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The October Surprise!

The October Surprise!
A Commentary by J. D. Longstreet

An election is coming. The 2010 Mid-Term Election is currently scheduled for November 2nd, 2010… just a little over a month from now.

Everyone, no matter what his or her political philosophy, understands the coming election is a watershed election. It is a pivotal moment in American history. It is, many claim, the most important election in the history of the United States for it will decide if America continues as a constitutional republic or transforms into the Socialist, Marxist, state of which the current Obama Regime and liberal-socialist democrats are the vanguard.

It is also expected that the Obama Regime and the liberal-socialists are going to lose and lose BIG.

But Conservatives are nervous. Why? We are waiting for the proverbial shoe to drop. It is called “The October Surprise.”

Pamela Geller in an article entitled: “The October Surprise is Coming” at The American Thinker (dated July 13, 2010) says the following: “The October Surprise. We all know it's coming. In what shape, idea, form -- who's to say? Evil always surprises. Its goals are constant, the ultimate objective never changes, but inevitably it manifests itself as the savior of the day, the savior of man. The 2008 Democrat October Surprise that ushered in the first hardcore radical post-American president in American history was the "economic collapse." Oh yes, that was a beaut.”

Ms. Geller continues: “But the party of haters, infiltrators, anti-capitalists, the party that is anti-freedom and anti-individual rights, is going to have to pull off something really catastrophic to stay in power this November. And they will, because it is abundantly clear now that they despise the premise of America and they mean to replace it with statism, the source of untold, incomprehensible human misery for centuries.”

Ms. Geller has much more to say about the expected October Surprise and you will find it in her article (SOURCE).

According to Wikipedia “In American political jargon, an October surprise is a news event with the potential to influence the outcome of an election, particularly one for the U.S. presidency. The reference to the month of October is because the Tuesday after the first Monday in November is the date for national elections (as well as many state and local elections), and therefore events that take place in late October have greater potential to influence the decisions of prospective voters.” (SOURCE).

The October Surprise has become a staple of Democratic Party politics. Usually it comes, as was pointed out above, in the month of October and involves an event, a manmade or narurally occuring event that can be manipulated by the democrats into a crisis or a pending crisis with the intent of instilling fear into the hearts and minds of the elctorate. The October Surprise almost always works.

As Ms. Geller says in her article -- whatever it turns out to be, of a necessity, it must be a really BIG one this time to sway the enraged American voters who have this, admittedly, quaint belief in freedom and liberty being a right granted them by God and not the power-grubbing state of the liberal-socialist-statists in power in, and in control of, the US government today.

Admittedly, the woods are full of potential threats. At the moment there are at least three theatres of turmoil that have potential for use as an October Surprise: North Korea, Israel, and Iran. Of course there is the war in Afghanistan and the half-time break in the war in Iraq. (Yes, I DID say “The half-time break”) Considering just these bubbling cauldrons of trouble, an October Surprise emminating from any one of them would not be much of a surprise -- short of Iran detonating an atomic weapon that is.

Frankly, one has to wonder why the liberal-socialist of the so-called Demcratic Party would even want to maintain control of a government which is facing so many seemingly insurmountable problems. Why not allow the Republicans to take some of the heat from an enraged electrorate?

To be brutally honest – even if the democrats lose in November their drive to transform America into a Socialist-Marxist state will not be stopped. At best, it will only be slowed until they regain power in a few years.

The liberal-socialists currently using the cover of a willing Democratic Party understand incremenatlism far better than the republicans – and – they know how to use it to their advantage.

If the Democrats do lose in November Americans can rest assured they will use their time out of power to plan, to formulate, and to write new plans, programs, and other schemes that will take the US deeper into socialism once they reqain power. Never doubt the liberal-socialsts are past masters at surupticious planning.

So, knowing what we know now -- is it possible that the October Surprise for THIS October is – NO OCTOBER SURPRISE?

Somehow that possibility worries me even more!

J. D. Longstreet

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