Thursday, September 16, 2010

U. S. Senate A Lock For Democrats? I’m Not So Sure.

U. S. Senate A Lock For Democrats? I’m Not So Sure.
A Commentary by J. D. Longstreet

I continue to read, hear, and see reports by the Mainstream Media that Christine O’Donnell’s win Tuesday, in Delaware, insures the Democrats will maintain control of the Senate. Well, I’m not so sure -- and I think the liberal-socialists in the media, in the Republican Party, and in the Democratic Party are fooling themselves if they choose to believe the race in Delaware will determine control of the US Senate.

Mark Tapscott has an article titled “Two initial lessons to be gleaned from O'Donnell victory” at The Washington Examiner in which he, too, explains his reservations about control of the senate being insured by the O’Donnell Victory.

In his article, Mr. Tapscott says the following:

“There are at least two lessons here.

First, the anger among Republican voters is not limited to the far right reaches of its "base." Castle was one of the most popular political figures in the state, yet his support in Congress for TARP bailouts, the radical House version of Cap-and-Trade, and the DISCLOSE Act marked him back home among his fellow Republicans as more a representative of the Washington Establishment to Delaware than Delaware's representative to Washington.

Lesson: The days of "moderate" Republicans in Congress being able to talk the talk of reform in Washington without actually walking it are rapidly coming to an end everywhere except perhaps in the deepest, darkest reaches of the Northeast.

Second, right or wrong, there is no more divisive figure on the Right, for the moment, than O'Donnell. On the issues, she portrays herself as a solid conservative and of course touted her endorsement by Sarah Palin. The problem with O'Donnell is thus not with her ideological orientation, it is strictly because there are serious questions about her financial record and ethical code.”

Tapscott goes on to say: “Still, I question the conventional wisdom that Delaware is now a lock for the Democrats. Despite Scott Brown, Rand Paul, Sharon Angle, and Joe Miller, the talking heads in Washington and New York obviously still cannot comprehend the depth or intensity of anger among voters or the fact that anger is far from limited to conservatives." (The emphasis here is my own.)

We think Mr. Tapscott’s comments are very insightful and right on the money. You may read the entire article by Mark Tapscott (HERE).

The depth and intensity of the voter’s anger is just ignored by the political elite in both parties. The Mainstream Media just sniffs and looks the other way.

Plus, they both fail to understand that the Tea Party Movement is NOT A REPUBLICAN Movement. It is a CONSERVATIVE MOVEMENT, which embraces voters from the Democratic Party, The Republican Party, The Libertarian Party, and a host of Independents and others!

To sum up: They haven’t a clue!

The Tea Party is not about much of what the Elite Media and politicians and all the political science egghead’s claim it is. Plain and simple, the Tea Party Movement is about stopping Obama’s “Fundamental Transformation” of America. It is about taking America back from the Socialists, the Marxists, the Progressives, the Socialist-Liberals, and returning it to the status of a constitutional republic as the Founders intended. That is the purpose and the goal of the Tea Party Movement in America.

Along the way we intend to insure that our radical-socialist president is shown the door in 2012.

I just don’t buy it -- and I don’t think America’s intensely outraged voters will either. Frankly, it smacks of a pre-planned effort by the democrats/mainstream media to demoralize conservative voters before the showdown in November. But it is doomed to failure.

The only thing concerning me about the outcome in November is the democrat’s “October Surprise,” which I am reasonably sure will be forthcoming next month. I have no idea what it will be -- but since the democrats are big on fear expect it to something designed to strike fear in the hearts of all who even dare to consider voting against them. Come to think of it, fear is about al the democrats have left, now. Isn’t it?

One thing I’ like to address before I close this rant: For those of you insistent on supporting the Democratic Party -- just as your parents and grandparents did -- and as you have done so faithfully over your lifetime, please understand -- this Democratic Party is NOT, I repeat, IS NOT, the Democratic Party of your forefathers and not even the Democratic Party of your earlier years. The Democratic Party today is a polyglot of Socialists, Marxists, Progressives, Communist, and what we have come to know as “socialist-liberals.” It has shown itself to be the enemy of freedom, of liberty, indeed, of the Constitution, and it (the Democratic Party), we believe, is determined to transform America into a socialist dictatorship. They have already begun the process.

They must be stopped -- else America, the bastion of freedom and liberty, will be no more. It is as simple and as frightening as that.

Today’s Democratic Party is, in my opinion, determined to collapse the American government and drive Americans into the embrace of a socialist dictatorship, which they have already designed and have waiting in the wings.

America needs all her children to, once again, man the barricades and stop the encroachment on our freedom and destroy the evil attempt to destroy our constitutional republic.

J. D. Longstreet

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