Wednesday, September 29, 2010

New "RED ARMY" Gathers in Washington

NEW "RED ARMY" Gathers in Washington
Democrats/Socialists/Marxists/Communists/Progressives/Liberal-Socialists Rally
Expected to be a Monumental Boost to Republicans at the Polls!
A Commentary by J. D. Longstreet

Finally, Americans will be able to see for themselves the Socialist/Marxist/Communist menace to America is REAL! Freedom loving Americans will be able to put a face on the threat to America’s freedom and America’s liberty.

The rally scheduled for Saturday October 2nd, 2010 in the nation’s capital will present Americans with a picture of the threat this nation faces.

Conservative opinion writers have been warning that the socialist movement is growing in America for years. The American public apparently did not take us seriously -- until the Obama Regime took over the US government and along with their liberal-socialist democrat cohort in the Congress began their vicious assault on America’s freedom.

This Saturday you will be able to see for yourself the threat from the dark forces of evil as they gather in an attempt to bolster support for their socialist president and their brother and sister socialists and marxists in the Democratic Party.

If, dear reader, you STILL have ANY doubt about the motives of the throng of Reds you will see Saturday disabuse yourself of such doubts by visiting the website of one of the promoters of this coming Saturday’s rally. Simply go the website of the Communist Party USA. You will find it at:

Once you are on the site at the top of the page click on: “Go To Young Communist League USA.” The link is:

Scroll down the page a ways to the article titled: “The YCL Organizing for the One Nation Working Together Rally in DC!” The link to the article is:
We recommend you follow the steps above as it is important that you see, with your own eyes, the communist connection.

The rally Saturday should convince all but only the most leftist of leftists that America is already in a war for its survival as a free country.

This rally of communists, socialists, Marxists, Progressives, and Democrats could not come at a better time for the Republican Party.

Every day I am coming into contact with more and more voters who tell me they plan to vote a straight republican ballot this November.

This rally should drive even more voters away from the Democratic Party as they come to realize as they survey the evidence, right before their eyes, that the Communist/Socialist threat we have been preaching about is REAL – ABSOLUTELY REAL!

Lovers of liberty need to see the army of “Reds” arrayed against them to drive home the chilling message. That message is: They plan to take your country from you and yoke every American with the chains of Socialist/Communist/Marxist SLAVERY! Make no mistake about it – Socialism/Communism/ Marxism is SLAVERY!

At some point, dear reader, Americans must face the fact that there exists, in vast numbers, Americans who HATE America. Saturday, we will see the vanguard of the “new Red Army” with which we must contend for the freedom and the soul of America.

If Obama has done nothing else for Americans his predilection for all things socialist and marxist has awakened a sleeping giant and kindled a new fire in the hearts of Americans who are determined to sacrifice everything to preserve liberty in America, to preserve the constitutional republic our forefathers bled and died to establish and then met every challenge, often at the cost of their lives, to insure America’s freedom for the next generation.

You and I can do no less.

The time has arrived for Americans to choose whom they will serve, those who stand for freedom or those who stand for slavery.

Understand, also, there will be no quarter given in the coming contest. It is all or nothing, freedom or death.

As the scriptures tell us: “…having done all to stand … stand therefore.” The time to make that stand – is NOW!

J. D. Longstreet

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