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The Rowlett TEA Party Candidates Forum ... by Texas Fred

by TexasFred
The Rowlett TEA Party Candidates Forum

The Rowlett TEA Party, a non-partisan TEA Party group, will be holding a Candidates Forum on Saturday, Sept. 25th, 2010, from 5:00PM – 9:00PM at First United Methodist Church of Rowlett located at 4405 Main Street, Rowlett, TX 75088

This is a *meet and greet* event which will allow the candidates an opportunity to meet our local residents and speak to them concerning the race they are running and why we should vote for them. It is NOT a debate.

The Forum will be moderated by Rowlett Mayor Dr. John Harper.

I have extended invitations to ALL news media in the North Texas area. We also hope that you, the candidates, will use your network to help publicize this event!

We will have the Church Sanctuary for the event but we will also have the foyer available so candidates can have a table with their campaign literature made available to the public.We are asking that candidates make a $25.00 donation to help the Rowlett TEA Party offset the cost of the Church facility and the use of their sound system people.

We have sent an invitation to The Dallas County Democratic Party and to The Dallas County Republican Party. We hope that all of their candidates get the message regarding this very important political event.

When we receive a confirmation that a candidate has accepted the invitation, they are added to the list along with their opponent, if that opponent has responded. Otherwise, only the candidate that responded will be shown.

Candidates that have accepted
BOLD Font (ALL COLORS) has accepted the invitationRed and Blue are self explanatoryBlack and Bold Font – Declined to attendOrange Font – Libertarian

Rick Perry (R) – Texas GovernorBill White (D) - Texas Gubernatorial CandidateKathie Glass (L) – Texas Gubernatorial CandidateSen. Bob Deuell - (R) – SD-2Kathleen Shaw (D) - SD-2 Candidate
Rep. Joe Driver (R) - TX 113Jamie Dorris (D) - TX 113
Cindy Burkett (R) – State Rep 101
George Clayton (R) – SBOE, District 12Amie Parsons (L) – SBOE, District 12
Richard Donaldson (L) – Texas Agriculture CommissionerWesley Johnson (D) – Justice of the Peace, Precinct 2, Place 2
Jerry Pittman (D) - Constable Precinct 2Michael Gothard (R) – Constable Precinct 2
Danny Clancy (R) – Dallas County District Attorney
Richard Meditz (R) - Candidate for Dallas County Treasurer
Lisa DeWitt (R) – 292nd Criminal District Court
Gene Roberts (R) Judge 44th Civil District Court
Marilea W. Lewis - (R) – Judge 330th District Court
Deandra Grant (R) – Dallas County Criminal Court No. 8Bonnie Lee Goldstein (D) – 5th District Court of Appeals, Place 4Judge Lana Myers (R) – 5th District Court of Appeals, Place 4
Lori Ashmore Peters (R) – Dallas County Probate Court 2
Matt Rinaldi (R) – 191st District Court
Jeffrey V. Coen (R) – 254th District Court
Bob Fillmore (R) – Justice 5th District Court of Appeals, Place 12Larry Praeger (D) – Justice 5th District Court of Appeals, Place 12
Teresa Hawthorne (D) – 203rd Criminal District Court
Janet Cook (R) – County Criminal Court #3
Scala D. Byers (R) – County Criminal Court #10Judge Roberto Canas (D) – County Criminal Court #10John Neuhoff, Jr. (R) – 256th District Court

We have extended invitations to all TEXAS candidates through their Party headquarters, some haven’t responded.

This is going to be a HUGE event for the City of Rowlett and The Rowlett TEA Party itself. Our TEA Party got of to a very slow start in it’s inception, but we are now a VERY motivated bunch and we have excellent leadership.

Texas Fred

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