Friday, July 06, 2007

Conservative Supreme Court? Not Yet!

We don't have a Conservative Court yet!

Well, it appears we have what we have wanted for a very long time… a right-leaning Supreme Court. Even thought the folks in the Liberal press are referring to them, as a Conservative Court, those of us who are truly conservative know that is not true. At least… not yet. We need one more conservative justice… and… best case scenario, TWO more conservative justices. My expectation now, is … the only way we will get that one, or two, more conservatives on the court is for one or two of the Liberals currently on the court to pass away. Now, before you jump down my throat about that… there was absolutely no malice intended. It was a simple statement of what I believe to be true.

Just think, do you not expect pressure is being applied to those Justices already well advanced in age, and ill health, to remain on the court until the Dems can re-gain the White House? Surely the left is leaning on those poor, tired, old souls to “hang in there”.

Plus, there is some thought that even with a death of one of the remaining liberals on the court the “Left controlled Senate” will refuse to even consider a nominee President Bush might send to them for them to... quote… “Advise and Consent”.

“Oh, but that’s not playing by the rules”, you say! Of course it’s not! But, only folks who have lived their lives under a rock expect the Left to play by the rules! There are two sets of rules for the Liberals. One set for you and I… and one set for them. They play by their own set of rules and your rules “be damned”! It’s who they are. I mean… everyone knows the Left knows better how to run your life, and your government, than you do! So, run along now and don’t worry your empty little heads about a thing. Nanny Pelosi and Harry Reid will “fix” everything!

No, the Supreme Court is not Conservative yet. Not by a long shot! And there will be hell to pay for Conservatives to claim another seat on that court!

But… that said… you are going hear blasts from the Leftist in the media that the Court has gone conservative. Don’t believe it. It ain’t so! We are TRYING to create a Conservative Court, but as I have said, we aren’t there yet.

So, why are the Leftists, in the media, screaming that it is conservative? Scare tactics, dear reader, scare tactics. It works on fellow Leftists who are frightened, beyond words, that their power hungry, reason-empty-philosophy will be found out by the masses. It is their worse nightmare. For then they would be shown for the vacuous party they are.

So, how do we conservatives continue to construct a Conservative Supreme Court? By winning elections! We absolutely must regain control of the Senate while maintaining control of the White House… at the same time. It is vital if we are to make any more headway on the court.

Yes, a conservative court has been our dream for many decades. We voted for Bush with the hope, and the expectation, that if we could keep him in the White House for eight years we might, just might, be able to pull it off. And… we almost did it.

Having said that, we must not stop now. Far too much is at stake for this country. We’ve come too far to turn back, or, to allow weariness to overtake us. If we stop now the Leftists will take this country on a leftward spiral straight into socialism. The US will become only a shadow of it’s former self. Big government, cradle-to- the-grave-Nanny-government, will reign. Mediocrity will become the norm. A great country will die a death of ignominious shame.

We can’t allow that to happen!


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Frank said...

All we'd need is a good Liberal president with the stones to round up the family members (wives children and grand children) of the right wing goons on the benches and ship them off to Guitmo without charge until they resign and appoint good ones (liberals) to the court. These Chriatian-facists in the government have already turned this country ito a dung pile and I want to be no part of it anymore. Give me my independence!!!

Jon said...


That is an oxymoron, no such thing as a good liberal. Theliberals are destroying our society and if it continues we woun't have anyhting left to save.