Friday, July 22, 2011

Beware of Democrat Spending Cuts Promises

Beware of Democrat Spending Cuts Promises

A Commentary by J. D. Longstreet


We warned recently that we feared the republicans would cave and allow tax increases and even new taxes in any deal made with the democrats to increase the US debt ceiling.  With every day that passes it looks more and more as if that not so difficult piece of prophecy will come true.

The GOP just never learns.  Anyone with the IQ of a gnat already knows the democrats will lie, “cross their hearts and hope to die,” and proclaim loudly and bombastically that YES! …  they WILL CUT SPENDING, if only those mean ole republicans would just allow them those teeny-weenie little tax increases.  Heck, they do it time and time again -- and the GOP comes off as a “collective” (One of Obama’s favorite visions!) of suckers, and ignoramuses! 

And yet we are hearing reports in the media that that is exactly what they are considering as we write.

And why not?  The dems have been doing this successfully for decades and getting away with it because there have been no republicans with the guts, the spine, the intestinal fortitude to plant the flag and say … not just “NO” – but “Hell NO!”

Like Lucy snatching the football away from Charlie Brown every football season, the GOP falls for it every cussed time!

The dems still owe the country the spending cuts they promised President Ronald Reagan. Remember?  The deal was this:  The dems promised three dollars in spending cuts for every dollar of tax increases.  Well, we got the tax increase, but we are still waiting for the spending cuts! 

Anytime the democrats offer spending cuts, drag out the “BS meter” because it is going to get deep, very deep, indeed. 

Unless forced to cut spending the democrats will never do it.  Like a drug addict who promises time after time, after time, that he/she is going to stop shooting up, they continue their destructive behavior until they drag everyone who loves them down into the deepest depths of hell itself.  The dems are continuing their destructive behavior, like the addict. And, again like the addict, eventually they will, in fact they HAVE, all but destroyed our entire country.

Democrats and spending cuts are like oil and water.  They simply do not mix.  See, they BELIEVE, religiously, in BIG GOVERNMENT.  To grow government, it takes MONEY.  Since the government earns no money of its own, it has to take it from the citizens, whether private or corporate.  Money procured by way of taxes makes for another aphrodisiac for democrats… power.   The bottom line, in fact, is the whole democratic party’s insistence on taxes and more taxes and taxes from ever more diverse sources and for an ever increasing host of government entities, agencies, programs, etc, etc, can be defined as their near fanatical lust for control and power.

The democrats, the Obama Administration, and the mainstream media (Well, all three, really, fall under the heading of “The Obama Administration.”) are frightening the American citizen to bring pressure to bear on republicans to sign on to their tax increases in order to avoid the “crisis” of defaulting on the nation’s debt.

Look. Defaulting will be a conscious decision by the current administration -- if it comes to that.  I bet the sun will rise in the east the morning after a default just as it has since creation. 

To avoid a default, even if no deal has been agreed to, simply pay the interest on the debt -- and there will be no “crisis of confidence” coming from those countries that loan the US money.

America is at the most important decision point of its existence.  We must decide who we are, who we intend to be.  We have been dabbling at socialism long enough.  Look around and you can see what just “dabbling” in socialism will do to a country.  Our President seems intent on driving America deeper into the hellhole that is full-fledged socialism. 

Socialism is, as Winston Churchill once said:  “Making everyone suffer equally.”  America is edging closer and closer to that scenario everyday as Obama and his cohort of democrats shoves us deeper and deeper into third-world status.

The republicans should refuse to sign onto any deal that includes tax increases or new taxes … period.  If that means the debt ceiling will not be raised, then so be it.

J. D. Longstreet

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