Friday, May 25, 2007

The Big Lie Washington is Selling Americans!

The Big Lie Washington is Selling Americans!

Throughout history governments had lied to their constituents. It is an irrevocable fact of life. We Americans have been lied to, by our government, mercilessly, since our founding. No matter where in the world you are reading this, rest assured your government has lied to you and may, even now, be lying to you… even as you peruse this article.

Today, in America, the Big Lie the government is peddling to Americans is two fold. The first part of the lie is: we can’t get rid of the 12 million, or so, illegal immigrants in this country. The second part of the Big Lie is the current Immigration Bill before the Congress is NOT an AMNESTY BILL.

I mean, come on folks, don’t tell me we can’t get rid of 12 million illegal aliens in this country! Because we can!

Prosecute the employers who have them on their payrolls. Put an employer in jail for hiring them! I mean mandatory jail time, not just a fine or a slap on the wrist.

Repeal the “Anchor Baby” law. (Any baby born in the US is automatically an American Citizen.) It’s being used as a loophole to bring the families of those babies across the border and onto all the welfare programs offered to American citizens. It’s draining the American taxpayer. As a matter of fact, if there were absolutely NO government benefits for illegals in this country the flow of illegals north, across the US/Mexico border, would be cut, overnight, by at least 2/3rds!

Plus, stop sending them back to Mexico only to have them return at the earliest opportunity. Put them in jail. I mean, put them to work on the roads, as we do chain gangs in the Southern United States. I don’t mean for a few months, I mean for a minimum of 20 years.

Put a bounty on all illegal immigrants within the borders of the US. Allow private citizens to detain them and turn them in at police stations, anywhere, and collect the bounty on the spot. Why, my own county would have the area football stadia filled by the end of the Memorial Day weekend! I expect I could take a couple of dozen into custody within a mile, or two, of my own home! Here in NC, Tar Heels would relish an opportunity to do something constructive for their state and their country… such as rounding up these criminals. Already, some Tar Heel storeowners are publicly wearing side arms to protect themselves and their businesses, as a result of high concentrations of Illegals aliens in their neighborhoods.

We have vast areas of uninhabited desert in the southwest of this country. Why not locate “internment camps” in those deserts, away from civilization, and intern those breaking into our country… indefinitely!
But, you say, there are 12 MILLION of them! Well, if that figure overwhelms you, consider that when the bill before Congress is signed into law, that 12 million will be able to bring over about 4 more, per head, and you are looking at a figure closer to 50 MILLION than 12 Million! How does that grab you, huh?

Dear reader we are looking down the barrel of the largest transfer of wealth in the history of America!

… And build a damn WALL along the US/Mexico Border replete with machine gun emplacements, land mines, and electrified barbed wire, and anything else that will stop that illegal flow into our country! I am way past tired of being preyed upon by our neighbors to the South! If we can patrol the borders of Iraq, then we can damn well patrol the borders of our own country!

While I am at it, I am sick and tired of being told by the liberals to be compassionate! Look, I’m on compassion overload! It tends to anger me when I offer a helping hand to someone only to have him, or her, lift my wallet! So, don’t try to put a guilt trip on me about being compassionate to my fellowman! I’m way past that!

If you are as fed up with this crap the politicians in Washington are trying to sell us then let them know. And keep telling them until they understand that if they pass this legislation they will be out of a job!

Look, we all know what is behind this. The two major political parties in this country see amnesty for the 12 million illegals, and their relatives, as 50 million new voters for the Democrats and 50 million cheap labor hands for the GOP! It’s as simply as that! Frankly, they’re not considering what is good, or bad, for the country… they are seeing the advantage for them, and their political party, and nothing more!

Never in my lifetime have I seen a national legislature of the US as totally disconnected from the citizens of this country as the current crop in DC. From the Whitehouse, to the Congress, to the Supreme Court, they have managed to isolate themselves into some sort of cocoon in which they insulate themselves from contact with the Great Unwashed… you and I! What we have… is a government out of control! And that is totally unacceptable in America.

This AMNESTY Bill must be stopped! Otherwise, America as we know it, and have known it, will be no more! This is one invasion America cannot survive.


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Jenn of the Jungle said...

I like the bounty idea. Fact is, why are we looking at making more "laws". We just need to enforce the ones already on the books, build the darn wall and let law enforcement enforce the law. Nail the employers, end all government subsidies and they will as some else said today, "self deport".

Also, 12 million? Mt guess is it's closer to double that. Not only do most breed prolifically, (this is fact) but when I lived amopngst them, and the cencus cards were mailed out, not one of the 68 illegals living in my 8 unit complex filled out their cards. How do I know that? They just tossed them on the ground with all the other junk they dumped around on a daily basis.

Jay said...

Maybe we could all be issued citizenship papers to show troopers whenever and wherever ordered.


Let freedom ring.

Jon said...

I agree with Jenn, lets just have law enforcement enforce the current laws we already have. Here in Oklahoma, our legislature passed a very tough immigration reform bill and our Democrat Governor actually signed it into law. The bill makes it illegal to transport undocumented aliens, hire undocumented aliens and no undocumented aliens can be given public asistance unless in case of medical necessity. Our law enforcement has the authority to detain illegals instead of basically having to let them go.