Friday, May 16, 2008

Democrats Setting Themselves Up to Lose… Again?

Democrats Setting Themselves Up to Lose… Again?


I think the answer to the question posed in the title to this piece is … “well, it sure looks that way”!

How can this be??? I don’t know! Honestly, I don’t know! For a bunch of elite eggheads the democrats are sure doing some really DUMB things.

First let me stipulate… the GOP is acting even dumber than the Democrat Party. Just so that is out front and you know my feelings on the GOP offering John McCain as a presidential candidate. I mean, look, the democrat “down the ballot candidates” are CONSERVATIVE candidates… and they are winning! How clear can it be? Apparently, it is not clear ENOUGH for the GOP!

America, far and away, is conservative. Here in North Carolina, the majority of registered democrats are conservative democrats. They will vote for a conservative candidate in November. The last time this state voted for a democrat presidential candidate the candidate was Jimmy Carter in 1976! That’s 32 years ago! Jeeeeez! How difficult is it to see what is coming?

Now, the Democrat Party has offered us the two most liberal democrats they have as THEIR candidates and it is looking more and more as if the most liberal senator in the US Senate is going to get the nomination of the Democrat Party as their presidential candidate. Barack Hussein Obama.

Obama will lose. The song and dance, all over the media these days, is designed to make you conservative democrats and republicans believe that the election is over and Obama has won! The MsM did the same thing with Al Gore and John Kerry and right up ‘til the returns were in many conservatives felt they had lost the election.

Listen! No matter what the talking heads in the media, the experts, and pollsters are telling you… when the American voter steps into the voting booth… alone… he, or she, is going to vote for the candidate of THEIR choice, and when the votes are tabulated. Mr. Obama will have his footnote in the history books… and not much else.

Mr. Obama may be a fine man, but he is not qualified to be the leader of the world’s only superpower. He simply is not equipped for it.

Then there is the question of his connections to the people of the Islamic faith. He has staunchly denied any personal connection but as the days and weeks go by, more and more evidence dribbles out. At some point the evidence stream will either dry up or become a flood. The fact that this country is at war with a bunch of fanatic Islamofacists should lead anyone, of a right mind, to question where Obama’s sympathies lie.

Then… there is Israel. They are simply never going to trust a US President with the name Barack Hussein Obama. No way. Intelligence we so badly need, and can get only from Israel, will dry up. Israel will not trust us… and who can blame them?

Add to all this the demonstrable fact that Obama is a “Marxist/Socialist” (sometimes referred to as a “communist”). For those of us old enough to remember, and those of us who actually participated in, the 40 year long Cold War with the Marxist/Socialists, it is easy for us to understand that the democrats have picked themselves another “loser”. Why they have chosen to nominate “known losers” is a question that remains, as yet, unanswered.

But the other unanswered question is: In a nation that indulges socialism… how soon will full-blown communism replace it?

The American Democrat(ic) Party is a socialist political party. Obama is going to be their banner carrier.

To learn more about Obama’s socialist connections, we recommend you read: “Obama’s International Socialist Connections” by Cliff Kincaid over at “Accuracy in Media”. Here’s a quote from the article: “Obama's socialist backing goes back at least to 1996, when he received the endorsement of the Chicago branch of the Democratic Socialists of America (DSA) for an Illinois state senate seat”. You’ll find it at:

It’s a little less than six months ‘til the election. Normally that would be plenty of time to vet the candidates and make a decision for the candidate you think is the better candidate and will make the better President. The problem is… this time… there is NO better candidate. To put it as plainly as I know how: “We are all screwed!”


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Frank said...

But the other unanswered question is: In a nation that indulges socialism… how soon will full-blown communism replace it?

Never, look at France. those people are Freer than we are. Their standard of living is better, they get better and more service for their medical dollar. Inspite of higher pecentage of smokers they live longer, healthier and happeir lives. They get way more paid time off to be with their families (true family values). They just don't believe that you have to be a "cog" in a machine and live hand to mouth. They have access to college education for everyone and class mobility. We are fastly loosing class mobility in this country, to the point where if your not born with money you won't have any. The Republican party is tthe party of Nazi type facism. Only difference is they kiss Isreal's butt and now it's against everyone who isn't Caucasian.