Friday, July 27, 2007

Is Fred Thompson's Campaign Over Before It Begins???

Fred’s Got Some ‘Splainin To Do!!!
As a conservative, I have been pushing Fred Thompson to officially get into the race for President. Up to now, he has been doing well. Conservatives were flocking to his banner. Now, however, things have changed!

The problem for conservatives is Spencer Abraham. Named recently by the Thompson Campaign as the Campaign Manager, Mr. Abraham has a record of advocating, more or less, “Open Borders “ with our neighbors to the South.

Illegal Immigration... and stopping it... is the keystone of the Conservative Movement at the moment. For Mr. Thompson to bring on-board a known advocate of open borders is nothing less than suicide for his campaign.

We need to hear from Mr. Thompson about his reasoning and we need to hear from Mr. Thompson his stand on illegal immigration and securing the borders of this country. Without an acceptable explanation for BOTH, Mr. Thompson’s campaign is OVER before it is begun!

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Frank said...

I honestly think a "get the troops out of Iraq and put them on our borders now" would clean up. Since approx. 70% wants us out of Iraq and the same percentage want the borders sealed. Come on Washington show us that Democracy is not dead... I am very perplexed, I don't think deporting that many people is possible, by any means, but even though I don't favor it, if I was down there and this many country men and women wanted it done, I think I should listen to my bosses. Same with Iraq, same with Impeachment, same with voter rights, and on and on.... No one down there is listening. Maybe we should all march on Washington and string them ALL up. That's what made Bill Clinton a great President, he listened to what the majority of people wanted and reacted accordingly, these guys are off in "La La land" half the time.