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Will the US Just Seize the Oil It needs?

Will the US Just Seize the Oil It needs?

Two things: Mexico’s citizens are continuing to invade our country in vast numbers. In fact it is the largest land invasion in the history of the world. They are bleeding the US economy dry at a time we can ill afford it.


Second, Mexico, one of the three or four largest suppliers of oil to the US, is having insurmountable problems with oil production. The oil is there… they are not able to get it out and get it on the market. That reduces the amount of available crude and helps sustain the current high prices for crude on the world markets. For more on this debacle in Mexico see: “Analysts watch, wince as Mexico's oil supply dwindles. They warn of an irreversible output decline” by David Adams, Times Latin America correspondent. You’ll find it at:

So what, you ask? So, The US needs to do something… and we need to do something quickly. We need to invade Mexico and seize the oil fields. If the current oil crises gets bad enough that crude is selling at $200.00 a barrel or ten dollars a gallon at the pump, as is now predicted, the US may have little choice but to invade Mexico, and even Venezuela, and seize the oil.

Consider that Mexico nationalized its oil industry in the late 1930s, seizing control of British and U.S. companies as part of a movement to bring large industries under state control.
An Article in the Washington Post titled: “For Many, Control of State-Run Pemex Is About National Pride.” You’ll find the article at:

The WaPo article goes on to say: “Though Mexico is one of the world's top 10 oil producers, its refineries can't keep pace with domestic demand. The country actually has to import 40 percent of the gas it consumes, amounting to more than 300,000 barrels per day.”

Now, if you are thinking the US would never deliberately seize another nation’s oil, or oil fields, you might want to sit downs and re-think that. This country needs oil to function. And since we are loath to use our own oil, which we have plenty of; we will have no choice but to steal it from some other county, or countries.

Look, the “Oil Wars” haven’t really begun… yet. But they will, and soon.

The reality of our need for oil is this: There is no substitute. There won’t be a substitute for a very long time. We have to have oil to feed the engine that is America. We are going to get it from someone, someplace, somehow.

Of course, the alternative is simple… we use our own plenteous supply of oil. But, since the Leftists in our government are strangulating our access to the oil we actually have, the US will go to war, if necessary to secure a continuous supply. Lots of US dollars and lots of US blood will be spilt in foreign lands as we steal their oil, all because the “Greenies” have control of our government. Does it strike anyone as a little crazy that our government would lay down the lives of it’s young people for oil, rather than cause a caribou to go, oh, say, a mile off it’s course to pass beneath a pipeline? Does that make ANY sense to you?

We are coming, soon, to a point in our nation’s economy, at which we will have to face the brutal truth. Without oil, our economy will crumble, as it has already begun to do. If you are deluding yourself into believing the US is above invading another country and taking their oil, you had better reconsider. The sad truth is, the US will do exactly that before we allow our economy to collapse.

There it is… the simply truth, at least, as I see it. The “Oil Wars” are coming and I expect they will begin in Mexico with the oil companies Mexico stole from US and British companies back in the 1930’s. Of course… we could just use our own oil and leave the other counties alone. But, well, you know… the caribou and the scenery off the coasts, and such, are far more important than the lives of our young people who will have to do the dirty, dangerous, job of breaking and entering another country, and the larceny of their natural resources. What kind of country does that? Look around you my fellow Americans. America has become the kind of country that does that. Don’t believe me? Just wait. Pay close attention to what happens in Mexico.


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Frank said...

If the righties in this country would let use regulate or even nationalize our oil industry, it would be easier to rip refineries and such from corporations than it would be to steal oil from other countries. Shoot since all the profits from the oil would then go into the government's (the peoples') coffers we could all get as tax break. Prices would also be regulated the U.S. could pay $20-$30 per barrell. It's the wall street that need invaded with troops, not Mexico.