Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Obama Wants To Dig The Hole Even Deeper!

Obama Wants To Dig The Hole Even Deeper!
Obama Wants to Spend 50 Billion $$ More -- Driving America Deeper in Debt.

A Commentary by J. D. Longstreet

What IS it with Democrats? Common sense tells us that one cannot spend one’s self out of debt. Common sense also tells us the national pocketbook is not bottomless. Sooner or later we will run out of money.

The first rule of “Hole Digging” is: When you find yourself in one – stop digging!

America, if you have ever been outraged at an administration which, it appears, is out to bankrupt America and collapse its entire economic and financial system, then by all that is good and kind, NOW is the time.

Look, Obama and his fellow socialist-liberal cohorts in the Congress have spent all your money, all your children’s money and all your grand children’s money, borrowed all the money they can get their hands on – and spent that—and have the treasury’s printing presses printing even more cash that will, eventually, bring this country the worst inflation America has ever seen.

Now Obama is calling it “Infrastructure investments!” You want the REAL name for it? Well, we’ll give it to you, anyway – “VOTE BUYING!”

Look, this whole new scam (called infrastructure investments) by Obama and the liberal-socialists is just a desperate attempt to create a few jobs before the election November 2nd. That is ALL this is.

You can bet when Republicans vote against these ”spending” bills they will be mocked by the democrats as ”anti-job Bushites,” or some such elementary school epithet.

It is so transparent that it is pathetic! Even some of Obama’s own liberal-socialist comrades in the Congress are so embarrassed that it is such a clumsy move, and one so easily identified as a scam, that they are running from it – and Obama.

Oh, and lest we forget, or over look it, the experts in Washington are referring to this 50 billion as the “Initial” investment.

The plain truth is we will never get the job market started again until the crazies in the Congress and the West Wing, stop their BS and get serious about bringing some stability to America’s financial and economic system.

You have, no doubt, heard that American business is sitting on a pot of money and that profits are high for business currently. That is true. Like a turtle, business has pulled its head and limbs inside the shell until conditions are favorable again.

With an obviously anti-business government in Washington businesses, large or small, are not about to risk their companies by doing anything other than protecting what they have RIGHT NOW. And guess what? They will continue to squat in a protective posture until Washington brings stability back to America’s financial and economic system.

You want to see jobs created? If so, get rid of the liberal-socialists and progressives, in the US government. In fact, get rid of the anti-business government with which America is currently saddled and yoked. That means cleaning out the Congress and the White House in a good old-fashioned political purge at the polls this November and again in November of 2012.

Obama’s brain trust in the White House are aware of the electorate’s still simmering anger over the 814 billion dollar (so-called) stimulus plan and the sky-rocketing deficits. As a result they are falling back on the tried and true method -- Incrementalism. They will push for many smaller stimulus plans instead of one huge plan as before. This 50 billion dollar “infrastructure investment” is just ONE of MANY small plans they intend to push in the next few weeks and months.

It is just the tip of the iceberg.

Once again, to the barricades! We must stop this continual hemorrhaging of cash from the American pocketbook. We need to let our Congresspersons and Senators know that we want it stopped -- post haste.

What America needs now is fundamental change in the personnel in the Congress and in the White House. We can insure that change begins on November 2nd.
J. D. Longstreet

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