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The Empire Prepares To Strike Back

The Empire Prepares To Strike Back

A Commentary by J. D. Longstreet

The UK’s “The Guardian” has an excellent article by Simon Tisdall entitled:  “Putin prepares the Russian empire to strike back.”  (HERE)

Mr. Tisdall, right at the outset of his article, states what to Americans, on the right side of the political spectrum, is obvious.  He says:  “The reincarnation of the current PM as president poses a challenge to western powers for which they seem ill-prepared.”  Mr. Tisdall is absolutely “spot-on.”

The recreation of the Russian Empire is another reason the United States MUST relieve Mr. Obama of his seat in the Oval Office and replace him with a realist – a conservative realist. 

Remember when Obama was so proud of his “reset” of Russian/American relations?  It seems as if it was only yesterday. It was so ridiculous, that when I read it, I actually laughed aloud.  (I assure you, it WAS an incredulous guffaw.) The naiveté of the Obama Administration is just incredible.

Russia is an enigma to the left. They STILL believe that socialist Russia had it RIGHT – and they believe that THEY, the American left especially, can actually make socialism work if only they get the chance.  They remain befuddled by the collapse of the old socialist Soviet Union, anchored (and enforced) by Russia.

Russia has an inferiority complex the size of, well, Russia.  Since the collapse of the Soviet Union, Russia has felt naked and vulnerable.  There was, for a very short time, a vacuum of leadership.  And we all know that nature abhors a vacuum. 

Always, prowling around the edges of a leadership vacuum are the political predators ready to pounce and claim the leadership role for themselves.  Often these “alpha” types are more than ready to enforce their claim with force of will and/or force of arms -- and some gain the leadership role by guile and ruthlessness.

Vladimir Putin is ready and willing to do whatever it takes to solidify his hold on the Russian government and the Russian people. Evidence?  The recent contested elections in Russia.  Understand:  There was no way Putin’s party was going to lose that election.  And they didn’t.  Come March, Putin will be returned to the office of President and he will begin his plans to rebuild the old Russian (Soviet Union) Empire.

In his article, Mr. Tisdall says, “As president, potentially until 2024, Putin has one overriding objective: the creation of a third, post-tsarist, post-Soviet Russian empire.”  Mr. Tisdall continues, “Reinstalled as president, and with his political potboy, Dimtry Medvedev, pushed aside, Putin will again exercise unchallengeable control over Russia's external affairs.” (SOURCE)

Putin has publicly stated that the collapse of the Old Soviet Union was “"the greatest geopolitical catastrophe of the century".  Remember now, this is coming from a former officer in the USSR’s KGB.          

Mr. Tisdall warns: “Elements of Putin's strategy to make Russia great again are slowly coming into focus. Much of the plan is defined by Russia's opposition to the US, the traditional foe. Thus, the Kremlin announced last week that it would renounce the strategic arms reduction treaty (known as New Start) agreed with Washington two years ago if the US did not abandon its European missile defense plans.” (SOURCE)

Oops!  Obama’s “reset” with Russia was just blown out of the water.  According to Mr. Tisdall, “The reset is viewed by the White House as a major foreign achievement (and 2012 re-election asset) for a president who has but few to his name.”  (SOURCE)

Lauren Goodrich, in a Stratfor paper, recently said this:  “"Russia will begin this new iteration of a Russian empire by creating a union with former Soviet states based on Moscow's current associations, such as the customs union and the collective security treaty organization. This will allow the 'EuU' [a Eurasia union] to strategically encompass both the economic and security spheres … Putin is creating a union in which Moscow would influence foreign policy and security but would not be responsible for most of the inner workings of each country." (SOURCE)

It would seem that the world is about to return to a bi-polar power struggle many thought was over when the so-called “Cold War” ended. Mr. Tisdall is right.  The US is nowhere near ready to face a ruthless Russia on the rise … again.

Putin has Obama’s number.  He understands, as does the American right, that Obama can be “rolled.”  Unlike Obama, Putin will not hesitate to exert Russian power in Asia and anywhere the Russians feel is their “Near Abroad.”

The time will come, and very soon, when Putin will have to be contained.  And let’s face it my fellow Americans, Obama can’t do it. Our President is simply not up to the job.

J. D. Longstreet

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