Monday, February 13, 2012

US Government Badly Broken And Can’t Be Fixed

US Government Badly Broken And Can’t Be Fixed
A Commentary by J. D. Longstreet

Just the other day I was discussing the Operation Bold Alligator exercise off our coast and its relevance to an invasion of Iran with my friend Zeb.  Now, Zeb is as close a friend as I have and he happens to be of the leftist persuasion.

Zeb told me he did not think the American people would sanction another war so soon after Iraq and the winding down of the Afghanistan war.  I replied that I didn’t think the American people would have any say in the war with Iran.

I pressed on, while I had the floor, and said that the Obama administration had proven it didn’t care what the American people or the Congress had to say about Obama’s war making.  I pointed to the administrations committing of US troops and assets to the Libyan war and reminded Zeb that the Congress never gave approval for that involvement.  In fact, the Obama Administration sought, and received, permission from the UN to bomb the heck out of Libya.  I also reminded Zeb that the last “declared” war in which the US was involved was the Second World War.

Then, I took a deep breath and declared that I am of the opinion that the government of the United States is badly broken and that I do not believe it can be fixed.

By this time Zeb’s eyes had glazed over and he was no longer listening.  I did not take offense because I do the same thing when he spouts the leftist line.  But then, as I have told him so often, today’s leftist policies in America match the very same policies I saw in 1950’s Communist China and in the Soviet Union of that same era.

Soon after, Zeb left my office and went home.  No matter.  We will have this same conversation next time we meet.  We’ve been having our political duel for decades and I expect it to continue until one, or the other, goes on to his eternal reward.

For forty years the progressives, liberals, and socialists ran amok with America’s liberties. Generations of America’s children were indoctrinated in the marxist/socialist agenda for America.  Our children were “brain-washed” to turn against and disavow individual American liberties.  Instead, they were taught the merit of investing more and more power in the hands of the government, which would, they were taught, see to the welfare of its citizens.

Generations of Americans bought the idea that they were not “responsible” for themselves and their own welfare.  Looking to the government, they either did not understand, or did not care, that they were purchasing government oversight of their welfare with their freedom.

Government, any government, always seeks power.  It is the nature of government.  That is why The Founders of America went to such great lengths to deprive the US government of the ability of acting on their power, even existing power, without the consent of the people (the governed).

That is why it was absolutely necessary, in order to acquire the consent of the governed, to indoctrinate our children for two or three generations to believe their individual consent is no longer needed.  Those children grew into adulthood believing the government was beneficent and always would be beneficent.

Today we live with the horror that we were wrong.  Many senior American citizens saw the indoctrination and warned against it -- but to no avail. Now they, too, must live with the Damocles Sword of government power threatening their freedom and liberty even as they approach the end of their lives.

Even more horrifying is the fact that little can be done to reverse America’s move from freedom to the slavery of socialism.  It is a fact that freedom lost, is almost impossible to reacquire.

Many Americans today are calling for a “do-over.”  Having come face to face with the fact that our government is broken beyond repair, they now advocate the creation of a new government based on the original US Constitution.  The plain truth is, however, THAT is not going to happen. 

Too many Americans no longer have the courage of their convictions, as did our forefathers. It would require a division of the states, which would result in a new nation separate from the existing union.  You may recall that has already been tried -- 150 years ago -- and it resulted in the bloodiest war ever on the North American continent and, even then, ended in failure. 

Someone recently said America is no longer a democracy.  It has become an “ineptocracy.”  We have an incapable government elected by the incapable.  And we are stuck with it -- even to its inevitable self-destruction.

The US government is broken, unfixable, and circling the drain.  And we, the citizens of America, are to blame.

J. D. Longstreet

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