Monday, September 20, 2010

From “Global Warming” to “Climate Change” to “Global Climate Disruption”

From “Global Warming” to “Climate Change” to “Global Climate Disruption”
AKA: “Throwing Everything At The Wall To See What Sticks”

A Commentary by J. D. Longstreet

One of the things at which the liberal-socialists are really bad is “re-educating the public.”

See, they actually believe that you and I are knuckle-dragging, saliva dripping idiots. They actually believe that something, (Not GOD!) put them on this earth to save our sorry behinds from ourselves. No, I’m not kidding. I am convinced they B E L I E V E!

Come on, folks, how else can one explain the completely stupid things they come up with. I mean, only a person so stuck on themselves they can’t see past the end of their nose would ever, in this world or the next, continue to try to sell a hoax to a public that already sees through the scheme and understands the reason behind their liberal-socialist con game is their determination to implement GLOBAL GOVERNANCE or, as we used to refer to it, a One-World Government.

They thought that had us peons sold on Global Warming. Actually, they never did. Only the suck-ups to the liberal-socialists and their agenda ever supported the global warming hoax in public. Well, big business did, as well, but that was to cover their rear ends with the government and not because they actually believed it.

The Greenies were dumb-founded when they learned that we knuckle-draggers had just enough light left in our bulb to use the internet to determine that the polar bear population was on the increase and was no where near declining -- not to mention our discovery that that cute, fuzzy, stuffed-toy look disguises a GRIZZLY BEAR IN A WHITE COAT!!! Hey, those polar bears are MEAN SUCKERS! To them, you and I are LUNCH!

And so, the socialist greenies realized long after everyone else out here in the boonies did, that the term “global warming” was a laugh line – a joke -- a bad joke, at that! So, in their infinite wisdom, they decided it was time for a NEW term. They came up with an all-encompassing term: “Climate Change.”

Again, we dummies out here in the hinterlands were, as usual, one or two steps ahead of them. We understood that the new term ‘Climate Change,” a less that “bright” move on their part, was intended to ENLARGE the “threat” to simply overwhelm us and we’d finally shut up and slink away with our collective tails between our legs.

Didn’t happen that way. Nope. It simply did not happen, as the elite leftist intellectuals just KNEW it would.

So, for the past few years they have been searching in the “round about” for another term to apply to the worldwide hoax originally known as “Global Warming.” Last week they rolled out the shiny new piece of propaganda. Now the term is: (Are you ready for this?) “Global Climate Disruption.” (SOURCE) Yep! That’s it! Just sorta rolls of the tongue -- doesn’t it? … OR NOT!

Now they have gone from bad to worse to just plain pathetic.

The thing that puzzles me is the apparent oblivion in which those people live. They apparently have no idea that we “poor souls” outside their academic enclaves and liberal-socialist compounds can see through them as thought they were one-way mirrors. We see them – but they don’t see us. They cannot comprehend that we, long ago, developed the skill to predict what they and their leftist brain trusts were going to do long, long, before that actually tried it.

They take themselves so seriously they cannot grasp reality. The reality of the green movement is – it is a belly grabbing, roll on the floor, laugh out loud, tear-inducing J O K E! They should be red-faced with shame, but they are not -- simply because they are so busy trying to impress each other with their “smarts” they are oblivious to the public’s disdain for their asinine edicts concerning the destruction of the earth by a gas we humans breathe out every single time we take a breath!

They are propagandist of the most incompetent kind. There was a time when we referred to them as fear mongers. But that was back before political correctness became the norm.

Even though we laugh at their silly antics it is imperative to understand that they have a single goal in mind. That goal is to finally establish a single worldwide socialist, Marxist, communist government.

The Obama Regime is jam packed with these people. Many of them are educated beyond their ability and unable to exist outside of the government or off a university campus. They are, in fact, quite pitiful and quite worthy of our pity. They seem totally unaware that their world is about to be shattered when the roof falls in on them under the weight of the American people’s anger.

We are tired of being played for fools and we are about to make our anger known at the polls in November.

J. D. Longstreet

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