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Obama to Bring Back Amnesty for Illegal Aliens -- SOON.

Obama to Bring Back Amnesty for Illegal Aliens -- SOON.
A commentary by J. D. Longstreet

This week Obama made darn sure Hispanics know he is going to bring back the Amnesty for Illegal Aliens bill. Sure, it will have a slick sounding name like “Comprehensive Immigration Reform” but it will include amnesty for those 12+ million illegal aliens or “undocumented democrats” as some are now referring to them.

Referring to the Comprehensive Immigration Reform Bill, while speaking to a group of Hispanics (the Congressional Hispanic Caucus Institute) just this week, Obama is reported to have said: "But let me be clear: I will not walk away from this fight. My commitment is getting this done as soon as we can. We can't keep kicking this challenge down the road."

Of course, Obama blamed the republicans for the delay in amnesty for illegal aliens. In our opinion, the GOP should be proud of that accusation and take credit for it. In the case of amnesty for illegal aliens, the GOP ought not just be the “party of NO, but the party of HELL NO!

Mr. Obama reportedly told the Hispanics gathered at the meeting: "But don't forget who is standing with you, and who is standing against you. Don't ever believe that this election coming up doesn't matter. ... Don't forget who your friends are." You may read the entire story (HERE).

We can assure the President WE LEGAL American citizens will not forget which political party is attempting to shove amnesty for illegal aliens down OUR throats!

Time to get the e-mail humming to your Senators again. Phone calls work well, too. Faxes are also important. Even a telegram to your senator’s office would be helpful

I have asked this before and I will ask it again: Isn’t there something very sad (and very telling) when the people of a country have to “force” their own government to respond to the wishes of their people? Isn’t it telling as to how far we have traveled down the road toward “totalitarian government”? Have we learned anything??? That question will be answered in November.

“Once more, into the breach,” conservatives!!!

Basically, Americans STILL want the border closed and sealed FIRST! It is common sense to stop the leak in the breached dam we call the border. Once the border is closed and sealed then taking care of those aliens here illegally can begin and, I hope, mass deportations can begin.

The really sad aspect of this whole calamity with the flood of illegal aliens is that none of this would be necessary – if -- the federal government would just enforce the immigration laws already on the books. But they are not going to do that and they will make every effort they feel they must to stop any sovereign state from protecting itself, and its fellow Americans, by enforcing the law.

We are all aware of how the federal government has brought the hammer down on the people of the sovereign state of Arizona for just making an attempt to enforce US law. All of America learned exactly how Obama and his fellow socialist-liberals feel about state sovereignty and how quick they are to use the mailed fist of a dictatorial government to smash any resistance to their socialist agenda.

Yes, Americans ARE angry with the illegal alien mess and the numerous attempts by our government to offer them amnesty, which would, in time, offer them citizenship. It is the wrong answer to a question that never should have come up. It wouldn’t have – had the federal government been doing its job.

As I wrote in an article some years back: “Those of you who support open borders do not, I repeat, do not try to beat us about the head and shoulders with the old saw that says America is a nation of immigrants. See, we already know that because our ancestors were immigrants, too. Mine came into the country, legally, in 1789 through what was then Charles Town Harbor and were assigned a place in the 96th precinct of the state of South Carolina. Notice - they came into this country LEGALLY! That is all we expect of any who want to immigrate to America. Do it legally and we will welcome you with open arms. Do it illegally and we want you caught and deported forthwith!”

Americans have to ask themselves an important question -- and that is … what do we do with a government that refuses to uphold/enforce the nation’s laws? Allow me to answer that by asking this: Suppose you had a business and an employee consistently refused to follow the rules of your workplace. What would you do to that employee? See? The answer is simple. The ONLY way we are ever going to get relief from this problem is to clean the house in Washington.

I refer often to my very intelligent and insightful friend, Alan Caruba. Some time back, in an article entitled “A Crisis of Governors” Alan said the following: “What, in fact, Americans are witnessing is a failure of government at both the state and federal level. The nation has managed to elect too many people to public office that are so clearly inept, incompetent, and untrustworthy, it poses a threat to the republic.”

There is no arguing with the rock solid logic of that statement. Alan, as usual, is spot on. I have said this before and I will say it again, loud and clear: America’s most dangerous enemy, at the moment, is its own government! Sad to say -- it was through the ignorance of the American electorate that these pitifully inept politicians were elected to office to begin with.

America is a big country. When we act, we act big. When we make mistakes – oh, we really screw-up – and in a BIG way. As most Americans now know, electing a Democratic Party controlled Congress in 2006 was a BIG mistake and electing Obama in 2008 was an even BIGGER mistake. Now America is paying the awful price for allowing emotions to drive the election of the first black President of the United States.

We’d like to think that maybe a third party working hard over decades could turn it around, but frankly, I have come to believe that is a long way down the road. I sometimes think Americans are so woefully ignorant of how a representative republic is supposed to work that I have serious doubts we are capable of doing that which is necessary to save our country.

The Tea Party Movement shows promise in the fight to educate Americans about how their government is supposed to work. To say the candidates they have backed over the primary season have been surprisingly victorious would be an understatement. I feel compelled to tell you that I suspect that if their strength continues to grow they will, of necessity, become the political party in America that shoves an evermore moderate GOP off center stage and into the wings and eventually into the pages of history as another “has been” political party that could not find the will to represent their constituents the way those constituents demanded. They got away with it for a while. But those days have now ended.

Until we can come up with a solution to the problem of an unresponsive government we are stuck standing on the sidelines observing the huge land invasion from our neighbor to the south with the assistance of the Obama Regime and its fellow socialist-liberals in the Congress of the United States.

J. D. Longstreet

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