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ACLU vs Christianity

(First posted in July of 2005)

ACLU vs Christianity


So now the ACLU has sued the state of North Carolina over using a Bible as the sole source of the Hol
y Scriptures.

You can immediately see the problem with that… if you are a Christian, that is. The problem, from the standpoint of a Christian, is simply this… the Bible IS the sole source of the Holy Scriptures! The acceptance of any other collection of inspirational verses, as Holy Scripture, is a sin for those of the Christian faith.

If a Moslem, or a Hindu, for instance, wishes NOT to swear on a Bible, here in North Carolina, … he or she can simple “affirm” they will testify to the truth. That is acceptable in this state. The same option is offered for those chosen for jury duty. Many Christians feel that “swearing on the Bible” is a sin. For those, the State offers the “affirmation”.

There is something very wrong about this lawsuit. It is blatantly anti-Christian.

I simply do not believe this lawsuit by the ACLU, against North Carolina, is about the right to swear on your chosen “Holy Scriptures”. No, it has become clear to those of the Judea-Christian faith, in the United States, over the past few years, that the ACLU is bent on destroying any, and all, vestiges of the Jewish faith and/or the Christian faith in America.

Why does the ACLU hate us so much? Why do they see us as a threat so potent that they feel they must destroy us? Because, the Judeo-Christian religion IS a threat to the ACLU. Christians are anti-Socialist and anti-Communist. Christians are the natural enemy of the ACLU. And they know it. They have been coming after us since their founding in 1920. Many of the founders of the ACLU were members of, or had association with, the Communist Party of the USA. It would seem their goals have changed little since their founding. They still never miss a chance to strike out at Christian activity anywhere in the US. It leads one to believe their purpose is to eradicate the Christian religion in the USA. They have made a grand start.

Here is what the noted Communist Joseph Stalin said: “America, is like a healthy body and its resistance is threefold: its patriotism, its morality, and its spiritual life. If we can undermine these three areas, America will collapse from within.”

Today, as in the past, we see the ACLU attacking America’s Patriotism, America’s Morality and America’s Spiritual Life. A coincidence? It would be a stretch to convince one’s self that it is.

The ACLU does not just dislike Christians… they hate us! As Christians, we are their chief enemy. Yet many professed Christians hold membership in the ACLU. How can this be? Even the Romans had no help from the early Christians in their campaign to destroy Christianity. But the ACLU does have it… in spades! Our “liberal churches” have opened the door for their own destruction and are actively aiding in the campaign against the “Faith of our Fathers”… the Judeo-Christian faith.

Here in North Carolina they have struck another blow against the Jew and the Christian. The war to eradicate Christianity, in the US, is as real today as it was during the day of Nero in ancient Rome. Only, the ACLU has replaced the lions in today’s coliseum.

The war rages, between good and evil, as it has since Eden. However, I have read The Book, and the Christians win!


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