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Global Freezing!!!

This article first ran in
April of 2006!
Global Freezing!!!

Well, the Global Warming crowd has once again climbed aboard their soapbox and begun screaming that the sky is falling. We’re all going to either burn up, or drown, or both!

I cannot believe the gullibility of people who fall for their propaganda.

Look, they base many of their dire predictions upon computer models and meteorologists will tell you that computer models are hard pressed to predict weather as far out as one week, let alone a 100 years! Come on people, use your common sense!

Sometime in the past few days a big story was circulating about a “City Sized” iceberg having calved off the Antarctic ice shelf. I guess that is supposed to validate their claim that the ice sheet, on the Polar Regions, is melting and we’re all going to drown.

Heck, the polar ice IS probably melting! But it will refreeze. It is a cycle. It’s been melting and refreezing since creation. They used to melt every spring. There were no glaciers at that time either. Of course, I’m referring to a time some 65, 000,000 years ago. The ocean’s water was considerable higher then, too. The seawater covered the states all the way up into what is now Nebraska and Wyoming.

But, you know, man wasn’t around then to cause that warming! Who did? Huh? There were no SUV’s either. No air conditioners and no hair spray! None of that stuff was a round, yet we had global warming!

And why, pray tell, aren’t the global warming enthusiasts telling us that the temperature on Mars is going up at the same time ours is going up. There are no people on Mars! How is that possible? Could it just be that the sun is warming up. In fact the Sun IS warming UP. As the sun gets hotter, it reflects that heat outwards and the Earth gets hotter, Mars gets hotter and even distant Pluto gets hotter. All this we know for a scientific certainty.

Some 10, 000 years ago, during the last ice age, science tells us an ice sheet covered much of the North American continent. Some estimates have the thickness of the ice at one mile to three miles thick. It reached as far south as, well, my back yard her in North Carolina.

Ask yourselves how accurate the Global warming enthusiasts can be, with their models, when we only have temperature records from oh, about, 100 years back. The earth’s weather goes back to at least 4 billion years. Wouldn’t you say they’re a little light on information? Huh?

OK, so why are so many so eager to jump on the Global Warming bandwagon? Well, if you want to pick a man’s pocket, the best way… is to convince him that his life is in danger and you have the only means to protect him. Works every time!

Pick your pockets??? Well, next time you get a REALLY compelling warning about Global Warming check to see where the organizations funding comes from.

Finally, on the earth’s temperature rising… during the Middle Ages, there was a time when the earth’s temperature was warmer than it is today! Go figure!

In the meantime, my money is on a new Ice Age!


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Jon said...


They are counting on the less than intelligent to lap up all of their propoganda so they can continue to spread their dire predictions. They have no real science behind any of their predictions, but yet so many people are banking on the idea that if they scream loud enough their message will be believed.

JC said...

Actually, the sun *hasn't* been getting hotter - solar levels have been steady since the 50's, a well documented scientific fact. This is why the fact that Mars is currently warming is an irrelevant coincidence. Mars has had massive planet darkening storms over the last 30 years that reduce the planet's albedo (reflectivity) which has a warming effect.