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The Death of Conservatism in America?

The Death of Conservatism in America?


The Republican Party is in such deep trouble that its leaders have been talking about “re-branding” the party. Apparently, what I suspected about the leadership in the GOP is correct. They have lost all desire to stand and fight! They have thrown in the towel and quit!

Look, those of us who are proud to call ourselves Reagan Republicans are no longer welcome in the GOP. Why? Well, we don’t lie down and roll over for the democrats for one thing. We tend to fight for what we believe in, for another. We don’t want to see the United States of America overrun by a flood of illegal immigrants through the open border to the south. And… well, you get the picture.

Yes, there is a definite “split” in the GOP. The current leaders of the party are showing that all too familiar bent to “compromise”… to give in… to the democrats rather than stand up for the principles of conservatism.

You know, when the GOP overlooked the lesson of republican losses in November of 2006, I mis-read it as the party leadership not “understanding” the message sent by conservatives voters who stayed home to allow the democrats to rack up big wins in the Congress. I was wrong. The party leadership did not mis-read that “lesson”. They understood it… all too well. But… they decided to turn the tables on conservatives and deliberately do nothing to change their ways and stop their turn away from conservation. Not only did the party leaders not turn back to conservatism, a proven winner in national elections, they, instead, embraced liberalism!

The Republican Party is no place for a true conservative. We were tolerated, and only just, after we grew strong enough to win the Congress for the party in 1994.

I have a theory. My theory is that Republican leadership has no desire to “lead”. See… when you lead you are out front, you take the heat, and the hits, from those who oppose your policies. Unfortunately, republican leadership could not take the strain of leadership and they folded like a cheap suit! It was embarrassing for conservatives who had worked tirelessly to put them in the position of power and leadership in the government of the US. Now, they are back where they want to be, in second place, eating the dust of the socialist who bill themselves as Democrats and look at republicans of all stripes as something to scrape off the bottom of their shoes.

Conservatives in the Republican Party are persona non-grata! We are not wanted. And I have become convinced that conservatives who stay in the Republican Party are setting themselves up for more and more abuse at the hands of the GOP leadership, including the current Republican candidate for President of the US.

The GOP has backhanded its conservative base and no longer deserves our support. It will not have my support.

Conservatives have no hope of re-taking the leadership of the GOP. Those days are gone as surely as is Ronald Reagan. The moderate/liberal republicans are in charge… again… and they have effectively slammed the door on conservatism. There is no room for conservative ideas, any longer, in the GOP.

There is something repugnant to me about being an “Independent”. Independents tend to get thrown in with democrats and moderates. I am certainly not a democrat and by no stretch of the imagination can I be referred to as “moderate”. Here in North Carolina, once cannot register as an “Independent”. One registers as “Unaffiliated”. It would appear that is what I am about to do.

Conservatives need their own party. I mean a conservative party for conservatives. In as much as America now has TWO LIBERAL political parties, it seems to me that at least ONE conservative party is needed!

Why are conservatives so afraid of creating their own party? Why haven’t we done it already? What is the hold-up? We have been driven from the two ruling parties of the US government and we have no place to call home. How in hell can we ever expect to have any say in the direction the US takes if we do not have a political party as a base of operations?

It seems to me, Conservatives owe it to the American people to give them a clear-cut choice between the socialists, who call themselves Democrats, and a Conservative Party. As it stands today, the Republican Party is certainly not providing that choice. BOTH the major political parties have swung left. The democrats have embraced more and more of the Marxist/Socialist agenda and the republicans have embraced more and more of the old liberal democrat agenda. As I said above America is left today with TWO leftist political parties. There is no clear-cut choice for the American voter. No wonder the American electorate is confused! No wonder my state has set a record this year for voters registering, and re-registering, as “Unaffiliated” voters! A conservative party in America would fill that need.

If America continues along the path she is headed today America will wind up, and very soon, as effete, as toothless, and as impotent as any of the European socialist ”weenie” nations in the European Union. What a dreadful thought! Yet, that is where we are headed as a nation. Some would say we have arrived, already!


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Frank said...

Don't you call McCain and Bush liberals.... No way in Hell are they...
Liberals support increasing the GI bill benefits, :liberals are all for giving more to our veterans returning from Iraq and Afghanistan, and a good number of Republicans voted for this measure, even though Bush and McCain oppose it. These 2 are just usefull idiots for big corporations and the super wealthy.