they rule it better to sit out an election cycle. To do that and save face, it is imperative to field a slate of candidates who look good, and are well spoken, but candidates; nevertheless, whom the archbishops know cannot be elected. Frankly, I have been considering, for a while now, that THAT is exactly what is happening in the GOP today. They party is going to pass on the 2008 election.

If, on the other hand, I am wrong, and the GOP really DOES WANT TO WIN THE PRESIDENCY IN 2008, then they had better give their conservative base a conservative candidate to vote for, or they will not see us at the polls! That’s not a threat… that’s a promise! If we do show up at the polls it will be to vote for a “write-in” conservative candidate.


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