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Is Iran’s Bark Worse Than It’s Bite?

Is Iran’s Bark Worse Than It’s Bite?


When the attack on Iran comes, what will be Iran’s reaction? That question has been debated around the war planning tables in at least three countries now for some months.

The Persians are past masters at hyperbole. Using language, and language alone, they can make the passing of gas seem like a cyclone! With that in mind, the world cannot put much stock in what Iran swears will be their answer to the attack upon their nuclear facilities… an attack, we might add, which they seem to be all but inviting.

When the attack comes, no matter the insignia on the wings and fuselage of the aircraft, the world will know three nations, to one degree or another, were behind the attack…Israel, the US and Great Britain.

Europe will howl, publicly, with indignation, while secretly thanking the deity they worship for the attacking nation’s fortitude.

The Islamists will shake their fists and spew hatred for Israel and America and threaten all sorts of dire scenarios of destruction for the Infidels… so… what else is new?

As for the nation sitting on the bulls eye the Islamists have been aiming at for 60 years now… how are they assessing Iran’s reaction to the coming attack?

In an article at entitled: “Is an attack on Iran a big risk?” and written by Yossi Melman, a correspondent for Haaretz, that very question is explored. We recommend you read it. You’ll find it at:

Of one thing the world can be satisfied… an attack to destroy Iran’s nuclear facilities, and curb their bomb making abilities, is coming, no matter how the election of a new President of the US turns out in November. Too much is at stake. If Obama is elected, the attack will come sooner, rather than later. Israel will not wish to disclose any of their plans, or intelligence, with an Obama Administration. Obama’s people, and the Democrat Party, will make every effort to put a good face on relations between the Obama government and the Israeli government, but Israel will keep the Obama government at arm’s length. They have too. They will never trust an Obama government.

If, on the other hand, McCain is elected, some time will be bought while the McCain Administration is brought up to speed, then… the attack will come.

Of course, an attack could come at any moment. One never knows. That is part of the art of war. Keep the enemy guessing and off balance. The Israeli’s are past masters at it. Add to that the fact of Israel’s superior intelligence services and “humint” abilities, which far exceed that of the US, and one would be well advised to bet that when the perceived threat to Israel is strong enough, an Israeli attack on Iran’s nuclear facilities will take place… no matter where the Americans are in their electoral process and no matter who the President happens to be. Israel has said: “Never Again!"



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