Friday, May 30, 2008

Did You Ever Wonder?

(August 2005)

Did You Ever Wonder?


Did you ever wonder why ALL the Republican's Presidential candidates, and Presidents, are said to be so dumb and ignorant? Huh?

Did you ever wonder why the Democrat's Presidential candidates, and Presidents, are said to be so smart, so intelligent? Huh?

Did you ever wonder why so many more of those dumb, ignorant, Republicans get elected President? Huh?

Did you ever wonder when, if ever, the Left is finally going to become cognizant of the fact that they come across, to the average American, as arrogant, know it alls, who talk down to the rest of us whom they see as the dirty, unwashed, masses lucky, mind you, to have them offer themselves as a candidate to be President? Huh?

Did you ever wonder... why... after all the promises the Left has made to them, and not kept, Black Americans continue to vote for Democrats... overwhelmingly? Huh?

Did you ever wonder why the Left has no solutions to ANTHING to offer?

Did you ever wonder why they are able to do nothing but disrupt, obfuscate, block, and hinder?

Did you ever wonder why the Left is not willing to defend this country? Did you ever wonder why they do not feel the US is worth dying for?

Did you ever wonder if they ever see themselves through the eyes of the average American who thinks their antics, such as the street demonstrations against the war, etc, are childish, silly, and do nothing to aid the country and everything to aid the “Islamofacists” sworn to wipe America from the face of the earth?

Did you ever wonder why the Left thinks more of trees and animals than they do for God’s own children, the human race?

Did you ever wonder how the Left can manufacture lies such as accusing the Republicans of stealing the Presidential elections in 2000, and 2004, and then come to believe their own lies?

Did you ever wonder where the Old Democrat Party went?

Did you ever wonder how the socialists managed to take over an entire major political party in the US without a struggle?

Did you ever wonder why the Left is so cozy with that bunch of thieves, brigands, and reprobates, at the United Nations?

Did you ever wonder why the Democrat Party finds it more important "to seem" rather than "to be"?

Did you ever wonder…?

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TexasFred said...

I regularly wonder about ALL of this, I know that many years ago ALL of family, both sides, were hard working Southern Dems and would slap hell out of anyone that said homosexual marriage was a good thing and that 'abortion on demand' needed to become an accepted trend...

I know that my folks believed in America 1st, that's why it is so ingrained into everything I do...

I remember back in the early 70's, my sister was attending LSU and came home and announced that she was an active member of The Young Republicans, nearly threw my folks into a state of shock...

As time went on my folks too became a lot more Republican, simply because the Dems had moved to the left and my folks were just not able to support that liberal point of view, so they became Republicans because at that time the term Conservative wasn't attached to politics...

Ever since Ronald Reagan, in all of his greatness, named GWH Bush as his vice president I was very skeptical of the Republican party as a whole, and totally turned my back on it once Bush became Bush 41, I was a registered Independent, and given the complexion of the Clinton White House, I maintained that declaration then and now, and I can assure you, GE Bush and the current crop of Repubs have done absolutely nothing to make me want to give them my allegiance, in any way...

The Republican party left me just like the Dems left my parents and their parents, the party of the Southern Dems was no more and the migration to the RNC became an exodus from what is now nothing more than Dem-Lite...

Conservatives in this nation have an opportunity in front of them right now that is nothing less than stellar, I only hope they can seize the moment, but giving the White House to John McCain or Obama won't do anything to help the present situation, but by the time the next presidential election comes along the American people will either be so fed up with BOTH parties that perhaps their apathy will be put aside and they too embrace and attitude of America 1st...

If not, I fear this once great nation will be beyond redemption...