Thursday, May 29, 2008

Haul Down US Flag… Or Be Sued? ... by Longstreet

Haul Down US Flag… Or Be Sued?


A US Navy Veteran faces a lawsuit if he doesn’t take down the US flag he has flying on a pole in his own yard! Think I’m kidding??? Take a look for yourself! Go here:

What kind of country have we become? We’d better do some serious thinking about that... and soon!

I fly two flags on the front of my home every day. The National Flag of the United States of America and the First National Flag of the Confederacy. It is a demonstration of my love and devotion to my country and the reference I hold for the country of my Confederate ancestors. It is free speech protected by the US Constitution.

If you would like to read more about such incidents as that described above, go to:

You know, I have to wonder… if all these folks who have been told to remove the US flags were to run up UN flags in place of Old Glory… would they have any problems with the neighbors or nearby home owners? Why do I ask that? Because it seems to me, the more I read, see, and hear about these incidents the motive behind it becomes clearer. Underneath all the bluster lies globalization… “One World Government”, allegiance to a single government… and that government is not the United States of America.

Yes, it is evidence of the continuing indoctrination, by the left, that America is NOT the BEST country in the world and should not be viewed as such by her citizens.

All these flag incidents are just examples of the rot at the core of America. You can’t fly a US flag on your own property, it is Ok if you do not place your hand over your heart as the National Anthem is being sung, its NOT OK to ask why a politician refuses to wear a US flag lapel pin, and the list goes on.

What a pathetic bunch we have become! No wonder a handful of fanatics living in holes in the ground, in a remote, god forsaken, part of the world can do battle against us… and strike fear in our national heart! We have become wimps!

A country, which no longer believes the truths upon which it was founded, cannot survive for very long. I submit to you… that is the reasoning behind the leftist indoctrination of our children, for the past two generations, in the government indoctrination centers we call Public Schools. Look around you. The evidence is everywhere… even in communities that will not allow those who live there to fly the National Flag of the United States of America on their own property.


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