Tuesday, September 14, 2010

More Evidence of the Obama Regime’s Thuggery

More Evidence of the Obama Regime’s Thuggery
HHS demonstrates its “gangster government” approach to regulating

A Commentary by J. D. Longstreet

Michael Barone has a piece at the Washington Examiner which is a “must Read” for those of you who felt I was overly critical of the Obama Regime in my article entitled: “ Groomed for a Socialist Dictatorship” (HERE). If you will read Mr. Barone’s piece, I expect you will see more evidence that what I was trying to say was, in fact, not strong enough.
Barone’s article is entitled: “Gangster government stifles criticism of Obamacare” and you will find it (HERE).

In his article, Barone says: “The threat to use government regulation to destroy or harm someone's business because they disagree with government officials is thuggery. Like the Obama administration's transfer of money from Chrysler bondholders to its political allies in the United Auto Workers, it is a form of gangster government.”

Barone quotes from a letter by Secretary Kathleen Sebelius of the Department of Health and Human Services to Karen Ignagni, president of America's Health Insurance Plans -- the chief lobbyist for private health insurance companies.

In the letter, Sebelius says the following: “"There will be zero tolerance for this type of misinformation and unjustified rate increases." Secretary Sebelius, you see, is unhappy with insurance companies that have found it already necessary to raise their rates as a result of the added expense (costs) to them as a direct result of ObamaCare.

Sebelius also issues a threat. In the letter she states: "We will also keep track of insurers with a record of unjustified rate increases: Those plans may be excluded from health insurance Exchanges in 2014."

That threat lends even more credence to our claims that Obama Care intends to destroy the private healthcare insurance companies in America and eventually install a single-payer type healthcare system, which will be government run and government controlled.

Sebelius’ threat, simply put, is to put those insurance companies out of business if they dare disclose to the public that their rate increases are a direct result of the added costs to them of ObamaCare.

The Obama regime is flat out telling the Insurance companies to shut up and do as they are told or they (The Obama Regime) will sic their thugs on them (the insurance companies.)
All of this comes at a time when the American people are genuinely ticked-off at the Obama Regime and the liberal-socialist controlled Congress.

A recent Gallup poll shows just how “put out” the American people are with a government they feel, and rightly so, is out of control. Americans know in their guts that an out of control Congress in a constitutional republic is the worst sort of threat to their freedom.

In their poll, Gallup asked about the national health care bill, the stimulus, the bailout of auto companies, the bailout of major banks and financial institutions, and the financial regulatory reform bill. Liberal-socialists believe these things to be the major accomplishments of the current administration and Congress. The American people, however, see them as launching pads for a socialist government in America.

Gallup found “… majority opposition to all those measures, with the exception of financial reform. The numbers: Bank bailouts, 61 percent disapprove versus 37 percent approve; national health care, 56 percent disapprove versus 39 percent approve; auto bailouts, 56 percent disapprove versus 43 percent approve; stimulus, 52 percent disapprove versus 43 percent approve.”
Gallup found that “only financial reform, with 61 percent approve versus 37 percent disapprove, is a winner for the representatives and senators.” (In the spirit of complete disclosure, I must tell you -- this scribe is flat-out against the Obama Financial Reform bill.) You may read the entire article, by Byron York, at the Washington Examiner, (HERE).

This may come as a surprise to our neighbors on this planet we call earth, but we Americans do no like this President. We do not like what he, with the help of his cohorts in Congress (which is now dominated by liberal-socialists), have done to a formerly free America and we are determined to change it back to a free constitutional republic beginning in November.
The American electorate is “leaning forward” in anticipation of going to the polls in November determined to purge as many liberal-socialists and progressives (of both parties) as we possibly can.

Contrary to what the world has been told by the Obama Regime, America is not “just another country” we are, indeed, different. Never allow yourself to believe that Americans will go to war to insure another country’s freedom but we will not go to war to insure our own. The American “War Between the States” should disabuse you of any such misconception. Armed conflict between Americans is always a last resort, but believe me when I tell you -- IT IS NEVER OFF THE TABLE. It is woven into the fabric of who we are as a people. Indeed, America was formed in the crucible of war. It has been through war that we have preserved our freedom from the dangers presented by our enemies -- both foreign AND domestic.

At this moment in American history anger -- at a government out of control -- is roiling in America. There is no animal on earth more dangerous than a PO’ed American. That is not to be taken as a boast, it is a simply statement of fact. Conservative Americans are the most dangerous simply because they are more willing to fight, both rhetorically and physically, to preserve the freedom granted them by the constitution. Their passion for living free is the very thing that forged their conservatism and fuels their readiness to fight to preserve it.

The American tolerance for government thuggery is OVER, used-up, kaput! I, like millions of Americans across this great country we call America, can’t wait to get to the polls, in November, to clean house in Washington.
J. D. Longstreet

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